What’s in my pencil case ✨ sorry for the bad photography and lighting 😅🌿 Do tell me if you want a swatch and/or review of these items ⭐️ I want to do a short “How I study for biology” post, do tell me if you guys would want it! Thanks 💯🌿✨

How to keep your school bag organised
  1. Keep all of your work in folders. This will stop the paper getting crushed and messy. It would help if you had a separate folder for each class because all your work will be in one place.
  2. Keep all your pens and stationary in a pencil case. I take two with me, one for pens and pencils, the other for colours which I might not need every lesson.
  3. Carry a small canvas fold away bag with you in case you have a lot of books to take home one day.
  4. Get a cosmetics bag to put random things in such as lip balms or headphones - this help you find things in a rush which are normally at the bottom of your bag.
  5. Put all of your money in a purse. If you don’t want to carry your normal purse and a lot of money get a smaller one.
  6. Get a key ring for your keys - you really don’t want to lose these!

(Beautiful Learning)

What’s in Sarah Dessen’s bag? 

What does a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 12 novels pack in her purse? To celebrate of her newest novel, Saint Anything, coming out and stealing our hearts, we asked Sarah Dessen to spill her purse and share with us what she keeps in her bag! 

1. Entirely too many lip products. I have a bit of a sickness when it comes to liners and glosses: I cannot NOT buy one if I think it will become my Signature Look. (Note: it never does. That is ever elusive, like Bigfoot.) The result is all of these very similar colors rolling around my purse, usually just out of my reach. 

2. Lens cleaner packets. Okay, go ahead and laugh. But what is nicer than a fresh, clean phone or tablet screen? I’ll tell you: nothing. I buy these in bulk and keep them anywhere. In a pinch, they can also clean your hands. I have been known to hand them out to strangers on planes and in line at the bank, just to share the love. Yeah, I get some looks. 

3. Breath products. Again, there is no perfect one. But Sweet Breath comes pretty close. I buy it in huge packs online, and it has everything you need in a breath freshener: portable, good tasting and JUST strong enough to make you wince and choke a little bit. 

4. Crossword Puzzle app. This is a new one for me, as I heard that they help with memory, and mine is just awful, especially when I get stressed out. Also, this particular app give you cheats and hints, which I desperately need to come even close to finishing. 

5. Lollipops. My new book, Saint Anything, had a lot of lollipops in them, and they always have them at my bank. I like to grab a few every time, just for good luck. 

6. Various children’s toys. I have a seven year old daughter, so I’m always carrying something of hers so she doesn’t lose it. Often it’s a half eaten sticky lollipop, so the toys are actually preferable. 

7. Blank book. And it IS blank, because no matter how many of these I buy (a lot) I never actually use them. I have this romantic notion that I will, however, and you can’t put a price on that. I hope.


Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Even though you have a bunch of blank books, we’re glad you write your own for us to enjoy! 

You can find Sarah on her website, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Here is my What’s in my Bag, part 2 of my Meet the Artist series! I’ve decided to not put an end number of parts because I believe this can be an ongoing thing for many post to come.


I did this in my Pixel Art style.

*Purse from Shop.demure
*Zip up wallet so I can just throw shit in it
*Cell’s recharger (dead)
*Coupons, because we Ballin on a Budget (expired)
*Notebook or Sketchbook. I switch out different ones pretty often
*My conjoined twin, my Cellphone
*Tons of random lip balm because I lose them all the time then I find them, then lose them.


This was done in Aseprite program with a pixel dimension of 100x75. I really enjoy pixel art and you will definitely see more of it from me. Creating the font was the most time consuming but very educational! thanks to Jordanand Ali for gifting me the Aseprite program much thankful! ALL HAIL BABY MARTIN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

Also I spelled “Battery” wrong. B-!

To the student anon who wanted to know what’s in my work purse: I’m sorry for the late post!

Going clockwise from the top:
- Notes and education material from the joint class I teach 1-2 times a month. I rotate between one other nurse and we are headed by the orthopedic nurse navigator/coordinator. You never stop learning!
- Hexagon pens from Muji, 5 pack. I think these are 0.38? Anyway, my other Muji pen ran out of ink yesterday so I’m glad I had these in my purse because I’m really picky about the pens I use. I think it’s helpful to pack extra supplies, such as pens, pencils, or highlighters. You don’t need a lot, just a few. My highlighters are in my work pouch that I keep on the unit, by the way!
- My wallet, haha. It’s an owl wallet by Kate Spade and it’s one of my little ‘treat yo self’ purchases.
- 22g over the needle catheter for peripheral IV starts. This may happen to you.
- Pineapple planner that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. He said it’s for when I go back to school later on this year, and it’s so thoughtful.
- Spare watch just in case mine gets vomit or blood on it…or other unmentionables.
- My little egg tracker for work.
- rosebud salve for my lips along with blistex and a tarte lip butter. My lips get dry!
- Pens. More pens. I love pens.
- My car keys.
- Pads.
- My Moana themed purse that my boyfriend got me for Christmas! The design is of Maui pulling the sun and I love it and I love him and I wasn’t expecting it and he said he almost fought another dude in the store for it and it fits everything.

Whew! That’s what’s in my purse for work. My school bag was really similar (planner, pens, highlighters), but I had more organized notebooks and folders instead of just a paper clip of papers haha. Please do what you think works best for you, but I really think an organized purse (meaning that you know what all is in your purse at any moment versus looking in it and finding gum from 2015) is important to just have a clear mind. I hope this helps, anon!


What’s in my purse! Featuring my new Kiki’s Delivery Service “Jiji Cosplay Bag" 

  • sketchbook 
  •  cosmetic bag(made by Eve inchells) Containing: alcohol free rose perfume oil, blush, two red lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner & retractable blush brush(silver tube). 
  •  pencil zipper pouch also made by Eve, containing: lead pencil, ink pens, kneaded eraser, rubber eraser, lead refill, two portable chargers and for some reason a nickel. 
  •  my wallet 
  •  house key

What’s in my purse?

Purse - H&M on sale for $7.

Fosill Leopard Wallet – Keys – Walt Disney World 40th Anniversary Memo Pad – Ray Ban Tortoise Shell Wayfarers – iPhone 5 – Maybelline Baby Lips – Maybelline Color Whisper in Coral Ambition – Pre De Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream – Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pen.


It’s super messy, but the bag I’m carrying is a Nicole Miller burnt orange-y leather tote - and I adore it.

My junk:

Leopard Nine West Wallet
Manicure Set
Mini Coin Purse to house my treasure (Canadian Coins)
2 USB drives (1 for photos, 1 for docs)
White Modella cosmetic pouch for my million in one lippies
Red Photo Folio
Checkbook (I obviously bank TD)
Main keys (Elephant Keychain from Etsy, #1 Sister keychain from local store)
AM/PM pill reminder
Tampons/ Estee Lauder pouch
Secondary keys for my brother’s house
Blue Leather notepad
Brown Folio-Organizer (I put gold To-Do stickers on it c:)
5$ sunglasses
2014 16-month planner from B.A.M. (Books-A-Million ; Like Borders)
iPod Touch 2nd Gen (I think)
Pampers wipee container to house my feminine wipes (don’t judge)
Straight Talk screen wipe
1 stray hairband

That’s what I tote around with me!