The Samwell Adventures of Protestant Bitty and Catholic Dex

Recently, in the wake of the Dib Flip update, a wonderful post was made about how Bitty could have had positive experiences growing up in Christian.

How about Bitty not just active in church as a little kid, but still being devout? 

How about Bitty, whenever he’s back down in Georgia (and despite not having any illusions about the possibilities in how he may be received if he comes out) at least helping out with his old congregation, youth groups, and related summer activities? How about Jack, despite personally not being religious (not to mention being more interested in modern history), offering some historical and societal context to passages (both the positive and problematic) so that Bitty can defend himself rhetoric-wise if cornered?  

How about Bitty trying to find fellow devout Christians on the SMH to interact with, though doing it tentatively? And because it’s tentative and focusing on his “core group”, he doesn’t find anyone at first. He doesn’t find anyone until second year.

And it turns out that anyone is a conservative, temperamental, socially-awkward Yankee… who’s just happens to be Catholic (ie on the other side of the Reformation divide from Bitty). 

Still, as the two begin to get to know each other better (admittedly not easy at first; it really kicks off when when it turns out that Dex is actually good at baking), Bitty just has to takes a look at the rest of the Haus before shrugging: “I can work with this.”

So imagine:

  • In lieu of church service, Bitty and Dex having Bible discussion in the Haus kitchen on Sundays.
    • Before they got to know each other, both boys simply read on their own.
    • Neither of them join the churches or Bible groups in Samwell due to not feeling comfortable around congregations that aren’t their own.
    • In Bitty’s case, there’s the issue of not wanting to risk getting into a homophobic congregation within his own denomination (even at someplace like Samwell, there’s the risk), and not agreeing enough with the theology of openly queer-friendly congregations to use up time that he can either spend in Faber or the Haus.
  • It turning out that the two have very different approaches to the study.
    • Though before that, they try to settle on a Bible. Dex can’t take NIV seriously. Bitty doesn’t feel comfortable using a Bible that has books that he’s completely unfamiliar with (he’s willing to find out, but in a different setting). Both view KJV with suspicion; despite that being what Bitty grew up with. Finally they just agree to use their owns and take into account any differences in translations.
    • Bitty is satisfied reciting a passage, speaking about the meaning (perhaps with an anecdote), and using the accompanying ribbon to mark where he stops. It’s also one of the few times he actually keeps the phone at a distance. 
    • Dex has a kit. Color-coded highlighters with color-coded sticky-tabs. And an accompanying notepad to jot things down; ever since joining with Bitty, much of his notes deal with differing interpretation.
  • Once they are comfortable enough to talk about it, Bitty and Dex discussing (and sometimes having good-natured chirps over) the differences between their denominations.
    • Inevitable “transubstantiation equals cannibalism” commentary.
    • Dex asking Bitty why the latter’s churches have to split like amoebas at the slightest disagreement.
      • “Dex, those are Baptists. Bless their hearts.” 
      • Bitty doesn’t actually have anything against Baptists. Well, not theologically despite his disagreements, However, ever since the bake-off Incident at the Tri-County Fair…
    • If the discussion ever gets too tiring, there’s always the collaborative pie they made and have to share.
  • Hymns.
    • Despite Dex’s initial protests and unfamiliarity with the practice, Bitty closes their study with a hymn and insists it be a pair effort.
    • As a compromise, he makes sure nobody else is on the first floor.
    • Turns out Dex actually has a ridiculously good singing voice. 
  • Bitty being a mentor to Dex about reconciling faith with non-heterosexuality. 
    • Bitty’s not going to judge or pry as to why Dex asked for this.
    • At the very least it will help the Frog be a better ally. 
    • If there’s more to that, Dex will open up on his own terms. 
  • Bitty and Dex side-eyeing each other whenever Shitty goes on a rant about religion.
    • Bitty keeping Dex preoccupied in the kitchen in the meantime. Because if Dex gets involved, it will get heated; which will get Nursey involved; which will escalate the bickering to DEFCON 1; which will result in Sad Chowder. And that’s terrible.
    • The kitchen becomes a Shitty-free zone during these times as well. With the (justified) excuse that it’s for sanitary purposes.
    • Expect the Haus kitchen to be full of whoopie pies afterwards. 

That’s what I have so far. Anyone have additional thoughts?

So finally I got a little time to make something for AC movie. And I drew Yusuf again da lalalalalalalala

To celebrate the movie release in China 2017.2.24

Wish I could see all these deleted characters in Blu-ray XDD

Ancestors - descendants

Aguilar de Nerha - Callum Lynch
Yusuf Tazim - Emir
Baptiste - Moussa
Duncan Walpole - Nathan
Shao Jun - Lin


Georges Jules Auguste Cain, Andrea Fossati, Constant De Bruyne, Carl Spielter, Jean Baptiste Antoine Emile Beranger, Florent Joseph Marie  Willems, Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret,  Eugene Claude,  Conrad Kiesel, Marcius-Simons Pinckne