10 reasons to why WoSo is like Game of Thrones
  1. Everyone has at least one player that they hate with a burning passion.
  2. You’re in a constant state of “Oh no, please don’t get hurt” when your fave is playing.
  3. You’re basically willing to fight anyone who disrespects your team.
  4. You’ve mastered the art of drinking, all while being able to discuss the game.
  5. Every little detail gets overanalyzed.
  6. You wait all week for the games, and when they are over you feel kind of hollow and just want the next week to go by faster.
  7. Trying to keep your cool, when talking to someone who doesn’t follow it, but asks you about it anyway.
  8. So many underrated players.
  9. No matter how many curve balls they throw your way, and how pissed you get, you’ll always come back.
  10. WoSo fans are about as dramatic as Game of Thrones in itself.
Support the National Women’s Soccer League

Start going to some games! Let’s not just say “Wouldn’t it be great if women got paid more for playing sports?” and never go to a single game to help them out. Below are the season schedules for all nine teams in the league, and links to buy tickets. Go watch some soccer!

Boston Breakers (tickets)

Chicago Red Stars (tickets)

Houston Dash (tickets)

FC Kansas City (tickets)

Portland Thorns FC (tickets)

Seattle Reign FC (tickets)

Sky Blue FC - New Jersey (tickets)

Washington Spirit (tickets)

Western New York Flash (tickets)

Updated, all tickets links are valid for the 2016 Season!

*Tour guide voice*

If you look to your right, you’ll see the FCKC fans buying chastity belts for their team.

Look to the left, Sky Blue, Dash and Flash fans are trying to figure out if they are gonna have a team when the season starts.

Further ahead Red Stars and Spirits fans are hoping to fly under the radar, so nothing bad will happen to their team.

The Portland fans feels pretty optimistic about their roster, because the Morgan trade screwed everyone else over.

No one really knows what’s happening with the Breakers anymore.

Orlando fans just want the season to get started.

And in the back you have the Reign, sitting and watching the chaos unfold with a glass of wine in hand.

Welcome to pre-season.

Reminder that the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and FOX Sports agreed to televise 10 NWSL games this season (2015) STARTING TOMORROW

The deal includes: 

  • Having FOX Sports 1 air regular-season matches and three games of the NWSL Playoffs. 
  • Regular season matches being available on tablets and mobile devices through the FOX Sports GO app and online at www.FOXSportsGO.com, beginning IN EXACTLY 24 HOURS

I don’t need to remind you that America has had women’s professional (soccer) leagues fail before. Do not let the NWSL be another one. Watch the games. Record the games. Then watch them again. Show broadcasters that women athletes are worth television time. With any luck, they might start showing other women’s leagues. This could be the change we’ve been waiting for.  

Get on board with the NWSL


Boston, Massachusets

Boston Breakers

Boston Breakers Roster

Boston Breakers Merchandise

Boston Breakers Schedule

Boston Breakers Tickets

Boston Breakers Twitter (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Red Stars

Chicago Red Stars Roster (Their roster is found on  their main page that is linked above, but this is the roster announcement, but please note it is from April and roster’s change all the time)

Chicago Red Stars Merchandise

Chicago Red Stars Schedule

Chicago Red Stars Tickets

Chicago Red Stars Twitter  (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Houston, Texas

Houston Dash

Houston Dash Roster

Houston Dash Merchandise

Houston Dash Schedule

Houston Dash Tickets

Houston Dash Twitter  (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Kansas City, Missouri

FC Kansas City

FC Kansas City Roster

FC Kansas City Merchandise

FC Kansas City Schedule

FC Kansas City Tickets

FC Kansas City Twitter (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Orlando, Florida

(Their information goes through the MLS site for Orlando City SC. They don’t have a website designated just for them. It’s very cool the MLS supports it as so, but I’m going to see about getting their own website. It can get confusing for some with how much the two clubs are connected.)

