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Not for the first time, Marcus wishes he were a poet. Tomas drinks up beautiful words like wine, practically thrives on them. He thinks of his own clumsy attempt at a letter, begun and re-begun until the whole thing had been consigned to the rubbish bin. It was laughable.

Besides, he thinks, Tomas and Jessica wrote letters because they could not have each other.

“You have me,” he says softly, quiet enough that Tomas won’t wake.

I have written a fic, a Marcus-and-Tomas Road Trip fic, and you can find it right here! I will be uploading it one chapter at a time, but the fic is in the Final Stages so it won’t be a very long wait.

I know that no one here follows me for Exorcist content, and that it’s mostly Fantastic Beasts-ers, but this show is by far the best horror show on television and it’s well worth the watch for anyone who’s into such things. If you could help me out by reblogging this and spreading it around so that people who do watch The Exorcist can find it and hopefully enjoy it, that’d be a Real Cool Thing To Do, but it’s also entirely your call.

I wrote this fic because I wanted to (and because there’s less than a hundred of these on Ao3, what the heck,) but I also wrote it for @twobrokenwyngs! Merry Christmas in November!

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31 from your new prompt list, please! :D

Okay, funny story with this one. She forgot to send me a pairing, so I had the liberty of choosing and we agreed on OkiSai. :D So I’m going to tag @akusokuzan in this, as well. Hopefully, this was worth the wait.

“Kiss me.”

The whispered words had been completely uncharacteristic of Hajime; he had never been one to order anyone, much less Souji, to do anything. But he had meant them, with every fiber of his being. He was done trying to conceal his feelings for the other male; Souji had tuberculosis and was very likely going to die from it, so Hajime wanted to feel the sensation of the other man’s lips on his.

Souji clearly hadn’t excepted those words out of Hajime’s mouth, either, since he was gaping at the 3rd Division captain like he had seen a ghost. It took him a minute to regain his composure and he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Hajime, believe me, I want to…but I can’t…”

“Is there a problem?”

Souji sucked in a breath and closed his eyes. “What if I give you my illness…? I can’t run that risk with you…”

Hajime gently reached over and took Souji’s hand into his own, gripping it tightly. He then leaned up and placed a small kiss to his cheek. “Souji, please…”

A pale blush crossed the older man’s cheeks and his green eyes slid open, his features softening; unable to refuse Hajime’s request, he retracted his hand from his so he could cup Hajime’s face with both hands and lowered his lips to the shorter male’s. The kiss was a fleeting one and over before it really began, with Hajime finding himself wanting another taste.

It was clear that Souji was thinking something similar. “I think I want to try that again.”

A smile graced Hajime’s lips and he gingerly ran his fingers against Souji’s lips. “Then, go ahead.”    


I just found my new favorite YouTube series: a guy who takes CinemaSins apart AND does their job way better


She’s a good dog.
Very good dog .
She’s a good dog I posting.
She’s a good dog,
My God she’s good!
Can’t believe how good she is!
She’s a GOOD DOG!
For my dear life!
She’s just so freak…ing GOOD!
She’s a good dog.
Expensive dog!
This dog better live for bloooooody years!

Most young adults won’t achieve the idealistic goals they’ve set for themselves. They won’t become the next Mark Zuckerberg. They won’t have obituaries that run in newspapers like [the New York Times]. But that doesn’t mean their lives will lack significance and worth. We all have a circle of people whose lives we can touch and improve — and we can find our meaning in that.
As students head to school this year, they should consider this: You don’t have to change the world or find your one true purpose to lead a meaningful life. A good life is a life of goodness — and that’s something anyone can aspire to, no matter their dreams or circumstances.
—  Emily Esfahani Smith, “You’ll Never Be Famous — And That’s O.K.

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You know, I was going to just post another google search of why I hate this, but let’s talk about that one line. “Fetch bones from skeletons”. Which bones? Let’s talk choices:


Pros: Wide, keeps let’s you have hip joints, takes the abuse we give it, let’s us sit

Cons: Tilts easily, your tailbone will betray if you’re not careful, remembering the bony landmarks of the Pelvis is a god damn nightmare:


Pros: Holds our brain, let’s us chew food, a good place to attach facial muscles

Cons: doesn’t give us a bone for our nose, easily broken, I hate when you’re eating like macaroni or rice and because your nose and mouth are connected, the food will end up in your nasal cavity and you have to fucking snort it out, why are there so many fucking bones to the skull: 


Pros: Gives us opposable thumbs, let’s us touch dogs, let’s me pop my fingers in disgusting ways, don’t have arches like the foot which I have to remember for an exam I have Monday, let’s me type out this goof to you readers

Cons: The hand is Murphy’s Law incarnate, can get tired easily, I hate hand cramps, god I am so glad I didn’t have to remember all the carpal bones for school because look at how many there are:

Remembering all the bones of the foot was bad enough

And finally, Femur:

Pros: Strongest bone in the body, helps produces red blood cells, connects to your hip joint to allow you to walk, just a really neat bone

Cons: Can unfortunately still break so its not indestructible, your patella will ditch you in a second for your femur if you let it, APPARENTLY a bone club with nails hammered through it is not a good weapon in Pathfinder but man, look at how cool that is: 

Rad as shit.