Oh shit I completely forgot to mention the side-story for #153. Suffuse to say, its not very interesting. Just the typical filler story, but with a storybook/fantasy kind of setting with everyone playing different roles. Its something there for the kiddiewinks to enjoy, and hey, Art Mawhinney’s style is perfect here.

Fucking hell CN

Lion 4 has been cancelled.

Replaced by?

Teen. Titans. Go.

Steven universe is only airing THREE times in the next two weeks. CN isn’t advertising the show at all, along with inconsistent air dates/times, including the time of release being changed a few hours before it actually aired.


The 25th of March

Zayn leaves One Direction
Mind of Mine released
Very vague and strange first photo of Freddie son in a stroller as Louis slowly walks back and forth in front of a pap

Ultra Festival
Announcement of Baby Payno (on Mother’s Day)

Forget the Ides of March…during ancient Roman times they celebrated a festival on this day called HILARIA.

“The hilaria were, therefore, according to Maximus the Confessor[1] either private or public. Among the former, he thinks it the day on which a person married, and on which a son was born; among the latter, those days of public rejoicings appointed by a new emperor. Such days were devoted to general rejoicings and public sacrifices, and no one was allowed to show any symptoms of grief or sorrow.” (Thank you for the research @nautilarrie​)