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I just re-read HoH today when I come to this part. Is it just me, but I think Uncle Rick has already give us spoiler even before the book is published last May? I seriously think that Diocletian and Caligula are Nero’s possibly best villain buddy. Because as it mention in this book too, people are still not sure yet to where Diocletian is buried, maybe its because he is wandering around universe with Nero all this decades idk????
IF my speculation was true, according to this, i think the next Emperor that will show up in The Dark Prophecy is Diocletian. Leo said that he gonna meet his buddy Jason and Piper, and since this Diocletian guy is the emperor Jason and Reyna idolize, perhaps one or both of them will appear too and they start to realize just how villain the guy is and they will help Apollo, Leo and Calypso.
Of course this is just my speculation and I hope nobody will take this seriously. Theres still a long way to go before the story is revealed one by one and we cant be sure of anything until the book is released next year.

honestly how weird it is for a girl to like nudes from a guy bc i’ve been with 3 or 4 who loved when i sent them pics and frequently asked me to but they all seemed to think they were weird doing that and the internet has an ongoin discourse of “unsolicited dick pics” being awful and i know where it comes from but maybe just maybe there are people who actually like those things and when you’re in a relationship sexting and exchanging nudes is a natural part of it in this the year of our lord 2017