What I learned from tumblr asks is

  • langblr accent tag - maltese

Since a few people asked me to do it in my native language, I decided to do it! Besides a lot of you don’t know what Maltese sounds like and it’ll be a great way to introduce you to sounds of the language!

I modified the questions of the tag so that it would suit to Maltese since I’m obviously not learning it.

  • What’s your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What is your native language?
  • When and why did you start learning your target language?
  • Have you ever been to a country where your target language is spoken?
  • Have you ever been mistaken for a native speaker of your target language?
  • What’s your favorite word in Maltese?
  • What is, in your opinion, the most difficult word to pronounce in Maltese?
  • Do a tongue twister in Maltese.

I got an anon asking me for other Maltese to do it so I’ll tag the ones I know on Tumblr so if they’d like to they can do it :)

@areistotle @useless-malta-facts @historian-wannabe @polyglottings/@basthiago and all the others that I forgot!!

My Swedish accent tag
My Polish accent tag

Your Admin is a Nincompoop....

So I was just told today that my ask box and everything else was not showing up.  And I just got on thinking it was tumblr acting up….and, um, it wasn’t tumblr…. it was actually me…

So what everyone should know is that on the “optica” theme, those things at the top of the page that show the links…are also called “navigation” and you shouldn’t turn it off….  live and learn from other people’s mistakes, in this case, mine…

The askbox is up and working again and not hidden!

anonymous asked:

The fact that Riley did that was awful but it's not her fault. When learning about bad things that are happening it usually doesn't all come crashing down on you you take it piece by piece she's just been shielded from it by all her friends

**This contains spoilers from the Girl Meets the Real World clips floating around tumblr, so if you haven’t seen them, do not read the answer below!**

Yeah, I know what you mean, anon. But Riley’s smart, so we know that she was probably already aware that all of those bad things existed in the world, just maybe not to the extreme that she was thinking. Riley’s hope in the good just seems to outweigh reality sometimes, and that’s where the Riley committee is partly to blame. They’ve kept her from seeing the other side and now she’s learning how to deal with it. Now, I saw the scene with the cookie and here’s my problem with it. Her friends basically laughed at her for not being able to be “evil” or do bad things (not in a malicious way, just like a she’s so adorably pure way). Maya even said, “do the worst thing you could possibly think of right now,” or something like that. And when she does, you can tell that they obviously don’t think what she does is “bad” enough. This is just my opinion, but it almost seemed like a challenge in a way. So she one ups that with the cookie thing. Should she have done that? No. Should she apologize? Yes. Should she know better than to do something like that? Of course, she’s a freshman in high school. But we know Riley Matthews, so we know that she’ll find a way to learn a lesson from all of this. And I’m sure that she’s going to fix it in the end. She 100% should not get hate for this, when she, like every single character in this show is still learning and growing. 

Haha that was like a mini rant. Oops! I have a feeling that was definitely more than you asked for anon lol. But there’s my opinion on all of this for ya haha. 

I’m jumping on the #Hannigram Day train with @the-winnowing-wind‘s Q&A! This was fun :D

When did you first hear about hannigram? I heard about it here on tumblr when some people that I followed began reblogging stuff from the show. I had no idea a Hannibal show even existed, but I was really excited to learn of it’s existence because I have been a long-time fan of SOTL

What was the first episode where /you/ started to ship the ship? This is a hard question to answer because I was really skeptical of shipping it at first. I didn’t just want to start shipping it because everyone else did. I’m very reluctant to follow fads lolAs it turns out, Hannigram is amazing and also canon so it’s a good fad to follow! I think I finally gave up resisting after Mizumono, but deep down, I think I shipped it way back at the “Did you just smell me?” and “The Ladder” scenes. 

Have you created anything for them? If so, what’s your favorite thing done? If not, what’s your favorite thing seen? So far I’ve written 20 fics, all of them hannigram with the exception of 2 spacedogs fics. I’m currently working on 2 long projects which I will post to ao3 once completed. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I will say The Sacrificial Lamb because it got such wonderful feedback from the readers. 

Do you remember your first Hannigram fic? I looked through my ao3 viewing history, and don’t recall some of the fics listed there, but I do clearly remember reading a few of @darkdreamsofhannigram‘s dirty, kinky fics - my favorite kind of fics btw. What an induction into the fandom lmao

Favorite Hannigram moment? This is so fucking hard, but I think I have to say the moment in the Uffizi gallery. “If I saw you every day forever, Will, I would remember this time,” is the most goddamn romantic thing I have ever heard, and if you don’t agree fucking fight me okay

Favorite Hannigram memory? Sadly, I didn’t start watching the show until after it was cancelled. I wasn’t able to enjoy all the suspense and surprises of live-streaming the episodes. However, I think we all exploded though when Mads claimed that Hugh sends him hannigram fics so I’ll name that moment.

