What is and What Should Never Be

anonymous asked:

Why do you not consider sakura an uchiha?

Because she isn’t one. It’s just that simple. Just because you marry one it does not automatically make you apart of their clan. That isn’t how it works in the Naruto world. If it was then Kushina’s last name would have been Namikaze.

The reason Mikoto’s last name was Uchiha was because she was BORN INTO THE CLAN. That is how they kept their line pure. They married members of the family.

Sakura was born into the Haruno clan and that is what she is. A Haruno. She will always be Sakura HARUNO. Sakura Uchiha does not exist. She never did and never will. Period.

♛. I won’t be around tonight because after FINALLY getting to see my psychiatrist after four months of waiting, I’m now on SNRIs as well as anti-anxiety meds and it’s making me super tired, especially since I had to be up eight hours earlier than my usual wake-up time, and I also feel kind of sick but that’s to be expected. This is a good thing though because these might be what I need to get me out of this steep decline. I’ll be here tomorrow since I don’t have to be awake early — Hyvästi, have a good night and…stuff

I never got ‘stay strong’ in particular. Like, you’re not a house brick. Stay weird, stay fluid and stay bendy, it’s far less stressful.