In preparation for Season 3(and our planned fan-dub), I remade a little something. I have been working on this track all day. Creating this track was VERY resource-heavy and as such, there were so many issues while mixing. I feel that it was well worth it, though! Without a doubt- my most impressive feat in mixing, to date.

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 the trojans and night headcanons.

alvarez usually stays up until two or three am. she can keep her mind clear without drinking dozen mugs of coffee, because, man, her body is bursting with energy. even demanding practices can’t exhaust alvarez enough to make her routine stable. first time she wasted about an hour staring into the ceiling in the faint hope of falling asleep. yet, step by step, alvarez got over the frustration and filled her nights with the movies she can’t watch due to studying, fresh night air and photos of sleeping trojans. the last one contains the most amusing part of alvarez’s midnight adventures. her gallery literally consists of hundreds of similar photos of the sleeping teammates. and videos where jeremy is murmuring different hilarious things in his sleep.

laila has been thriving in a big family, with two little sisters by her side, and if you think you can stress this lady out by disturbing or loud sounds, you’re being completely wrong. laila will fall sleep anywhere at any time despite the inappropriate circumstances. no wonder her favourite place to rest is the couch right in front of tv-set. although she never, i repeat, never turns off the tv, nobody still hasn’t noticed, because alvarez does it instead of laila. every night alvarez finds her laying on the coach whilst music channel is playing on the background, again and again she imagines her conversation with laila about environment and so on and so forth. but then laila dermott, innocent and unarmed in her sleep, with her body spread across the coach, catches alvarez’s eye, so that the only thought left is what have they done to deserve laila’s pure existence.

jeremy has got the brightest dreams of the team. this guy’s dreams embody all his emotions and worries, which is pretty much to handle, let’s be honest. in other words, all the events in the real life affect his mind. if the trojans are having an important game tomorrow, you’ll have to watch jeremy flinching in his bed or whispering something about exy. also, he leaves a bottle of water beside the bed, because all his mornings start with the thought of how dry his throat is like really what the hell it’s not funny anymore. oh, and guess who’s nominated on “the clumsiest exy player ever” award for the regular tripping over his own blanket/legs, subsequently waking everyone up? jeremy, of course.

facts you need to know about jean moreau: every night, before going to sleep, he drinks a cup of “green melissa” tea to calm himself down, he tries to fall asleep as fast as he can to not to face the darkness and silence and finally, sleeping jean is the sweetest thing on the earth - confirmed by jeremy. wrapped in the blanket, you can see only his nose and couple of curls - the rest of his body is hidden; curled up in a fetal position to keep the warmth inside of “the hideaway”. when jeremy saw him like this, he’d forgotten how to breathe and couldn’t help but watch this boy existing until the last one woke up.

Andi Mack Theory Time!

Okay, so I have been pondering over this for quite some time now and I think I might be onto something. We don’t know exactly what happened 13 years ago, but hints have been dropped, and after putting the pieces together I formed my own little theory. I don’t know if it’ll even be accurate, but I think it makes sense. This might be a little long though, but here we go!

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vorbisx  asked:

You can make some very well reasoned and thought-out arguments and then you can switch to some weird memes so you've got both the major food groups covered, well worth following to ensure a balanced diet.

i meant for this blog to be humor only but then something bothers me and i lack the self control to post it on another blog so im just glad it isnt completely unfollowable thank you 

The first part was answered just a few asks ago, but I can def do the scond part!!

Sweden: Sve would try to talk to them. He wouldn’t do the pathetic thing of being desperate, but he would diplomatically go and ask what it is that he did wrong, try to find if he could fix what ever it was. Very interested to know if it was all of it, or just a misunderstanding. Sve stating that a person like them, was well worth fighting to keep

Finland: He would be the kind that would make them something and want to meet with them. Shy and not something he really didn’t want to face, but he would try his best to try to level with his S/O  and see if there was perhaps a middle ground they could meet on.

Iceland: Icey would be the kind that would try to work it out through text. It would be very obvious that he really didn’t want to face them. Fear of rejection again, but he would ask them if there was a way he could have a second chance to prove that everything they had was worth more to him.

