Star Wars Rebels fic: On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone (Chapter 4: Loose Cannons)
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Ten years after she vanished during an Imperial raid on a Twi'lek colony, Cham Syndulla sees his daughter Hera for the first time in a hologram – now wearing the uniform of an Imperial agent and apparently working closely with a human Inquisitor. All Cham wants to do is to bring his long-missing child home to what remains of her family, but he soon finds that Hera Syndulla is only interested in two things: her duty to the Empire and her loyalty to her crew, a mismatched collection of outcasts brought together by Hera and her pet Inquisitor.

With Cham and the Rebel agent known as Fulcrum in pursuit, a new mission takes Hera and the crew of the Ghost to the planet Lothal, where a chance meeting with a Force-sensitive teenager awakens something long buried in the Inquisitor once known as Kanan Jarrus…and has dire consequences for Hera, their crew, the Empire, and the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

Chapter 4: Loose Cannons
41K, AU, WIP

Chapter preview:

The next alley she ducked into was twisting, following the curvature of the buildings on either side, and Ahsoka found herself briefly cut off from the streets on either side of it. Frowning to herself, she quickened her pace.

The Force whispered a warning an instant before she heard a lightsaber ignite.

Ahsoka whirled, her own lightsabers already flying into her hands, the blades hissing into existence in time to catch the scarlet blade a bare few inches from her face as its bearer leapt down from an overhanging roof. Her opponent whirled away, black overskirt flaring out around equally black-clad legs, and ignited the second blade on her saberstaff.

“Really?” Ahsoka said. “Every time?”

There was no response, but then again, Ahsoka hadn’t expected one. Her opponent darted forward, blue eyes bright against green skin over a black half-veil; Ahsoka parried the blow and ducked under one long blade, but even in the narrow space of the alley her opponent managed to keep her lightsaber between them. She was considerably more skilled than the Pau’an Inquisitor on Stygeon Prime had been, without his habit of relying overly on the second blade.

“You know,” Ahsoka said, knocking a blow into the wall beside her and ducking beneath the blade as her opponent pulled it out, close enough that she felt it singe the hem of her hood, “there’s no reason we actually have to do this every time.”


Sorry for not having posted anything on my recently started R2R challenge. Aside from trying to enjoy what little remains of my summer vacation, I stupidly deleted the save file for it while organizing and renaming my saves and was pretty bummed out by it; I dunno if it can be recovered or what, but I didn’t feel restarting it anyway so I wanna start fresh instead.

So it’s still gonna be the same story: start with 0 simoleons, then let my sim find her way to riches by opening up a store/art gallery, but with a new face instead, Madeleine Ritch (heavily inspired by the redhead from the Get Together promos). :3

Stay tuned! :)

Anthony Head on the Supernatural Storytelling of Dominion

Anthony Head has long been a fan favorite in sci-fi and fantasy staples such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and his role as David Whele in Dominion, airing Thursdays at 10/9c on Syfy (Ch. 244), is another ­super-natural fit. With season 2 underway, we asked him what to expect in the remaining episodes, what he enjoys about his role, and his own TV favorites.

What can fans expect from the rest of this season of Dominion? What spoilers can you share?
This season has seriously raised the stakes, as anyone watching will tell you. All I can say is that, just when you thought it had gone about as far as it can go, it will go so much further. The roof is gonna blow off.

What drew you to this show?
I was genuinely intrigued by the concept. Vampires, demons, and the like, have been used and used again in “supernatural” storytelling. This was a completely fresh take on mankind being challenged by something we are powerless against—that, in turn, leads to some fascinating internal conflicts. And I get to play a manipulative, conniving politician within its world.

Was it challenging to take on a show that has sci-fi tones, but blends them with religious subject matter?
It was intriguing. When I was researching, I was amazed by how many religions refer to angels or winged deities—most of them, in fact. A post-apocalyptic world is a perfect parallel for the Old Testament.

Your character is not in as great of a position as he was last season. How is it playing him in a completely different position of power?
David Whele was broken at the end of last season. Vaun Wilmott—the series creator—and I talked about how that would resonate down the line. Madness bubbles away under his day-to-day living, but his instinct to survive, and political savvy, just keep him going. Man, that is fun to play.

You’ve had parts in a slew of beloved shows, what do you get recognized for most often?
I love the fact that I get recognized for such a variety of stuff, including The Iron Lady and Percy Jackson, but the universal one is of course Buffy. It’s a tribute to Joss Whedon that the writing is still so current, that it still attracts an audience, this far down the line. So many people tell me how the show helped them get through difficult times in their teens. That’s Joss for you.

When you have the time, what shows do you watch?
I have an extremely eclectic taste, but it always comes down to good storytelling for me. So, in no particular order: Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Fargo, the Danish The Killing, True Detective, (the first season—haven’t seen the new one yet), and I like where they’ve taken Elementary.


While conversations weren’t forced, Snowbelle felt something was off. She stared at the male in front of her. This was so close to the finale, shouldn’t he have been trying harder? Giving it his all? Gino was definitely unlike the other guys. He needed more than just a few suggestive words for him to flirt back. She wondered if he didn’t care as much as the others or if she hadn’t understood what love really entailed. Uncertainty? Joy? What was she looking for? Were there any signs at all? All she knew was that it was her job to take charge of the situation. Because her future hung in the distance. No more fun and games. She recalled her first date alone with Gino, when Troy left. He was friendly, but not flirty. She had to approach him about being something more and even then, he still remained aloof. What made his mind tick?

She suddenly had an idea. “Gino? I am thursty, can you purchase me a beverage?”

“Yeah, definitely,” He answered without hesitation.


Original British Drama 2013: Trailer- BBC One

Including New Footage From: The Musketeers, SHERLOCK!, The Great Train Robbery, Quirke, The Escape Artist, Ripper Street, What Remains and By Any Means.


‘I’ve got a band with some mates, we’re still making songs and stuff,It’s kind of an indie band, But, firstly, I’m an actor, that’s what I really wanted to get into.’

But you could combine the two, maybe in a biopic. Who would you want to play?

‘I have thought about that, about who I could play. Pete Doherty maybe, that would be an awesome part. His story would make a great biopic – and that’s the music that’s closest to me.’