What do you call these two


Shaladin shippers, specifically sheith shippers, know that that majority of Klance shippers do not hate you. Don’t listen to the loud minority. I’m so sorry on behalf of the klance shippers if someone treated you poorly because of what you ship

And to that loud minority, CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Regardless of who people ship, you have to respect them. You can’t outright call someone a pedophile because they ship Shaladins. Don’t shove your nose where it doesn’t belong. If you are anti-shaldin, fucking great, then don’t look at shaladins shit and don’t talk about ships with shaladin shippers.

I don’t give two shits if you think it could be morally wrong. You know what’s definitely morally wrong, insulting another person because of bullshit as unimportant as shipping FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. These people don’t exist, believe it or not.

I don’t care if you are anti-shaladins, anti-klance, pro-shaladins, pro-klance, or whatever the fuck you are, respect other people’s opinions. Don’t be a dick.

Have we told the aliens about capitalism yet? Because I think we need to.

“What do you mean you do not provide your young with sustenance at your institutions of learning?” Captain Caxalonix pressed. He had just seen the strangest story being broadcast by one of the human “news networks” as they called them. Now he was determined to get answers out of his two captives.

“Well, I mean, it hasn’t been proven that it is beneficial,” the blonde woman chirped. She seemed very pompous, much like the supporters of the fallen emperor LadDorm-Punt that Caxalonix and his men had recently disposed off on the planet of Xixatal. Not only that, there was something about her features. They seemed almost fixed in place. Artificial.

The other captive, meanwhile, was a younger woman and she looked about ready to strangle the blonde captive. The human species’ need to kill one another was such a strange facet of their people.

“So, your young can survive without sustenance?” Caxalonix pondered. “How strange. I cannot think of another species in any galaxy that shares such a trait.”

“Oh no no, they do need food,” the blonde hostage corrected.

“But…you said you do not provide it,” Caxalonix frowned, trying to puzzle out what strange human logic was at play here.

“Nope,” the blonde said cheerily. The younger hostage looked even more exasperatedly murderous at this point, and Caxalonix heard two of his soldiers muttering bets which of the two hostages would win in a fight.

“Well, your education must not be mandatory then, so that your young can stay home and get the sustenance they need,” Caxalonix surmised, proud of himself for figuring out what the human was talking about.

“Nope. Education is mandatory,” the blonde said serenely.

Caxalonix did not have the faintest idea what was going on anymore.

“So…your young are required to attend institutions that do not provide for their needs…?” Caxalonix said slowly, not believing this could be the case.

“It hasn’t been proven it is a need,” the blonde smiled.

“Wait, did we not already establish that it IS a need?” Caxalonix said.

“Stop asking her,” the younger woman said. “She doesn’t know what she’s saying, and listening to her is painful. No, providing food isn’t a requirement in schools, no the food isn’t free when we do provide it, yes kids need food, yes people think not providing them with it is okay. Welcome to the fucking United States on the planet Earth.”

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What do you think are the ghostbusters' (plus kevin's if you want to) favorite breakfast foods?

Oh god I’m terrible at doing this and you probably wanted a short answer but something happened and now it’s this. Hope you like it. 

Abby: soup. she pretends it’s leftovers from the other day and really ‘we can’t just throw it away’ but they all know she calls Bennie before any of the other Ghostbusters wake up and makes him wait two blocks away from the firehouse (he complains every time). She’ll slip back in, put it in the microwave and wait until someone comes down the stairs before taking it out and eating it. Of course, they all know. Nobody says anything, though. You don’t mess with Abby and her soup. 

Holtz: she forgets to eat. Mostly. When she does eat, it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Doritos in the middle. She claims it’s good. Nobody has dared to eat it so far. She eats way too many of them, her excuse always being “I don’t have time to stop and eat while I’m working. things could blow up. you all want me to blow this place up?” Erin sometimes argues that that’s not how it works. But most of the times she forgets to eat. She’ll wake up, stumble to the bathroom to get ready and then disappears into her lab. Erin has made a habit of stopping by the coffee shop next to her house to pick something up in case she doesn’t eat. In the beginning the bag consisted of a sandwich, some fruit, and a donut. It’s just three donuts now. She always puts it on the engineer’s desk when she’s not there. They never talk about, but they both know. 

