What's in my bag


[ 28.03.17 ] an updated what’s in my bag! i know my freebie cosmetics pouch, my creased lab coat and my complete disregard for the usage of pencil cases aren’t the most aesthetic combo ever but that’s uni students for you. not pictured: wallet, laptop (i don’t always carry it) and lunch.

what’s in my (pockets): Tonks

Tonks: A bag?! What on earth do I need a bag for? 

Tonks: Who needs a bag when you have as many jackets as I do? which is probably why I lose everything shit

Tonks: But this! This I always have on me. My dad gave it to me, ‘cause I’m never on time for anything.

Tonks: Now… what’s in this coat…

Tonks: “Borrowed” from Remus’s kitchen.

Tonks: This is… um - wait.

Tonks: John Lennon was the best Beatle. Fact.

Tonks: No idea what’s in this one…

Tonks: A photograph?

Tonks: …of me?

Tonks: *inhales* …Oh.

Tonks: This jacket isn’t mine.

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my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

What’s in my bag - Larissa “Lardo” Duan (in her senior year)

(Jack) (Bitty) (Chowder)

What’s In My Bag Pt 2

An anon asked me to do a uni/college version! The main difference from high school is to pack light! Even when I have longer days or have to bring my laptop along to study, I’ll use my backpack (it’s medium sized) but pack light. 

  • Earphones (noise-blocking ones for the long journey to uni)
  • Two pens and pen refills (a black pen is really all I need)
  • Tissues (you never know when you’ll need them)
  • Essentials pouch (perfect size, fits all my toiletries, hairties, bobby pins, lipstick/lip balm, mirror, panadol, etc.)
  • Hand sanitiser :D
  • Card holder for ID and Opal card (it was a freebie from an info evening)
  • Locker keys with gudetama keychain :)
  • 1L water bottle - nothing special about the brand, I just need a lot of water to not be dehydrated
  • Umbrella
  • My Typo planner
  • Spare spectacles (in case I forget to bring it in the morning - I have a light script so I sometimes forget that I’m not wearing glasses if I’m not looking out into the distance)
  • + clipboard with patients-seen-logbook. 


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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ok so this file is rEALLY BIG so if u wanted to see the “detail”, there u go

i left out my 2 other actual sketchbooks bc thats a given at this point, and i left out a few pens/tools bc fuck that honestly (and its toootally not bc i forgot them or anything pffft)

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Traveling supplies– I’m using an assortment of pencils, ballpoint pen, and I have a kit I put together for using watercolors on a plane.

Brushes are waterbrushes that I filled before travel (they got through security fine). I got a small plastic dish with 2 compartments– one is for a damp sponge to wipe my brush on, and the other has paper towels. Container was $4.99 but worth it to have it be leakproof.

The watercolors are Daler Rowney Aquafine travel set. It was originally $29 at Michaels but wait till you get a sweet coupon in the app. I added a flesh base watercolor paint to a cup inside. I believe it’s Antimony yellow(???) and I can darken it as needed. It had to dry before I travel since it’s a tube paint.

I have smaller sketchbooks for on the plane, and I pack a larger mix Media book in my luggage. Pack paints in ziploc bag to be safe and carry extra paper towels to dab up water/paint if you have to pick up in a hurry :)

I’ve spent the past week chilling in Bristol - reading in cafes and celebrating birthdays and generally enjoying life without exams. Currently reading Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit which I v much recommend.