How to keep your school bag organised
  1. Keep all of your work in folders. This will stop the paper getting crushed and messy. It would help if you had a separate folder for each class because all your work will be in one place.
  2. Keep all your pens and stationary in a pencil case. I take two with me, one for pens and pencils, the other for colours which I might not need every lesson.
  3. Carry a small canvas fold away bag with you in case you have a lot of books to take home one day.
  4. Get a cosmetics bag to put random things in such as lip balms or headphones - this help you find things in a rush which are normally at the bottom of your bag.
  5. Put all of your money in a purse. If you don’t want to carry your normal purse and a lot of money get a smaller one.
  6. Get a key ring for your keys - you really don’t want to lose these!

(Beautiful Learning)


A baby tooth, cracked in half.
Bits of tin foil. A pro-choice button.
The family forecast. Six bobby pins.

Your least favorite flavor of gum.
Pepper spray. Peppermints. Pepper
the Drug Dealer’s phone number.

A coupon for ninety-five percent off
your mother’s warnings at Victoria’s
Secret. A forgotten fifteenth birthday.

The wrapper of an almond granola bar
you pretended to eat. An expired bus
pass. Two empty packs of apologies.

One leaking pouch of I Desperately
Want You To Like Me.
A milk carton
with me, the missing kid, on its back.

A coy tube of pin-up peach lipstick.
A gram or two of Things You Thought
I Should Try.
An earring. This poem.

Crumbs of a sentence you wouldn’t
let me say, once. An expired drivers
permit. A leg of your parents approval.

A colorful leaf I thought was neat.
Three sets of flash cards of Things
I Have Learned About Your Life.

The last bite of advice I didn’t take.
A list of people who are proud of
me. One unique fact about myself.
—  WHAT’S IN MY PURSE, by Blythe Baird

This is what I carry in my bag on an almost daily basis.
From left to right and from top to bottom:
- Dell Vostro 5470 laptop
- white lab coat
- Herlitz hard cover notebook aka my planner
- leather wallet
- Zippo lighter in Black Ice
- cigarettes (Dunhill Master Blend in this picture, usually Blonde Blend)
- wet tissues
- tissues
- hand sanitizer
- pencil case
- Sephora hand cream (Peony scented)
- The Body Shop chapstick
- lipstick of the day (here: Essence lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty)
- lip gloss of the day (here: Cien lip gloss in 10 Creamy Raspberry)
- Maybelline Affinitone concealer in 05 Medium Beige
- Oriflame The One Eyeliner Stylo in Black
- Sephora Waterproof Eye Crayon in 06 Blonde Ambition
- Sephora Waterproof Mascara in Black
- Sigma F30 Large Powder brush
- Sigma F60 Foundation brush
- iPad mini in white, 16 GB
- scrunchie
- Phillips earbuds with case
- mirror
- Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory 2
- Herlitz 2 in 1 pens, fineliner and felt pen

I didn’t add a photo of my bag because I change it almost daily.

What’s in Sarah Dessen’s bag? 

What does a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 12 novels pack in her purse? To celebrate of her newest novel, Saint Anything, coming out and stealing our hearts, we asked Sarah Dessen to spill her purse and share with us what she keeps in her bag! 

1. Entirely too many lip products. I have a bit of a sickness when it comes to liners and glosses: I cannot NOT buy one if I think it will become my Signature Look. (Note: it never does. That is ever elusive, like Bigfoot.) The result is all of these very similar colors rolling around my purse, usually just out of my reach. 

2. Lens cleaner packets. Okay, go ahead and laugh. But what is nicer than a fresh, clean phone or tablet screen? I’ll tell you: nothing. I buy these in bulk and keep them anywhere. In a pinch, they can also clean your hands. I have been known to hand them out to strangers on planes and in line at the bank, just to share the love. Yeah, I get some looks. 

3. Breath products. Again, there is no perfect one. But Sweet Breath comes pretty close. I buy it in huge packs online, and it has everything you need in a breath freshener: portable, good tasting and JUST strong enough to make you wince and choke a little bit. 

4. Crossword Puzzle app. This is a new one for me, as I heard that they help with memory, and mine is just awful, especially when I get stressed out. Also, this particular app give you cheats and hints, which I desperately need to come even close to finishing. 

5. Lollipops. My new book, Saint Anything, had a lot of lollipops in them, and they always have them at my bank. I like to grab a few every time, just for good luck. 

6. Various children’s toys. I have a seven year old daughter, so I’m always carrying something of hers so she doesn’t lose it. Often it’s a half eaten sticky lollipop, so the toys are actually preferable. 

7. Blank book. And it IS blank, because no matter how many of these I buy (a lot) I never actually use them. I have this romantic notion that I will, however, and you can’t put a price on that. I hope.


Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Even though you have a bunch of blank books, we’re glad you write your own for us to enjoy! 

You can find Sarah on her website, Twitter, and Instagram!

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What’s in my pencil case ✨ sorry for the bad photography and lighting 😅🌿 Do tell me if you want a swatch and/or review of these items ⭐️ I want to do a short “How I study for biology” post, do tell me if you guys would want it! Thanks 💯🌿✨