What Women Really Want

tbh women who use feminism as a way to rationalize their shitty behavior are one of the main reasons that people nowadays are considering feminism a sexist movement

FIFA Women’s player Award 2016

The Gals were told our very own Carli Lloyd is between the 10 candidates! Their reactions were not as expected:

Ok…well… what do you think Christen? You haven’t said anything..

So apart from Hope no one seemed that excited about the nomination so we decided to let them democratically vote who their US nominee should be, and the winner IS………….


*But jokes aside, at the end of the day.. :)

On Cheating and Johnlock

It actually does not matter if John really cheated on Mary or not. What matters is that he considered it. Which leaves the question of why John even considered it. Because he should have everything he could wish for, according to a heteronormative reading of the story:

- Solving cases with his best friend Sherlock
- A traditional family with his wife

But this is not enough for John Watson. It is not what he really wants. All his other relationships with women did not work out either. 

There was this quote … it is on the tip of my tongue … 

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

Well then. 


This is what Women REALLY Want, if you agree reblog :D 

i love how antis think they’re like, standing up for us or getting angry on our behalf. it’s just more of the same: infantilization of women, claiming that wlw don’t know what they “really” want. we’re intelligent people with agency. we know what we want. we know what we see. you don’t have to pretend to stand up for us, because we see through you.


I got to know the sky, but it didn’t know me. Got to see the light and land on top of the sea. 
        And be the bird, be the key.

I’m all for relationships being fifty-fifty, if you are a working woman and you have the money pick up the check here and there. If you have a problem don’t throw a fit and ignore him expecting him to read your mind and fix it, tell that man what your problem is. Come up with a resolution. I hear a lot of women talking about what they want from a man but never really willing to give or meet him half way. 

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I feel like their daughter would be submissive in the bedroom with her partner and like to be dominated by that person, like the complete opposite of what her parents are probably in the bedroom. If that makes sense lol

It makes total sense. Joker and Harley would raise her to be strong and not take shit and independent, and I heard a rumor once that women who stand up for what they want and really fight back love to have the release of being submissive in the bedroom (i can only speak from experience yes thats true) so like the princess of gotham who got everything she wanted growing up and had the ciy at her disposal would find it hot to be in the control of someone else at night 

because apparently i haven’t been clear enough on my views about this recently

if you believe that the life of an unborn fetus is even close to as important as the life of the mother, unfollow me

if you believe that an unborn fetus should have the full rights of citizenship, effectively rendering abortion as murder, unfollow me

if you are anti-choice, unfollow me

If you ever doubt the importance of same-sex relationship portrayals in media.

Nobody really wants to acknowledge what gay men and women went through during our history. History filled with shame, with “indecency”, prosecuted, tortured - by mutilation, forced to take drugs to change the “wrong parts” - the sin. Forced to live in sworn secrecy unable to be truly loved and accepted in society. Who knows exactly how many people ended up taking their own lives.. Who knows how many got killed. We cannot change our history but we are changing the future - for children, teens, adult of today and tomorrow. Let them know that they are important and relevant. 

“If Sherlock - johnlock is canon it won’t matter”. It will matter, for everyone who lived a life unable to be who they truly are, love openly- be free. It will matter. Love conquers all.

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Fun fact: Rebecca Sugar once commented on one of his articles (keep in mind this was WAY back in 2006) talking about a show about women she really wanted to do. I do wonder what John would think of Steven Universe. He’d probably like the specific expressions and colours, but hate the main character for not acting masculine enough because he’s one of THOSE guys.

it proves we dont need john k anymore cuz ppl can do expressive animation without resorting to titty and poop jokes

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for your anon thinking abt m/m: this happens w/ some lesbians. male sexuality is presented as default, as the only thing that matters (society teaches women do what men want, don't really have a sexuality of their own etc). thinking about m/m is still centering male sexuality, but w/out having to imagine yourself as part of it. like trying to negate the trauma of male sexual interest? as you grow more comfortable with your lesbianism & womanhood, it becomes easier to center women's sexuality.

Here’s a possible answer for you, anon!

-Mod Noel

🎂😍❤So… I woke up this morning and saw this pic of my two favorite guys… In suits… It’s my birthday (finally 21) and this is the best gift. Ever! Everyone knows how much I can’t resist a guy who suits up. They look so pretty.

It’s like Rhett and Link got together to say happy birthday to me. This is the best gift they could’ve given me, besides a new GMM.

Whatever… I love them and they’re my gift… Now if only I could unwrap them, if you know what I mean! 😏🎂

Should be quick to unwrap. I already know they’re not wearing pants! 😏 It’s like they really do know what women want!! ❤❤❤