Okay so it may seem like I have issues or something idgaf but when I first saw this with the moving epic music and everything I legit teared up…like actual watery tears


This means they filmed everything.  When Nazzy and Mo reunited and hugged for the last time, Trevor talking to them, putting on the uniform one last time (omg I die), EVERYTHING.  I’m going to need a DVD of it all RIGHT NOW. 

The amount of money I would pay just to be in that room…

/don’t mind me I’m just over here in the corner being a crazy emotional wreck

The Vancouver Canucks trio was incredible and intimidating with an intoxicating blend of speed, power and finesse. The line combined for an eye-popping 119 goals and 272 points in the 2002-03 season and was arguably the game’s greatest alignment during that campaign. And even though the WCE would eventually slow down, at its best it was a runaway train.
331. The Morning Blue

I will miss the morning blue –
The spindly arms of silhouettes:
Trees by the water side.
I will miss the rolling glass
The river’s eye that sees those trees
Upside down and gleaming.
The far off light set dim in fog
Lost somewhere between shadow and sky,
A beacon of white slides out of view,
Yes, I will miss that too.
And the creaking hinges between train-cars
And the morning masses gathered
In pools of breath, on cold cement
Overcoats and suitcases
Like figures from a film-noir dream,
Commuters, I will miss you.

“Sometimes it doesn’t end on the ice. It continues on the plane, where Bertuzzi sits at the front like Dennis Miller, slicing and dicing his way through the team with gut-splitting barbs. No one is spared, not even the guy who feeds him passes every night. During one particular flight home Bertuzzi started jabbing Morrison about his hair. "You’re 24 and bald” Bertuzzi blurted out. For a few seconds there was silence. Then came the response from the back of the plane. “I’m 26 a*shole.”

– 4/3/02: Gary Mason of the Vancouver Sun about the chemistry between the Bertuzzi/Naslund/Morrison line.

Riders on the phone

Every day I take a commuter train into the city. I get 30 minutes to relax while the West Coast Express skirts around the traffic, regardless of the weather, on its predefined tracks. The WCE is the crème de la crème of public transit. Even if the train cars are crowded, the ride is smooth and comfortable. And the other riders are mostly polite.

Part of the riders’ politeness could be due to each of them being in their own spaces. Earphones shut out external noise, and those who aren’t sleeping are engrossed in reading, playing games, or working. On a normal day, I can see several laptops, smart phones, tablets, and e-readers in use from wherever I sit.

I was hoping to take advantage of this time to write today’s post, as usually there would be so many people to use as fodder for my mobile morphism blog, but today this ride is different. Only one person is using an e-reader.

My friend Gina played a couple of rounds of solitaire on her iPad before she got bored. The guy next to me has an older model clamshell phone. How positively discouraging.

The concept of widespread mobile morphism is only real if it’s true. But ever since my massage therapist friend challenged me to live a real existence, I’ve been noticing the world a lot differently. Maybe because the weather has been so nice lately, others have felt the same way.

Today’s train ride played the host to several stories of the weekend’s escapades. A young woman just returned from a week-long vacation in Kauai. She models the diamond ring on her finger as a symbol of an event that took place while she was away (obviously not alone). Another had just returned to working out at the gym this morning after only two hours sleep. (She insists she feels great, but I expect she’ll crash around noon).

Typically, guys are the ones asking all the questions; they rarely invest social capital into these discussions. When the women are finished talking, there is nothing left to be said.

Fortunately I still enjoy my mobile omniscience even when the rest if the world doesn’t care to play the game. I couldn’t think of the right words to use so I opened http://m.dictionary.com/synonym/ in my iPhone browser for ideas.

I’m already looking forward to the train ride home.