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Could I request a Shigezane/MC fic? A fluffy/smutty one if possible? I'd like to leave the plot up to you since your writing is awesome but I like the idea of it being about him trying to and eventually wooing her. Thank you very much!

The first time you see him, his smile is bright and dazzling, leaving you abashed. He is so different from what you imagined a samurai would be like, so different from the serious men around you, you don’t know what to think.

You catch him looking at you when he thinks you won’t see. When he notices he’s been caught, he flashes you a bright teasing smile that makes you blush. A blush you quickly hide behind the steam rising from your cooking.

It might be just your imagination, but it feels like he’s visiting Yonezawa more often these days. Every time he comes, he brings you a little something: hairpins, tasuki strings, aprons, flowers. The list just goes on and on. Every time you try to deny them, but in the end, they just somehow end in your possession.

You don’t know what to think of him. He’s a playboy, always flirting with women, but still, you somehow hope it would be different with you. That when he smiles that dazzling smile of his to you, it would mean something.

He leans closer to you, his hand trapping you against the wall behind you. You feel your face burning and before you have time to react his lips are on yours. You don’t even have time to close your eyes before the kiss is over, his eyes peering into yours. You lift your hand to your lips, your fingers trembling slightly and you stare at him shocked. He furrows his brows a tiny bit and you turn your eyes away from him. He lets out a laugh and apologises, leaving you standing alone in the hallway.

In the evening, a part of you is disappointed when you hear he won’t be joining you for dinner. But a part (larger part to be honest) is relieved. Relieved you don’t have to watch him being totally unaffected by the kiss. A kiss you still think about constantly. You don’t even realise how distracted you are until Lord Kojuro has to ask several times what’s wrong before you notice him. You brush his question off and laugh, but the rest of your walk back home is in silence.

You’re sitting on the veranda, lost in your thoughts, enjoying your day off when suddenly there’s a flower in front of your face. When you lift your gaze and follow the hand holding the flower, he’s there, the bright and dazzling smile on his lips.

He makes a silly joke and you laugh, relieved he won’t mention the kiss. But before you have time to invite him to join you for some tea he turns serious. It’s something you have only seen before battle and you’re startled when he suddenly bows at you. He bows and apologises for the kiss and everything just turns blank in your mind.

You know he looks at you for the longest time, but words just won’t come out. Your head is empty and every word you try to say gets stuck in your throat and all you manage to do is clench your hands into fists in your lap.

He looks at you and apologises again and before you get your voice back he is already gone like he was never there.

Isn’t this what you wanted? You wanted everything to be clear between the two of you and yet it feels like your heart is being ripped from your chest. You should have known he didn’t see you like that. That you were just one among many and even if he did, why would a samurai want to be with a mere page? 

You don’t even realise how late it is before Lord Kojuro’s voice startles you. You look at him, then around you. The room is perhaps even messier than when you started, your aim to organise everything turned into a chaos. You fix a smile on your face and apologise for not having dinner ready for him, but before you have a chance to leave, he grasps your arm gently, turning you to look at him.

He asks what’s wrong, why have you been crying and even when you try to deny everything you curse how observant he is, how persistent in his questioning. Finally, you burst into new tears, barely managing to say his name before you run away, hiding in your room. You stubbornly stay there the whole night, not even replying when Lord Kojuro asks for you.

When you wake up, you feel awful. Your neck hurts and your eyes are puffy and a panic sets in when you realise just how late it is. You rush into Lord Kojuro’s room, but all you find is a letter addressed to you, telling you to come to the castle as soon as you wake up.

Your heart sinks. Just the idea of possibly seeing him brings new tears to your eyes, but you swallow them, steeling your nerves. He’s probably gone by now, you try to reason with yourself as you walk towards the castle.

You announce yourself outside of Lord Kojuro’s room and slide the door open. You look at the three pairs of eyes (well more like two pairs and one single eye) looking at you and immediately want to slam the door shut. But something roots you to the spot, your hand squeezing the door frame.

Your mouth feels dry and just like last night, all the words seem to leave you. You take a shaky breath and force a smile on your lips, turning towards Lord Kojuro, apologising you didn’t bring tea with you. You turn to leave, but Lord Kojuro asks you back and tells you to sit down.

The four of you sit in an uncomfortable oppressing silence until Lord Kojuro sighs and levels him a glare. He stammers you another apology, but you don’t reply. Instead, you excuse yourself, running into the kitchen to hide.

Why does he keep apologising, when all you want him to do is kiss you again? Wait, no! That’s not what you want. You want… You don’t even know what you want. Last night you thought you wanted him to leave you alone, but now? After seeing him all you can think is how his lips felt on yours and how your heart felt like bursting with emotion in the short moment your lips touched.

You leave the kitchen, still deep in thought when you run into someone. You apologise and look at them startled, only to see him in front of you.

He tries to apologise again, but you clench your hands into fists and stare him straight in the eyes.

“I can’t believe you played with my emotions like that! I can’t believe I fell in love with you when I clearly mean nothing to you!” you blurt out before you can stop yourself. You clamp a hand over your mouth and turn your head away tears welling up in your eyes. He is being so unfair, making you want things you know to be impossible.

You try to turn away, but before you can, you feel hands circling around you, pulling you into a fierce embrace. You try to push him away, but his words make you freeze.

“I love you, doll. I love you so much I don’t even know what to do when I’m with you.”

