Eclipses in 2017

10th/11th February: Penumbral lunar eclipse, visible in Europe, most of Asia, Africa, North&South America

26th February: Annular solar eclipse, visible in South&West Africa, most of South America

7th/8th August: Partial lunar eclipse, visible in most of Europe, most of Asia, Australia, Africa, East of South America

21st August: Total solar eclipse, visible in West of Europe, North&East Asia, North&West Africa, North America and top of South America



Spread from last week! I had so much fun in Paris from seeing the Eiffel Tower to going to Shakespeare and Company 💕 Right now I’m in a tour to west Europe and currently in Amsterdam. Huhu I hope I can visit the Van Gogh museum :3

For the Greek historian Herodotus, writing in the fifth century BC, the world was divided into three parts. To the east was Asia, to the south was a continent he called Libya, and the rest was Europe. He knew that people and goods and ideas could travel easily between the continents: he himself travelled up the Nile as far as Aswan, and on both sides of the Hellespont, the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia. Herodotus admitted to being puzzled, in fact, as to “why the earth, which is one, has three names, all women’s”. Still, despite his puzzlement, these continents were for the Greeks and their Roman heirs the largest significant geographical divisions of the world.

But here’s the important point: it would not have occurred to Herodotus to think that these three names corresponded to three kinds of people: Europeans, Asians, and Africans. He was born at Halicarnasus – Bodrum in modern Turkey. Yet being born in Asia Minor didn’t make him an Asian; it left him a Greek. And the Celts, in the far west of Europe, were much stranger to him than the Persians or the Egyptians, about whom he knew rather a lot. Herodotus only uses the word “European” as an adjective, never as a noun. For a millennium after his day, no one else spoke of Europeans as a people, either.
Ancestry DNA

So part of my obsession with languages comes along with my obsession of ancestry and what I’m made up of. I just got my Ancestry DNA results in my email (it only took like three weeks when they suggested 6-8, so I’m ecstatic!) and shocker of all shocks, I’m 98% European with mostly Irish and German haha. I’m honestly probably 100%; they had some confidence in Asia, but it was really really low.

Anyway, that got me thinking about languages. How cool would it be to know all the languages from all the places I’m from? Irish, German, French, Polish, Swedish, maybe Russian, etcetera…This has opened lots more doors for me and made me want to look into the cultures of my ancestors. I really suggest doing Ancestry for anyone who’s interested!


I know probably nobody here has heard about the election in Germany, however this is rather important and should be known:

A Nazi party is trying to get in charge.

The political party I’m speaking of is called “Alternative für Deutschland” meaning “Alternative Option for Germany” – short: AfD.

And despite the fact that the majority of people seem to believe that Germany is no longer a “Nazi country” and that Nazi-ism is “illegal” here the AfD is one of the top three candidates in the race of the German federal election 2017 (BundesTagWahl 2017 or short, BTW17) and are now part of the parliament.

The AfD’s top priority has been listed to be regarding immigration politic, refugees & integration and they are demanding the closing of the European border to keep “asylum seekers who are beyond unqualified for jobs” away from Germany, a German border patrol to keep people from getting in – saying that refugees should look for asylum outside European borders – and they want to change immigration rules following the concept of Canada and Australia.

The AfD also despise Multiculturalism, describing it as the “Death of the [German] modern society” believing that the “German culture, language and identity” needs to be protected & stay the same and speak about how the “supremacy of the German national state has to be kept.”

AfD is also against the Turkey entering the EU and listed “fighting the "international islam terror”“ as one of their main priorities. And their opinion on media and internet politics is that they are against political correctness and freedom of expression.

If you don’t agree that this is Nazi-ism then ask yourself this: Do you agree with “444 Deutschland Den Deutschen?” (”Germany for Germans”) Because that is what the AfD is believing in and trying to accomplish – and coincidentally this phrase is also a Nazi phrase. 

One would think that this country would have learned from it’s history since they are trying to rid themselves of their Nazi image now, yet this – the fact that they accepted a NAZI PARTY as an official political party and allowed them to come so far that they are currently the third strongest contestant in the race of the BTW17 and are now part of the parliament – this speaks volumes. #NOAFD


10 Subjects That International Swifties Will Understand

1- Your English is -highly percent, reallly good.

We spent our childhood and teenager years with her. She is American and she speaks English, so we needed to know English to understand her. I remember that when I was like 13, I was trying to translate her interviews with my strange, A2 English. My English is much better now, but I know hundreds of fans who’s English is better than my still strange tongue. She is literally a teacher.

2- With the first subject, you are -probably- speaking in American accent.

I hope It’s not just me! I can’t speak the English accent I learnt at school, I can only make a country accent or modern American one. Chancing through the eras. 

3- Taylor Swift concerts that you have never been in.

