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How to Get Kin Memories Within Minutes - An Easy Method!

Hey guys!

I notice a lot of kin have a hard time getting memories from their canons. Everyone likes having memories: they make you feel more valid, they allow you to find canonmates more easily, and overall they’re really interesting and often nice to have.

I have a simple method for getting kin memories that has worked very well for me. I’ve gotten plenty of memories from it, and it’s been a great way for me to confirm kintypes I question. Sooo, I thought I would share it!

It’s an easy and quick process to go though: exactly what everyone wants!

It’s basically self-hypnosis, which is not as strange and crazy at it sounds. Hypnosis is a very natural thing, and we go into hypnotic trances very often in our everyday lives (e.g. when watching TV). It’s not scary at all. It’s really relaxing, and is actually pretty similar to meditation.

(This can also be useful to fictives with unclear memories!)

I’ll cut to the chase and list the steps bellow the break~

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My worst fear on a test? The feeling of getting an exam paper in front of me, and not being able to remember anything, while back at home when reading the book I thought I knew everything. Sounds familiar? In that case, it may help to try these techniques. They help you practice retrieving information, rather than being familiar with the concepts you are studying. These have helped me loads, and I’m actually pretty convinced that these techniques are better than many others I used to apply, like rereading and regular summarizing. Hopefully they work for others as well :)

1. Summarise… in questions.

How do you do it? Instead of writing down facts, you convert facts to questions. Underneath the these, you answer them in your own words. This is technically the baby of summaries and flashcards. Don’t do this with every small fact, but rather convert several to one question, and omit the less important things always. You’re not going to remember every detail and most teachers don’t require you to (of course if they do, study them lol) .

Why would you do it? It is proven that asking yourself questions about the material enhances understanding and remembrance. Additionally, you can instantly quiz yourself on the material. Only reading your summary is not going to help you much with remembering, but actively retrieving information is! Also, when you’re reading and summarising the textbook throughout the semester, you’re already getting your study material for the test ready => less stress and work for when you gotta study.

2. Teach your peer / pet / pillow

How do you do it? Explain key concepts (many books provide these at the beginning or end of the chapter) to anyone who wants to listen. Don’t have anyone who wants to? Your cat probably won’t mind (but who knows what cats want tbh) and your reflection is always listening to you as well. 

Why would you do it? Explaining things to other people requires you to really understand what you are talking about, and you will more quickly find holes in your knowledge once you’re not able to explain it. Additionally, you’re probably gonna have to explain stuff on tests so it’s good practice.

3. Re-do your homework

How do you do it? Pretty obvious. Well, don’t write every answer down in detail again! For maths it may be useful to only tackle the most important exercises again, while for history you may want to spend an hour to just go over them all and test in your head if you can form a sensible answer.

Why would you do it? Going over the homework is always a good idea because 1) the theory is practically applied in those questions, so you have to think about what you have learned, enhancing integration, and 2) teachers are lazy and will often reuse or slightly modify textbook questions.

Birthday Kisses

Summary: You give an unconventional present to Steve for his birthday.

Word Count: 1,940

A/N: Happy Captain America Day! I decided to whip something up for this overly attractive patriotic punk’s birthday and this is what I came up with. Hope you guys like it :)

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Tiptoeing down the hallway, you quietly navigate through the living quarters to make a friendly visit at one of the suites, holding a vanilla cupcake with a candle lit in one hand and a fistful of confetti in the other. You’re certain that the birthday boy wide awake now, sketching in his notebook as he waits for the rest of the tower to wake from their slumber. Though he insisted that he doesn’t want to do anything for his birthday, you decide to make a little surprise of your own. 

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No decency II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, stepbrother!jungkook

word count: 10k

The next week Jungkook’s attitude made a turn, letting you relax around him until a night escalated and you got to see a side of him you never thought he would reveal to you.

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Owl post - Part 2

Part 1

Harry shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other, while looking at a dumbfounded Malfoy. Maybe he should have thought this whole thing through first. He apparated over here without even thinking of how he would explain to Malfoy what he’s doing here, how he even knows where Malfoy lives. There’s no way he can tell him he followed his owl one day, not being able to contain his curiosity any longer. It’s a wonder Malfoy didn’t spot him on his broom that day.

“Potter,” Malfoy simply says.

“Um,” Harry begins, “you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.”

The sound of Harry’s voice seems to shake Malfoy out of his trance. His whole body tenses and his eyes narrow.

“How did you find me?”

Harry smiles awkwardly and scratches the back of his neck.

“Well, that’s a funny story, actually,” Harry laughs nervously. “Do you think I could tell you over a cup of tea?”

“This is just like you,” Malfoy growls, “inviting yourself in like that. Does it ever occur to you, oh mighty Saviour, that other people have lives of their own and don’t answer at your beck and call?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry snorts, “am I keeping you from staring at your wall all day?”

Harry inwardly flinches. He didn’t mean to say that. His mind just snapped. Like it used to, whenever Malfoy was around. Maybe he will have to change tactics and just try to be… charming? But how does one do that exactly?

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anonymous asked:

I love reading what you have to say about anything in general (dan and phil, politics, your work day [even in passing]) and idk I just wanted to say hi + ask what you have to say about their new gaming video? I loved it, they were so (insert a multitude of different positive adjectives) and Phil is such a broad thinker it's amazing. I think (im pretty sure) you loved it as well and I just wanna read your thoughts, hahaha thanks!

can you hear that? it’s the sound of me screaming because i have to rewrite the entirety of this ramble after tumblr DELETED IT THE FIRST TIME ifjaoiwejraoiejroaeir. but YES oh my god. i did love this video. a lot. there’s so, so much to talk about. grab a fkn snack mate, bc this is super long. 

