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Anon Requested:  100 with Yoongi please >_< and thanks in advance (smut x fluff please)


Pairing: Yoongi (Suga) x Reader

Word Count: 1582

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.”

There you were, lying down on his bed watching tv. This wasn’t anything knew to you, you always came over whenever Yoongi had a break from his hectic schedule. But you were a lot more reluctant to come over when he called you.

All you and Yoongi ever did was relax, you two would always just watch tv in his bed and usually fell asleep, nothing more. Nothing more has ever happened and you had never thought about pushing anything. Sure you’ve thought what it would be like kissing him but never in a million years would you actually try and do it. Yoongi’s obviously thought about it too, him being more reluctant to try something but you’ve never given any sign that you wanted him too. Sure you two fell asleep in the same bed and occasionally cuddled but that’s as far as it ever went. 

Now his arm was wrapped around your shoulder while you two laid down in bed, head resting against his chest. This was normal so why did your skin burn every time his hand moved on your arm? Why did your stomach feel tight and heart thumping against your chest? 

Oh right. The dream.

You just had to have a stupid sex dream about your best friend and now you can’t get what he looked like out of your head. You groaned slightly catching the attention of Yoongi.

“Okay what’s wrong? That’s the seventh time you’ve groaned in the past hour.”

Guess you weren’t as quiet as you thought.

“We promised to be completely truthful with each other, right?” This caught the attention of Yoongi, he sat upright causing you to sit up also and look at him. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion while his eyes scanned you causing chills to run down your spine. You internally groaned at how he could do this to you, and you didn’t know if you liked it or not.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” 

“Okay I’m going to tell you something but it’s really embarrassing. You can’t laugh at me. And if you do-”

“I’m not going to laugh at you, now tell me what it is.” Yoongi said lightly chuckling to himself seeing how flustered you were. Your cheeks began to turn a shade of pink as you groaned once again. You looked anywhere but at Yoongi, eyes soon landing on your fingers which had became a lot more interesting than the boy in front of you.

So I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked…” You mumbled but he had clearly heard it and even though he said he wouldn’t he began laughing, but he wasn’t laughing at you he was just laughing at the words you had spoken.

“That’s it? That’s why you’re so upset?”

“It’s not that I’m upset. I just am frustrated that I had that stupid dream.” You groaned for probably the hundredth time that day, hands coming up to your blushing face. You sighed into your hands once you heard the silence that filled the room. The silence was soon interrupted by a shuffling in front of you, you didn’t dare look up, knowing you your face could be as dark as a tomato.

“(Y/N) look at me.” Yoongi’s voice seemed closer, you refused to raise your head, a quick shake of the head gave him an answer. “(Y/N).” Yoongi’s voice grew deeper and you soon felt his hands wrap around your wrists, tugging them away from your face. Once your hands were away you had no choice but to look at him. 

Raising your head your eyes locked with Yoongi’s, a smirk placed on his face. Your eyes trailed down and you realized what the shuffling was. There he was, stripped to nothing but his boxers. 

“Y-Yoongi, what are you doing? Why are-”

“You wanted to know what I looked like naked didn’t you?” You didn’t have to look at him to hear the smirk that was plastered on his face. Your body shifted slightly back as your eyes stared at him widening in size. Nothing was being said, you couldn’t utter a word, what could you say? 

His eyes roamed over your body, eyes flickering back to yours every couple seconds. Your body tightened, nerves racking up instantly. Yoongi scooted closer to you, hand resting on your thigh. If you could have just exploded right then and there you would have. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, eyes still on Yoongi’s. His smirk returned to his face once he saw how nervous you really were. 

“Don’t think you’re the only one who’s had a dream like that.” Your eyes widened once again but normalized once you realized what he said.

“You mean you’ve-”

“Dreamt about fucking you? Oh yeah, it’s been a couple of times actually.” Yoongi’s voice grew deeper as his hand ran up your thigh resting on your hip. His other hand soon going to your other side and pulled you in closer with a quick tug. 

You two were only inches away. Your heart slammed against your chest, the anticipation of what you wanted to happen next killed you inside. 

“Yoongi I-”

Before you knew it Yoongi’s mouth was on yours enveloping you into a kiss. His hand traveled along your back quickly slipping under your shirt in the process. You weren’t nervous anymore, you didn’t feel the tightness in your stomach all you could feel was the urge to take it further. You wanted more and you knew Yoongi did too.

You never knew you had wanted him so bad until his hands were on you. His hand rested on the small of your back while the other slipped under your shirt to rest back on your hip. He flipped you on your back, body looming over yours but looked at you with caution,  the confident boy you had called your best friend had a look in his eyes you couldn’t yet describe. 