You give up and bury your face in his chest, clinging tightly on his kimono. He truly is unfair you think when he lifts your chin and kisses all the tears away from your eyes, promising not to make you cry again.

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hi! do you know of any klance au's where both/one of them is a model? thank you so much ♡

sure :D

More Than Just a Pretty Face by oh_imintrouble (8/? | 25,490 | Mature)

Keith and Lance work together and Keith realizes he really doesn’t know what he wants anymore. Lance realizes that his celebrity crush is more than just that.


(background shallura, background hunk/shay)

Honey, this is what it’s like to be famous by Lynn1998 (5/? | 16,372 | Explicit)

Lance is a hot new upcoming artist and Keith is a versatile model with a bad attitude. Fame has a way of bringing the most unlikely people together.

The bittersweet between my teeth by honey_mcdonalds (4/? | 15,416 | Teen And Up)

“There was something in Keith that had caught Lance’s attention. Thinking back on it, Lance still wouldn’t be able to clearly tell what did catch it. But if he could make a guess, he would say that it was probably the model’s intense gaze.”

I finally got a referral to a specialist trained in treating my condition (and it only took 17.9 goddamn years to get it)!!!

If you know anything about my experience with this type of situation you’re probably thinking “Wow Leo, that’s great, but what’s the catch?” And LET ME TELL YOU it is the fact that this specialist is a peds doctor. Meaning I have exactly 17 days to get in and see him before he denies me treatment and I have to transition to a /different/ specialist (who will be the doctor I requested to see in the first place).

I have 17 fucking days and then I start this process of getting into a specialist all over again. That’s probably not even enough time to see the man for a consult. Hell, at this point I don’t even know if I should be grateful for this referral or not. The situation is even more enhanced by the fact that the man I’m referred to is named Dr. Roach (I’m just hoping he takes after the second definition of his name).

I’m getting so many requests to draw things. I love you guys sosososo much!! We’re currently house hunting so I obviously can’t draw as of right now 11:58am but as soon as I get home I’m drawing!! I’m sorry about the older requests I have, I’ll get to those. I’m just kinda doing what catches my eye at first glance first.

Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once
Fall Out Boy
Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once

Every single song from Folie à Deux playing at once 

Welcome to hell kids 

Peterick Theory #1: What a Catch, Donnie

Less of a theory and more of an explanation, but I am beginning to do these and this seems like a good way of addressing it.

So, let’s go behind the meaning of the song of What a Catch, Donnie.

What a Catch, Donnie is a song Pete wrote for Patrick. But who is Ms. Flack and who is Donnie?

Donny Hathaway is a singer/songwriter who committed suicide by jumping out of a hotel window in 1979.
Now, Donny, a few days before his suicide was suffering from these extremely extravagant paranoid episodes. Claiming something amongst the lines that people were going to hook his brain up to a machine and steal his music.

Donny’s fame and path to success?
Making duets with a woman by the name of Roberta Flack.

Hence the line in What a Catch,
“Ms. Flack, said I still want you back.”
Meaning Patrick is Pete’s Ms. Flack.

Now amongst the chorus of the song, he says,
“All I can think of is the way I’m the one who charmed the one who gave up on you”,
It’s almost as if Patrick was saying he will keep fighting for Pete’s physical and mental well-being as long as Pete doesn’t give up on himself.

Now this is up for debate, but the bridge of the song, sung by Elvis Costello, is
“I will never end up like him,
Behind my back I already am.
Keep a calendar,
This way you will always know.”
This is from another Fall Out Boy song entitled, Headfirst Slide Into Cooperation on a Bad Bet, off the same album Folie à Deux, and in the context of this song this line is referring to cheating, but in the context of What a Catch, Donnie, this could be taken completely differently.

Now what that line in Headfirst Slide means is that he will never be cheated on by the girl he is cheated on, but he already is behind is back, or that’s how I see it, but in What a Catch I see it differently.
So yeah, they repeat a lot of songs in What a Catch, and it doesn’t really mean anything subliminally, but notice the other songs they recite in the song are big, whereas Headfirst Slide wasn’t really notably popular.

In the song What a Catch, I think this line is saying Pete will never end up like Donny. He’ll never commit suicide.
“I will never end up like him.”
“Behind my back I already am”,
Which could be taken as he is that mentally distraught alone.
“Keep a calendar this way you will always know”,
Which is like he is saying
“Look at what I’ve become, the progress I’ve made.”

Anyways, this is just my take on it. I’ll be doing more of these, for sure.

  • My Chemical Romance Fans: *hears first note of The Black Parade* *cries*
  • Fall Out Boy Fans: *hears first note of What A Catch, Donnie* *cries*
  • Panic! At The Disco Fans: *hears first note of Northern Downpour* *cries*
  • Fans Of All Three: *cannot listen to any music, they are forced to never put their playlist on shuffle, forever living in the world of repetetive alphabetically placed music, never going on Pandora for fear of the unknown and unexpectable*
  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: where is your boy tonight i hope he is a gentleman and maybe we're going down down in an earlier round and sugar we're goin down swinging ill be your number dance dance we're falling apart to half time dance dance and these are the lives you love to lead this ain't a scene it's a god damn arms race this ain't a scene it's a god damn arms one night yeah and one more time thanks for the memories even though they growing up growing up
  • psychic: what the fuck