1. there’s been a lot of discourse about dan and phil’s interaction in this video. i received a handful of messages regarding dan’s apparently aggressive treatment of phil and one regarding the way people were apparently abusing phil in the comments under the video and calling him “stupid and untalented.” um. okay so i’ll work backwards. i have watched the video three times now. all three times i scrolled really deep into the comments. NONE of those times did i see a single comment that was insulting or demeaning to phil. where are people seeing this? i feel like this is a classic case of one or two people saying something happened and then everyone repeating it without actually checking the source. if anything, the yt comments are full of people saying firstly that phil is “too creative” for this game and has a fascinating mind, and, secondly, that he’s a full-grown man who doesn’t need the protection of his fans from dan of all people, the so-called aggressive bully in this scenario, who just so happens to also be his best friend and life partner. i definitely agree with that latter point.

something else that’s been lost in this discussion and that seems extremely relevant is that a lot of this video’s central dynamic, with dan being shocked and appalled at phil’s seemingly abysmal drawing skills and phil doing the absolute most in every drawing, felt really, really put on or exaggerated for dramatic/comedic effect. i think the very first instance of it, when phil draws his fucked up umbrella, and dan just sort of jokes about it looking like a palm tree for a while and then at the end just says like a few words about how extreme phil’s interpretation was—i think this was a super authentic interaction. but i also think they quickly gathered with the drawings that followed that it would be really funny to ham it up for the sake of comedy and that’s why phil’s drawings seemed to get intentionally more and more “creative,” so to speak, while dan’s responses got correspondingly more and more extreme and high-pitched and shriek-y until basically everyone’s eardrums were bleeding. i get why the video was grating to some people bc like,,, this shit can get tiring to watch when it seems so extra. but personally i found it very funny… especially bc of my next point.

this narrative around phil being some sort of unappreciated creative genius who was constantly being berated in this video by his callous friend and just sadly tolerated all of this abuse is not only annoying bc it infantilizes phil but also because it’s just … wrong? and overlooks two of my fav things about the video which were how supportive and ENCOURAGING dan was, even while he was trying to exaggerate his “holy shit phil how are you so bad” thing, and simultaneously, how assertive and opinionated and sassy (i hate that word but literally don’t know a better one to describe him in this vid) phil was the whole time. to the first point, i don’t think there was a single one of phil’s turns in which dan wasn’t passionately yelling saying something like ‘come on phil. you can do this’ and also giving him recommendations on how best he should draw the object to get the point. even when he was in the middle of screaming about how bad phil was, he seemed to occasionally rein it in with a compliment to balance it out. for instance, during phil’s lobster drawing, he did the whole ‘what the fuck even is that’ for a while and then immediately had to dilute it by saying something like, “okay but by the end i could totally tell they were claws.” or when phil very reasonably points out that he’s using his wrong hand which is why he’s struggling, dan immediately agrees and repeats it as if for emphasis: “they’re not using their wrong hand to be fair.” and he even calls himself out about this, with the usual “WHY AM I HELPING YOU???” i honestly read dan as wanting to go to his default mode of supporting phil and celebrating his lateral/creative thinking (reminiscent of when he did this in the impossible quiz) the whole time, but then also needing to keep the comedy going by acting so confounded by phil’s inability to draw simple objects. as mentioned however, phil does not respond in the typical amazingphil™ way to all of the taunting. whereas in 2014-15 era dapg bants, he tended to just remain docile while dan would make his ‘what the fuck are you on about’ comments regarding phil’s weird sexual innuendoes or whatever else, in this video phil was anything but docile. he was in fact quite consistent in giving his own opinionated statements/retorts. just an abbreviated list:

  • the bit where he names the robot bianca and dan immediately objects and phil basically goes, yes. i named it. deal with it. hoe.
  • when they’re looking at other people’s umbrella drawings and he goes “oh shut up. look at you with your perfect umbrellas” in the sneeriest voice known to humankind
  • when dan is making fun of him pretty intensely and phil actually adamantly defends himself and says, “put me under pressure, and i can’t do things.” doesn’t seem like someone who’s just submissively accepting dan’s mockery. he’s explaining why it was hard for him.
  • “look at arty jim down here” damn. arty jim got fuckin rekt  
  • “how is ‘lobster’ easy ???? ?  i mean what the hell,” again in the sneeriest voice i’ve heard
  • his absolute disgust that dan got elbow so easily, and the way he proceeds to shove dan and threatens to “elbow [him] in the face.” like damn. he fightin back
  • when he’s like ‘i don’t  even do anything with this hand’ and flops his left hand around i s2g he is trying to sneak in a cheeky sexual innuendo and slyly allude to wanking in the way that he does best and DAN DOESNT HEAR HIM THE FIRST TIME bc he’s talking and phil just stares at him while he flops his hand around and repeats “i don’t even use this hand it’s a dead weight” and dan absolutely doesn’t take the bait. oh my god. phil intentionally trying to annoy dan with innuendoes, and checking to see if he gets it,,,, that is the shit i live for
  • ‘all or nothing on the zebra’ cheeky laugh. damn.
  • the way he’s like ‘just shut up then’ to dan as he begins drawing the zebra. because he’s not taking dan’s shit
  • etc etc etc

and i firmly believe phil was HOLDING BACK in this!!!! !! ! and was still at least partially constrained by/aware of the camera and his usual role as the quieter, gentler foil to dan’s hysteria and melodramatics. so like. just imagine how much more assertive he is when the camera isn’t on. i don’t think any of y’all need to be worried in any way about phil’s ability to handle everything dan dishes out bc i think he’s happily returning it in full measure.

2. on a similar but somewhat unrelated note, phil spent a lot of time in this video sitting patiently while dan went on some truly remarkable monologues and i thought it was noteworthy, mostly in that phil just couldn’t stop looking at dan in apparent adoration even while he was being a dramatic child. i felt like the staring was much less guarded than phil tends to be—he’s usually so aware of the camera and consciously tries to maintain eye contact with the audience as much as possible, but there were just a few moments in this where i was surprised by how long he let himself just watch dan. 

during dan’s first ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

during dan’s random ass screaming about a raccoon idek:

during dan’s second ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

phil was p captivated. and these def are moments where he’s looking at dan for longer than usual, not just one-off instances of the most fleeting glances that i screenshotted for effect. i promise. 

