• Hermione: I'm nervous to be alone with you.
  • Draco: You've been alone with me hundreds of times. What could you possibly be nervous about?
  • Hermione: My biggest fear is being in a restaurant, droning on about genius things, and then looking up at your face and then seeing boredom. It happens after a few weeks of every relationship I've been in, and then they end, and I don't want this one to end.
  • Draco: Granger, we are not a few weeks into our relationship. We are seven years in. I know you.
Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Five

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Chapter Four Recap:

“They don’t seem like very good friends if they make you feel like shit and threaten anyone you like. How the hell are you supposed to ever have a girlfriend?”

Shawn laughs and runs his hand through his hair. “Exactly. I don’t know what to do, I mean, they’re my friends. I’ve known Andrew since I was sixteen.”

“And yet you let him bully you like this,” you turn and walk away. If Shawn wanted pity for having garbage friends, he wasn’t going to get it from you and you had to walk away because you felt yourself starting to pity him. His friends would have to get over themselves because if they wanted to come after you because Shawn had some feelings, well then they had a big storm coming. You get to your table and pack away your laptop and books. You grab your pink taser from the bottom of your bag and head for the doors.

The lock handle on the front door of your house rattles violently, causing you to snap your head up from the book you were reading. It stops and you dismiss it as wind from the storm brewing outside. Ashley, your housemate and good friend, was out for the night with some guy. You hadn’t expected her home so you took up residence on the sofa to read your new book your mom had sent you in a cute little care package last week.

The handle rattles again and now you know it’s not just the wind blowing. The old house creaked and groaned during every storm, it was something you had gotten used to, but this was definitely someone trying to get in. You get up and turn on the main room light, hoping the light flooding through the living room’s windows would give the person a clue that someone was in fact home and they should not break in. There is more rattling and you put your book down to grab the metal bat that you and Ashley kept beside the stairs in front of the door.
With the bat in one hand, handle braced against your forearm incase you needed to swing one handed, you flip the lock and the deadbolt on the front door. You open the door just a little, allowing the additional chain lock to pull taut while you see who was there.  

“Hey, sweetheart,” Andrew says cooly, a smirk on his face. What the fuck was he doing at your house? How did he even know where you lived? “Gonna let me in?”

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So I have two younger sisters. The Middle Sister (MS) is super bitchy and entitled, to the point where any time we’d see a stereotypical mean girl in a movie, we’d call that “being a MS.” She was just awful, and the Youngest Sister (YS) and I spent this past summer literally counting down the days until MS would be moving several hours away for college. Hopefully the time and distance apart will help her shitty attitude.

Anyway, for a while the house was actually pretty peaceful as the only time anyone was home was at night and MS was no longer there to start a fight. I think that YS felt a lack of bitchiness after a while, because soon, she started adopting MS’s qualities and habits that we’d both complained about. It started out small like leaving her crap everywhere like a trail through the house and throwing fits when our mom had to resort to snapping at her when she wouldn’t clean it up. Soon after, her fits started getting aimed towards me.

Because I’m not home for most of the day, I usually don’t have the time to leave a mess behind, and even when I do, I try to get it cleaned up before it becomes an issue; the same with any chores. Because of this, my mom hardly ever needs to yell at me for anything. YS has started taking it to mean that I must unfairly be the favorite, rather than she should just do her job.

I’ll spare you from most of the arguments she starts, but they pretty much consist of:

YS: WILL YOU JUST LET ME TELL YOU MY SIDE OF THE STORY WITHOUT YOU INTERRUPTING ME!!!!! *insert nonsensical rambling that leads nowhere*
Me or mom: Are you done? Okay, now my side is that-


Me: Hey, you’re not doing *insert common sense here* and if you don’t do it like you’re supposed to, then-

At first I got really upset and we’d have a yelling match before my mom jumped in and snapped at us both, but I’ve come up with a better, though primitive solution. Because our mom works more than I do, I’m usually the one she comes to for technological and schoolwork help, and because I go to art school, she brings me her fashion and craft ideas for confirmation. Now every time she intentionally pisses me off, I either record her screaming or just memorize her exact wording for the next time she wants something from me.

YS: Hey xfirechickx, can you show me how you did X?
Me: You know how to use Google *turns music up*

YS: I need you to take me to a friend’s house.
Me: That sounds like a “You problem” *turns music up*

YS: I need-

The highlight so far is when she complained to our mom what I’ve been doing, and both she and our brother yelled at the exact same time, “That’s exactly what you sound like!”

