I am not a whore for wearing revealing clothes. No woman is. Every man should understand this and embrace this one fact about women. No woman should get raped and/ get called out for what they are wearing. It happens everyday, it matters. I am totally a free the nipple person and not because it’s a “thing” but because bras suck and for an A cup, freeing the nipple is a gift, it’s heavenly. So although a side boob may pop out this spring/summer or whenever, I am not trying to get hit on / ask for sex or attention. Sometimes it’s freaking hot outside and sometimes side boobs and a pair of hot pants just work. Sorry not sorry. What remains is that my only consent will be a “Yes” and there’s only one nigga I’m fucking with ✌️#WCW #MyDressMyChoice

Gains and Losses

So disappointed that Bill C-51 passed. I know that there were amendments made, but let’s face it - at the base of things it’s the same old idea of giving up your rights to “protect” your freedom. We know this doesn’t work. So socialism made a gain in Alberta (and I noticed on Power and Politics today that Evan Soloman, my boy, was wearing an ORANGE striped tie, a subtle celebratory nod methinks) but civil rights took a blow - all in one twenty four hour period. 

Elizabeth May said that Bill C-51 is “a fight for Canada’s very soul”, and if so - Trudeau’s Liberals have just sold it to Harper on the gamble that they will be able to claim what remains of it in October. 

While I absolutely do not want Harper’s reign to continue, I damn well do not want to see a pack of slippery cowards take his place. Mulcair was beaming today over the Alberta win - but he’s got a long way to go to convince the rest of the country. 

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*blows a raspberry on jons stomach*

    Crane enjoys wielding Gluskin’s knife, as much as he does putting his partner’s choice arsenal to use. He’s not to say he doesn’t luxuriate in driving the blade to the hilt through every inch of canvas he’s been provided of their person
                                                                     … IN SUCCESSION
                                            —He’s lost count after twenty. 

South African artist Willem Boshoff who often works with text, language and meaning expresses his anger at being labelled racist for objecting the crime wave in his country in ‘Racist in South Africa’, 2011, anodised aluminium panel, engraved and filled with ink.

On view in the #SouthAfricaPavilion 'What Remains is Tomorrow’ at the #biennalearte2015 #VeniceBiennale
#AnotherAfrica #ArtIsNotAFirstWorldLuxury #Art #AfricanArt #ContemporaryAfricanArt #SouthAfricanArt #WillemBoshoff #SouthAfricanArtist #Racism

I am not a pretty picture. Pretty pictures are meant to be framed; hung up on walls for show and never touched. Only admired from a distance every so often due to the signs surrounding it, warning you to stay away for fear of damage. Darling, I need you so much closer than that. I need someone who won’t be afraid of what lies beneath the surface because that is what remains untouched and unloved. I am incomplete thoughts coming out in stuttered words and nervous smiles. I do not roll off tongues like poems, I fall from them clumsily like confessions. Messy, but with a beautiful honesty. I am every “I love you” I have ever said because I’ve never said “I love you” without meaning it. Staying here with me assures the company of my fears, but the warmth of my sincerity. Loving me means loving the saddest parts of me. Maybe the flakes of sunshine in your eyes will be enough to warm the places in me that have been missing pieces for quite time.
—  If we were art, we would be ruined by now //

Distress and doubt
forming tiny sprouts of guilt
was what remained of the joyful garden you built
and tend until the last days of kneeling
you casted the shovel back
and spilled the remaining tolerance
I was happy with discontentment
like a beautiful, damaged bark in the lone company
of same, old tendrils
and from your voicebox and the air that passes through it
you made me accept that words are enough
and my actions should be regained
and that it’s time to brought back home the lives of the clocks we sacrificed
but I asked they have bitten the dusts,
they have been immolations to our ending work
and you said I can keep them as icons of my volition
to where I am about to end
You delayed the seeds who long craved for natural abode
Now, digging was better with plans from the farside and initial suspicion

What if we remained madly in love with each other, two souls who defied all rules just to be together? What if we stayed?


Original British Drama 2013: Trailer- BBC One

Including New Footage From: The Musketeers, SHERLOCK!, The Great Train Robbery, Quirke, The Escape Artist, Ripper Street, What Remains and By Any Means.