Norway: Norway would be the flowers and intimate person that would say hew was  truly sorry. That he wanted to try again if they were willing. Not adding any pressure, but it would be quite the sight to seethe Norwegian standing at their door with a bouquet and a look of deep remorse in his eyes.

Denmark: Den can be very diplomatic, he would buy them chocolates and try any way he could just to see them again. If it was something worth fighting for, he would make an effort to be there for them. Telling them that he really cared for them and that not having them there, just didn’t feel right in any way shape or form. He would try and pour his heart out in hopes that they would feel he deserved a second chance,

Hi!!!! I didn’t buy one of those Michaels squishies, but I did sit in Michaels for a good 15 minutes with my girlfriend stimming with them! I’m on mobile so poor formatting might happen. I’m sorry ^^’

SO the squishies were about 3-5 dollars and were EXTREMELY satisfying to squish! They had textured ones with sprinkles or rough material on them, as well as smooth ones! They didn’t have a scent to them, which i found pretty nice!

However, my only complaint with them was that the sprinkles/plastic bits/rough material did come off very easily, especially with my enthusiastic stimming. So, if you buy them be careful!!!!

In my local Michaels, they were in the bargain/clearance section, by the way! I’m in the southern US, if that matters any.

TL;DR: 3-5 USD, satisfying but not very durable, well worth the price (I thought at least).

Thank you so much, @redaffection! I’m so glad to know that they weren’t scented, since so many squishies are, and finding non-scented squishies online is often a big gamble.

I don’t know how well this will work in practice, since I haven’t yet owned a squishy with sprinkles on the top, but I’d try coating the top of the squishy with a layer of PVA glue, as it might help hold the sprinkles down to the squishy. (Ideally, do this before stimming with it for the first time, as a preventative.) The edges of the PVA do peel a little off the squishies I’ve repaired this way, but it does compress and rise with only slight wrinkling, and I just recoat the squishy whenever the edges have peeled off too much. A glue that’s actually designed to coat plastics like Liquid Fusion might do this job even better, but I haven’t felt the need so far to try this out.

And please, don’t worry about the formatting. I work off a PC most of the time, so it’s pretty easy for me to fix those little things.

- Mod K.A.

So I’ve rewatched this episode a few times at this point, and each time I noticed new things about this scene. As more pieces fell together, we get a clear picture as to just how brutal Lars’ death was.

And this specific screenshot says it all.

Why? Because LARS IS CLEARLY STILL ALIVE AT THIS MOMENT. (Look at how tense his facial features are. There is no way that Lars could make this face if he was dead right now.)

Why is that important? Look at what happened seconds before, and what happens shortly after.

1) The explosion.
The robanoid had just exploded, and Lars was physically on top of it when it happened. At this point-blank range, and without any sort of protection, Lars was exposed to the full force of the blast. Just imagine being blown up at point-blank. All the fire, all the force, and whatever shrapnel would have been flying around, that’s what Lars was exposed to. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL ALL OF IT.

2) The impact.
This happens a fraction of a second after this screenshot, but is still well worth noting. When Lars hit the wall, we could clearly hear a definite ‘crack’ noise. Judging by how he hit the wall, he most likely broke not just his neck, but probably his spine and skull, as well as several other bones, like his ribs or his arms. Along with this, there’s also a good chance that some of his organs may have been ruptured, such as his heart or his lungs. (Especially since the edge of the gem hole would likely have somewhat impaled him on impact.)

This is definitely the moment Lars died, as shown by how his face and body goes completely limp afterwards. But it’s still very likely he felt the agony of the impact for the split second before his death.

3) Lars’ scar.
This is probably the most brutal part of all of this.
As first said by the lovely @bedknees , the fact that Lars’ scarred eye was specifically covered by his hair before resurrection makes it very likely that his head was split open in that spot.

And I completely agree with this.

But how could this have happened? Shrapnel.

One of the reasons bombs are so deadly is not just because of the explosion, but also the resulting shrapnel that would be launched in all directions at anything in range. With Lars being at point-blank range of the explosion, he could’ve easily been exposed to this. And that’s exactly what I think happened.