Orlando Pride

Orlando Pride Roster

Orlando Pride Merchandise

Orlando Pride Schedule

Orlando Pride Tickets

Orlando Pride Twitter  (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Portland, Oregon

(Same as Above. They’re linked with Portland Timbers.)

Portland Thorns FC

Portland Thorns FC Roster

Portland Thorns FC Merchandise

Portland Thorns FC Schedule

Portland Thorns FC Tickets

Portland Thorns FC Twitter  (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Reign FC

Seattle Reign FC Roster

Seattle Reign FC Merchandise

Seattle Reign FC Schedule

Seattle Reign FC Tickets

Seattle Reign FC Twitter  (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Piscataway Township, New Jersey

Sky Blue FC

Sky Blue FC Roster

Sky Blue FC Merchandise

Sky Blue FC Schedule

Sky Blue FC Tickets

Sky Blue FC Twitter (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Germantown, Maryland

Washington Spirit

Washington Spirit Roster

Washington Spirit Merchandise

Washington Spirit Schedule

Washington Spirit Tickets

Washington Spirit Twitter (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support, they’ll most likely follow you back)

Elma, New York

Western New York Flash

Western New York Flash Roster

Western New York Flash Merchandise

Western New York Flash Schedule

Western New York Flash Tickets

Western New York Flash Twitter  (Give them a follow, give them a mention, show support)

Honestly guys, if I can help just one person become a fan and get on board, I’d consider a great day. These girls need us. And they need to know that we do care. I’m not going to use this to rant about it, but check out the links posted above. It’s not hard to become a fan. It’s great football after all. More posts like this for more women’s clubs are coming. 

On the NWSL

I encourage all the new women’s soccer fans to follow the NWSL. Here are some short descriptions of each team to help you decide on a favorite…

Portland Thorns: Home to the glorious duo of Tampax Morgan and Tobin Heath’s swag, the Thorns are a great team with the largest amount of merch you can buy and wear out of any NWSL team. They are also home to the biggest fanbase and players who enjoy interacting with fans.

Houston Dash: The newest addition to the league, the Dash is home to Carli “Saved Jill’s Ass” Lloyd, Kling, and Morgan Brian. Also home to Erin and Ella Mcleod, the only officially out couple in the league (which means you can ship them without it being uncomfortable for everyone). The atmosphere at home games is quite exciting and fun.

Chicago Red Stars: A super talented team that contains two of my favorites, Chalupny and Boxx, as well as beauty queens Julie Johnston and Christen Press (who is actually played as a forward in the league, weird right?) . They are currently at the top of the standings and are regarded as team that is so gr8 that they are basically gr9.

Boston Breakers: Check out this team to see our ultra-talented Alyssa Naeher in goal. Also, the very awesome Kristie Mewis can be found here. They’re definitely worth a look, especially if you are living in the area.

FC Kansas City: 2/3 of the New Kids can be found here, A-Rod and Holiday. Badass Becky Sauerbrunn and HAO the kraken also play for these guys. It’s honestly one of the most stacked teams in league with a load of talented players.

Seattle Reign: Team of Hope Solo, the best diddly dang goalkeeper in the world, and the one person who intimidates the frick-frack outta me. Pinoe, a fan favorite, plays here as well. Overall a very talented team.

Sky Blue FC: The team of our glorious Captain America, Christie Rampone and our leprechaun-squirrel hybrid Kelley O'Hara. There are also a few Aussies on the team if you’re into that sexy accent.

Western New York Flash: The NWSL’s own Beyoncé, Sydney Leroux plays for these guys, as well as Whitney Engen. Abby used to play for them too. Sometimes I hug my old Wambach Flash jerseys and cry to myself. Don’t judge me.

Washington Spirit: Princess Warrior Ali Krieger calls this team home. The ever so attractive and talented Ashlyn Harris plays as keeper here as well. This is a team who isn’t afraid to tell the ref how they feel about things, and is also loaded with talent and skill.

-Sincerely, Jill Ellis


sydneyleroux: I’m a day late but Happy Birthday to this boo boos. I love you too @kelleyohara!