Westboro Baptist Church

"God hates fags, queers are all going to hell!"

Umm?? I don’t know??? I’m bisexual, practically have a boyfriend, I pray to God and He answers my prayers??? So don’t tell me my God hates me when I clearly see and feel Him show me love and mercy on a daily basis????? Thanks????????????? Bye.

My very Christian little sister upon seeing "god hates fags" signs for the first time:
  • Her:OH- Oh my Go- WHAT?!?
  • Me:what? Have you never seen those before?
  • Her:NO! How can they do that? *shaking* I am so mad. 'LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOU WOULD LOVE THINE SELF' you... you.... You stupid jerks! How can they call themselves Christian and act like that? God doesn't hate gays! God doesn't hate anybody! That's the whole point!
  • Her:*mumbles incoherent anger the rest of the car ride.*
The Westboro Baptist Church is picketing my temple

This is happening tomorrow (April 10) during Shabbat services. The temple has asked the members of our congregation to come to services to show WBC that they can’t stop us from practicing our own religion. That being said, it would be awesome if other Jews from the area came to show solidarity. It is Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, Virginia. The service is at 8 PM, and more information about the temple can be found here.

If you do come, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT engage or argue with any member of the WBC, as they film themselves when they picket. If you need to walk past them, just ignore them. If they try to engage you, ignore them

If you have any questions about how to navigate the temple or anything else, feel free to send me an ask.


The Westboro Baptist Church is an American church who have become famous for their ‘God hates fags’ slogans, and picketing of high profile funerals. This week they called Robin Williams a ‘fag lover’, and threatened to picket his funeral over his debauched and hedonistic ways. Alright. I don’t think this is okay, for a number of reasons. – Adam Hills [ x ]


Westboro Baptist Church tweeted me this vine https://twitter.com/wbcsaysrepent/status/604079496896106496 after I tweeted the screenshot of JK Rowling destroying their bigoted asses

anonymous asked:

Hi so westboro baptist church is picketing my temple tomorrow (April 10) during Shabbat services and my temple has sent an e-mail out to all the members, asking them to come to show that WBC won't stop us from coming. I was thinking that maybe other Jews from the area could come too if they wanted, to show solidarity. It is temple Rodef shalom in falls church, va. Services I think are at 7:30, but people might want to check the website to make sure (just google the name)

Everyone in the area who can attend, please do so. Please reblog this.