Well i thought it sounded pretty

Ted The Animator: “Hey, Carl, have you seen my Meesee- GAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Carl The Animator: “What?! What? What’s wrong?”


Carl The Animator: “Oh, uh, well… there’s a slight chance I might have not framed the shot properly.”


Carl The Animator: “Hey, y’know, that sounds like it would be a pretty cool character, actually… maybe we could write him into the episode, and–”

Ted The Animator: “No.”

Carl The Animator: “I just–”

Ted The Animator: “No.”

Carl The Animator: “I just thought maybe–”

Ted The Animator: “You’re not talking your way out of this one, Carl.”

Carl The Animator: “…humph.”


As many of you may know yesterday all of a sudden some racist, homophobic and MANY more terms top blog popped up. Well, I want you all to know that this blog was and still is run by Sarah (ryantherosstitute)  I along with a majority of everybody thought this account was a real person. You might be wondering how on earth do you know its this person? well 1, the pictures she used for “Kylie” is actually @quirkylerky how I found this you may ask? well @gregsgf reverse image searched these pictures and found it to belong to this girls we heart it account from 7th grade, 2, she somehow was able to ask for her email and hack into her account? Sounds pretty sketch right. She then answers my ask which I sent to be funny. So as you can see this hate net was technically her idea and I then messaging her that it would be really funny to make. Keep in mind this whole time I legitimately thought this joshntvler account was an actual disgusting human.

Anyways she messages me this

Now looking at this it sounds pretty sketch don't you think? How someone could just give you their email and then you somehow guess the password, regardless I ignored it idk thinking she was some sort of hacker

fast forward where we make this net, I notice someone mentions me in a post accusing Sarah and me of making this character up. I immediately turn to defend myself and Sarah, (big mistake) saying how sick do you have to be to create a disgusting homophobic account just for mere attention and an attempt for followers. (news flash! this person was sick enough)

I have attempted numerous times to contact Sarah and she has not responded. 

Here is who Kayla is (or what we all thought her to be “Kylie”)

Now you could say that Sarah isn’t behind this and that “w-w-well how do we know you're not the one who made the account” 1, I wasn’t even in the picture for this account until this whole “net” was created as I thought was a joke and 2, I do not know the password, email, or the “convos” Sarah had with “kylie. You can ask anyone that I’m close to that I would never do anything like this. As for everyone that has recently followed me in regards to the net, I want to apologize you shouldn’t have followed me because of some made up person. I really wanna apologize not only to all of you that were attacked by this person but to the person whose images were used without approval @quirkylerky 

@ienudi linked me this interview (and part 2) with sabo’s voice actor and so i reread it and now i’m dying because his interpretation of sabo is literally almost the exact same as mine???

Furuya: Meeting Luffy again after 12 years, I thought about it as well as I could and well… I thought that Sabo had probably wanted to go show himself to Luffy for a while too… Sabo himself was probably really moved about meeting Luffy again, so much so he wanted to cry, but he also came with the purpose to stand by Luffy, and then there’s also the Ace thing… So I just made myself conscious of those complicated feelings without actually thinking about the sound or how he should sound like because he’s a cool character.

this is….pretty much exactly what i was trying to get across in this meta??

and alSO

Furuya: (after being asked what Sabo thinks of Luffy) I’m certain he sees him as his cute “little brother.” But I also think he’s probably aware of what Luffy’s been up to and trusts him. I mean, as far as something really big doesn’t happen, I don’t think he’d interfere. I feel like a part of him believes in Luffy’s own strength as well?


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How do you come up with the titles of your stories?

Uh… I dunno. I just sit and think about it a while. Usually it just has to do with the theme of the story. My Last Thoughts are of You is pretty obvious. One Things After Another is actually pretty lazy because it just references the series of events that happen. Widower is the name of the akuma and references the death of a spouse, which fits pretty well. Plus it sounds creepy. I Do? is pretty self-explanatory. Serendipitous Fate has a lot to do with the overarching theme of the story. Pick-Up and Chase is a reference to pick-up lines and a few scenes later on that have to do with “chasing.” Lady and the Tomcat is like Lady and the Tramp, with the added bonus of Lady = Ladybug and Tomcat being, well, Chat. Uh, yeah. Or another story I’m working on is called (at least at the moment) Practice Makes Perfect. It makes sense with the story. I dunno. I just try to make it mean something, or reference something, or roll off the tongue well so it’s memorable. Like, I don’t like Practice Makes Perfect because it’s almost too obvious and too normal, so I’ll probably try to come up with something a bit more clever (Practice Makes Poor Choices? I dunno. I want a “P” word, or maybe Practice Makes Perfect, but too Much of a Good Thing Makes a Glutton? That’s really long though. Something like that but shorter).  

But yeah. That’s how, lol. 

