SIDESHOW: Sometimes there are other ideas that I think would be awesome. So think of these as guest blog entries from other sections of my brain.

This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called Cornel West Wing. All quotes are by Dr. Cornel West, activist and academic.  The idea for this blog was texted to me by my mayor, Eric Papenfuse. 


An idea from basicallylizziebennet: “West Wing AU where everything is exactly the same but the episodes are named like episodes of Friends,” or as I shall call it…

The Friends Wing, Season 1 (Seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

1.01 - Pilot (same on both shows)
1.02 - “The One with Mandy’s New Client” (Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc)
1.03 - “The One with the Missing Glasses” (A Proportional Response)
1.04 - “The One with Leo’s Anniversary” (Five Votes Down)
1.05 - “The One with the Big Block of Cheese” (The Crackpots and These Women)
1.06 - “The One with the Census” (Mr. Willis of Ohio)
1.07 - “The One with the Indonesians” (The State Dinner)
1.08 - “The One with the National Parks” (Enemies)
1.09 - “The One with the Goldfish” (The Short List)
1.10 - “The One with Toby’s Coat” (In Excelsis Deo)
1.11 - “The One with the Lunatic Brit” (Lord John Marbury)
1.12 - “The One Where the President is Sick” (He Shall, From Time to Time…)
1.13 - “The One with Bananas” (Take Out the Trash Day)
1.14 - “The One with the Rabbi, the Quaker and the Priest” (Take This Sabbath Day)
1.15 - “The One with the Root Canal” (Celestial Navigation)
1.16 - “The One in L.A.” (20 Hours in L.A.)
1.17 - “The One with the First Lady’s Ex” (The White House Pro-Am)
1.18 - “The One with The Jackal” (Six Meetings Before Lunch)
1.19 - “The One with Mandy’s Memo” (Let Bartlet Be Bartlet)
1.20 - “The One with Josh’s Regular Tuesday Suit” (Mandatory Minimums)
1.21 - “The One Where Sam Gets His Picture Taken” (Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics)
1.22 - “The One with the Signal” (What Kind of Day Has It Been?)

Before people start telling me what I should have named something:

  1. I didn’t want the episode titles to be massive spoilers, like “The One Where Everyone Gets Shot At” or “The One with the President’s MS.”
  2. No, I did not misspell root canal.
  3. I really didn’t want to touch the Sam and Laurie plot (except for the one episode that I think handles it fairly well), so there’s a shortage of Rob Lowe pics – sorry, Sam fans!
  4. When in doubt, I tried for the funny rather than the poetic/heartwrenching/esoteric/intellectual.
  • Bartlett:what do you got?
  • Toby:the federated states of Micronesia.
  • Sam:Toby says its a country
  • Bartlett:it is a country, you know where?
  • Toby:I assume it's a small island in the South Pacific.
  • Bartlett:it's actually six hundred and seven islands in the South Pacific. Interestingly while its total land mass little more than 200 square miles it's occupies more than a million square miles in the Pacific Ocean. Populations 127000 and the U.S. Embassy is located in the state of ponapei. And not as most people believe, on the island of yap.
  • Toby:and why would you have this informational your disposal?
  • Bartlett:parties.

Happy 5th Birthday West Wing Week! For the past 5 years, we’ve brought you inside the West Wing as never before. Watch President Obama take you through his week in this special 5th anniversary edition.


Yeah, it gets dark and it’s not as funny.  Sure, there are some dud episodes.  Yes, it definitely sucks what happens to Toby.  But I don’t believe that you can call yourself a fan if you give up on the show entirely once the Sorkin era is over.  And here are ten reasons why.

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