“Are you sure?” You soon understood. He was nervous as well as you. He didn’t show it but you both knew each other was a mess of emotions inside. Not wanting the friendship you had now to be ruined by this, but still you nodded your head and he immediately brought his lips back down to yours. His hands traveled up your stomach leaving goosebumps in his trail, impatient hands tugged on the hem of your shirt signalling you that he wanted the piece of clothing off. Breaking the kiss you pulled the fabric off and threw it on the ground bringing your lips back to his. He slowly trailed his hands to your back you arched your back allowing him to unclasp your bra, which he did in no time at all.   

He’s everywhere up your back and on your arms and within a second he deepens the kiss making it rougher and showing all emotion you never knew he felt. A low growl came from Yoongi as his lips darted for your neck, anxious hands brought down the the button on your jeans, undoing it and bringing your zipper down. He yanked your jeans down along with your underwear breaking the kiss for another moment to fully take them off . He soon pulled down his boxers revealing what you had only dreamt of..literally. His length was hard and rested against his stomach. His eyes gazed down at you and suddenly you felt very naked. Yoongi made his way back down to you slowly spreading your legs to place himself in between. He hovered over you, eyes on each other. 

“There’s no need to be nervous.” He whispered bringing himself back to your lips. He lingered a bit, wanting to take a moment to take it all in. Take in the fact that he was kissing his best friend, taking in a moment of what was happening and he couldn’t be happier. 

His lips made his way back to your neck leaving little love bites here and there. You let out a small moan which had only turned him on more than he already was. You gasped as you felt his fingers enter you slowly. His fingers moved at a steady paced curling his fingers instantly hitting your g-spot. You grasped his shoulders and let out a loud moan. Sitting up more Yoongi had adjusted himself at your entrance giving you one last look, you nodded giving him the indication that you were ready and most of all okay with it.

He entered you gently, the last thing he wanted was for you to be in pain. Once stretched around his length he began to thrust into you, moans came from both yours and his mouths. His thrusts were quick and strong and you to feel pressure build up in your stomach very quickly. His lips found their way back to yours as he began pounding into you harder than before. Your walls tightened causing a groan to slip out from his mouth. His rhythm became erratic and you felt your orgasm rip through you. Your body trembled as Yoongi continued to rock his hips into yours until he quickly approached his climax wrapping himself up with you as you both released the pressure that was inside of you. 

He rolled off to your side, only the sounds of heavy breathing and almost immediately Yoongi’s laugh filled the room. 

“So was that better then your dream?”

Day 4: Snowball Fight with friends

Robo and Martii were enjoying a calm afternoon as they read a book in front of the fireplace. Robo was the first to notice laughter outside and quickly went to the window to take a look. “Martii, come and see this.”

Martii Joined Robos side and looked out of the window as well. a Cat and a Rabbit were having a snowball fight and seemed to have tond of fun. “Those two, they look like….” “Feline and Luna!!” Martii and Robo both said in harmony.

With mo time to lose the Polarbear and the dog put on their thick coat and boots, gloves and rushed outside, into the snow. “Feline, Luna!! Hi!!” Robo called out, earning the looks from both of them.

“Oh!! Robo!!” Luna smiled as she walked to Robo and Martii. “And Martii as well, Howdy” Feline greeted.
“What are you two doing here??” Martii said curious.
“We don’t know either, but when we saw this much snow, we decided to have a little snowball fight.”

Luna squeaked “Robo, Martii, you two want to join us?? we can make teams of two!!” Martii and Robo looked at eachother and nodded. “Yes, of course we wanna join you two.” And so the snowball fight started. The balls of snow were flying through the air, sometimes hitting their target, as laughter filled the sky until the night began to fall.

Feline and Luna were both blowing inti their paws to warm them up. “Come inside, it’s warm and we all can go for a hot cocoa.” Martii suggested and lead them to the cabin. as they all were sitting in front of the fireplace Robo asked Feline and Luna where they were sleeping.

“We don’t have a place to sleep, we somehow got here.” “than why don’t you two stay with Martii and me, there are two beds for you and it would be so much fun!!” Luna and Feline accepted the offer and decided to stay with Martii and Robo.

Another part you guys ^^ with characters from @mixacoconut @luna–doodles and @felinesyndr0me the cabin get’s much more cheerfull as the christmas get’s closer ^^ Also, you guys can sent me your christmas wish and I will feature it in the next upcomming parts. just ent me an ask with your wish.