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This is not important but one of my friend's name is literally Dionysus I just thought why of all gods and heroes his parents chose Dionysus

Well Dionysus was, beside wine and orgies {which those are two great reasons to name your kid} .the god of theater and he also represented liberty, since he liked to dress up as a woman and didnt gave a fuuuuck who was judgemental, so I think Thats a pretty name for a kid BUT thats only if they name him after the greek pantheon since there were several holy men which name was Dionysus in several religions….plus your nickname could be DINOsus which sounds ike you are the jesus of of dinosaurs

So I was checking my poto related tags last night and I thought, gee, i wonder if anything comes up when i search just ‘phantom’ and long story short i found that nifty rock over there called ‘phantom flourite’ and i thought “BOY DO I NEED TO POTO THAT ROCK”

and so i did.   This is my idea of what a Phantom Flourite gem looks like, specifically if Erik were a gem.  His/their stone isn’t so pretty, so he/they wear a mask, kind of like how garnet has the glasses.  

As you can see by my terrible scribbling up there, the metaphysical properties of a flourite stone are supposed to increase/stabilize intellect, psychic shielding, reasoning and problem solving skills, as well as help keep a user/wearer calm and rational in times of stress.  Which sounds like the facade Erik tries to present, you know? calm, in control, in power all the time.  So i figured not only does it visually fit my idea of Erik, it’s also kind of fitting metaphysically too.  

So I think that Flourites are kind of like Pearls, common and multi functional, but Flourites are more for small management tasks.  (housework, organization, a fancy secretary you don’t really trust or a butler!)  I think that, like Lapis and Sapphire and now Peridot, they don’t really have weapons, but they do have other powers.  Since flourite is supposed to increase ‘psychic shielding’ I thought maybe telekinesis or something similar would be fitting, especially if they’re common/low class.  

Phantom Flourite is an exception.  His/their psychic powers are a little impressive- where i imagine the common Flourite could lift/manipulate perhaps up to twice their body weight, Phantom can do upwards of twenty or thirty.  Maybe this is because of the unusual shape of his/their gem, maybe he/they’re just exceptional. Besides the psychic power, he/they are also inherently more clever/quick-witted then their peers (not to say his/their peers are dumb, but their mental capacities aren’t put to use by homeworld too often, you know??  if they have an original idea it’s credited to someone else), and has a knack for construction and music, music perhaps being a rarity on homeworld?  (i headcanon that the arts are gravely under-appreciated by homeworld in general, it’s all a luxury and a useless one at that) 

I feel like maybe these exceptional skills are what kept Phantom from being shattered as a gem that breaks the mold- maybe not.  Then again, Phantom Flourite could be a story on homeworld told by lowerclass gems who dream of rising above their predetermined place in gem society, and he/they are just regarded as a myth, like Erik is (within book canon, that is).

Okay so this is a little weird but here me out.

We know for a fact that Rborn and Yuni’s family are Italian. We also know Fon is Chinese but i don’t think we ever get confirmed proof that the other Arco are Italian too. And instead of saying these “strongest seven” are mostly Italian i came up with my own headcanons for their nationalities.

1. Skull is American-British or British-American. I’ve always looked at Skull and thought that he was one of these because it just…fits perfectly in my head??? I cant describe it very well but it seems right you know?

2. Verde is either from Switzerland or Austria. I have absolute no base for this aside from “this sounds really interesting and i like the idea of Verde’s first language being German”

3. Viper/Mammon is Half Hungarian Half Romanian. I was torn between these two because Romanian fits Viper’s look but it’s a pretty obvious choice and i also like the idea of Viper being Hungarian because why not? So i put them together

4. Lal was born in India to Indian parents but they moved to Australia where she grew up. Basically i saw some really cool fan-art once of Indian Lal and fell in love. The idea of her being raised in Australia is to do with her “no fucks given” personality and i can see her looking at different dangerous animals and thinking “I’ve seen bigger than this at home”

5.Colonello. So for some reason i fell in love with the thought of a Welsh Colonello. I don’t know why but here it is. I also have a headcanon that he moved to Italy where he met Reborn but i might touch on that some other time.