Why? Because Lars’ scar doesn’t just slice through his cheek and forehead like skimming across a rocky surface may do. Lars’ scar also goes over his eyelid, which is shown whenever he blinks after his resurrection.

So how would’ve this gone down?

I think that a piece of the robanoid’s outer layer, probably sheetlike in shape, was shot through Lars’ head in a fraction of a second, cutting through this eye, skull, and brain, and launching out the other side. AND HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO FEEL THIS.(His hair deliberately covers his eye in this screenshot, in this moment where he is still alive, which probably proves this.)

And you can clearly see Lars’ face twisted in AGONY in the fraction of a second prior to his death.

Lars’ death was not a long, drawn out one, but was still a torturous one. To see just how violent and brutal his death was, it shows just how tragic this moment really is.

Bonus: Other possible scenarios

1) The shrapnel could’ve stopped partway into Lars’ skull, ultimately altering his brain function. (Steven’s magic likely wouldn’t be able to heal where the shrapnel would still be in)
(Although I think this is incredibly unlikely, since Lars is shown to act and function in the same way both before and after death. The areas of the brain that would’ve been affected would impair his speech, his perception of the environment, his motor abilities, his judgement, his emotional reactions, and his sense of self. This would result in a vastly different Lars than the one we know.)
(A similar injury has happened in real life; Phineas Gage. I suggest Googling him)
2) If the shrapnel had been much bigger, it would’ve cleanly cut off a large chunk of Lars’ head in a Mortal Kombat style death.

Y'all are literally so fucking annoying. Y'all are so quick to “cancel” a tide-turning movie (BLACK PANTHER, Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, etc) because of ONE thing. Like Trini, A KID, doesn’t confirm her sexuality to people she kinda sorta know in the first movie and suddenly it’s not worth seeing even though the cast is easily one of the most diverse cast in years. Marvel doesn’t include a lesbian relationship in black panther (which YES it is still very important) And y'all are just like “well it’s just not worth seeing anymore!” Y'all got a (valid) problem with Gal and suddenly it’s imperative to you to tell EVERYONE to not go see it because of it.

These movies are literally make it or break it for MANY REASONS: black panther is directed by black people, casted black people, for black people. Wonder Woman is the FIRST woman-led and woman-directed superhero movie. Power Rangers has one of the most diverse casts to date. Suddenly they’re SO BAD but y'all still go see fucking dr strange that WHITEWASHES ASIAN CHARACTERS and cheer on the prosecution of a woman for a white men crackship without batting an eye. Hollywood WANTS these movies to fail, so when they flop they can just be like “well we tried, back to Chris Evans starring in another Cap movie!!!!”

I get y'all are racists and your talk of “feminism and diversity” is all a front for this hellsite but DON’T ruin this for us. I’m tired of superheroes being whitewashed and male-driven and like 95% white. These movies have issues. But we can’t get anywhere without the movie doing good in theaters to begin with.


Wonder Woman: History Lesson by Houston Sharp

Featuring artist Igor Sid, Piotr Jablonski, Yuriy Chemezov, Roman Kupriyanov, Eve Ventrue, Max Schulz, Didier Konings, Raffy Ochoa

  1. The Complete Painting
  2. Gods Atop Olympus
  3. Gods Atop Olympus II
  4. Mankind Happy
  5. Mankind Corrupted
  6. Out of Water
  7. Walk With Mankind (Cut From Film)
  8. Betrayed (Cut from film)
  9. Enslaved
  10. Fight for Freedom
  11. Ares Kills Gods - Panel 1
  12. Ares Kills Gods - Panel 2
  13. Zeus Slays Ares
  14. Themyscira

Houston Sharp: I had the pleasure and honor of working with Patty Jenkins and her team to create the animated painting at the beginning of Wonder Woman. It was a huge undertaking, but I had a small team of super-talented artists to help finish it on time, and Patty & Co. were very supportive along the way. Each panel was painted separately, and stitched together into one massive painting. We tried achieving a classical oil painting look, while working in a way that was easy for the animators to work with (which meant keeping everything on their own layers, painting behind figures, etc.). It took a lot of planning and coordination between multiple artists, but it was well worth the challenge.