Westward Leaning sunglasses

Gigi Hadid’s White Sunglasses and Emoji T-Shirt

Gigi Hadid Instagrammed THIS photo.

Her sunglasses are the Westward Leaning Vanguard 11 sunglasses.  Buy them HERE or HERE for $225

Her shirt is the Current Moji Chillin T-Shirt.  Buy it HERE for $35.

In the winter, I sometimes forget sunglasses even exist. The days are dark and cold and there’s no need to wear them. But on those days where suddenly the sun is shining bright and reflecting off piles of snow, you’ll want to be prepared; so I’d grab Westward Leaning’s insanely rad Voyager shades. 

I don’t know if it’s the reflective lenses that remind me of ski goggles, or the bright colors that would spice up the dreariest winter outfit, but these are without a doubt the perfect sunglasses for right now. The fact that a portion of their sales benefits STEM programs doesn’t hurt either.