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ok, this might be weird but I thought you might know. I'm trying to find this undertale fic I read a while ago that had papyrus take sans' place for his yearly doctor check up for the royal guard, and undyne found out and was mad that sans had evaded it for years. sans makes macaroni at one point in the fic. do you, or maybe any of your followers know what it's called? I really want to re-read the chapters that are out...

no ive never read that one… soz QAQ but since it has sans and macaroni and that is two of my favourite things, i think its important that i read this

Family Secrets Prequel: Mobster Dad (Part Two)

Part One

Again, this fic isn’t finished. It’s about the effects of Taylor seeing her father’s actual job for the first time in her life. Enjoy!

“Andrea?” Scott called, opening the door to his office. “Have you seen Taylor or Austin? Your dad e-mailed me a video to show them,”

“The last I saw of them, they were in the playroom. Taylor was doing a Barbie fashion show with him or something,” Andrea called back, coming halfway down the hall. “What’s the video of? Want me to intercom up to them or do you want to get them? It’s time for lunch anyway,”

“I’m not sure how your dad figured out how to use the computer but the bunny that they found last time they went to visit just had babies. He wanted them to see. I can run up and get them, don’t worry about it,”

“I didn’t even know they had a computer,” Andrea chuckled, moving back towards the kitchen for silverware and plates. It wasn’t a very extravagant lunch, but she still liked for them all to sit down at the table and have a family meal. “Go ahead then, before their soup gets cold,”

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your enemy’s name on one wrist and your soulmate the another. could you do it with Mica and Ryan in royalty au? Thank you

Word Count: 1,559

You’re lips pressed to Mica’s, fingers combing through her hair until there was a knock at the door. The two of you jumped back, a fit of giggles.

“Come in,” you called, tugging at your sleeve to make sure your wrist was covered. Luckily, it was your father so you stopped fidgeting with the material.

“You know one of these days the kingdom is going to catch onto the two of you,” he said knowingly but with a smile.

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Ooh, is it too late to play? I wanna play! How about StormPilot! G=Goofy and N=No

It’s never too late to play, ask Finn and Poe.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) 

Okay, listen, you can’t get two characters like Finn and Poe together for sex and have it be serious all the time, you just can’t. Like, they definitely do the “oh god, you almost just died, I can’t believe we’re alive, we need to celebrate our lives with sex” sex, but most of the time? Giggles, and laughter, and happiness, because they’re just so damn happy to be together.

It’s what makes the times when one of them is deep inside the other, moving so slowly, they think they’re both going to go crazy and call uncle, their eyes on each other, and everything is silent, and beautiful, and important, it’s what makes those times more special.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

(Despite my having written some stories to the contrary) I don’t headcanon as either Finn or Poe liking pain. Not to kinkshame. Just that those characters have both felt so much pain already in their lives. If we’re talking canon Finn and Poe, then I think both of them are really just happy to have each other, this pain-free, happy, safe place for the both of them.

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my daddy has disappeared for a week now. no message, no call, nothing. he disappeared about a week and a half ago but I had one two hour long conversation where he seemed very out of it. Here's the thing... he said he wouldn't leave me without telling me and he said he'd come back to life just to tell me he's dead. so... What should I do? What would you do? i've been patient but i'm out of ideas...

I’m so sorry this has happened. You might want to contact his friends or family and if all else fails, the authorities. Make sure he’s inactive on social media and everything before going to the authorities. You want to make sure he’s safe and not in any danger. I’m wishing you well and hoping he turns up soon, dear ❤

I’m offended every day. For example, the British newspapers every day offend me with their laziness, their nastiness and their in accuracy, but I’m not going to expect someone to stop that happening, I’ll just simply speak out about it. Sometimes when people are offended they want someone to come in and say “right, stop that!” to whoever it is offending them. And, of course, as a former chairman of the BBC once said “there are some people who I wish to offend.” And I think there’s truth in that too. So the idea that you have to be protected from any kind of uncomfortable emotion is what I absolutely do not subscribe to. And a fellow who I helped write two books about psychology and psychiatry was a renowned psychiatrist called Robert Skinner said something very interesting to me. He said, “If people can’t control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people’s behavior.” And when you’re around super sensitive people you cannot relax and be spontaneous because you have no idea what’s going to upset them next. And that’s why I’ve been warned recently don’t go to most university campuses because the political correctness has been taken from being a good idea, which is let’s not be mean in particular to people who are not able to look after themselves very well, that’s a good idea, to the point where any kind of criticism of any individual or group could be labeled cruel.  And the whole point about humor, the whole point about comedy, and believe you me I thought about this, is that all comedy is critical. Even if you make a very inclusive joke like ‘how would you make God laugh? Answer: tell him your plans.’ Now that’s about the human condition; it’s not excluding anyone. Saying we all have all these plans, which probably won’t come and isn’t it funny how we still believe they’re going to happen. So that’s a very inclusive joke. It’s still critical. All humor is critical. If you start to say “We mustn’t, we mustn’t criticize or offend them” then humor is gone. With humor goes a sense of proportion. And then as far as I’m concerned you’re living in 1984.