3. there were some like,,, incredible exchanges during this vid that i specifically want to analyze.

first, the ‘dabble with a robot’ bit at the beginning when dan tries to get phil to admit that he’s making an innuendo and phil won’t do it. i loved this so much. i don’t even have anything much to say other than dan is trying to kill the innocent!phil trope so hard and it’s so funny to me. also. phil was def talking about robot sex. and right after he says dabble the first time, there’s this really obvious jump cut and the immediate frame following it is THIS:


second: ‘i think bianca has a crush on you and she’s mistreating me.’ let’s unpack this. because at first i was just like oh so some inanimate object with a vaguely female voice is showing a potential preference or softness for dan, and phil immediately thinks that she’s crushing on him. and that’s interesting in itself because it’s a surprising leap to make, tbh, and i would never expect phil to say it. but then the second bit, ‘and she’s mistreating me,’ stated as a completely natural follow-up thought. i initially didn’t even pay any mind to this bc like ok whatever he’s whining about not getting his point. but like. think about it for a second. in what context would someone who has a crush on dan mistreat phil other than jealousy or irritation due to the fact that phil is the reason dan is romantically unavailable? like honestly??? ? a platonic interpretation of that comment doesn’t even exist. ‘x has a crush on you and they’re mistreating me’ is literally only a thing someone would say to their significant other. tbh.

third, and my personal fav: the convo after phil ‘cheats’ or pushes dan’s arm while he’s drawing the spoon. just every bit of it. the way that dan leans in on his second repeat of ‘how would you do it then.’ the way that phil completely drops his on-camera voice when he says, ‘no we’re not doing best of three, we’re doing three rounds. it’s 4-2 right now.’ it’s the most natural voice ever, as though he immediately assumes this convo won’t be left in the video. and i imagine a lot of their behind the scenes negotiation as they film for dapg, regarding how things will be scored/structured, happens like this. as in, without some sort of CUT CUT PAUSE interjection to break the filming, but rather just a noticeable shift in tone to demonstrate to each other that they’re saying something that should be cut out in editing. to me, this is just completely reaffirmed by the amount of eye contact that immediately follows phil talking about the score. here’s an amazing gifset of it, which i need all of yall to click and look at, to really get what i’m saying here. and here’s my own screenshot bc y not:

it feels like phil definitely is trying to just have a conversation with dan to figure how they should proceed but dan is still performing a bit, and hamming up his exasperation for the camera when he says, ‘best of three, that would mean i win.’ phil then catches on, drops some of his softness and his natural voice, and immediately looks back to the camera. just. such a good, revealing little exchange. and as soon as the little natural moment is broken, phil immediately defaults back into the sassiness that he’s been demonstrating the whole video by saying, ‘i’m not! i’m just having so much fun,” in like. the world’s most sarcastic voice. then dan chiming in with the requisite fond “this guy” followed by “he’s so sneaky, can you imagine playing monopoly with him?” and that’s interesting too bc it’s dan ~breaking the fourth wall~ more explicitly and talking directly to us, and specifically to this section of his audience that has been voraciously demanding they play board games. he knows he’s being cute and domestic or whatever but at the same time it seems like he’s been genuinely a bit insecure about so overtly denying the audience something they’ve been asking for for so long, which is why he keeps bringing it up and trying to justify it in various ways–by explaining that it would be boring (as he said in his live show) or that it’d end badly (as he said on twitter and now in this video).

wow. just such a good and unexpectedly thought-provoking video. i loved it and genuinely laughed a lot even though the bants were so dramatic and overdone. they were having so much fun the whole time, in my opinion, and that, coupled with their continued lower boundaries regarding on-camera mannerisms, eye contact, touching, etc. seem to be the running themes of post-baking universe dapg. excited to see how these things develop over the course of the year! and also just so excited to see that they are actually carrying forward and sticking to their perceived re-commitment to the gaming channel that happened with gamingmas. they’re really making an effort to film in advance and post way more regularly than we’ve been used to, despite “life things” that are happening. they’re working hard to show us that they care deeply about this channel still and it’s just so uplifting to see that, and to be reminded with each video that they also have so much fun together, always :’)

(dan vs. phil: quick draw)

Just a Friendly Face

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Derek x Reader
Word Count: 2,816

Warnings: NSFW !! 

A/N: i’ve had major derek feels lately and i just really needed to write some derek smut, this was originally gonna be for stiles, but this worked out better than my idea for him. anyway, enjoy!

Originally posted by stilessderek

He hated you. He hated that you didn’t notice. He hated that somehow, you never smelt it on him, or heard his heartbeat rise whenever you came around. He hated that everyone else could see it, but you. You’d been friends since you were 15, went to prom together and even shared your first kiss with each other. But, that wasn’t all. You both made a deal that, if, by 17, you were both virgins, you’d lose it to each other. You both preferred to lose it to someone you were comfortable with, rather than losing something so pure to just a random partner that’d most likely leave straight after. So, you took each other’s virginity, and in return, he grew feelings that you didn’t reciprocate.

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You’re Unbelievable, You Know That? (Smut)

A/N: Finding out that Shawn is working with Armani KILLS me, okay? I won’t survive this, even if he’s just modeling clothes. So yes, this is inspired by that. 

This is mostly unedited. Fair warning. I’ll do it later. Also, you could almost consider this a “Keep It On” 2.0 if you squint hard enough. 


The car ride home is almost unbearable. Hell, the whole day is close to the same and Shawn doesn’t help one bit.

It doesn’t really matter what he wears, he always looks. But today he just has to go and ruin it for you. He’s always had a fondness for button up shirts, but ever since the shoot with Armani he’s upped the ante and gotten progressively worse.

The shirt he wore today is a solid black button up that clung to his torso in all the right places. As usual, his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the top of his shirt is unbuttoned. You let your gaze wander down the exposed skin of his chest and you can feel yourself get hotter.

“Babe, are you listening?”

