Earlier this month, I got the prompt in a drawing class to interpret “the future.” This was a super cool assignment for me, and I had a ton of ideas because I think about the future a lot anyways. It ended up being really difficult to restrict all those concepts into a single image. But after a night of literally zero sleep here’s what I made:

The future is gonna be so rad: medicine and technology and maybe world peace and space travel. There are so many Jetsons-esque things to look forward to. But I think the most exciting thing about the future is the opportunity for equality — for people just being better people.

These two girls are probably talking about all the achievements and advancements that are gonna be made in the future, but like, maybe the best part? They’ll be together.

This was all done in Faber Castell illustration pens and it took me like 11 straight hours.


And here is a bunch of random doodles! Can you guess them all? >:D

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dude i dont know if u like gangsta but if you do, did u see the trailer???

!!!!! i saw it!! I’m so excited to see my ot3 in action!!! and Nic is so cute!◟(ؑ⸍⸍ᵕؑ̇⸍⸍)◞✧


Sterek AU: Derek has been Stiles’ bodyguard for two years and there’s always been a tension between them. Just when Derek finally thought they were getting somewhere, the press got hold of some photos of them in what looked like an intimate moment (unfortunately for Derek looks could be deceiving). He expected Stiles to laugh it off like he had with so many other scandals but Stiles flipped out. Next thing Derek knew he was getting a call from his boss “strongly suggesting” that he use up some of his holiday days and take a leave of absence. The next time he sees Stiles he’s coming out on national TV. It’s a bold step for Stiles and Derek should be proud, he is proud, but it stings to know that it wasn’t his sexuality Stiles was ashamed of. Seemingly it was just Derek. 


asami is korra’s heart