Bystanders watch as a wild elephant moves through a street after it strayed into the city of Siliguri, West Bengal State, India on February 10th 2016. The elephant had wandered from the Baikunthapur forest, crossing roads and a small river before entering the city. The panicked elephant ran amok, trampling parked cars and motorbikes before it was tranquilised. Wildlife officials have since returned the elephant to the forest. Credit: Reuters

Will Poriborton lead to Change?

A landslide victory for Mamata Banerjee. Salute to her. It’s a victory of Determination against all odds !!

Poriborton was long due. Someone else needed a chance. But the big question is - will it bring about the change? Will it change & finish industrialization back-wardness? Will it bring about the change of work culture (no more adda @ work)? Will it lead to end of Trade Unions?

I am still a bit skeptic. Always had doubt on Mamata. Don’t see a maturity in her. She is more like a live Atom Bomb - never know when it will go off and what will be the damage. Perhaps the Big responsibility might bring a higher level of maturity - a personal Poriborton to bring out the Change.

Also skeptical or should I say confused. What people have voted against? Have they voted against the change Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee was trying to bring through Singur or Nandigram by industrialization? Is this Poriborton a way to say “Dhanyabod Buddho Babu, we don’t need this Change”?

Or was it that Bengal (known for their intellectual power) have foreseen the future? Though Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has tried to bring a change, he is nothing more than a Right person stuck at a Wrong place - a party that is not willing to change, except for him. Hence people want to give chance to someone else who has a clean slate and no baggage to carry on.

No matter, this is watershed moment for West Bengal. How things change is yet to be seen. Hope this turn out to be a real Poriborton.