What would Khaleesi wear

What Would Khaleesi Wear?
Her Hair like this!

So, there is no tutorial for this, but this is pretty simple, actually!

  1.  For girls like me with unruly curls, best to use product and sraighten your hair first! (If you are blessed with non-frizzy hair, ignore this!)
  2. Tie hair up in high, tight ponytail.
  3. Start a two-strand braid from two small pieces of hair both on one side of the ponytail.
  4. Every three or four crossings of the braids, take a thin bunch from the other side of the ponytail and join it with the closest strand of the two-strand braid and keep on going. Don’t make it tight! keep it loose as you continue.
  5. Repeat this.

If it still seems difficult and you all reply to me saying it’s confusing, I promise I’ll post up a more detailed tutorial, pictures included.

Is this clear enough?