Mariachi! Join a credit union by or on Nov. 5th, 2011, and protest banks’ gouging of customers in response to the financial controls imposed by the Durbin-Frank financial reform bill designed to protect consumers from the abuses of the retail financial industry.  

Bank of America feels entitled to charge you $5.00 monthly to use your debit card.  Citibank will be charging $20.00 to low balance holders.  Wells Fargo is to begin testing a $3.00 per month fee.  Mariachi, do these actions make you feel appreciated by your bank?  You say, ‘No?!’  

Then now is the time to boycott your for-profit bank.  Do it for yourself.  Do it to punish the banks’ hubris.  Do it now en masse and flex your muscles.

For these new fees represent banks punishing their customers for having the gall via their elected representatives to have reduced their current 44 cents per debit transaction charge to a new cap of 22 cents set by the Durbin-Frank bill.  How dare the people do this say the banks.  Don’t they know they are entitled to make a certain amount of profit?!

Indeed, Bank of America’s response is to charge you $5.00 monthly to use you debit card and make up for their lost profits.  Bank of America CEO Moynihan justifies this cost not through any increase in operational costs but instead simply invokes his feudal entitlement, “understand we have a right to make a profit,” he says.  Ach so say the mariachi!  


Show the banks you can punish too.  Flex your right to walk out and demand fair treatment.  Join Bank Transfer Day this Nov. 5th, 2011 and move your account to a credit union.  

Find a credit union near you:


Monyihan also says, “I have an inherent duty as a CEO of a publicly owned company to get a return for my shareholders.”  It seems time to realign these interests.  Perhaps the B Corporation model is the answer where capital is mission-aligned for social purposes.  Mariachi commandos will discuss this more in another post coming to you soon.


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Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament & Matt Cameron @ Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, on Friday, April 29, 2016.

2016 North American Tour Setlist:

Master/Slave intro
Even Flow
Why Go

Main Set:
Who You Are
Let the Records Play
Spin the Black Circle
Do the Evolution

Bee Girl (Eddie Vedder & Jeff Ament)
Just Breathe (Eddie Vedder solo)
All or None
Comfortably Numb(Pink Floyd cover)
Mind Your Manners
Given to Fly
Daughter - WMA

Encore 2:
Last Kiss (Wayne Cochran cover)
Better Man
Throw Your Hatred Down(Neil Young cover)
Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)
Baba O'Riley (The Who cover)
Yellow Ledbetter

Wells Fargo Giving Back in Minnesota

Day 68 - We’re thankful for companies who put their money and their actions where their mouth is. Through their social responsibility program, Wells Fargo invested over $10 million in 1,700 Minnesota nonprofits and schools, in 2010. Team members also volunteered 130,00 hours in the community.



Wells Fargo admits monstrous guilt, no one goes to jail

Published on Apr 26, 2016

Wells Fargo just settled a lawsuit with the US Department of Justice, where they admitted, acknowledged, and accepted responsibility for having falsely certified that many of its home loans qualified for Federal Housing Administration insurance between 2001 and 2008. For that, they will only have to pay a $1.2 billion fine, which is a fraction of their quarterly earnings. Not one executive will go to jail. The Resident discusses. Follow The Resident at http://www.twitter.com/TheResident

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Las acciones de Apple suben gracias a Wells Fargo

Las acciones de Apple suben gracias a Wells Fargo - http://iphoneate.com/las-acciones-de-apple-suben-gracias-a-wells-fargo

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En un increíble momento, las acciones de la bolsa de Apple aumentaron en este martes, después de haber tenido algunas bajas este pasado lunes, todo esto es consecuencia de la inestabilidad y falta de confianza en la economía china, muchas bolas de valores se vinieron abajo de una forma im… - ver más: http://iphoneate.com/las-acciones-de-apple-suben-gracias-a-wells-fargo

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The last 12 months

Only a few know my story of the last 12 months. If you do not know or if you do you may still want to read on. It actually starts in 2010, as you may know I started my own business in 2010. It is a long and difficult road when starting your own business, but I would have no other way. Towards the end of 2010 business is slow and on top of it Cassie was not getting her full schedule of hours. This means we were running out of month at the end of the money. We needed some help, so we talked with our mortgage company to help. They stated they could help with a loan modification, but only if we were behind in our monthly payment. We did not want to do this but thought since they suggested this that it might work. We did not stop paying, we did pay less then our payment….listening to them is where everything went wrong.

