Here are the Koopa Kids, or Koopalings, who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 by Nintendo, which came out in February of 1990. 

I loved these characters to bits as a kid, and drew them all the time. They’re all burned into my brain now as a result. I vividly remember seeing my friend Oliver fight Larry Koopa for the first time and I remember being delighted that the Koopa Kid was playing a saxophone. I later learned it was supposed to be a magic wand. Kids today won’t experience confusion of that sort, and frankly they’re worse off for it. 

AND THAT’S A WRAP!! Every playable female character from smash 4… a full set… wow… just in time for me to look back at the oldest ones in horror, lol. I’ll probably do some redraws soon, so I guess this may be the last smash lady, but it’s not the last smash lady at all. :’D

I’ll have her as a print at Modesto Con and SacAnime, and she’ll be up on my etsy in early July! :3c

Thanks to the couple people who came and hung out with me while I worked on this! I hope to do more streaming this month, since I do have so very many many many prints to draw.

The Bros Mario: Noir

A few months ago I was trying to think of a way I could re-imagine the characters from my favorite Nintendo series. The Bros Mario Noir is a series that takes the characters from the colorful world of Super Mario Bros and throws them into a dark, gritty world inspired by classic film noir movies.

Detective Mario

Police Commissioner Toad

Peach Toadstool

Detective Luigi


Wendy O

Sir Mouser

Kingpin Koopa & Peach

Daisy & Luigi



The Mario Bros