What's in my bag


[ 28.03.17 ] an updated what’s in my bag! i know my freebie cosmetics pouch, my creased lab coat and my complete disregard for the usage of pencil cases aren’t the most aesthetic combo ever but that’s uni students for you. not pictured: wallet, laptop (i don’t always carry it) and lunch.

what’s in my (pockets): Tonks

Tonks: A bag?! What on earth do I need a bag for? 

Tonks: Who needs a bag when you have as many jackets as I do? which is probably why I lose everything shit

Tonks: But this! This I always have on me. My dad gave it to me, ‘cause I’m never on time for anything.

Tonks: Now… what’s in this coat…

Tonks: “Borrowed” from Remus’s kitchen.

Tonks: This is… um - wait.

Tonks: John Lennon was the best Beatle. Fact.

Tonks: No idea what’s in this one…

Tonks: A photograph?

Tonks: …of me?

Tonks: *inhales* …Oh.

Tonks: This jacket isn’t mine.

Inspired my my fav @kapitan5o and tagged by the lovely @egdramaqueen <3

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

Day 3: what’s in your bag? | 8.13.2017 | 30 Day Back to School Challenge by @universi-tea

  • clear folder for putting homework
  • pencil case (I will do a seperate post later)
  • water bottle to stay hydrated and umberalla
  • caculator
  • my bullet journal
  • my emergency kit (also will do a seperate post)
  • wallet and keys
  • a book for killing time in my 1-hour lunch period
  • textbooks depends on what lessons I’ll have (and acts as the place for me to mark lesson notes)
What’s in the signs bags

Aries: facial cleanser, spare socks, coins, cough drops, polaroid camera, contact lenses, lipstick.

Taurus: various chargers, power-bar, planner, eye mask, loose recites, gum to get rid of bad breath.

Gemini: reminders, loose markers, sketchbook, empty lush pots they swear to return, camera, rogue ear rings.

Cancer: sunglasses, beanie, headphones, tea, crystals, lipgloss, grocery list.

Leo: makeup, hairbrush, sugary snack, glitter (somehow???? How did it get there??? Who knows.), movie tickets, wallet.

Virgo: planner (that they actually use), book, wipes, painkillers, toothbrush, charger.

Libra: computer, dirt, makeup, probs something with alcohol in it, Nintendo, glasses they never wear.

Scorpio: condoms, tarot cards, journal, water bottle, makeup wipes, sunglasses, cigarettes, book (probably some weird biography, other non-fiction book or true crime).

Sagittarius: map, notebook + random pens, tissues, receipts + tickets, polaroid camera, little pots of paint.

Capricorn: post-it notes, journal, legitimate prescription drugs, planner (that they actually use), pencil case, lighter, broken charger.

Aquarius: glasses, old and new sketchbooks, drugs probably, gloves, lighter, rented movie/book, gum.

Pisces: diary, headphones to drown out people, favourite pens, mints, mood ring, water bottle.

What’s in my bag - Larissa “Lardo” Duan (in her senior year)

(Jack) (Bitty) (Chowder)

What’s in my bag:

Luna: So, it’s a bit of a funny story. 

I attempted to cast the undetectable extension charm on my bag the other day, but something went wrong. 

So, now there’s some sort of portal inside. It’s pretty, but unfortunately, it has lead to the loss of all the items that were there before. Luckily none of them were irreplaceable. It’s rather unpredictable and sometimes I find new objects in there. Let’s see what my purse gives us this time…

A thing. Maybe a sort of metal wand.

A glowing orb. Interesting.

Someones…. pants…..

Oh! A Bunny! My patronus is a rabbit!

(Thank you @kapitan5o for starting this meme in the community. Anyone who wishes to do this, I really enjoy seeing them, so have at it!)