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Next few fics coming up? :))

Tonight’s is called Particular Insecurity, where Spencer feels bad about himself when the reader gets on by guys that look like Morgan.

Tomorrow is part 15 of What Did I Get Myself Into?

And the day after is called That Thing You Do which was a request for a Spencer x Luke!

I also might be adding one or two because I’m try to finish all my requests so that when I get back from seeing my friends in NY, I can reopen my requests officially! 😘

Reposted from something I saw on Facebook

“I just called the House Oversight Committee (202-225-5074) to support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. It took me two minutes, and the woman on the phone said that they are absolutely tallying calls - the more they get, the more likely the Committee is to demand ALL of Trump’s financial information.

She said that there’s not much time left, as they are out of the office next week for Thanksgiving. And after that, they’re going to make a decision.

NOW is your chance to use what’s left of democracy to send a strong message and demand change. Please, do this ASAFP. If you get a “mailbox is full” message, call back in a minute or so - that seems to be the default when lines are busy.

That number again is (202-225-5074). Website here:


“Likes” feel nice in the short term. “Shares” get the word out. ACTUALLY CALLING ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING.”

A black cheerleader had bottles and racist slurs hurled at her during a Georgia football game

Officials from two universities in Georgia are reportedly investigating allegations of racist harassment against a cheerleader during a recent college football game.

A 22 year old GSU student was removed from the September 3 game between the two schools, after throwing a plastic bottle, which struck Sims in the face. 

He was not arrested.

He was not even arrested! WTF? He tried to harm another person! Or they do not consider a black girl as a human being? Or what? Why did another white bastard get away with his racist shit? I have only one answer to this question - this is what we call white privilege!

You can easily offend somebody and go unpunished if you are white….


Watch on thisiseverydayracism.tumblr.com

White Michigan teens say blacks are ‘going to be owned by white people’ and burned on stakes in video

In a video uploaded to Facebook earlier this week, a group of students from Grosse Pointe, Michigan can be heard talking about what they would do to Black people if they were president.

As reported by New York Daily News the students recorded the video over Memorial Day weekend.

In the video a male student can be heard talking about his hatred for Black people, calling them “f—–g stupid” and worthless.” The student goes on to say, “they need to leave our country, send ‘em back to Africa, or the slaves, one of the two options.”

Another student asks, “So what are you going to do in 2040,” referring to the year he’ll become president of the United States.

The first student replies, “Oh, segregate. They get Maine, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming…”

Another student asks, “How are they going to be treated?”

“Awful,” he responds, saying, “they’re going to be owned by white people, and white people are going to be the dominants of the country.”

Another student says “We’re gonna burn them on stakes.”

“No, no, no, no,” the first student replies. “We’re gonna put like a pole with those little burning things at the end and stab ‘em so you can know who the owner is and you can sell those bitches. You can trade ‘em for like cock points and shit, bro. And you can get alcohol for that shit.”

After another student asks if there’s anything else they’re going to do, the first student adds, “We’re not gonna put ‘em in coffins, we’re gonna put ‘em in a river and let ‘em swim to the Atlantic Ocean.”

WXYZ in Detroit reports that the students attend Grosse Pointe’s South High School. School officials sent a notice out to parents regarding the video. The notice mentions ‘possible suspensions.’

Article source: AddictingInfo.org.

Video source: YouTube/Facebook via Syracuse.com.

but first, some music

to do list (after the breakup):

1. take refuge in your bed.
2. cry. till the tears stop (this will take a few days).
3. don’t listen to slow songs
4. delete their number from your phone even though it is memorized on your finger tips.
5. don’t look at old photos.
6. find the closest ice cream shop and treat yourself to two scoops of mint chocolate chip. the mint will calm your heart. you deserve the chocolate.
7. buy new bed sheets.
8. collect all the gifts, t-shirts, and everything with their smell on it and drop it off at a donation center.
9. plan a trip
10. perfect the art of smiling and nodding when someone bring their name up in a conversation.
11. start a new project
12. whatever you do. do not call.
13. do not beg for what does not want to stay.
14. stop crying at some point.
15. allow yourself to feel foolish for believing. you could’ve built the rest of your life in someone else’s stomach
16. breathe

—  rupi kaur ( milk and honey )

“So we’ll start with weights in ten minutes. Put these on,” Sam said, handing you a folded shirt and pair of shorts.

