Your drug paraphernalia is in a drawer. So is the paraphernalia that was… by your bed.


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Hey Lovely People,

I’ve gotten some questions recently as to what I eat regularly what what I keep in my fridge and kitchen So I’m going to do a couple of posts on that :)

This is what’s in my fridge as it stands today. I went fruit and veg shopping today and on top of what’s pictured here I also have a box of red apples, potatoes and butternut squash which I don’t keep in my fridge. 

I also keep quite a bit of frozen fruit in my freezer, as well as meat, pastry and homemade ice cream but I’ll do a post on that later :)

Hope this helps some people out with what to put in their fridge :) 

I’ll post a list soon about what I keep in my kitchen as a whole but that list won’t include the fridge stuff because I don’t want to have to list it all again :)

Hope you’re all having a great day!

Poppybird20 xxx

no but seriously imagine helena accidentally eating cosima’s pot brownies and getting the munchies


 We found bread in a toastless place.

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As many of you have noticed, I have lost weight! 20+ pounds in the past 8 weeks. I have started exercising every day and completely changed my diet. Here is a look inside my fridge so you can see my eating habits!

Check it out! 

Love you! 

As a total former fast food addict, I hope this inspires you!