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Purr For Me - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: Forgive me father for I have sinned. *sweats nervously* so um…I really have no excuse for this…other than the fact that I’m weak for Sirius Black calling his significant other ‘kitten.’ Also………I may or may not have a part 2 in mind where the tables are turned, so let me know if you’re interested! 

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“Sirius,” you hissed as the boy beside you rubbed teasing circles just above your knee, “cut it out!”

“Why? You don’t like it?” he cocked his head innocently, though it was clear he was anything but.

“You know damn well I do,” you elbowed him, “which is exactly why you need to stop.”

His hands moved steadily up your thigh, inching closer and closer to the spot you wanted him most. The place you needed him most. 

Discretely, he scooted his chair closer to you. You could feel his warm breath on your neck as he leaned in and whispered, “Come on, kitten. I want everyone to hear how pretty you sound when you purr for me.”

Chills coursed though your body as your face flushed. 

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late night confessions | Fred Weasley x reader


Everywhere people laughed and danced. But not you. You were sitting in a corner of the room looking at all the happy faces. You had waited so long for Fred to ask you to the yule ball and now you had nobody.

“Cheer up y/n, I’m sure he had a good reason for not asking you.” George said as he plopped down into one of the empty seats and put a drink in front of you.

“Well I know one reason, he just doesn’t like me that way.” You had told yourself that a million times, but saying it out loud hurt more than you thought it would. George gave you a sympathetic look as he moved closer to wrap his arms around you.

“You know, I’m pretty tired. I think I’m just gonna go to bed.” Sighing you stood up and quickly left the great hall before George could protest.

You walked through the empty hallways, the clicking of your black heels against the cold floor being the only sound that’s heard.

Sliding down against the wall you wrapped your arms around your knees and finally let the tears fall. This was supposed to be a magical evening but instead you were walking alone in the dark. The silence got interrupted by rapid footsteps coming towards you. Your heart started beating faster, anxious to know who it was, until finally someone rounded the corner.

“Y/n? I’ve been looking everywhere for you, why’d you leave so – are you crying??” Fred asked as he walked closer.

“Fred just leave me alone.” More tears rolled down your cheeks as you turned away from him.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me.” He said, sitting down next to you. You sighed in defeat, you knew Fred wouldn’t give up.

“Why didn’t you ask me to the dance?” The worry on Fred’s face turned to shock.

“What?” He asked bewildered.

“I waited for you to ask me, but you never did.” You could feel your heartbeat in your throat, you couldn’t believe you were telling him this.

“Y/n,” he whispered as he cupped your cheek. “I thought you were going with George.” Now it was your turn to look puzzled.

“But why? Why would you think that.” You felt a hint of hope. Could it be? Could he really feel the same?

“You two are so close, and lately you’ve been spending so much time together. I just assumed something was going on.” Slowly you started leaning in until your face was only millimetres from his.

“You’re the only one I want, Fred.” You told him before you connected your lips. After all the years you waited, you were finally kissing the boy you had been in love with for so long. Tingles shot through your body, your stomach was making backflips.

His hands slowly slid down your body, staying to rest on your exposed thigh, before sliding under your dress.

“Fred,” you stopped him. “not here, what if someone walks by?” He laughed before picking you up bridal style and running to an unknown location.

“I think I know just the place.” He smirked.

By now you were on the seventh floor, he took a left before stopping in front of a large wall.

“Fred? What are we doing here?” You asked as he put you down.

“Just wait and see.” The words hadn’t even left his mouth when suddenly the wall began to change and a door became visible. Too perplexed to speak you just let him lead you inside.

You entered a large, but almost empty room. The only piece of furniture was a king sized bed, and from the ceiling hung a beautiful gold chandelier. After a few seconds of taking in your surroundings you found your voice again.

“Where are we? What is this place?” You asked, turning around to face the red haired boy.

“This, love, is the room of requirement. It’s also known as the come and go room or the place where everything is hidden,” he explained. “but now that we’ve cleared that up, how about we finish what we started?”

In a flash his lips were on yours again, and his shirt was already lost somewhere in the room. Your hands roamed his bare chest as he began sliding of your dress, leaving you in nothing but your panties. Your nipples instantly hardened when the cold air hit them. He picked you up as if you were a feather and lightly threw you on the bed.

When he climbed over you, the both of you just in your underwear, his demeanour changed. He softly caressed your cheek and tucked a lock of your h/c hair behind your ear. You gazed up in his beautiful brown eyes as he studied your face.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/n,” he said, his thumb moving over your lower lip. “so perfect. Are you sure you want to do this?” Your heart was beating loudly, so loud you were sure he could hear it and feel it thumping against his toned chest. Your palms were sweaty. Your knees weak and your arms heavy, you were sure you would have fallen down if you were still standing. Too nervous to talk you just nodded. You weren’t nervous because you weren’t sure you wanted this. You were nervous because you had wanted this for so long. But what if it’s not what you always dreamed of?

One of his hands slowly travelled down your body, before he hooked his fingers in the hem of your panties and pulled them down. You felt the soft material of your underwear softly slide down your legs as he began rubbing you.

“Please, Fred.” You begged, pulling at his belt. In an instant he ripped his trousers and boxers off. He slowly spread your legs as he crawled on top of you.

You gasped in pain when he entered you. Noticing your discomfort he stopped and waited for you to get used to his size while whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

“It’s okay, love. It’ll get better. I can stop if you want me to.” After a while the burning pain turned into pleasure.

“You can move now.” You assured him. The moment you said that he began thrusting into you, hitting different spots with every thrust. The room was filled with your moaning and panting.

His thumb rubbed circles on your clit as he sucked on your neck, leaving love bites everywhere he could.

“Fred, I’m close.” He pulled out and slammed into you from another angle, pulling your leg up so he had better access. Not able to handle this much pleasure your body began shaking and your eyes rolled back.

“Let go for me, baby, I’m right behind you.” He whispered against your neck. Soon you hit your climax as you felt Fred release his warm seed into you.

He rolled off of you, you were both panting as if you’d just ran a marathon.

“I love you, Y/n” He said, looking you in the eye while pulling you closer.

