just imagine the parents of the muggle-born kids that were petrified in chamber of secrets living their normal muggle lives, worrying about taxes and stuff, completely unaware about what happens in the wizard world and the things  at hogwarts and then one day they receive a letter like “so a lot of shit happened in our school this year and now your son is a stone but if we are lucky a bunch of weird screaming plants will turn them back in the end of the year”

When people see Carol around a new stranger who happens to be a man and immediately start shipping it

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I just now realised that I’ve never drawn Bryce, nor have I done fanart for the TRON-Sport!AU OOPS. I better fix that and start drawing more Purple Pretty Boys! ;O

You do NOT have permission to repost my art on any platform, whether it be twitter, tumblr, instagram, ifunny, deviantart, etc. If you do, I will be inclined to cease posting artwork altogether.

[im not ready, starting this right now like whaaaaaaaat]

[cult classic Farewell Uncle Tom (Addio Zio Tom), the controversial 1971 Italian faux-documentary about the evils of American slavery known as one of the most confrontationally provocative movies of all time.An Italian film crew time-travels back to the antebellum South to document the putridity of slavery in bald, unflinching detail. Hailing from directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, who sought to inject a new twist into the “mondo” shockumentary genre, the film was intended to be an anti-racist condemnation of the evils of slavery in America, portraying factual statements and scenarios pulled from primary documentation of American chattel slavery. Pauline Kael loathed it with a vengeance and deemed it “an incitement to race war.” Roger Ebert anointed it a “disgusting, contemptuous insult to decency.”]