Erin: during her time at Columbia Erin had gotten used to having to quickly eat something in the morning that was easy and would keep her healthy. Salad had been the perfect solution. A quinoa fruit salad to be precise. It wasn’t really that bad, and it kept her in shape. Plus, Erin Gilbert liked repetition. Every day was the same. She’d eat her fruit salad, go to Columbia, teach, come home, eat, work some more and go to sleep. She liked it. So yes, maybe it was a bit boring, but at leat it was predictable, and predictable was easy. She could work with that. Her life right now was about as far from boring and predictable as it could possibly be. Still, the salad stayed. It was a nice stable factor in her crazy life. (lately, though, her salad was often left untouched, because really, picking up something like a bagel for herself at the coffee place was just as easy right? She was already there anyways.)

Patty: Patty’s pretty sure she’s about the only normal person in the firehouse. She spends most of her days chasing Holtzmann around the place while she yells at her to please, for the love of god, not leave any nuclear-untested stuff on their desks. Especially Kevin’s. She’s taken on the task to cook for them as well. Which usually ends in even more fire than Holtz’s work does. After a while, they make it a habit to have an extra fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Still, Patty has to take care of these crazy kids and make sure they eat enough so this whole place won’t turn into ashes. So she makes pancakes. A lot of them. They always say that she shouldn’t. Not that they don’t appreciate it, but it seems like a lot of trouble and they eat their own stuff in the morning. (or don’t, in case of Holtz and Kevin). She eats a couple and places the rest in the fridge. She smiles when, at the end of the day, the plate is always empty. 

Kevin: is he a robot? could be. They don’t really see him eat. ever. (which also could be because he usually doesn’t come in until 9:30 and leaves around noon to practice for his hide and seek tournament). Holtzmann has tried to determine if he really is a robot, made to spy on them. she’s definitely more serious about this than the others are. Erin claims to have seen him eat an apple one time. So far, there’s no evidence of this ever happening.

sportsnet was just like “the story of the game is sidney crosby but we’re not going to talk about what he did too ryan o’reilly instead…” like fuck you sportsnet. you couldn’t shut up about when prust did it. or when lucic did it. they were fucking demonized and called psychopaths and dirty.a nd now everyone is just sweeping this under the rug cause whatever. like if i had to deal with watching those two players get treated like actual criminals, we need to start doing this with players who are traditionally liked as well.

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My girlfriend of two years just broke up with me on Saturday and it hurts. It really fucking hurts. I stayed awake at two in the morning and just stared up at the ceiling just reading our messages and seeing where it is I went wrong and it just hurts. What can I do to distract me from it at two in the morning when there is nothing to do but think of the amazing person I lost.

Hello! You can watch a movie. You can solve Math problems. You can call a friend. Everything is good. Just do not stay on the bed thinking about your ex.

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Cupcake what do you think about Papyrus possibly getting a sentry position with the Royal Guard?

Oh, I’m actually all for it! The sentry position is really just, eh… well, I don’t want to call it a joke, but it’s more… honorary?

I mean, we depend on the Royal Guard all over the Underground, to protect and serve our communities. So the sentries in Snowdin really only have two tasks; look out for humans, and alert a Royal Guard Patrol if they see one.

Oh, that reminds me actually, I should probably reassure Wingdin about what Papyrus is doing when she gets home… I won’t tell her he’s doing it just to slack off, of course, but she’s been terribly worried he’s going to hurt himself…


Throughout the years I came to realise that I thought differently, that I have been raised differently, that I was used to a different way of thinking, of behaving, of feeling itself. I came to realise that I attached too much importance to people, that I cared too much for people, that friendship is nothing like what I though it was. Actually, It is, it is something big, great, a sincere bond between two beings, some sort of love, platonic love. However, do not call your friend anyone you meet, because they do not care about you. Human beings need company, it is the essence of their being, no one wants to be lonely, no one wants to be on their own. They want company. If you feel like someone attaches importance to you only because they need company, then consider them as such too. Do not sacrifice yourself for them because they don’t deserve it. They do not love you, they do not care about you, they do not attach any importance to you unless they need something from you and I came to realise that. I have been used so much, fooled so much, that i just had enough. I am tired of this vicious circle, each time i hope i have found someone genuine i end up being disappointed. It actually makes me so angry, that i cannot stand loneliness, that i always try to find someone to be with and i end up loving them so much, doing everything i can to make them happy only to realise that they were just using me. Life is what it is. People are what they are. I even came to a point where I thought people around me were not human, I was wondering what went on how it was even possible to behave like this, how it was possible to be so careless. 

