Bilbo’s costume

Actor: Martin Freeman

Designer: Ann Maskrey

Made By: 3 foot 7 Costume Dept., Sword by Weta Workshop


Post 11/21 from the Costume Trail in Wellington. Another reflective case. Message me if you’d like higher resolution photos or other detail shots (I have many- these are the highlights).

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Do you know that feeling when you have a tattoo that makes you feel better in your own skin?


Ringwraith (Nazgûl) Sword

  • Measurements: overall length 55 inches

This prop Ringwraith sword was created by the Weta Workshop armoury during the production of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (New Line Cinema, 2001, 2002, 2003).

The sword has a lightweight aluminum blade specifically for stunt use and riding sequences and shows visible signs of wear from on-set combat. The urethane hilt was cast from molds taken from the original hero prop, and the sword was carefully hand-painted and extensively weathered.

This prop was part of a collection of authentic production-created movie props procured by official New Line Cinema licensee, United Cutlery directly from Weta Workshop and Three Foot Six Productions between 1999-2004 for reference in producing a collectible replica version for fans of the film franchise.

Source: Copyright 2014 © Julien’s Live


Bard’s costume

Actor: Luke Evans

Designer: Bob Buck

Made By: 3 foot 7 Costume Dept., Chainmaile by Weta Workshop.

Post 1/21 from the Costume Trail in Wellington. Sadly Bard’s costume was in a super glare-y position. It was really difficult to get good photos. Message me if you’d like higher resolution photos or other detail shots.

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Peter wanted the sight of Thranduil in action to be like a maelstrom. He would be a swirling vortex of death. A way to show this was through the movement of the snow in the air around him, with his flashing blades leaving a trail of swirling snow and blood as he cleaved his way through the battle
—  Greg Tozer, Weta Workshop Designer

Late Medieval Longsword

  • Maker:Peter Lyon (Weta Workshop)
  • Measurements: blade length: 890mm (35"). Overall length: 1170mm (46"). Weight: 1.425Kg (3 lbs 2 oz). Balance point: 78mm (3") along the blade

Weta Workshop’s master swordsmith Peter Lyon has made this “One-of-a-kind” sword exclusively for Weta’s customers. The Late Medieval Longsword is a sword entirely of Peter’s design. It’s inspired by medieval European swords and by the mighty Centaur swords from The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

Source: Copyright 2014 © Weta Workshop Limited

Peter Jackson has been a fan of Doctor who for years. I have been told that he’s got my Doctor Who costume, he’s also got my Radagast the Brown costume and I’m hanging on to my own clothes because he’s not getting his hands on them I can tell you.
—  Sylvester McCoy [on if Peter Jackson should Direct a Doctor Who Episode(s)]