What might we deduce about his heart


I’m not sure if I’m the last person in the fandom to realise this, but remember in ASIB there was this conversation:

Mycroft: My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher and yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?

John:  I don’t know.

Mycroft:  Neither do I. But initially, he wanted to be a pirate.

Well, now with many questions answered and closure on redbeard and Eurus, what can we deduce from this conversation?

- Initially, he wanted to be a pirate. Sherlock and his friend Victor (Redbeard) played pirates when they were younger. Mycroft was referencing Sherlock’s young childhood.

- He wanted to be a pirate, which is a pretty standard young boy idea. Was he just a normal kid with a slightly higher IQ and awareness? 

- Young enough to completely corrupt his own memories, Sherlocks best friend was taken. Sherlocks best pirate friend. Was that the moment when he changed? Was he also young enough to start over, to become who he is now?

- What does a detective do? Save people. Help people. Sherlock chose a career in which he could save people to try and make up for his loss of Redbeard all those years ago.

Sherlock: I went through the song, line by line all those years ago and I found nothing. I couldn’t find anything!

-  He wasn’t driven by his superior IQ or lack of human understanding, he was driven by his emotion, and always has been. Even Mrs Hudson knew that:

Mrs Hudson: He’s not about thinking, not Sherlock.. He’s more emotional, isn’t he? Unsolved case, shoot the wall! Unmade breakfast, Karate the fridge!

- What can we deduce about his heart? It’s been broken enough times that he made the choice to devote his life to helping others, even if it is in his own, slightly off-putting way. 

one of the biggest #fake moments for me is when Mycroft asks Sherlock “So, who loves you?”

MYCROFT. Mycroft “might we be expecting a happy announcement by the end of the week” Holmes. Mycroft “what might we deduce about his heart?” Holmes. This guy is suddenly just like “wow gee I’m stumped.”

It gets even funnier when you’re viewing it as Mark the writer, suddenly being all ‘don’t ask me, I don’t know.’

You know what was brilliant about the ending of Sherlock’s “The Final Problem”?

For all our journey of watching the clever detective, seeing him solve impossible riddles with his deductions and observations, it wasn’t his intellect that saved the day this time.

It was his heart that proved the key in the end.

It immediately called me back to Mycroft’s line in 2x01:

“My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?” 

When Eurus began her games, Sherlock and John were very fixated on saving the little girl on the plane. Something that seemed insignificant to Mycroft and others watching in the face of immediate problems, yet in the end the whole problem ultimately came down to saving one scared, little girl. It was genuinely reaching out emotionally to another human being that allowed Sherlock to solve everything.

John: He’s not like that. He doesn’t feel things that way … I don’t think.
Mycroft: My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart?
John: I don’t know.
Mycroft: Neither do I … but initially he wanted to be a pirate.

Back in A Scandal in Belgravia, Mycroft was trying to let John know that Sherlock’s choice of profession means that he is a person of deep feelings. It’s just that events from his childhood caused Sherlock to transform himself into a cold, analytical, crime-solving machine. But John didn’t understand this.

Because Sherlock has locked away his emotions and memories, he can be very heedless of how his words and actions hurt the people around him. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. In Scandal when Sherlock realizes he hurt Molly, he apologizes to her. And that’s why he’s so angry that Eurus forced him to hurt Molly yet again in order to save Molly’s life.

What might we deduce about his heart?

Throughout the course of the show, we’ve seen a lot of people, some of them with not-so-good intentions, try to attract Sherlock. The first villain we saw trying to do this is Moriarty, disguised as Jim from IT. In most stories, the male villain would try to get the male protagonist’s attention without arousing suspicion by hiring a beautiful woman to seduce him (which I’m sure Moriarty would have the resources to do), but instead Moriarty disguises himself as a gay man and goes right in there, leaving Sherlock his phone number. This could be viewed as simply a joke because obviously Sherlock was completely uninterested, but Moriarty’s line later in the episode, “I gave you my number. I thought you might call,” implies otherwise. Also, if Moriarty did not truly expect Sherlock to call him, what would have been the point of this first meeting?

The next villain (if you consider her to be a villain) that we see try to get close to Sherlock is Irene. Because of the fact that Sherlock is entirely aware of her identity, Irene does not try to approach Sherlock through disguise. The first time Irene and Sherlock meet, Irene walks into the room completely naked, not to try to seduce him but to throw him off his game. Irene knows that her nudity will freak Sherlock out, and it works. We also find out later that Irene assumes Sherlock to be gay, or at least interested in men, because of her assumption that he and John are a couple. Irene herself is also gay and “knows what people like”, so it’s likely that she would be able to figure out Sherlock’s sexuality. Throughout the course of the episode, we do see Sherlock get more and more intrigued by Irene but that is when she starts to show off her intelligence. Irene uses her mind to attract Sherlock, but she uses her sexuality to make him uncomfortable. 

When Eurus approaches Sherlock and John, she disguises herself as an attractive woman, the easiest way to get the attention of most men. But instead of using this disguise to attract Sherlock, she uses it on John. Now keep in mind that while Moriarty and Irene could have simply been guessing, Eurus is Sherlock’s sister. If anyone would know what he likes, it’s her, but instead of trying to seduce him when approaching him she disguises herself as a suicidal client, probably someone she knows he’ll relate to and will feel obliged to help. If Eurus thought that trying to seduce Sherlock would work she would probably have done it because, considering that the flirtatious woman disguise was the first one she used, it probably means that it is either her favourite or the one she finds the most effective generally. 