I would listen to anyone who wants me to listen to them because I consider myself as a human being, made of a soul, feelings, flesh and bones. I am imperfect and I seek perfection in helping others. But no one thinks like that, I mean some people do but only a few. Its like people plan everything, for them even time is too much to give away, let alone actual help. I have cried, because I felt bad and it would relieve me to spend some time with a friend, but my anger, my pain became greater when I realised that I had no friend.

It is extremely tiring, to fall in the same trap again and again, to be hurt again and again and to carry on with the certitude that i am going to be hurt again. Because i am a fool, i just feel to much i think, i have too many emotions, i tend to love people too much.

Life. It is full of disappointments, challenges. Arrg, barriers just full of shit! Actually, people are just full of shit. I thought it was university that was depressing me, maybe my course, all the work the studies and everything. But no, it is simply people. I just didn’t have enough luck to cross the path of genuine people. It would be a lie if i say that i am not going to be used again, but whatever happen, i guess i will just take it and carry on.

Sorry, for this long text, i just felt like writing everything i had on my heart and did really see where else to.

Does anybody know the name of that poem that was on the edge of two walls?? and depending on which side of the wall you stood depended on what the meaning of the poem was??? like from one end it was kind of a downer but if you look at both sides at once it was pretty uplifting? If anyone knows what thats called or can link me to it please do! ;O;

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So, apparently–The younger Prof. Shimada has been goofing off with one of his students by teaming up with them and playing pranks on other teachers?? Any information about just what exactly they've been doing?

I do know Genji has a few lists up his sleeve that he’s been meaning to do (but lacked a partner to help him). Some are for his brother, one or two for a couple of his friends. I do know Professor McCree is on the list… I don’t know the specifics about his pranks but from what he’s told me in the past, I do know they aren’t all that crazy. 

I guess tamed would be the right word to call them? Though, I don’t know how much his plans would have changed now that he’s got a partner in crime so who knows how crazy those two might have gone.

If I hear or see anything, I’ll update you. And if you hear or see anything, be sure to let us know!

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Clips, like stripper clips go in things like an sks and older guns. Theyre literally just metal bits the bullets stick out of, mags are big enclosed boxes you put bullets in and stick in a modern gun. They are actually different things thats like saying "if you correct someone for calling a microwave and oven or vice versa youre a nerdbaby"

i do actually know the difference between a clip and a magazine and you know what? i dont care. like barely at all. if im having like an actual technical discussion about guns with someone then yeah sure ill make sure im talking about the right thing but if im just talking about some dumb bullshit on the internet i might call a magazine a clip because it doesn’t matter. they are two things that accomplish the same task and are colloquially understood to be interchangeable in certain contexts.

▌What is your name?
“My name is Galadir.”

▌What is your real name?
“Galadir… son of Lindor? I have already said this.”

▌Do you know why you were called that?
“Yes, my father said that both the moon and the rising sun were gleaming upon me the moment I was born. He also calls me a radiant fool. It is one of those two reasons, I am sure.”

▌Are you single or taken?
“I am not yet taken.”

▌Have any abilities or powers?
“I once nurtured a nearly completely withered rose bush to its full strength again.”

▌Stop being a mary sue/gary stu
“My name is Galadir… I do not understand this question.”

▌What’s your eye color?

▌How about your hair color?

▌Have you any family members?
“I have a father and my three dearest cousins whom I see daily - Rumil, Haldir and Orophin.”

▌Oh? What about pets?
“I sometimes feed the deer and owls and they remember me well enough to give me visits whenever they are hungry.”

▌That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me about something you don’t like.
“Dwarves. They robbed me once! Three of them circled me and my attempt to jump over them was not a success.”

▌Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?
"Rumors, gossip, collecting flowers…”

▌Ever hurt anyone before?
"I do not know. I do pray that I didn’t.”

▌Ever… killed anyone before?
"Goodness, no!”

▌What kind of animal are you?
"None. Although I can easily imagine myself as a dove or… no, a bluebird.”

▌Name some of your worst habits.
“Gossiping… I cannot help myself. It is a bad habit… as Gilor the Gatherer’s secret drinking is. Between you and me, he gets drunk at least four times a week.”

▌Do you look up to anyone at all?
“The Lady and my father are my guides.”

▌Gay, straight, or bisexual?
“I am gay all the time. Spring makes me gay and the upcoming festivities too! What is an elf without a bit of joy in his heart? I am jovial or, as one says, gay most of the time. What does bisexual mean?”

▌Do you go to school?
“No but I am considering becoming an apprentice.”

▌Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
“It is my deepest desire.”

▌Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?
“No, I am afraid I do not understand.”.

▌What are you most afraid of?
“If something were to hurt my homeland.”

