Hey, did you guys know that Greg Pak is amazing?

You did?  Well, do you know about Kingsway West?

You can preorder the first issue of Kingsway West right now.  Why should you?  Let me tell you!

Kingsway West is an alternate history magical western.  If you’re me, that sells you right away.  Let me give you Greg’s pitch here:

“ KINGSWAY WEST tells the story of a Chinese gunslinger searching for his wife in an Old West overrun with magic. The four issue Dark Horse miniseries is written by Greg Pak with art by Mirko Colak, colors by Wil Quintana, and letters by Simon Bowland. The first issue hits comic book stores on August 24. Readers can pre-order the book at or with their local retailers. “

Yes, this is a Western with a Chinese immigrant as the hero.  Yes, there are dragons.  Yes it has love and action and all the badassery you could hope for from this premise.  Guys, I got to read the first issue in advance and it is everything.  So jump on that and go pre-order Kingsway West right now!

Taylor vs. Kim/Kanye

Honestly, I am so over Kim coming at Taylor. From the video Taylor is seen talking to Kanye about his song “Famous”. What I have gathered from this drama is the following:

1. Taylor didn’t know the line “that bitch” was going to be in the song.

2. Looks like Kim/Kanye were trying to frame Taylor by recording the conversation.

3. Selena is not allowed to stand up for her friend. (Twitter will have none of that)

4. Even if Taylor lied (I don’t think she knew everything) we have no actual proof.

5. People believe Taylor is ruined now. She’s not.

6. Taylor is not allowed to respond back, but when she does shes playing the victim.(let’s make up our minds on what she can do guys)

So far, this is what I have gathered. I think Taylor will be just fine. Now for Kim/Kanye I think you two have hit an all time low. Just because you have so called “proof” doesn’t mean anything. As far as i’m concerned you are both egotistical and clearly have nothing better to do than attack people, for the hope of getting famous again. 


autumn in bruges by mariusz kluzniak