“I love you too, Fred.” You were right, it wasn’t what you always dreamed of. It was better.

I’m so sorry it took so long, I’ve been so busy lately but I’m back! I hope you like it, again sorry for making you wait.

(Note: This is the part 2 of the interview. To read part 1, click here.)

Stephen Anderson began his career at Disney as a storyboard artist on Tarzan. He then served as Head of Story on The Emperor’s New Groove and Brother Bear, before making the leap to director on Meet the Robinsons.

So how did Stephen first hook up with Disney, and how many Meet the Robinsons-related anecdotes can I squeeze from his brain? Let’s find out in the second part of our EXCLUSIVE three-part interview…

Part 2: Working at Disney

The Disney Elite: You started your career at Disney as a storyboard artist on Tarzan. How did that come about?

Stephen Anderson: I got to Disney through a colleague at Hyperion. I became friends with Kevin Lima, who came to Hyperion to direct a feature adaptation of Thumbalina. His co-director was Chris Buck, who had been my animation teacher at CalArts. I helped out on that film as much I could because I loved the idea and I loved working with those two. Eventually the project got shelved and those guys left. Kevin went to Disney and directed A Goofy Movie and after that, Disney wanted him to direct Tarzan. He chose Chris Buck as his co-director and so, because of those connections, I was able to become a part of their story team on Tarzan. We’ve all heard that cliche about how so much of success is who you know? This was a perfect example of that.

The Disney Elite: After working in Story on Tarzan, The Emperor’s New Groove and Brother Bear, you made the leap to director on Meet the Robinsons. Would you explain how you made that huge transition?

Stephen Anderson: First off, the only thing I wanted to do more than be an animator was to be a director. In fact, directing (and screenwriting/filmmaking in general) really took over the older I got. As a teenager, I started seeing more diverse kinds of movies, learning about filmmakers, reading about how movies are made, about screenplay structure, about what a director is, and I grew to love the idea of moviemaking. It was really the films of Steven Spielberg that changed my path and made me want to be a director. First off, the level of emotion and audience reaction that I saw and felt when I watched his films was something I wanted to be able to give to an audience someday. Loving his films then made me want to learn more about him so through reading articles and interviews and watching ‘making of’ specials, I decided that that’s what I wanted to do. So this was always the goal beyond the goal.

After Tarzan, I became interested in pursuing the Head of Story role and was fortunate to be asked to fill that role on Groove and on Brother Bear. I had asked, before Brother Bear, if I could be considered for a directing position in the future so we were already having that conversation. Since I’d been performing leadership roles, they were open to the idea. I helped develop a project for the studio on the side, during the last year of Brother Bear, with the thought that if it continued, I’d be the director. It did NOT continue. I finished Brother Bear, moved back to California (because we had to relocate to Orlando for that project), and was then handed a script for A Day with Wilbur Robinson

The Disney Elite:Meet the Robinsons was one of Disney’s early entries into CG animated features. While Pixar had already released such brilliant films as Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and The Incredibles, over at Disney there was just Dinosaur and Chicken Little. Was Meet the Robinsons always intended as a CG film, and were you at all nervous and/or hesitant about making it one?

Stephen Anderson: Boy, the memory is getting hazy but, as far as I can remember, MtR was always intended to be a CG feature. Yes, in fact I remember that while I was still on Brother Bear, the announcement was made that the studio was transitioning out of hand drawn. I was slightly anxious about doing CG just because it was something new I had to learn on top of already trying to learn how to be a good director. But to me, the creative stuff is always the biggest challenge and the thing that occupies my mind most of the time. Disney has the best people in the world so I’m always confident that the movie will look good, sound good, etc. And I was lucky to have such great artistic and technical leadership surrounding me. I trusted them to help me out if I was confused or uncertain about the technology. They all gave me a boot camp in computer animation at the beginning so I felt like I had a pretty good foundation starting out and I felt safe asking about anything I didn’t know.

The Disney Elite: Meet the Robinsons was the first of Disney’s CG films that made me think, “Now THIS is the perfect pairing of film and format!” The slick, shiny surfaces of the CG at that time really served to complement the futuristic, retro/moderne look of your film. Not only that, but while Pixar was aiming more and more for a photorealistic approach to their animation, your cartoon was, well, CARTOONY! And not just the backgrounds and characters, but also the animation itself. For a relatively early CG film, you got some gorgeously goofy character animation in there! If you wouldn’t mind, would you make a list of the films – animated or otherwise – that you used as inspiration for Meet the Robinsons?

Stephen Anderson: Well story-wise, we looked at the movie You Can’t Take It With You. It’s also about an eccentric family with quirky personalities and passions. Bill Joyce, the author/illustrator of the book that MtR is based on, told me that You Can’t Take It With You was a huge influence on him when he was creating the Robinson family. With our art director, Robh Ruppel, we talked a lot about The Wizard of Oz and how that movie goes from a sepia palette to a Technicolor palette and that influenced the look of the distant past (when we see Lewis’ mother giving him up it’s sepia) and the future (bright, bold and Technicolor). With the animators, we looked at scenes of Jim Carrey as inspiration for both Wilbur and Bowler Hat Guy. Also a lot of Looney Tunes. We used to say that Lewis is a Disney character and Wilbur and the Robinsons are Warner Looney Tunes characters. Lewis moves in more of a solid, natural, Disney-type of animation and the Robinsons are zippier and invade your personal space more like Looney Tunes characters. Those are some of the main influences I can think of.

The Disney Elite: Another wonderfully cartoony element of the film is your choice of voice-actors. The voice-work often reminds me more of 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoons than anything Disney was doing at the time. I mean, there are some really unexpected picks in there (Batman’s Adam West, Roseanne’s Laurie Metcalf, There’s Something About Mary’s Harland Williams), all of whom do an AMAZING job. Oh, and then there’s YOU – voicing not one, not two, but THREE characters, including the mustache-twirling Bowler Hat Guy! Care to share the story behind that bit of kismet casting?

