Share her face as much as possible! My good friend Brianna has been missing since Friday. She was last seen getting into a car with a man that she didn’t know at a gas station in Michigan. If anyone has seen her please call your local police station, try to talk to her, and contact me ASAP. She’s a mother of 4 little ones & wouldn’t just vanish. Please keep this going around & your eyes open for her. Thank you guys so much!

769: Mothman

It’s really no surprise they’re mentioned so often, gotta be the eyes and a certain lack of humanity in its behavior. It sometimes scares me a little…

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Zone of Fear

731: Mothman

Last but not least, we have “Lost in the Night” by THBD, giving this soothing baseline that felt as if the night sky is holding my hand as I roam the forest. Was the mothman divine in nature? Mutation? We probably will never know.

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This was was a whole lot of fun!! If you enjoyed this little experiment, message me about other crypts you’d like warped by music and maybe we can get it back and running in the near future~

The Actual Song~