▌What do you usually wear?
“Tunic, my satchel, leggings and either mocassins or boots,”

▌Do you love someone?
"Yes, I love all my brothers and sisters in this forest and beyond. I also love the nature and every kind traveller that passes these woods.”

▌When was the last time you wet yourself?
"I do not think I ever did such a thing.”

▌What class are you?
"An archer, I suppose?”

▌How many friends do you have?
"Many, more than I can count.”

▌What are your thoughts on pie?
"Pie is my favourite kind of dinner.”

▌Favorite drink?
"Black wine and water.”

▌What’s your favorite place?
“My hidden shack.”

▌Are you into someone?
"No-… I-I do not think so. No. Why?

▌What’s your bra cup/size and/or how big is your willy?
"Who is Willy?”

▌Would you rather swim in the lake or in the ocean?
“I love lakes but I have never seen the ocean.”

▌What’s your type?
“I do not think i have one.”

▌Any fetishes?
"I love pies a lot if that is what you mean.”

▌Top or bottom? Dominant or submissive?
“Top - I do live on a platform. Is that what you mean? I think my nature is dominant.”

▌Camping or indoors?
Both. Indoors during winter and camping during spring and summer.”

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The signs as (just god awful) bad jokes

Aries : Q. What do you call a snobbish prisoner going down the stairs? A. A condescending con descending

Taurus : Q. What do you call a belt made out of watches? A. A waist of time!

Gemini : Q. What’s that guys name that has no shins? A. Toe-knee

Cancer : Q. Why can melons get married? A. Because they cantaloupe!

Leo : Q. How do snails fight? A. They slug it out!

Virgo : Q. What’s the difference between three and two? A. One

Libra : Q. Whats at the bottom of the ocean that shivers? A. A nervous wreck!

Scorpio : Q. What does a clock do when it’s hungry? A. It goes back four seconds!

Sagittarius: Q. Did you hear about the guy who invented the “knock-knock joke”? A. He won the “no-bell” prize

Capricorn : Q. Where did the egg go when it expired? A. The old-yolks home!

Aquarius : Q. What do you call an alligator that wears a vest? A. An investigator

Pisces : Q. What do you call the security guards outside of the Samsung store? A. Guardians of the Galaxy!

Ok, But Like...

Bitty doing the “My Boyfriend Does My Voice Over” tag on YouTube with Jack narrating him baking a pretty basic pie and Jack still manages to fumble most of it like:

  • “Okay, now I’m just throwing in some…salt?…NO, SUGAR! Sugar! You don’t put salt in pies.“
  • “You’ve got to cut this doughy bit into strips so that you can…weave a basket cover for the pie…I don’t know, it’s called the crust, eh.”
  • “I don’t…I don’t know what I’m doing…”

And then there’s him just gently chirping Bittle throughout.

  • “I never use pre-canned fruits even though that would save me loads of time and I could actually leave some cherries in the house for Jack to eat…”
  • “Oh I’m dancing now…probably to Beyonce.”
  • “I don’t like these pans I’m using. I complain about them all the time but I think I’m being slick.”

But mostly it’s just him being totally gone on Bitty

  • “That’s not my shirt. That’s Jack’s shirt that he’s been looking for for three weeks…it looks better on me though.”
  • “I think I’ll be really excited that Jack got me the new pan set I’ve been talking about for my birthday…but it’s a surprise.”
  • “I look really good in the light in our kitchen. That’s why Jack has so many pictures of me in here…cause I’m beautiful.”


“I was first exposed to ballet at the age of seven when a traveling company came to my church in North Carolina. By the time I was eleven I was practicing six days a week. It became my all-consuming monastic devotion. I eventually made it to the New York City Ballet. I’ve always seen ballet as my way of serving God. I think it’s what God has called me to do. You can call it frivolous, or superficial. But you can stretch that argument to infinity. Why do we have painting? Why do we have architecture? I think it’s all a form of worship. In a secular age the theater becomes the cathedral. There can be such a lack of empathy and collaboration in this world. But in the theater we see beauty and order and harmony modeled for us– two hours at a time. And it took a lot of sacrifice to make that possible.“