These headcanons are basically me saying i don’t like the idea of them all (sans Fon) being conveniently Italian to fit the whole Mafia thing. That and i really needed to tell someone this headcanon before it consumed my soul. I’m also really tired-Kes

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I have to say that when I first read comments and posts about Spock giving Uhura a tracking device necklace she didn't know was tracking her, I thought that actually sounded pretty bad. No one would want to essentially be spied on without their consent or knowledge. But once I saw the movie I liked it because really it's just a beautiful gift that happens to be made up of rare substances now that Vulcan is gone. Its precious and inadvertently can be tracked and that works out well on many levels

hahaha yes, even Zachary joked about that in that Q&A with the fans (I still can’t believe he was being actually serious xD for a while I wondered what he meant with ‘tracking device’ and we didn’t fully get the joke until we watched the movie!) and I guess if one read/heard about it before watching the movie, and without knowing the context of the joke, they’d get a bad idea lol. But in reality it really is a cute adorable ‘accident’ and the fact that the mineral could be tracked became useful (and might be useful even in future since she seems to always wear it). Symbolically, it’s sweet too because it’s like he’s always with her even when he isn’t, and in context of this movie especially (and his conflict too) it’s tender.
I love the scene where he talks about that amulet. When they are discussing how to free the rest of the crew and they can’t be sure they are in Krall’s base, nor that they are even alive, you see Spock in the background and you can tell the wheels are turning in his head haha… and then suddenly the illumination and he asks Pavel if he can track this vulcan mineral (of course he remembers the whole formula xD) and everyone is like ‘whut? why should a vulcan mineral be here’ and Spock matter-of-fact makes that almost smug face of his and is like ‘my bb wears an amulet that has it’ ( Btw, if anyone wants to know what’s the background music you hear in the scene and when he says he needs to go there because she’s there, the track is “a lesson in vulcan mineralogy“ by Michael Giacchino. Beautiful! /I need to get that soundtrack asap)

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No offense but as a casual viewers wouldn't you think Riley/Lucas don't actually talk that well? I mean they always struggled to put a label on their relationship and you can have good conversation but but not really communicate just saying 💜

No offense taken! Personally, I think Riley and Lucas talk well + I disagree with them not being able to communicate because I think they are able to explain their thoughts and feelings with each other pretty clearly (unless Riley’s having an inner conflict that she’s hiding from Lucas on purpose). Also, people can struggle to put a label on their relationship but have the best conversations with each other. They aren’t mutually exclusive things.

A conversation can sound awkward to everyone else but the two people having it. As long as what they’re saying and taking from the other person is important to them, that’s all that matters.

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I was thinking of voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson this year, but I'm having trouble finding information on them. Do you have thoughts or links on the two parts that sound actually decient?

Jill Stein is like a female Bernie Sanders to me and Gary Johnson is more to the left than most libertarians I’ve seen. 

OntheIssues summarizes their positions pretty well.



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I hope you don't mind my saying so, but I quite like your art style. It's really unique and stands out. Something about the lines I think. They're rough, but there's a certain... charm to them. Sorry, that probably sounds like a super generic complement. I'm not very good at putting my thoughts about art into words. I really enjoy seeing art posts from you though!

HHH I wish I can keep this ask forever in my inbox so I can just open it up whenever I lose my motivation but thank you very much! I don’t really had much confidence in my lines cuz they’re pretty messy. 

Well its due to my laziness and my tendency to rush so I just color straight after I sketch it. Am jelly how people’s line are so clean. Lines are like one of elements I wanna improve on. So there’s gonna be a lot of variation of line styles if you observe my drawn asks. Sorry I’m starting to ramble LOL

I just finished watching today’s episode! In my opinion, it was okay… but it could have been better. Of course, I’m taking into account that it’s impossible to squeeze in all the details from the manga into a 24 minute episode, so I won’t be too biased about it since it can’t be helped. Overall, I’m pretty indifferent. 

Here are some things that I liked; 

  • How they interpreted the character designs from the manga into anime form! I thought everyone looked really good. Mitsuura and the whole gang really fit in perfectly. That was successfully done in my opinion. 
  • The newly introduced characters designated voices! Each of them sounded really good! Mob Psycho 100 seiyuu’s are all pretty well chosen.
  • The recorder scene with Tenga, Ritsu, Shinji and their classmates. That made me so sad… I felt all the emotion. They did a really good job with bringing out the same feelings and atmosphere that the manga had. 
  • Portraying Ritsu’s inner turmoil. For me, the anime executed that fairly well. Not spectacular or anything, just adequate enough. 

Here are some things that I didn’t like;

  • How rushed everything was. Like I said earlier, I can’t be too biased because of my feelings that I have towards the manga already, though, it could have had a more consistent flow of events. It was a bit choppy.

In the end, there were pro’s and there were cons, which is expected. I won’t compare today’s episode with any of the others because there’s just no point. Every episode should have standards of their own. For episode six, did it reach the expected standard? Not quite, but it held it’s own.  

So I’m very confused right now.

I had a conversation with my dad a while back where he was, in typical fashion, pretty homophobic and I reiterated that I love girls and told him he’s still invited to my gay wedding someday. He told me he hopes I at least consider dating a man someday and I was like “Well I’m bisexual so that’s kind of the point, yeah”

But then I thought about it more and honestly? The thought of being married to a man sounds so unappealing and…disappointing to me.