Hello Turkish, nearly whole European and Latin American Swifties! We all understand each other. Nothing to talk about.

4-The Competitions that you have never been in.

You saw a video on Youtube about Tay. Ticking it. So many brands are giving presents and surprises to fans and this one’s Ups. They are giving concert tickets and boxes to lucky fans. You are so excited and happy and WANNA JOIN annnnndddddd Only North American fans. Nice.

5- TaylorSwift.com and Target

They are writing ‘Including Europe’ and when I open the page, It’s just UK, Scotland and Germany. I bet same goes for Latin America too. HOW I CAN GET MY MAGAZINE? I WANT THAT MAGAZINE!

6-We know everything about time differences.

Six hours between West Europe and New York. Seven hours for East Europe. Fourteen hours with Melbourne. I can guarantee that every international Swiftie feels this.

7- The programs and award shows that you can’t watch.

Yesterday, I opened ABC’s page to watch GMA. It said ‘not available in ur region’. I opened VPN and the page said ‘Use Chrome’. I cannot use VPN with Chrome. ABC WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?

8- Waking up in the middle of the night.

(For Europeans, ‘cause I don’t know how Australians do) I’ll wake up at 2.30 am to watch VMAs on this Monday, with my best friend coffee. 

9-When a Taylor song/album is #1 in your country.


10- You know Taylor loves and cares us equally and you love her so much too.


Ruins of what is said to be Erik the Red’s home in Brattahlid, a Viking settlement in southern Greenland. The settlement was established in the 10th century and abandoned in the 15th century. The town included the first Christian church west of Europe. Viking settlements in Greenland were abandoned due to the plunging temperatures of the “Little Ice Age.”

anonymous asked:

What is weird via the timeline is that education in China is different from Europe/the West. I think it's 9 compulsory years but lasts from primary (ages 6/7 to 12/13) then junior secondary (12/13 to 15/16) then senior secondary (15/16 to 18/19) so.... the characters could be anywhere from 12 to 19 over the entire timeline, which might explain why he tian can look so older if those parts he was like 16? Also I honestly think it's just old's art style. Lol! Mysterious!

Haha I’m not that familiar with China’s education system since I don’t live in China myself, but I believe they are currently 初中生 (Grade 7-9/ typically 12-15) 

(Copped this off Google)

The general consensus seem to be that they are in their final year of middle school now, thus 15 years old. I agree it might just be Old xian’s art style that makes them look older LOL. 

On another note though, I think Jian yi, Zheng xi and Guan Shan are believable 15 year olds, but He Tian is a real mystery. It’s not just his adult-like physique and looks, his general character doesn’t seem like that of a 15 year old. How do I say it, it’s like he’s too… experienced? And too well-rounded. There are no chinks in his armour, you know what I mean? The uncertainty of a teenager trying to find his foot in the world, He Tian is missing a weakness like that. Think about it, he’s smart, strong, good-looking, popular, rich, good at studying and good at fighting. Not just good, he’s one of the top 3 in the cohort in grades, possibly the best fighter in their school, and probably one of the most good-looking guys too. He’s like a super overpowered character. 

When it comes to the romantic aspect of the story, Jian yi personifies all the insecurities of discovering his sexuality as a teenager, and his fears of losing Zheng xi if Zheng xi finds out about his feelings towards him. 

Whereas He tian 

<shoves his tongue down another boy’s throat in public because no biggie>

Like boy what did you go through in your life previously? Are you really 15 years old?? Not to say I don’t like how his character is like but that fearlessness (confidence? sorry can’t think of the right word rn) isn’t something you usually see in a 15 year old no? That’s the thing that bothers me the most about He Tian and his age tbh, more than his looks. 


Irish step-dancing is known for how quickly the dancer’s feet move. It was popularized in ‘94 when the show Riverdance performed. Many people actually call the dance “riverdance”, but it’s just the name of the show. Many female dancers will wear wigs styled into tight, ringlet curls. Legend has it that when the British banned dancing, the Irish would close the bottoms of the doors and continue to dance, but keeping their torso and arms stiff as a board, another character of this type of dance. 

(Image credit: One, Two, Three)

The Warschauer Kniefall (Warsaw Genuflection). On  December 7, 1970, visiting West German Chancellor Willy Brandt made an impromptu kneel when visiting a monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Although seen with some controversy in West Germany, the move was well received in Poland and is now seen as the beginning of normalizing relations between West Germany and Eastern Europe.

People making negative remarks about a black actress being cast as Valkyrie probably don’t know as much as they think about the Vikings or European history

“Even the Vikings of Europe did not exist in pure white racial isolation. The Vikings, or rather the conglomeration of Scandinavian peoples we’ve come to call Vikings, conquered and colonized where they found weak powers in the disorganized west of Europe. To the east, they also tapped into rich multicultural trading networks — fighting when useful, but delighted to engage in economic and cultural exchange with great powers of Eurasia. That included the Jews of Khazaria, Christians dedicated to both Rome and Constantinople and Muslims of every sect and ethnicity. Islamic coins, in fact, have been found buried across the Viking world, a testimony to the richness of this exchange.

