Hey all! I’ll be at Otafest this weekend in Calgary!! I’ll have prints, buttons, bookmarks, laminated charms, and magnets and be doing on the spot copic commissions! @fictional01 won’t be there in the flesh, but I’ll have some of her work at the table as well.

So if you’re in Calgary this Canada Day, stop by the con and come visit me at Table 80

We’ve got way more selection than what I had room to post here. Hope to see you there~


Interview with the Queen of Winx Club Songs, ELISA ROSSELLI

She’s such a sweetheart !😍

Love is not over

Title: Love is not over (check in ao3)

Words: 1824

Summary: inspired by the prompt “is it possible to love too much?” and the song Love is not over, here is a BTS one shot

Is it possible to love too much? Jeon Jungkook asked himself every morning. He woke up thinking about it, feeling guilty. He felt guilty because he loved too much and love… Love had eventually become a good thing, a thing that made him so happy that he couldn’t believe it was true. It seemed too unreal to be true, all this love, all this happiness. It seemed so fragile to him. He woke up every morning just when the sun was rising. At dawn, along with the first lights of a new day, Jungkook opened his eyes, scared -terrified would be a more appropriate word- thinking all this happiness, all this love, was nothing but a dream he was waking up from that morning. But it wasn’t. As soon as he saw the figure laying next to him, sleeping and unaware of the colors the sun was painting the city with, Jungkook realized, with amazement every morning, that it was true, that he was not dreaming. Jungkook then stood up, closed the window if it was open and covered them with the dark curtains. He liked to sleep with the window open -only except when it was too cold- because he liked to feel and see the moonlight. He insisted that was the only way he could sleep, and who was Jungkook to deny that little petition? He was no one to stop him from being happy, and if that small thing made him happy, then so it be.

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21 Super-Queer Movie Ideas That Should Probably Become Reality
Film concept: Make it queer.
By Sarah Karlan

omg people first, read this, then SCROLL TO NUMBER 10

guys im so fucking here for it like mate can you imagine two of my idols and favs and crushes and everything together in robin hood omg hannahclegg123, kudos, thank you for thinking of this beautiful idea