“ This is a song about the human need for someone to love you, for someone to feel proud of you and for the people you care about to support you. And I want to say that if you ever feel like that’s in your life tonight you are surrounded by 300 people that do love and do support and are proud of you. Including us. I’m sure allof you guys out there know what Tonight Alive stands for. We’re silver lining on top of people. And y'know what, despite how strong we are inside sometimes you just need someone to lean on and sometimes they’re not here. If you feel alone, remember we’re all together so let’s sing it that way. ” x


“A lot of fans have come to us and sort of said, "your band saved my life” or “you changed this for me” or “you did this for me.” And while that’s like the coolest thing in the world to hear, I think everyone already has the power to do that for yourself. And it’s kind ofjust about finding those little things as Whakaio said, that really unlock that and sort of trigger that person in you that is able to stand up and rise above things. Even if it’s rising above the side of you that pulls you down or restricts you, I think the worst thing that anyone can do for themselves is hold themselves back.“ - Jenna McDougall