Ruuian gets a much needed re-vamp. He was my first BJD and has been severely neglected. So when I bought these jointed hands from @sicktress I re-worked his look! Annnd actually made clothes.

I’ll get better shots if the green wig I ordered ever shows up,… I’m slowly losing faith in our new post man as he’s given 3 of my packages to various neighbors or dropped them in others drive ways… But I believe in you postman! You can do it!

This is my handsome boy Weylin. He’s a Belgian Malinois who is currently training to become a personal protection dog. You can follow his journey on Instagram @weylin_malinois

This is Weylin my Belgian Shepherd. He is 3 and half months old and is my best friend. He has helped me out in ways no one else could even think of. I love him to the moon and back 💙🐾 You can follow his adventures on Instagram @Weylin_malinois

This is Weylin! My 9 week old Belgian Malinois. He is the most amazing thing to happen to me. He brightens up my day with his silly antics and his many puppy kisses. You can follow him on Instagram and watch him grow! Weylin_malinos

This is my Belgian Malinois name Weylin! He’s my best friend and my protector. I love him to the moon and back! Follow his adventures on Instagram @weylin_malinois

“Can you tell Santa that we’ve been really good this year?” “Yeah! We haven’t been fighting, or breaking anything!” “We’re on his nice list right?”

“But I’m not that kind of elf…”


*sigh* “I’ll see what I can do…”


Have some nonsense Christmas photos of some figures/dolls