Can’t wait for the show! Here’s my artwork for the 58th GRAMMYs 🏆🎵

Throwback to Full Flex Express
tbh I love this picture. It’s so natural, so peaceful. Even though it’s just Wes resting next to Sonny when he has an adorable smile on his face it makes me happy.

  • Rolling stone magazine: Any chance of squashing your beef with Taylor Swift, after your comments about her "booty"?
  • Diplo: We squashed it! I saw her at the Grammys and she was supernice and cool. Her fans loved the beef, though. That's all they have — they don't have, like, real things going on. It's still startling when these artists pay attention to my Twitter. Like, Ed Sheeran unfollowed me when I said something about Taylor — I can't believe these people even know who I am.