Stephen Anderson: Thank you for saying that about our voice actor choices. I’ve always been such a fan of those classic voice actors and I liked approaching our casting that way. We thought it best to not go with big names, but just solid character performers. To me, actors who have experience in theater, sketch comedy and improv are really best for animation because they know how to create strong and clear characters.

As far as my involvement goes, it’s pretty simple. I’m sure you know about the work-in-progress reels that we create, where we take our story boards and cut them to temp vocals, music and sound fx. Well, I did the temp voices for those characters and, after several screenings with my voice in there, folks just got used to it and eventually I became the voice of those characters. It was the same with other members of the team. Frankie the Frog, Uncle Gaston and Lewis’ coach, Lefty the butler, the t-rex that BHG unleashes - those were all voiced by members of the story crew.

The Disney Elite: Meet the Robinsons is one of those rare movies that makes me tear up every time I watch it. This is all the more rare seeing as how for most of the film, it’s funny, funny, FUNNY. It seems to me like this kind of emotional punch can only be created when a writer/director is willing to put their own emotions and experiences into their work. Was this true for you? And if so, would you mind sharing a bit of your personal story that effected the story being told in Meet the Robinsons?

Stephen Anderson: The adoption part of the story was not in Bill Joyce’s original book. That was something that two development executives and a writer had built in to the first draft of the script, long before I’d come on to the project. When the studio handed me that script, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. While my story differs from Lewis’, I still totally identified with his quest to know who his mother is and to find out why she gave him up. And the studio had no idea that I was adopted so it was a complete coincidence. Because I understood Lewis so well, I was able to bring out that emotional side much more. It was there in the original draft, but I felt we could strengthen it.

The theme of 'Keep Moving Forward’ evolved out of early discussions about adoption and my personal feelings about it. My parents were very open with me about it and told me I was adopted at a very early age. They used to tell me that when I became 18, I could access my records and find out who my birth parents were and that they would support me in that. So for many years, I looked towards that age as a big milestone and I was determined to find out where I came from. Then one day, I realized my 18th birthday had come and gone and I’d totally forgotten about starting this search. I’d gotten distracted by life, CalArts, starting a career, getting married, etc. And I was so lucky to have been adopted by such a loving family. What would finding my birth parents change? Nothing really. In fact, I’ve heard stories about people having very negative experiences reconnecting with birth parents and that sometimes it makes things worse for them. So the important thing was to not focus on the past but on the positive present and the promising future. And that helped us all realize that that’s exactly what Lewis is going through too.

The Disney Elite. Wow. I’m damned near speechless. That right there made my day, my week, my YEAR. That was incredibly moving and inspiring, Stephen. Thanks so much for sharing that.

Thursday: In Part 3 of our interview, Stephen Anderson tells us about his life at Disney post-Meet the Robinsons. There’s his work as director on Winnie the Pooh, his place in Disney’s famed ‘Story Trust’…oh, and his upcoming, TOP SECRET animated feature film project! He’ll also offer some GREAT advice for folks hoping to make art their life. If this sounds like YOU, make sure to come back and check it out. I hope you’ll join us!

All art via Stephen Anderson’s Instagram

NOTE: This interview would not have been possible without the kindness and assistance of tumblr user Morgan – a.k.a. that-guy-in-the-bowler-hat. Morgan runs the internet’s PREMIER Meet the Robinsons archive and fansite. If you are a fan of MtR, you MUST check out his tumblr a.s.a.p.!

“Instagram frightens me,” Bucky said, frowning at the screen on his phone.

Steve peeked at it as he passed by, then took a step backward to give it a good, long look. “…Why are they talking about our pecs like that?”

Natasha perked up from playing on her own phone. “How are they talking about your pecs?”

“Look what you’ve done,” Bucky hissed at the blond, hurriedly pulling his phone to his chest protectively.

Steve shrugged and held hands up helplessly. “Sorry.”

Natasha had already pulled his Instagram up on her phone. “You accepted my request, idiot.”

“Show me how to delete her, Steve,” Bucky ordered, shoving his phone at him.

“Too late–Oh my God.” She began laughing, and it had just an edge of meanness to it. “You guys actually thought posting a picture after one of your runs while your white shirts were saturated with your sweat was a good idea?!” Natasha actually began rocking side to side in her seat, cackling. “I’m dying–oh my God someone help-!”

Bruce walked into the living room and frowned when he saw her laughing. “What happened? Did an enemy meet a hilariously gruesome end?”

“They’re talking about Steve and Bucky’s tits!” Natasha shrieked, and finally rolled off the love seat, she was laughing so hard.

Bruce looked at her a long moment before he said, “Okay.” Then he turned on his heel and left.

Natasha was still laughing, so Steve and Bucky left too, before they had to listen to her tell someone else about how their fans were talking about their chests.

Unfortunately, for the next three days, Natasha burst out laughing every time she saw them, and soon the rest of the team knew about it. Apparently no one actually looked at the comments on their posts anymore since they could only handle so many heart-eye emojis, but they were suddenly willing to bear with it for the hilarious comments.

“Oh God damn it,” Bucky whispered when Sam handed him a plate with two pancakes on it, whipped cream nipples standing nearly as proudly as the other man’s smile.

“Sorry, man,” Sam laughed, not sounding sorry at all.

Steve looked like he might laugh as well, until Sam gave him a plate with the same thing. “Sam.

“What, you thought I wouldn’t make fun of you, too?” Sam asked, raising an eyebrow, before brightening when Natasha came in. “Natasha, did you see my masterpieces?”

Natasha looked at them, their pancakes, and then turned around to walk right back out, laughing again.

Bucky bent his fork in half.

Tony had been overseas for a business meeting, so he’d missed everything, and Natasha had finally stopped laughing herself to tears when she saw them. They were pretty sure they would get away with Tony never finding out.

Except Natasha was a huge fucking BITCH.

“Tony, you’re back!” Natasha exclaimed when he walked in, still wearing a rumpled suit.

Tony squinted at her, still jetlagged, but he’d wanted to see everyone before he crashed and slept for eighteen hours. Seeing nothing immediately out of the ordinary, he simply agreed, “Yes.”