“Sounds good. I was going to ask…” you trailed off as you unfolded them, and looked to Sam with a small smile.

“What? Not your size?”

“No. That’s not it. It’s just…these match what you’re wearing. It’s like his and hers gym clothes,” you replied. Sam’s face fell suddenly and he cleared his throat.

“It’s just what they had in the store. I didn’t really think about it,” he said, but you noted the way he avoided your eyes, the slight blush on his cheek.

“Uh huh,” you said, smile widening. Sam clapped his hands together and turned away.

“Alright. Ten minutes,” he repeated, heading down the hall, but the grin he threw over his shoulder to you didn’t go unnoticed as you held your new workout clothes in your hands.


Read the full story here!

Re-watching Hawai’i Five-0...

…and man, the unrelenting sexual tension between this this guy

Originally posted by torikellyz

and this guy

Originally posted by mizushiba

I mean, damn! And I don’t ship, man. I. DO. NOT. SHIP.

But like, when they’re nice to each other it’s great–but when they fight? SO REPRESSED. MUCH TENSION. JUST KISS ALREADY. WOW.

Not to mention all the flirtatious language/behavior:

  • Danno to McGarrett: What are you wearing?
  • McGarret to Danno:  I’ll think about you the whole time I’m gone, Boo-boo (that’s a conglomeration of two lines, but YES he called Danno “BOO-BOO”)

Originally posted by swietlik

  • McGarrett to Danno: *removes shirt and/or pants at any opportunity*

Originally posted by neropatti

  • Danno to McGarrett: *complains about naked partner, stares admiringly*

Originally posted by mcdanno-fan

  • McGarrett to Danno: *does impressive, manly things like towing Danno back to shore in their stranded dinghy…which requires him to take his shirt off*
  • Danno to McGarrett: *refuses to admit that manly, impressive McGarrett is, in fact, manly and impressive* Why do you have to be such a Navy Seal? What is it with Navy Seals? You’re such a Navy Seal, Steven. Such a Navy Seal. *stares admiringly*
  • Danno to McGarrett: You look good when you clean up, babe. Nice suit/Dress blues/tux. Here, lemme fix your tie. 
  • McGarrett to Danno: You’re not wearing a tie! Just like I asked! *fond smile*

Originally posted by no-anchovies-please

  • Danno AND McGarrett, multiple times: *Interrupt each other’s attempts to sleep with other people*
  • Danno AND McGarrett, multiple times: Our marriage. Let’s talk about our marriage. This is my partner, Daniel/Steven. We are married.
  • Everyone Else: So how long have you two been married? / Hey, are you talking to your wife? (When McGarrett’s on the phone w/Danno)
  • I am not kidding. This is LITERALLY them. At couple’s counseling. Arguing about who gets to drive. 

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And Danny is just so SMOL AND ANGRY. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

And McGarrett is just so TOL AND COMPETENT, and loves his smol angry blond boy. (✿◠‿◠)

Ship sails its goddamn self, man. Sails its goddamn self.

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More freebies for the month of June!

Productivity Tracker

Suggestions for use of this printable: do something new every 10 days or also mark your “treat yourself” days (you deserve it!)

Hopefully when you’ve reached the end, you’d be proud to see the great things you’ve accomplished!

Assignment Tracker

If you’re like me who’s prepping to go back to uni for the summer semester, or if you’re still in school dealing with finals season, here’s a more school-focused to-do list!

I’ve had a couple of messages asking me what the little progress circles (some called it “bubbles” which are cuter imo) are for and how I use them. They’re basically an estimate of how much I’ve done for a specific task. For example, I have to write a research paper. Given that the structure of the task is made up of several parts (abstract, intro, method, etc.), I can shade one or two circles if I finished the abstract and intro within a study session.

I started using this method in the beginning of my sophomore year in uni. I felt that it was more motivating to see all those circles getting shaded as I progressed in the task as compared to ticking a checkbox, which I could only do if I finished the entire project.

Links for download:

As some of you requested, I’ve put up a printables masterpost page so you can check out all of my previous work! A printables info/FAQ page is in the works as well. 😊

Lastly, I’d like to send a massive thank you for the lovely messages and visits to my blog. It means the world to me. 💖 Just know that my ask box, Twitter DM (cxptainstark), or Snapchat (ariadnejessica) will always be open if you need someone to talk to.

I hope you all have a great month!