Unfortunately none of this has convinced her to change her behavior, so I kicked it up one more notch. Every day YS asks me what time I’ll be working to see if it correlates with her own schedule. You see, while she’s a decent driver and there’s a car that she can call her own, she just got her permit, and can’t park on school grounds due to security checking for parking permits that you can only get if you have a license. Because of this, she requires a ride to and from school. My mom drops her off in the morning, and whenever I’m available, I’d go pick her up.

Now ever since I’ve started retaliating against her shitty attitude, I’ve just been ignoring her calls and texts to come get her. To be clear, her friends are always ready and willing to give her a ride, but they always get sidetracked with errands to run before heading home. So it’s a general comfort to me as I’m sitting in my pajamas at home watching Netflix while she’s having to help a friend go grocery shopping for an hour before getting to come home and take a nap. Try acting like a decent human being before asking me for favors.

Boring? Probably. Petty? Yeah. Do I care? Hell no.

now that i think about it why tf does kara strip in the elevator at all????? what, she enters as kara and then waits for it to hit the bottom floor and just struts out as supergirl????????????? does she burst through the roof every time????????????????????????? what is happening at catco???????????????????????????

i may be happy that the baby vid is early but i’m also stressing bc if she doesn’t upload within the next 2 hours i legit wont have the chance to gif until like this time tomorrow :(


Wow, I can’t believe the tour is already over.
God, I loved the fun and the positivity around the channel for the past few weeks. People have been so excited and ecstatic to meet and see Jack and the others, and I have loved hearing people’s stories and seeing their photos and learning about their experiences.
What a wonderful time in a wonderful community 💚

I listened to Revenge for the first time in years the other day, and wow, it really is a great album. The early-2000s “emo” sound is evident, but I don’t think it sounds super dated. I think people can still listen to it decades from now and appreciate it as a cohesive, well-written album. It’s leagues ahead of the other tacky “emo” songs that were coming out at the time.

What do you all think? Do you think it’s a timeless album, or will it sound more dated as time goes on?

“You realize why I don’t want him around you alone right?” He didn’t look at you.

“I know you don’t like him. heaven vs hell…yeah a cliche battle.” Your gaze was to the ground just like his was. The old cathedral had been abandoned for years, and it seemed to be Balors favorite place to go to wind down.

“It’s not the only problem..” he slid his hand into your lap. God he knew what to do every time. Sometimes you felt so weak, he made you weak. “I’ve waited a very long time to have you. You’re going to carry the future of my kingdom soon.”

That thought made you shiver.

“That’s what you’re worried about?”

Balor squeezes your knee.

“No. Stop. That’s not it. Believe it or not I get tired. I don’t want to be stuck another lifetime dealing with this shit.” He scooted closer to you. A second later his arm was around your shoulders. “I just want to spend what’s left of my existence in peace.”

“In peace? That’s not very Demon like of you.” Your head rested against his shoulder.

“Yeah well when you’ve spent hundreds upon thousands of years doing the same shit day in and day out eventually you start looking for something different. You were the first good thing I’ve had. Now we can start our own legacy…and hopefully when our little prince or princess grows old enough they can take my place.”

He sighed. It was actually quite nice here. Maybe one day he could fix it up enough so you two could stay there once in a while.

“And I can just spend time with you.” His lips pressed to your head. “Make up for the times I’ve been a dick.”

A small shared laugh.

“That would be nice.”

anonymous asked:

Hey there! What is the time frame on commissions? I'm interested in buying a commission but can't seem to find prices or time frames anywhere on your blog

I’m finishing a few up, my mental health hasn’t been too great lately, so I’m a bit behind. I’m going to make a revamped post with prices and details once I’ve finished the two or three I have now!


ANHALIKA: Well, okay, Kallu. If it’s so important. What time?

ENTITY: Half past thanka. I’ll see you then.


ANHALIKA: We’ve got to talk, parinaa, but I get the feeling you’re busy. Later, then?

ENTITY: Yes, later. I’ve got to go now. Bye.


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Damn I’m falling behind.

But I sketched a whole lot of pages so I’ll be “quickly” coloring them in the next few weeks. I hope I can upload them fast.

Anyway! Thank you so much for following me (for such a long time already, what has it been? A year and a half since the first page?) Your patience is a true virtue, I really appreciate you guys <3 You’re awesome. I only hope I can keep making you happy and offering some “comfort” in this time of Hiatus™.

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