She skittered over to where Steve and Bucky were sitting, grinning. “Tony, who do you think has the best tits?”

Steve and Bucky both had the distinct thought ‘I’m going to murder her.’

Tony blinked at her slowly. “…You do.”

Natasha opened her mouth, then closed it. “…That’s so sweet,” she finally decided, actually looking flattered, before she slapped her hands down on each of the men’s shoulders. “But I meant between Steve and Bucky.”

“Oh.” Tony wandered closer, humming thoughtfully as he peered very intensely at their chests.

After a moment, he reached out and cupped Steve’s pecs in his hands, either ignoring or not noticing the way he tensed up and squeaked. Bucky would have made fun of him except he made the same noise when Tony abruptly turned and did the same thing to him. He hummed again, then placed a hand on both of their pecs.

“…I can’t decide,” Tony said, and then did not move away.

They stared at him for a little while, worried, before Steve cautiously said, “Tony?”

Tony jerked as if he’d been shocked. “Huh?” He looked at his hands on both of their chests. “…I need to sleep,” he decided, and gave their chests a pat. “I apologize for molesting you.”

“It’s not molesting if we want it,” Bucky blurted out, and then set his jaw, because what the fuck, brain?!

Tony patted his cheek just a little too hard. “Maybe you need some sleep too.”

Bucky gaped as the other man turned and sort of… tottered away.

“He’s going to fall asleep in the elevator,” Clint said fondly.

Bruce sighed and got up to trot after him. “Tony, let me help you.”

“Be careful, Bruce,” they heard him warn as the doors began to shut. “I’m molesting people.”

“Quite honestly I would prefer that to you stabbing me to see if I’ll turn into the Hulk,” Bruce replied blandly.

Steve crossed his arms over his chest when he noticed Sam grinning at him, blushing. “What?!”

“Tony grabbed your boobs,” Sam said, then burst out laughing. “And he didn’t even notice!”

Steve turned to look at Bucky, frowning. “Do you just wanna leave the country?”

Yes,” he answered immediately and viciously.

“I think,” Natasha said, leaning down to put her face between theirs. “That you’re missing the point.”

Bucky glared at her. “And what point is that, you troublemaker?”

“Tony couldn’t decide which of your chests he likes better,” she explained, as if he was an idiot. “So maybe when he’s not about to fall asleep on his feet, you can offer to let him check again.”

“…I don’t understand why you’re like this,” Steve admitted.

Natasha rolled her eyes. “You’re both hopeless.”

“Seriously,” Clint said, raising an eyebrow. “She gave you the perfect opening to hit on Tony and you’re being too prude to do it.”

“Am not!” Steve answered immediately, because he never liked being told he was too anything, and Bucky got the sinking feeling that Steve was going to march him to Tony as soon as he heard he was awake to do just that.

“Couldn’t we just buy him flowers?” he asked, but Steve had that determined look to him. “Steve please.”

“We can get him flowers and ask whose chest is better,” Steve allowed. “It will be mine, by the way, so you can pick out the flowers.”

Bucky turned to glare at him, appalled. “No way, my chest is way better than yours! You’re gonna be super embarrassed when Tony tells you so, too!”

Natasha rolled her eyes as they began bickering and walked over to flop down next to Sam. “What did we do to get stuck with these idiots?”

“I don’t know about you, but Steve basically harassed me,” Sam replied, shrugging. “Whenever someone says ’on your left,’ I still get irrationally angry.”

So I have to confess that I’ve always thought of the Lion-Paladin connection as this matter of…

Once you bond to a Lion, they’re in your head. Just. permanent fixture. Pilot and Lion are two circles of a venn diagram and there is now a firm overlapping area, and it really doesn’t matter how close they are physically.

(And, as we see with Zarkon, that connection doesn’t atrophy even after thousands of years of disuse- it has to be actively destroyed)

And I guess I’m making a post on that, because I realized apparently not everyone sees it that way? So here’s some thoughts on brain melding and all that jazz.

Keep reading

All In

Requested by @andreuskystuffCould you do an angsty Peter Parker imagine where the reader has social anxiety and low self esteem? I leave the plot to you.

Synopsis: The reader has social anxiety and low self esteem and is nervous about giving a speech at school. Later, Peter Parker drags the reader to a party.

Word Count: 5,405

Warnings: Mega angst, as requested. (Also, underaged drinking 😱)

Tags: @thisisthelilith @avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes @idroppedthefries

A/N: I’m so sorry this literally took me over half a year to write! Hopefully the length makes up for how much time I took to write it, haha. Social anxiety and low self esteem are both topics that hit pretty close to home, so I was really grateful for the opportunity to write this. This was also my first ever request, so I’m very excited about it! Thank you so much for your patience! I hope this is what you had in mind :) 

Beep! Beep! Beep!

You awoke immediately from your deep sleep and rolled over on your side. It was 6:00 on another school morning, and you were definitely not ready to peel yourself away from your bed. You stared menacingly at the alarm clock, hoping you could scare it into silence. When it persisted, you rolled your eyes and slammed the snooze button down, then threw your sheets off. It was time once again to start another crappy school day.

You stretched your arms out and let out a huge yawn, then suddenly remembered that you were in the middle of a pleasant dream before your alarm rudely interrupted. You couldn’t quite put your finger on what the dream was about, but you knew it was a good one, and you were mad that it had to end. You started the painful walk to your bathroom and flinched when you switched on the unforgiving florescent lights. Waking up was the worst. But hey, at least it was Friday.

You opened your medicine cabinet to retrieve your toothpaste. When you shut it and saw your reflection, you froze. You studied every bump and red spot on your face, wishing that you could just peel it away. You looked away from the mirror in disgust and went back to brushing your teeth. You had only been awake for five minutes and you were already dreading having to show your face today.

When you finished in the bathroom, you went back to your bedroom and checked your phone. You saw a message from Peter and couldn’t help allowing a tiny smile to make a brief appearance on your face.