In fact, the whole notion of a pure white medieval Europe, so important to white supremacists today, is false. The fixation on skin color is largely a modern phenomenon, alien to a Europe dependent on a Mediterranean world composed of people with varying shades of brown skin. It’s not that medievals lacked prejudice or hate, but our hang-ups and divisions were not theirs. Medieval Europe was not isolated from the broader world, but rather participated in a “Global Middle Ages” that linked great Eurasian and African cultures through the movement of things and people (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not). One of the vectors of those connections was, of course, the Vikings.” (x)


Good Morning from Scotland.

Fiery Skies over Fisherfield by Donald Beaton
Via Flickr:
A dramatic sunrise over the mountains of Fisherfield, North-west Scotland.

I have some thoughts about things we can do to improve the radfem community here. Some are general ideas, some are problems I have with the way we’re behaving as a group. I’m not pointing fingers because a lot of this is stuff I want to work on myself.


  • Stop acting like libfems. I will clarify as I go on, but to sum up what I feel like is an issue we really need to nip in the bud asap, as a community we’re becoming more prone to exactly the nasty, obsessive and generally stupid behaviour that we decry in liberal feminists. Some of it comes from the influx of people fresh from the libfem community, but there are a lot of us who really should know better and should be doing more to stop this behaviour becoming a common thing.
  • Stop seeking fights. Going on the blogs of those idiots who are just waiting for a chance to throw insults and adding stupid inflammatory comments and showing it to your friends until they bite is a waste of time and it just makes you look like a dick, which affects all of us. If you’ve not actually got anything useful to say then show some self-control and go and do something that’s productive or at least a healthy way of entertaining yourself. If you do end up in a fight, then retain some self-control - stick to your point, don’t start accusing people of stuff they’re not doing, leave it when there’s no use continuing.
  • Stop ignoring disability. Something that’s struck me for a long time is how little enthusiasm there is for acknowledging disability in feminism. Posts about ableism and misogyny get a whole lot less attention than most other ‘intersections’.
  • Stop making misleading content. Your masterpost on trans male crimes needs one (1) reference to Christopher Hambrook, with multiple sources for it as back-up (which helps since I find a lot of sources are defunct). It does not need all those sources for the same thing to be included with descriptions that look like several different incidents. It does not need you to twist the details provided or add ones that you don’t provide a source for. Some people actually do read through those things.
  • Stop using mental illnesses as insults. Misogyny is a well-oiled machine, it has clear methods and goals, and when you call misogynist behaviour psychotic or deluded, you’re obscuring the nature of misogyny, you’re removing responsibility from the perpetrators, alienating the women still upholding it, and adding to the stigma of people who are already suffering.
  • Stop posting to RFG. I know that most of the people posting on there are likely men trying to start infighting, but let’s not kid ourselves that nobody in the community could be tempted by the power of being able to say stupid shit with apparent anonymity. I think it serves useful for keeping track of people who are causing real problems in the community and for seeing if something that’s been happening to you has been happening to other radfems, but there’s so much that’s just people saying shit because they think they can get away with it. If you’ve got a problem with someone or something then discuss it maturely.


  • Start using legitimate sources. The Daily Mail, Daily Star, GenderTrender and similar are not credible sources. The first two have a well-known reputation for outright lies and I’ve never read a GT post that’s contained the original sources for any of the statements made. You knowing something is true does not mean that unverified content becomes acceptable back-up for a point.
  • Start remembering the world outside of the USA. Our default for statistics and general information is the USA. Canada and the UK are included to a lesser extent, but still the USA comes out far in front. Everywhere that doesn’t speak English, especially everywhere outside of north/west Europe, doesn’t get a look-in aside from the occasional article or if they happen to be involved in a point we want to make about something else (for example, Germany and legalised prostitution). We need to make a renewed effort to involve and support those women in a real way.
  • Start encouraging positive activism within the community. In the radical community, how many languages do we speak? How many of us can code? How many physicists? Chemists? Doctors? Historians? Educators? With all the cumulative knowledge and experience we can help out other women in the community in their outside lives, and we can help women in general. Between us we know so much, and we have the ability to get that information to a very large number of places without even a ridiculous amount of work from each. 
  • Start discussing the ‘bi women v lesbians’ thing like we’re all actually old enough to use the internet. The misogynist insults are disgraceful. The refusal to acknowledge actual lesbophobic behaviour is disgraceful. If the only contribution you want to make is whining or throwing jabs, then shut up.