so…. all the dictionaries and everything was telling me this kanji means “west”. but there’s already 西 which is the normal west. and words like 大西洋atlantic ocean”, which would according to those claims be “big west west” didn’t make any sense. just now, after learning enough words, i realized 洋 is actually europe.

大西洋 atlantic ocean = 大西 big sea to the west of europe
european food (always just translated as “western food”)

just thought that might help someone. it might not be that you suck at languages or are stupid or whatever, it might just be that they worded it badly….


Irish step-dancing is known for how quickly the dancer’s feet move. It was popularized in ‘94 when the show Riverdance performed. Many people actually call the dance “riverdance”, but it’s just the name of the show. Many female dancers will wear wigs styled into tight, ringlet curls. Legend has it that when the British banned dancing, the Irish would close the bottoms of the doors and continue to dance, but keeping their torso and arms stiff as a board, another character of this type of dance. 

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The Netherlands (West Europe)

*white people are openly islamophobic, xenophobic, racist etc.*
white people: ‘’freedom of speech! Don’t like it? Go back to your own country!’’
*white people refuse to acknowledge us as civilians of said country*
white people: ‘’freedom of speech! Don’t like it? Go back to your own country!’’
*poc call out white people of their bullshit or insult them*
white people: ‘’Um lol you are also a civilian of this country so you’re basically insulting yourself lol :)′’