It’s almost Hannigram’s 1 year anniversary (TWOTL) - what do you think they are planning for that day? Hannibal is cooking some free-range rude, listening to Mozart and sipping red Merlot. Will is wearing some lacy underwear to surprise him … or breaking out the restraints and toys - I can never decide what I like the most 

Go to your tags, reblog the first thing you ever tagged #hannigram with. What do you think of it now? :3 It was this picture, and I’m actually crying laughing. How fucking classic. 

anonymous asked:

47, 72, 92 and 105 :)

47. Do you go to the library to study often?

Yup! I really like to study at the library, because I feel more in the zone and less likely to just end up on tumblr on watching netflix

72. Has a relationship ever distracted you from school?

Definitely, but then again most things have, including my relationship with my parents, friendships, tumblr, the weather, coffee and bad hairdays

92. What is your favourite topic to study?

Anything accounting related, really, especially more numerical aspects. However, I also really enjoy more legalistic things like tax and financial crime

105. 3 things you dislike about school

1. The pressure to be perfect

2. The focus on performance / grades, rather than learning / improvement

3. How one week there is absolutely nothing happening and the next you ahve 4 essays due, 18 tests and 7 exams - like pls stop


greetings tumblr

Thanks for the many follows today/yesterday! The blog hasn’t had this much activity in months and we’re really grateful! We’d also like to continue being grateful, which means that you have to continue liking us, so I’m just doing a little market research to learn what you guys like to see/want to see from this blog. Screenshots? A TES lore expert team at your disposal to answer your questions directly into your activity feed? More text posts about things? Just let us know, we’d love to know! Feel free to send an ask or reply to this post, I’ll be reading through everything. Whether I answer asks depends on whether I feel there’s something to say, but even if I don’t, I will read it and take it into account.

I hope you’re having a nice day.

shinmegamitensei2  asked:

⭐️ (my internet crashed in the middle of sending this so i have no clue if you got the first one or not; ignore this one if you did)

Initial Thoughts: I HEART LUCIFER! I was seriously googling what the heck Ids and Kins and /rbf and /about were all about on Tumblr. Also I believe I followed you because of the Aleph expression edits you made.

Opinion: Buddy you’re a real cinnamon roll. I have learned a lot from you. I think you’re cool! And you love SMT a lot so that’s a big plus. Also I don’t mind your personal posts and you’re the reason why I posted a selfie. If you hadn’t you guys wouldn’t know what I look like or that mi nombre is Caryl. Also you’re very nice!

Additional: Your hair is fav and I am still mesmerized that in California you have never even heard of Bojangles! Like wows I thought Bojangles were like air all over the country LMAO. Guess McDonalds wins. Also your icons are cool. And your pixel art is my favorite.

mrdonniedoomsday3  asked:

64-74 even numbers


63. do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? I have to say McDonalds

65. what do you wear to bed? plain and simple underwear

67. what are your hobbies? Watch TV, movies, tumblr and read… pretty much that

69. do you play an instrument? Sadly, no; but i want to learn to play the piano. Well if my laptop´s keyboard is and instrument i’m very good at it!

71. tea or coffee? Coffee. Allways coffee

73. do you want to get married? I do :)

Thanks for asking! :)

As a white heterosexual male, I think it’s important to always be self checking.
I recently got a comment on my comic site Hominidscomic.com that wasn’t offensive or mean but required a thoughtful response. I wanted to reach out to the women of the world (or tumblr), and ask how you feel about my response. Did I get it right? What could I have said better? Did I miss the ball altogether?

For reference, the scene in question is about a prehistoric older tribal woman who propositions a younger man from a rival tribe. They are very different culturally but eventually end up together.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. I like to keep an open mind and always look to learn from others.

Original source: http://hominidscomic.com
Transcript below:

“…now that I know that Icari is 18-19, I got a new question: why did you decide to make him Zona’s current…um…"love interest” (considering if her feelings are as strong as his, probably), when she’s about 20 years older than him? Yeah sorry if this question will make you uncomfortable. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to…“

My response:
"I don’t mind answering. Zona partly explains it herself in Chapter 3 when she’s trying for the first time to "get with” Icari.
In patriarchal societies it’s common place for older men to take on young wives. Even today, we barely bat an eye when some guy with money marries a girl 30 years younger then him. You can even look to movies for examples. Female love interests can often be 15 or 20 years younger and no one minds because the men are handsome.
I’m not judging but I wanted to flip that on its head. Showing how older women still hold value in the world where youth and beauty are all that seem to matter, was really important. So I let Zona, an older, beautiful and wise woman have her way with him.
That’s one part of it. The other is that we have to look at these characters outside of our own cultural lense sometimes. They come from a very different place and see the world very differently. Their age difference isn’t such a big deal to the Tree Dwellers. What mattered to Zona was that Icari was a fully matured man that could provide a strong child and she could provide him with experience and wisdom.
Hopefully this all makes sense. I’m happy to keep talking about it.“