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Smh black men on facebook are calling Simon biles a bed wench & a ghetto gagger for being BEST FRIEND with Zac efron and some portugese man. Why can't they let black women live? They also are trying to downplay Gabby douglas's performances, black men really hate black women no matter what we do.

I’ve seen it. And people swear black men don’t hate when black women date IR. The same black men giving daps to Kanye West and other black men for getting with “PAWGS” or “Foreign” girls, can not stand when black women do the same. Black men are the main one’s who have problem with black women dating out, because they believe black women’s bodies for property to use to help them dethrone white men. Their outlook on everything is super patriarchal and extremely self serving.

Fridays | Part 7 |

Plot - He didn’t think things could do downhill so fast. He blamed himself, but who else was there to blame? He did that to himself and now he was facing the unavoidable consequences. 

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Jungkook nervously glanced at the clock, time not being on his side and going slower than usual. His foot tapped on the ground impatiently, gnawing on the pen in his hands. Jimin glanced at him from the corner of his eye, lightly nudging him when the teacher turned her back to the class to start writing on the whiteboard. Jungkook quickly looked up, his eyebrows lifted as the pen fell from between his lips. Jimin felt himself smirking as he rolled his eyes at the younger boy. 

“What’s your problem?” He whispered, laughing softly when Jungkook squinted his eyes in frustration. “You know exactly what’s my problem. The wench yelled it out for everyone to hear, especially (Y/N) and her little toy.” Jimin clicked his tongue against his teeth in annoyance, shaking his head and sitting straighter in his seat. Both boys kept their eyes on the whiteboard but continued talking to avoid getting in trouble.

“You do know that’s you’re fault? (Y/N) didn’t tell you to sleep with the wench.” Jimin scoffed and lazily scribbled down what the teacher wrote, not bothering to listen to the actual lesson. Jungkook’s grip on the pen tightened as he quickly wrote down the important words on his paper. “I didn’t think she cared.” 

Jimin froze, pausing to take a deep breath. “You’re lucky we’re in class, otherwise I would’ve punched your front teeth in.” The younger boy dropped his pen harshly on the notebook, turning to face Jimin, who didn’t spare him another glance. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be all buddy-buddy with her, so I’d shut up if I was you. You don’t get to be all protective around her because that’s my job-”

“Technically it’s Wonho’s job.” Jimin said smugly, shooting Jungkook a cocky smile. Jungkook opened his mouth to say something else, but shut it when he heard the bell ring. He quickly threw his things in his backpack, shoving people out of the way and making his way to your class. He faintly saw the top of your head through the large crowd, the absence on Wonho making his feet move faster. 

Once you were in arm’s length, he pulled you away from the crowd, dragging you down to the courtyard. You let out a small grunt, almost dropping the content in your arms. You turned to face whoever had grabbed you, ready to curse at them, but seeing Jungkook caused your eyes to widen. Pursing your lips, you narrowed your eyes at him. Giving him a deathly glare, you started to walk away from him. 

“Just hear me you.” He pleaded, his tone softening. His voice sent shivers down your arms, the want of hearing his voice again pained you. You set your stuff down  on the ground, opening your arms. “Go ahead. You’ve already wasted enough of my time. What more can 5 minutes do.” You held in a sigh, crossing your arms over your chest and waited for him to say something. His mouth remained agape, trying to muster the words he’s been wanting to say. 

“Yes, she’s pregnant.” You snorted, letting out a couple laughs. “Is that all? I could care less about who you get pregnant.” He felt his heart sink at how you were acting towards him, usually if he came to you about his problems, you’d stroke his hair, tell him everything would be fine, give him a kiss on his nose or temple. But you didn’t even soften your gaze at him, nor make an effort to make him feel better.

“I’m surprised she’s the only one actually. Considering you’ve slept with almost every living person on this campus.” You hissed, shifting your weight from foot to foot. You knew your words hit him like knives, but with the amount of fury running through your veins, you didn’t care. His eyes widened slightly, his mouth dropping in shock. He had never heard you say anything hurtful, you were always a bundle of hugs and sunshine. 

