Those who hold the ability to slay dragons are called

                                                                                      Dragon Slayers


The drawings I’ve promised to you are here! Hope you’ll like them as much as I do💗

The gruvia drawing is based on a fanart by @pennytf
It was SO GOOD that I had to make my own!💙💙

Natsu: Man, this war is really dragon me down
Lucy: Stop.
Gray: Yeah man, puns totally aren’t cool
Lucy: No!
Gajeel: Jeez, quit steeling the spotlight with your lame-ass jokes
Erza: Stop it you three!
Lucy: Oh Erza, thank-
Erza: You’re turning Lucy scarlet with your bad humour
Lucy: Not you too!
Wendy: I don’t know - I think they’re Marvelous
Happy: I don’t think Lucy’s too-
Lucy: Don’t you dare-
Happy: Happy - about this turn of events
Cana: Cool it guys… I don’t think Lucy can beer another pun
Levy: This is all Fairy clever, but poor Lucy looks like she can’t take too much more
Lucy: …….
Lucy: ……..
Natsu: We keying you up Lucy?


Fairy Tail Chapter 527 Reaction 

Me: Mashima can we have a happy Zervis family?
Mashima: Good news and Bad news. Good news, I have this nice chapter cover. Bad news, I’m going to kick you in the dick for asking me stuff.

Me: *sighs* Fine. 


The new trailer is OUTTTTTTTTT