What's in my bag

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

what’s in my (pockets): Tonks

Tonks: A bag?! What on earth do I need a bag for? 

Tonks: Who needs a bag when you have as many jackets as I do? which is probably why I lose everything shit

Tonks: But this! This I always have on me. My dad gave it to me, ‘cause I’m never on time for anything.

Tonks: Now… what’s in this coat…

Tonks: “Borrowed” from Remus’s kitchen.

Tonks: This is… um - wait.

Tonks: John Lennon was the best Beatle. Fact.

Tonks: No idea what’s in this one…

Tonks: A photograph?

Tonks: …of me?

Tonks: *inhales* …Oh.

Tonks: This jacket isn’t mine.

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My Backpack Essentials (College)

Aside from textbooks and class materials, here are some things that I have found to be incredibly useful for long days at school:

  • Planner: My planner is what keeps my life from spiraling into an abyss of confusion and stress. I use it to jot down and keep track of any deadlines or events that come up.
  • Small notebook: Mine doubles as a bullet journal as well as a notepad for thoughts and ideas. In addition to my planner, I like to write out a tentative, detailed schedule / plan of action for each day - Crossing out tasks is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. One of my goals for this year is to write more, so having a notebook on hand keeps me accountable. I’m less prone to forgetting or losing inspiration if I write a thought down right away rather than try to remember it later. 
  • Pencil case: I keep pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, post-it notes, and paper clips - basically every utensil that I would need for class or a study session. I hate having to dig through my backpack for a pencil, so having it all in one place is nice.
  • Lotion & lip balm: When my lips or hands are dry, I tend to focus on the discomfort of it, which prevents me from paying attention to class or whatever I’m studying.
  • Hand sanitizer: Some people are sick. Some people are gross. Colleges have a lot of people in a small area. Sometimes bathrooms run out of soap.
  • Feminine hygiene products: Mother Nature is full of surprises. Even if you don’t think you need to have some with you at all times, a friend might and you’ll be a superhero.
  • Tissues: Sniffling like a bunny in class because your nose is runny isn’t fun.
  • Water bottle: Staying hydrated is the key to good health, good skin, and staying awake. If you’re feeling burned out and unfocused, chugging some cold water could help. I like to keep a reusable water bottle so I can refill it at water fountains. 
  • Travel mug: I love having caffeine or just some herbal tea with me for long study sessions. It’s a lot cheaper to make your own coffee/tea or to fill up your mug at the dining hall rather than go to Starbucks/your campus coffeeshop.
  • Medicine & band-aids: Vital for headaches, cramps, colds, allergy season, accidental boo boo’s, etc.
  • Floss: This sounds strange, but there have been so many times where something has stubbornly gotten stuck in my teeth at the worst possible moments (think before speeches, presentations, interviews). 
  • Headphones: Awesome for walking to class, concentrating while studying, and avoiding people you don’t want to talk to.
  • Glasses: I wear contacts, and glasses are great for when your contacts get dry and uncomfortable or you accidentally rip one.
  • Cash: I don’t recommend carrying around a lot, but there are some places that don’t accept cards. 
  • Homework/study material that don’t require extreme focus: Bring some assignments or notes to review that aren’t too labor-intensive for those chunks of time between classes or your commuting time. I find it difficult to sit down and work on something “big” if I only have a 30 minute time slot, but a lot that can be accomplished during that time! I recommend looking over notes, watching tutorial videos, or looking at flashcards. 
  • Laptop/tablet: None of my classes allow having a laptop in class, but I use it all the time for homework and studying. 
  • Snacks: Food = energy and motivation.

I hope this is helpful for some of you! Best of luck and happy studying :)


021116 // what’s in my bag/pencil case! 

backpack: old joyrich i’ve had since my 10th grade, soon to be replaced by a kånken bc the zipper no longer stays closed properly

what’s inside: water bottle, pencil case, a thin binder (freebie from my uni), a square lined notebook, my bullet journal, deodorant, earphones (again, freebies from a tour bus), my wallet, my calculator (ti-nspire cx), a set-square/protractor (super useful!) 

inside my pencil case: staedler triplus fineliner 10-colour set, pilot frixion pastel highlighters, hobonichi freebie multi barrel pen, pilot juice 0.38 black pen, dior lip glow balm, a nasty-looking eraser, my pen drive, correction tape, a hello kitty mechanical pencil and 0.7 refills, dark red stabilo point 88 

not pictured: house keys, umbrella (usually in one of the side pockets), lab coat and laptop (i only take them when i know i need them), my lunch box (some days, like today, i have time to eat at home)

ok so this file is rEALLY BIG so if u wanted to see the “detail”, there u go

i left out my 2 other actual sketchbooks bc thats a given at this point, and i left out a few pens/tools bc fuck that honestly (and its toootally not bc i forgot them or anything pffft)

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did the whats in my bag thing but w these cute boys instead bc they are more interesting nd pretty than me! 


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