Some background: most of the crushes I have had have been on boys, starting when I was three years old. I didn’t know being gay was a possibility until I was eight or nine years old, and didn’t realize it was a possibility *for me* until I was fourteen. I didn’t fully come out to myself until I was closer to sixteen.

The longer I think about it though, the more I wonder if any of those crushes were legit. I mean, I have distinct memories of thinking to myself something along the lines of “Huh, I haven’t had a crush in a while. Which of these boys is the cutest?” And then just picking one and sticking with him for a few months until I got bored.

I haven’t had a crush on a boy irl in years, I don’t think since I realized I like girls. All my crushes have been on girls or on celebrities, and the more I think about it the more I realize that when it comes down to it, I just think those guys have neat personalities and that I’d like to be their friend. I wonder if that’s all I ever really wanted from the boys that I genuinely liked.

Whenever I’ve liked a boy, as soon as he shows the slightest sign of reciprocating, my feelings just disappear and I honestly feel anxious and even repulsed. I can’t at this point ever imagine myself dating one. The label of lesbian seems odd and foreign to me, but tbh so does bisexual at this point. I don’t know if I’ll be able to figure that one out for a while, if ever.


Hypothesis: attracted to guys

Conclusion: not as attracted to guys as previously thought

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Yeaahh honestly I prefer Renegade mShep over fShep because Mark Meer is better at expressing anger, to me it sounds like Hale tries too hard to sound tough, she's better at emotional scenes

Ah, I heard the argument before. I think they both have their strengths but Hale does tough pretty well, so I wouldn’t really agree? As Renegade she can be quite chilling honestly. But I don’t really like comparing the two because it starts endless discussions when really, both are great.

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(Sorry for my english) have you asked the original creator if you could remake the game? P.S: I'm not trying to be rude, sorry if it sounds like that.

(adm: Nah, dw about being rude, that’s a perfectly normal question! And my answer is no, unfortunately. Since one of my goals was to learn how to use the rpg maker program, I thought HetaOni would be great for me to use and learn, and I wasn’t really planning on announcing it since, well, I wasn’t sure it was going to turn out good enough to let other people play, nor if I’d like working on it at all. Turns out I spent 2+ weeks working on it nonstop and the result was actually pretty good so I thought it would be nice to share. 

I have no intention of taking any credit for the story and will mention and support the original version at the beggining of the game, like many other fanmade HetaOni versions did. I’m not sure if the original creator said anything about not wanting anyone to recreate it or something, but if I find out that is necessary, I will do so and if they want me to stop working on it/delete it after I’ve already posted it, I will do so. In that case, I would want everyone to understand and respect their wish. Right now, I honestly don’t think there might be any problem doing what I’m doing, but I’ll let everyone know in case I find out this isn’t okay.)

Okay I have another Steven Universe prediction. The song Here Comes a Thought is gonna be in “Mindful Education”

My reasoning is this: the lyrics to the song are pretty obviously about anxiety. Mindful Education is gunna involve Stevonnie, who basically has a canon anxiety disorder… also the title itself, “Mindful Education” sounds like something to do with, well the mind obviously, and ‘mindfulness’. I don’t really know exactly what the ep is gonna be about but it seems like it would fit really well.. 

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I feel you about the English. My family is Russian and I understood it well, cause my native tongue is pretty close in sound. My parents never spoke it around be cause they thought kids would make fun of me if I had an accent. I only began speaking it when I started learning it in school. Joke's on them I guess cause now I live in England and have to speak mostly English and everyone likes to tell me how "interesting" my accent is and ask me where I'm from ><

Srsly it’s a curse. I know parents mean well when they don’t teach their kids about their languages and cultures, but it just takes so much away in terms of identity and such.
I get the frustration with the accent tho. My native accent still rings through especially when I get excited and then it doesn’t even matter what I was talking about because suddenly it’s all about where I’m from. So yeah, I get that :/

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Totally agree! IR has always been the one thing Kubo’s done well, despite whatever craziness was happening at the time. And I knew IR was popular in Japan, but I also thought they were popular in the US/West too? The fact that they’re so important to each other and that their relationship is the driving force of Bleach makes the spoilers sound REALLY fake. The entire manga is about them and then they get nothing at the end of it? Bullshit.

Oh, no, I’m pretty sure IR is the fan preferred couple here, too. IH just seems to have more traction here than in Japan. 

IKR, it’s incomprehensible. Last night I kept thinking of this one color spread Kudo did of IR alone on the beach having a picnic or w/e and just thinking to myself how does *that* coexist with a IH/RR ending. OR ANYTHING ELSE HE DID FFS. 

Anyway, I heard on the grapevine that the spoiler guy might posts pics soon. So there’s that. If it’s legit it’ll be something else because i didn’t think it was possible to be more disappointed at a finale than I was with Penny Dreadful. A feat, indeed.