Werk 2

sometimes i sit here and think about how annoyingly hard it must have been for adam to learn how to aim with his augs. and i dont mean getting used to his arms and eyes when aiming with weapons. I also mean the weapons INSIDE him like the nanoblades and titan PEP thing.

Shidge Week Day 4: Angst

Tbh I don’t think this is angsty enough…but here we go! :DDD

Basically Allura throws a fancy banquet and Lance tries to play wingman, but things don’t turn out too well because of Pidge’s lack of self confidence :(

Also, I won’t be doing day 5 of shidge week unfortunately :(( 1. Cuz i couldn’t think of any good ideas for the prompt and 2. The werk lyfe man :’D. I’ll be doing day 6 and 7 though!! :DDDD