This post was basically a really roundabout way of saying that Sherlock is gay and a lot of people, including his sister, know it.

BBC Sherlock  //  sentence starters.

  1. You’re gonna love being dead. No one ever bothers you.
  2. Everything I have to say has already crossed your mind. 
  3. It’s not the fall that kills you… It’s the landing. 
  4. They’re giving me an ASBO. 
  5. I’ll punch your lights out, you pompous prick. 
  6. I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking but it’s usually subtext. 
  7. Once you’ve eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. 
  8. I would have you, right here on this desk, until you begged for mercy twice.
  9. I have never begged for mercy in my life. 
  10. There’s nothing the matter with me! Imagine I said that without shouting.
  11. We’re not a couple. 
  12. I’m not gay.
  13. I’m not his date. 
  14. Somebody loves you. If I had to punch that face, I’d avoid your nose and teeth too. 
  15. I can break every bone in your body while naming them. 
  16. What might we deduce about his heart? 
  17. Initially, he wanted to be a pirate. 
  18. Sex doesn’t alarm me. 
  19. You have a girlfriend?
  20. Everything is available for a price. You making me an offer?
  21. Family is all we have in the end. 
  22. Look at them. They all care so much. Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us? 
  23. All lives end. All hearts are broken. 
  24. Caring is not an advantage. 
  25. Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity. 
  26. You don’t seem very afraid.
  27. You don’t seem very frightening. 
  28. Don’t be smart, I’m the smart one. 
  29. Falling’s just like flying, only there’s a more permanent destination.
  30. I’m not a hero, I’m a high functioning sociopath. 
  31. Don’t talk out loud, you lower the I.Q. of the whole street. 
  32. Why would I bring my gun to your parents’ house for Christmas dinner?
  33. Your loss would break my heart.
  34. Am I happy too? I haven’t checked. 
  35. Nothing hits the spot like revenge with profits. 
  36. I’m undercover!
  37. I always feel like screaming when you walk into a room. Actually, do most people.
  38. Did you just get engaged to break into an office?! 
  39. The arse-end of the universe with the scum of the Earth.
  40. Is everyone I’ve ever met a psychopath? 
  41. Don’t reply, just look frightened and scuttle. 
  42. That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.
  43. All right? Are you alright? 
  44. You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool… People might talk. 
  45. People do little else.
  46. Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? 
  47. You repel me.
  48. How hard do you find it, having to say 'I don’t know’? 
  49. Oh, that’s clever. Very clever.
  50. No rush. 
  51. “Bachelor”? What the hell are they implying? 
  52. You’re on the side of the angels.
  53. I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them. 
  54. Don’t make people into heroes. 
  55. Heroes don’t exist and, if they did, I wouldn’t be one of them. 
  56. Apparently, it’s against the law to chin the Chief Superintendant. 
  57. You look sad when you think he can’t see you. 
  58. We met twice, five minutes in total. I pulled a gun, he tried to blow me up. I felt we had a special something.
  59. Nobody can fake being such an annoying dick all the time.
  60. Nobody could be that clever. 
  61. Don’t try to be clever. 
  62. I’ll just be myself. 
  63. I gave you my number. I thought you might call. 
  64. I’m so changeable! It is a weakness with me, but to be fair to myself, it is my only weakness.
  65. No. I’m just saving you the trouble of asking: No, I wont give you and interview; no, I don’t want the money.
  66. Dead is the new sexy. 
  67. Brainy is the new sexy. 
  68. Did you know that dust is largely composed of human skin? 
  69. That’s what people really are you know: dust, waiting to be distributed. 
  70. We don’t need toys to kill each other, where’s the intimacy in that?
  71. I must remind you that one false move with your finger and you will be dead.

They seriously had Eurus planed from the start.

Remember in ASIB when Mycroft sat with John in the diner and John said “he doesnt feel things that way” and Mycroft responded with “he had the brains of being a scientist or philosopher but elected to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart? He originally wanted to be a pirate” and Mycroft got this odd look of horror on his face?

What did those 3 things even have to DO with each other?? Well now we know. It was Eurus. Mycroft brought up his choice in profession because it was those said “feelings” he doesnt have that made him choose it.



Johnlock is coming.

Mycroft loses control

Mycroft: What might we deduce about his heart?

John: How am I suppose to know?

Mycroft: He’s your best friend!

John: Still doesn’t change anything, he’s Sherlock Holmes ! What is there to deduce about his heart?

Mycroft : *sips tea. Grabs umbrella and smacks John on the head*

John: Jesus! What was that for?



John’s reaction of Mary’s death vs. his reaction of Sherlock’s suicide.
I’ll just note some differences here.
1) John in TRF looks empty and his eyes look dead, in TST John looks livid, murderous

2) John’s chords are playing in TRF (even intermingling with Sherlock’s violin in its saddest version we’ve ever heard), John’s chords are not playing in TST

“What might we deduce about his heart?”


Omg just someone please feel the feels with me JOHN I’M SORRY BABY HE’S ALIVE I PROMISE