What’s in my pencil case ✨ sorry for the bad photography and lighting 😅🌿 Do tell me if you want a swatch and/or review of these items ⭐️ I want to do a short “How I study for biology” post, do tell me if you guys would want it! Thanks 💯🌿✨


It’s super messy, but the bag I’m carrying is a Nicole Miller burnt orange-y leather tote - and I adore it.

My junk:

Leopard Nine West Wallet
Manicure Set
Mini Coin Purse to house my treasure (Canadian Coins)
2 USB drives (1 for photos, 1 for docs)
White Modella cosmetic pouch for my million in one lippies
Red Photo Folio
Checkbook (I obviously bank TD)
Main keys (Elephant Keychain from Etsy, #1 Sister keychain from local store)
AM/PM pill reminder
Tampons/ Estee Lauder pouch
Secondary keys for my brother’s house
Blue Leather notepad
Brown Folio-Organizer (I put gold To-Do stickers on it c:)
5$ sunglasses
2014 16-month planner from B.A.M. (Books-A-Million ; Like Borders)
iPod Touch 2nd Gen (I think)
Pampers wipee container to house my feminine wipes (don’t judge)
Straight Talk screen wipe
1 stray hairband

That’s what I tote around with me!