“I always thought of you.” 

The statement made you lose it. A round of patronizing laughs left your mouth, your head falling back in laughter. “You sleep with so many women, but I’m always the one of your mind? Give it up Jungkook, you’re making yourself look pathetic.” 

“It’s true. Yes, I sleep with them, I get pleasure from it, but I picture you the whole time. I feel your touch, I inhale your scent, I’ve always wanted it to be you. You make me feel pure, you rid me of all the things they’ve done to me. You made a different side of me.” His voice was almost begging you to believe him, but you knew better. 

“Shame, that would’ve made me melt if I actually cared.” You mumbled, picking up your things. He panicked, throwing the things out of your hands. His hands gripped your arms, pulling you close and pressing his lips against yours. Despite your hits against his chest to push him away, his grip only tightened. He cupped his hands against your cheeks, burying his fingers in your hair. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” He mumbled against your lips. 

You felt him being ripped away from you, shocked to hear the sound of blows being landed against each other. You saw a cluster of two boys angrily throwing punched at each other. In a panic, you grabbed the closest one, a gasp escaping your lips when you saw who it was. Jungkook spat out a bit of blood that had collected in his mouth, glaring up at the male who attacked him.

“Jimin, what the hell?” 

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Susan meets Madison in the Drowning Wench, both are exhausted after a long day of working. The pair find common ground in the fact they both work too much and mostly interact with just their Free Company co-workers. Madison immediately pegs Susan for a Private Investigator of some sort due to her inquisitive nature or just extremely nosy. Susan and Madison have two rounds of Oyster Drinks called Bleedin’ Hags which is the most touristy cocktail they could order off the menu. The pair talk about the Astral Agents Agency and the Sword & Spear Company. Susan remained vague about her complicated past when Madison asked her about her homeland. Madison seemed to cover up his own history with supposed recent woman troubles despite saying he was an open book.

The pair end up walking down the docks and watch boats leaving. As they talk they also watched fireworks in the night sky. There was obvious light flirting going on between the pair, Madison hinting that Susan might add to his list of women troubles. Susan explains she has no time for romance and if she really wanted something she would just go for it. Eventually Susan gave Madison her OSD Business card, explaining to him in more detail of the kind of Investigations her Department of the Agency deals with. She tells Madison to feel free to visit her Office anytime.

Susan and Madison have a moment where her psychometry activates as she’s touching Madison’s face, Susan ends up reading Madison and gets psychic impressions of his grandfather. Madison seemed turned off by Susan’s accidental intrusion into his past and walks off ending the night. Susan sighed and reminded herself why she left romance behind. Madison walked off as if he had rehearsed that same action over and over.


Renaissance Festival Wench Takes Down Sword Thief, Puts Him 'In A Headlock'
A man is facing charges of theft and resisting arrest after authorities say he crashed a jousting performance at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and tried to make off with a sword.

Would have immediately done the same… thinking, “If this guy gets away with one of @petermorwood‘s swords that’s worth that much, I am *never* going to hear the end if it…”. :)

When I come back from a mighty quest,

 I have no need for sleep or rest

I head to the tavern for a drink

I get so drunk I cannot think.

A wench by my side and a jug o’ mead

These are the things that I most need,

So I sit back a sing this song

and drink and party all night long!

Analysing what Shakespeare has to say about gender | OxfordWords blog
What does an analysis of Shakespeare’s collocates say about his views on gender?

As we can see, woman is associated with largely negative adjectives whereas the adjectives associated with lady are all highly complimentary and overwhelmingly positive. 

Moreover, these negative collocates for woman are predominantly native to English: ‘fat’, ‘foolish’, ‘mad’, ‘waxen’, and ‘weak’, whereas the positive collocates for higher-register lady are all Latinate in root, with examples such as  ‘sovereign’, ‘beauteous’, ‘virtuous’, and ‘honourable’.