Werewolf Cop

Lowell Dean’s WolfCop is hitting Blu-ray (exclusive to Best Buy until May 12) and DVD on March 10 via Image Entertainment. If you can’t wait that long, it’ll be on VOD beginning February 17.

I caught this horror-comedy back at Rock and Shock; trust me when I say you don’t want to miss it. I’m only disappointed they’re not using The Dude Designs’ gorgeous poster for the cover art.

Special features:

  • Commentary with Writer/Director Lowell Dean and Special Effects Artist Emersen Ziffle
  • Wolfcop Unleashed featurette
  • The Birth of Wolfcop featurette
  • Outtakes
  • Wolfcop music video
  • Original concept trailer
Feature Film 'The Wolfman' Being Adapted From Slain Policeman's Novel!

Feature Film ‘The Wolfman’ Being Adapted From Slain Policeman’s Novel!

Believe it or not, this is the second different story to feature a werewolf cop in two days!  This story has a heartwarming twist to it. There is a film in the early stages of development based on a 2008 novel entitled The Wolfmanby slain NYPD auxiliary policeman, Nicholas Pekearo (pictured). Pekearo was a fledgling novelist and would’ve been ecstatic to know his novel was being turned into a…

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real books

I am reading the ‘recently received and forthcoming’ mailing of our local sci-fi bookstore (among other reasons, it would make my mom happy if I read more hard copy books and less on the computer). (My therapist says it’s generational.) (Anyway.) Some of them, well…

Like, oooooohhhh, an AI going rogue. How novel. And someone being revived after 100 years. Also novel. I’m sure the three-sentence summary isn’t doing it any favors, but YAWN.

I cannot fault the descriptiveness of the title of ‘Werewolf Cop’.

Author, I can understand why future humans might call their human-resembling enemies Sims, but you should really be aware that much of your year-2015 audience has other, very non-intimidating associations with that word.

This premise is potentially interesting and I don’t think I’ve seen it before, but that may be because it doesn’t make any sense.

Oh, look, more rebelling AIs.

If someone is willing to kill to make the Internet a nicer place, I don’t really care if they realize they’re being manipulated. They need a secure mental health facility, at best.

…Why is A.A. Milne’s son a character? Should he even be alive in 1968? On second thought I have no idea when Winnie the Pooh was written, I just feel like it was earlier.

'WolfCop.' Is this going to be a thing?

Uh… Nazis, aliens, Ark of the Covenant, characters named Guy Pentecross and Sarah Diamond, and Section Z… For some reason this does not strike me as a hardcover kind of book…

Oh, god, Mary Doria Russell’s written a thing. *eyes warily*

Fairy tales collected in the 1850s and never published? Could be interesting. (‘The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales’.)

That’s not how you clinical trials. Although I guess the people in the book could be doing them wrong on purpose.

All right, this just makes no sense. “On post apocalyptic Earth, every person is born a twin, one physically perfect Alpha and one deformed Omega. Whenever one twin dies, so does the other. The Alphas have gathered the world’s resources for themselves; the Omegas are ostracized. …” Um, I’m fairly sure that the Alphas would be deeply invested in the condition and location of the people whose DEATHS WOULD KILL THEM.

I am not convinced WWI Germany could have invaded the U.S.

Midnight, Texas smells kinda Night Vale-y to me. Guess there’s nothing terribly wrong with that?

I don’t think Artemis is a good name for a pleasure planet featuring humans and animals bioengineered to help guests enjoy their stay. Unless they were going for irony.

I was so happy when I saw this series had been continued. And then I was so sad.

This sounded like a typical Sherlock Holmes fan-novel until I got to “…having faked his death because he has come to the conclusion that he is a fictional character.” Okay, you have my attention.

Like… don’t title your novel about a dude with a high-tech prosthetic arm and a lady Russian spy ‘The Hydra Protocol’. That’s not quite as bad as ‘Sims’, but…

Shannara books are still being written? Huh.

Jupiter Ascending is everything beautiful in this world.

Academy Award winning actor Eddie Redmayne looks like he’s walking a fine line between suffocation and orgasm for the entire movie and I’m so into it, Mila Kunis is a bratty self-insert, and her and Channing Tatum, TORTURED SPACE WEREWOLF COP WITH WINGS, are both straight out of that fanfic you wrote when you were fourteen. Space is BEAUTIFUL. God bless the Wachowskis.

I have a lot to say about jupiter ascending (SO MUCH, OH MY GOD,) that i’m going to have to make a comic tomorrow or something because JESUS

but seriously go see it, Q and I pretty much collapsed in the movie theater laughing for literally two hours, mila kunis is the self-insert oc of every 13 year old’s dreams, channing tatum is a half-albino packless winged ex-cop space werewolf with antigravity roller skates and eddie redmayne is going to be haunted by this movie for the rest of his life