Welp if you just imagine it hard enough

If he's so smart, why is he so handsome?
Justin Roiland (Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith)
If he's so smart, why is he so handsome?

Source: The Science of Rick and Morty Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2017!

Rick : He’s so handsome, uhhhh… He’s so handsome. He’s a dreamboat. He’s a real dream boat. 

Morty: Take it easy, Rick. Take it easy. 

Rick: No, Morty. Not this time. I’ve restrained for far too long.

Morty: Alright. Well, you do your thing.

anonymous asked:

Need some Presentation Michael, please?? Could I request some Hizashi headcanons? Like, domestic relationship headcanons? Pretty please??

You betcha!

  • Mic’s the cook; he loves being in the kitchen. He’s that guy jamming out to the bluetooth speaker in his boxers while he’s making eggs.
  • The pay off is that you do most of the dishes. It’s not the best job, but you don’t have to worry about burning things, so that’s kind of nice.
  • Erratic as his personality can be sometimes, he’s the neat freak who’s always chasing you to put your stuff away even when you’re literally still using it. He just likes a clean space, you dig?
  • He’s got a huge wardrobe. Between the two of you, it’s going to be a war for enough space for everything. You’ve got to talk him into donating clothes at least twice a year to keep things even remotely manageable.
  • He can’t drive! If you drive, you’re the one stuck doing all of it. If you don’t, welp, there’s always the train.
  • You’ve got bookshelves FULL of music. Vinyl, CDs, more casettes than you can imagine, and terabytes upon terabytes of digital-only releases on external hard drives.
  • He likes his stuff, but when you moved in together, he ensured that he was able to organize all of his stuff so that you could have enough room for all of your things as well.
  • His favourite thing about living with you is that he’s finally got someone to wake up next to on the daily, and that is so peaceful for him. And the fact that it’s you is just the cherry on top. He loves you.
  • You always have to come make sure he gets to bed at a reasonable hour because if you just leave him to it, he’s going to be up all night doing things on the internet and listening to music. He’s got too much going on in his life that he if he doesn’t have reason to look at a clock, the work just keeps chugging along with him in tow.
  • He’s a major selfie-taker and he’s got tonnes of pictures and polaroids of the two of you plastered around the apartment on the bookshelves, the fridge, inside the medicine cabinet, everywhere. He’s so happy that he’s got such a photogenic partner!