the times my son, harry james potter, was the sass king

  • there’s no need to call me ‘sir’, professor
  • it’s just, you can’t break an unbreakable vow. I’d worked that much out  for myself funnily enough.
  • wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life 
  • whatcha fell ova for? I didn’t do it on purpose
  • the task is two days from now. really? I had no idea 
  • did you think we’d be staying in five-star hotels? finding a horcrux every other day?
  • but I am the chosen one
  • tell them I mean no harm. I’m sorry, professor. but I must not tell lies.
  • listening to the news! again? well, it changes every day, you see
  • yeah, you can have a word. good-bye
  • I know what day it is. well done. so you’ve finally learned the days of the week
  • just do what I did, harry! what, drop my wand?
  • an interview? what do you mean? I mean a reporter asked me questions and I answered them
  • It’s time you learned some respect! It’s time you earned it.
  • they stuff people’s heads down toilet the first day at Stonewall. Want to come upstairs and practice? no, thanks. The poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it — it might be sick
  • Sure you can manage that broom, Potter?… Shame it doesn’t come with a parachute — in case you get too near a dementor. Pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, Malfoy. then it could catch the Snitch for you.

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I can tell you've been through a bad breakup, what did your ex do for you to leave him? I've been following you for years and you're always so positive so I hate to see you down..

Our last encounter he locked me in a room for two hours and verbally abused me, damaged my shit, threw my phone and fucked it up so badly I had to get another one, at the same time he hit me and head butted me, and only left when I threatened to call my mum. I had a bruise on my head for over 10 days. He texted my mum abusive shit claiming I’m a hoe because I reblogged a guys picture on tumblr and even tried to turn my friends against me by telling them all the “bad things” about me. Which didn’t work - it just made him look foolish. I called a uber to take me to london to fix my phone and it happened to be a guy I went to school with. He stayed with me for 4hours and didn’t charge me. He brought me food, reassured my mum I was okay and even calmed down some of my male friends. An hour after my ex left, his mum then sent me abusive messages calling me “the angel of death” because I wouldn’t take her son back. The manipulative emotional shit he/ they did during the entire relationship only resonated recently. It was literally a nightmare disguised as love. If I ever see him with another woman I will warn her too and so will my friends regardless if they’re with me or not. I recently spoke to one of his old ex’s and she confirmed that that was the reason why she left too. So I’m glad I walked when I did. I felt stuck and knew shit would get worse. He apologised via email a few weeks later and then 2 weeks ago sent another email blaming me for everything lol. He’s still playing victim online too. It’s hilarious but scary at the same time. He was much older than me, so there’s really no excuse for his behaviour/ his reluctancy to change and seek help either.
I have 5 brothers and the only reason why I didn’t involve them, is because I know what they are capable of and they’re all in a good place now. Plus he really isn’t worth it. I informed the police and they have reassured me that if anything happens, they will take full force. My God brother is a police officer.

I’m good now though. Heartbreaks are hard, heartbreaks after dealing with narcissistic/ abusive people is even worse. I’m over it, and I’m in a really happy place. There are some amazing men out there 👀 and I’ll be damned if I let this fuckery prevent me from experiencing love in its truest form.

Emotional and physical abuse is very real and if you find yourself in that situation, put yourself first and run.
In The Wee Free Men, the village has a tradition of burying a shepherd with a piece of wool on his shroud, so that the recording angel will excuse him all those times during lambing when he failed to attend church — because a good shepherd should know that the sheep come first. I didn’t make that up. They used to do that in a village two miles from where I live. What I particularly liked about it was the implicit loyalist arrangement with God. Americans, I think, sometimes get puzzled by people in Ireland who call themselves loyalists yet would apparently up arms against the forces of the crown. But a loyalist arrangement is a dynamic accord. It doesn’t mean we will be blindly loyal to you. It means we will be loyal to you if you are loyal to us. If you act the way we think a king should act, you can be our king. And it seemed to me that these humble people of the village, putting their little piece of wool on the shroud, were saying, “If you are the God we think you are, you will understand. And if you are not the God we think you are, to Hell with you.” So much of Discworld has come from odd serendipitous discoveries like that.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Straight from the Heart, via the Groin” (collected in A Slip of the Keyboard)
Randy’s Donuts

So, for months I’ve been obsessing over Harry and that Randy’s Donuts sweatshirt. I mean, why on earth would Harry Styles have a sweatshirt from a random donut shop in Inglewood, California? 

I mean, for the most part he knows when he’s going to get papped so why does he keep showing up in that sweatshirt? So today I decided to drive by there since it’s not far from where I live. And what do you think I see LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR? THIS FUCKING RESTAURANT.

Louis. Yeah. Right next door to Randy’s Donuts is a restaurant called Louis. THESE TWO ARE SO FUCKING EXTRA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I WANT TO DIE. 

Thank you @xabjectlessonsx for being there to let me scream at you when I needed to! LOL!