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  • 5. What’s your greatest flaw? I’m very hard on myself and when I joke around with people it comes off insulting sometimes.
  • 13. What is the most insulting thing anyone has said to you? Probably anything that came out of half of my family's mouths lol, though I don’t speak to any part of what I call “that half” of the family anymore.
  • 14. Favorite game? Kingdom Hearts

I have seen a few posts that seem to be well meaning in the #autism and even #actually autistic tag urging against self diagnosis, so I just wanted to remind everyone of some key facts:

  • not everyone has the money or insurance to access a medical professional. insurance will not always cover enough, and can take months to get (even longer if you are disabled and have executive function issues, social anxiety, spd, etc. as many autistics do.)
  • not everyone has someone qualified to assess for autism in their area. i did not in my entire county before i moved.
  • some people are afraid of health professionals or distrust them.
  • autism is severly misdiagnosed in women and DFAB people by professionals.
  • many have had only basic if any education on the subject, so while they may have a wide range of mental health knowledge, know very little about autism.
  • there is no information available to professionals that is not available to us. and we often dedicate much more attention to learning than they do.
  • professionals only diagnose (at least in the U.S., where I am knowledgable) if they consider it ‘enough to impair functioning.’ Autism is a neurotype, and a person is autistic regardless of if it is deemed ‘enough’ of anything.
  • professionals misdiagnose regularly. they are only human. every mental health professional I have had has disagreed with the others about my diagnosis and even called the others out for abuse, etc. it’s impossible to say they were all correct.
  • some may prefer to go without an official diagnosis, because it is dangerous and other concerns. being officially diagnosed can lose you job opportunities, rights and personal autonomy, and cause other discrimination. 

I’ll try to add sources later, but feel free to do so before I dig them up/if I don’t get around to it. I will if anyone asks though.