Once we were behind they started the process by telling us what paperwork was needed to get assistance. We completed the proper forms and faxed them in. Called a week later and they did not receive them. Therefore we faxed again and mailed it in. For a second time it was not received. The third time I sent by certified mail with required signature, it was signed for and received. After talking with this company on the phone we were assigned a person that would handle our modification. For whatever reason, two weeks went by with us exchanging voice mails. We never spoke to each other on the phone. Then came a really bad day.

One Saturday morning as we were getting ready to head out for the day we got a knock on the door. It was a representative from a real estate office with a notice to call the office. I called and spoke with a young lady who informed me that Fannie Mae had purchased our house and we could choose to have 30 to 45 days to vacate the house because it had been foreclosed on. What?!?!? How could this happen, we were in the middle of a modification and was advised once in this process we could not be foreclosed on. Our Mortgage company was helping us through this situation. The young lady said well they sold the loan and home to Fannie Mae and we had to get out of the house. After finishing my conversation with her I call the mortgage company right away.

I was informed we were declined the modification because we did not submit the proper paperwork.Well in this conversation we came to the conclusion that I did submit all the proper paperwork but it did not matter, the loan was sold and no longer held by this mortgage company and therefore they could not help me. Sorry.

Now what? I looked online for an attorney, I found one but how could I trust this person I never met. I did not feel I had time to talk to someone and ask for their recommendation. God did bless us with someone who has fought for us this entire time. This person has also become a friend and I would gladly recommend her for any legal needs. Now back to story. At this point we get a eviction notice every couple of months and our attorney is able to fight it. We go from a county judge all the way to federal court. Worrying every step of the way if we will still have a house to live in next week.

Finally in December we get another eviction notice to get out 2 weeks before Christmas. Our attorney says that they want us to choose to have Christmas or keep our house. On the advice of counsel we have one more strategy to stay in home until our federal court date in August of 2012. We want to keep the house because we were wrongfully foreclosed on and want justice to be done. The mortgage company told us they were helping us and then pulled our house from right under us. This final play would be to file bankruptcy and put a stay on the home. This means we could stay in the home until august and give us a good chance to win our house back. In the midst of all this our mortgage company said if we found a new mortgage company to refinance they would allow us to keep the home. only problem is now our credit is bad because of foreclosure and my business is only 12 to 18 months old. No one would touch us with a ten foot pole.

The federal judge looks at our case in March and informs our attorney that we would be in great shape for our court date in august except for the fact we do not have any advice from mortgage company in writing. Since this case involves real estate we have the burden of proof, and it needs to be in writing. Then word of the people that work for the mortgage company would not stand in court. We did not get anything in writing from the mortgage company. Therefore our case is hopeless and the house would be lost.

Now we are backing out of the bankruptcy and looking for a place to rent. We are tired and do not have much hope about things right now. Our kids are aware of the situation and it is hard for them as well. Our credit is now in shambles and it is not easy to find a rental that feels like home. What do we pack and what do we put in storage?

I tell this story not get any pity but to warn those out there that might be in a similar situation. Things could be much worse I know. It is hard not to feel sorry for ourselves, especially me. If you have read any of this blog before you know of my struggles with depression, I am on my pills, but it is still hard to remain upbeat and motivated. We need prayer most of all. This is the most difficult thing we have been through as a family. Again I know it could be much worse…I am thankful for my wife and kids and we are a strong family. This situation still takes it toll on us.

I am focusing on the big picture, this is a learning step. I will remain positive. This has become p[art of our story. As I have said in previous post we are succeeding. This will become the turning point. I know God is still with us and this will lead to something better. It is hard to except but I know when we look back that this point in our lives will have served some purpose. Right now I cannot see it and wish it did not happen, but it did. We must pick up ourselves and move on. Thanks for your prayers and support….Oh and who was our mortgage company????

Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Wells Fargo. I do not like Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Wells Fargo I do not like Wells Fargo.

Did you catch their name?????? Until next time please comment or email. I do not really want to go into much detail about this situation, but if you find yourself in something similar I would like to offer my help and hopefully wisdom. Also if you need an attorney I know a great one. God Bless.

No, AND IT NEVER WILL BE. We were trying to finance something with one of their stupid Wells Fargo Home Projects visa cards and fuckery ensued. Their customer service people are useless, and I finally had enough and told the last rep to cancel the fucking application because I was tired of their bullshit and I could afford to pay cash for the stupid thing.


Look good. Play good. #RockTheRed #CapsFlyers (at Wells Fargo Center)

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