What is and What Should Never Be

Funny, every time a Discourser makes a broad and harsh accusation towards The Ace Community and I say “hmm, odd, I’ve never seen that happening, but if you have receipts can you please let me know bc I don’t want people saying those things in my community?” it’s like… silence lol
Like they either just ignore it entirely or they say something like “it’s everywhere????? anyway cishets are cishets sweaty :) aces are homophobic :)) all aces should choke :))) I mean cishet aces :)))) I love my LGBT ace siblings :)))))”
Could it be…….. Possibly……….. Maybe………….. The reason there’s never any receipts is because next to all of those accusations are hearsay? Hm? maaaaaaaybe

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“What?”  there was not much love in his glance, much more the opposite, though he remained calm for the moment. He reached up, instead of pulling the god down this time heaving himself up, easily supporting his own weight with just the strenght of his arms as they lay over Malitheus’ shoulders in a cold embrace, fingers combing through the long white tresses, mirroring the mocking affection he had received by the other so many times by now. Yun leaned even closer, his lips brushing over the cold skin of the god’s ear. “With what you’ve done you do not deserve any kisses…”  whispering hoarsely, his hands clenched to fists, roughly gripping into the other’s hair, the only indication of how much his blood boiled beneath his skin. “…but who am I to judge…”  the dark elf continued and slowly began kissing a soft trail along the white skin towards the contrasting, freezing black lips of the hateful deity.

“We both know I cannot resist the opportunity…” his whisper had turned into a raucus half-growl, full of the resent this thought brought him. Still, he closed the short distance again, laying an almost gentle kiss, turning more passionately as the weak restraint he had was fading and his tongue boldly slipped into the god’s cold mouth, teasingly stroking over razor sharp teeth and ripping his own flesh in the process. Groaning when the first blood could be tasted, the thin remains of his patience finally ripped and his face returned to a passion hazed but angry frown, his hold on the other even tightening, as his own fangs bit down onto those black lips with all might he could muster up.


We tend to see the tragedy of What Is And What Should Never Be as Dean and Sam not being close in that dream world as they are in their reality, but what gets me is the reason for that. Dean’s wish was that his mother never died, and in that world – the world that was created in his own head – she raised a family, John was a regular dad who played in a baseball league, and Sam got to go to Stanford and get engaged to Jess. But Dean was still a drunk who lied and stole even from his own family. He was a disappointment to his mother and estranged from his brother. He couldn’t even image himself with Cassie or Lisa. He had to make up a girlfriend from a beer ad. So, the real tragedy of What Is And What Should Never Be is that Dean thinks so little of himself that he couldn’t image himself as a better person. He thinks that his dishonesty, drinking, and stealing are inherent and not a result of the way he was raised and the life he’s lead.