Good morning! Get ready to crush that speech today. Meet at your building at 7? Love you!”

The smile disappeared and you felt your stomach flip. Somehow, you had forgotten that today was the day you had to give your twenty-minute speech on literary devices in Lord of the Flies. You had spent weeks dreading it, and now it was here. You felt sick.

Peter knew that you were nervous, but he didn’t really understand. You didn’t want to explain to him in painful detail how bad your social anxiety really was. He had enough to worry about as it was. You didn’t want to be another bullet point on his long list of responsibilities. Besides, how could you compete with the entire city of New York that constantly needed saving?

Thanks, Pete. 7 is good. Love you right back,” You typed with shaky fingers.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, remembering tips your therapist gave you to help calm yourself down. This was starting to work, but then your mind started to wander and you saw the faces of your classmates staring back at you, judging you. You opened your eyes quickly and began busying yourself, trying to focus on getting ready for your day instead of dreading your speech.

You were packing your backpack in your kitchen when you heard a buzz. Thank god. Peter was finally there. You took another deep breath and pushed the button to let him up. You stared at the door until you heard a knock, then opened it way too quickly. Peter was surprised by how fast the door swung open, but he still beamed down at you. He had a box in his hands and held it out to you.

“Good morning! I brought donuts. Thought it might cheer you up,” He said, smiling shyly. You loved his shy smile. “You look great.”

You were so grateful that he woke up early just to buy donuts in the hopes that they would cheer you up, but you knew you were too nervous to eat them. You took the box from him anyways and wrapped your arms around him.

“Thank you, Peter,” You whispered.

“It’s no big deal. And if you’re not feeling up to eating right now, it’s ok. We can save them for lunch.”

“Thank god,” You said, exhaling loudly. “There’s no way I could eat without gagging right now.”

Peter flashed a sympathetic smile and grabbed your hand.

“You’re going to be great, Y/N. I know it. Come on, let’s get out of here so you can get this stupid speech over with.”

Although your hand was sweating profusely, he held it the entire way to school without letting go once.

When you walked through the doors of your high school, your chest tightened up immediately. You were still holding on to Peter when you made it to your locker to grab your notecards and put away the donuts, and you still managed to hold on as you sat down in your first class, ready to give your speech. You felt like if you let go of him, you might fall apart completely.

All your life you had gone through severe panic attacks and difficult social interactions alone, but now you didn’t have to. Even if Peter didn’t know about how hard you had it sometimes, he helped you through it all just by holding your hand. Maybe it was better he didn’t know, anyways. Sometimes people treated you differently when they found out. Your own father used to yell at you when you had panic attacks in public. You had gotten so used to hiding your anxiety that it was second nature to you. You could easily write it off as awkwardness or shyness every time. Besides, the fact that you had to keep it from him all the time gave you more motivation to try to keep your shit together. This was probably the only reason you were able to stand up and give your speech without any more drama than shaky hands and short breaths. When you sat down, you were dizzy and sweaty. But it was over.

“See, I told you you could do it,” Peter whispered. “You did great! And doesn’t it feel good to have it done?”

You nodded, but you didn’t believe your own lie. Sure, it was done. But there would always be more speeches, or job interviews, or even more pressure. There was always another obstacle you had to overcome. They never seemed to end, and they certainly never seemed to get any easier. You knew this was untrue. Ten years ago when the panic attacks started, you couldn’t even show up to class, let alone talk in front of a group of people for twenty minutes. But everything was still so damn hard. Sometimes even breathing was hard.

When the bell rang after third period for lunch, you stalled packing up your stuff so Peter would make it to your classroom before you had to walk through the halls. It always helped having somebody to walk with. When you were alone, you felt everyone’s judgment and stares drilling holes in your back. You could feel your muscles tighten up and your brain starting to overthink every tiny step so you wouldn’t trip and embarrass yourself. Usually this overthinking caused you trip anyways. It was all so ridiculous. You knew no one actually cared, but you just couldn’t help it.

You just finished zipping your backpack when you saw Peter’s head peeking through the doorway. When he saw you, he grinned and waved goofily. Seeing his face gave you a bolt of energy. It was like you had been sleepwalking the whole day and he had just woken you up with one little smile.

You walked over to him and grabbed his hand without even thinking.

“How was class? Learn anything valuable today?” He asked.

“Well, I learned that I should probably get more sleep. I fell asleep again.”

“You do look pretty tired,” Peter said with a tone of concern in his voice. “Are you feeling okay?”

Panic attacks always made you tired. Even feeling one pang of anxiety drained you completely. So naturally, you were almost always exhausted. But you didn’t want to explain this to him.

“Yeah, I just stayed up late last night working on my speech. I’ll be fine.”

This was enough to drain the look of worry from Peter’s face, and you were relieved. The last thing you wanted was for him to worry about you.

“Do you feel well enough to eat some donuts now? Because I’m starving.”

You were always anxious at school, but at least now that your speech was over, you were at a comfortable enough anxiety level that you could eat without gagging. And now that you thought about it, you were pretty hungry. You hadn’t eaten all day.

“That sounds heavenly. I’ll go grab them.”

After you both retrieved the donuts and started to make your way for the cafeteria, you tried to scarf yours down before you had to sit down at your usual table in the corner. Eating in a huge room in front of a bunch of strangers was always a challenge. You looked over at Peter, who didn’t seem to care what anybody thought at all. He had powdered sugar all over his mouth and nose and jelly on his chin. You laughed and grabbed a napkin from the table as you sat down.

“You might want this.”

Peter blushed a little and took it.

“For the record, I knew I had food on my face. I was just saving it for later.”

“Sure,” You scoffed.

“Well, hey, at least I didn’t scarf mine down in thirty seconds. I’m a food connoisseur. I try to savor it. Now your donut is gone and I still have mine. So, ha,” He said as he took another huge bite and got more powder on his face.

“Yeah, well, I think I’ll survive. There’s like six left.”

Peter popped his last piece of donut into his mouth and pushed the box towards you.

“Speaking of which, you want another one?”

You stared longingly at the donuts for a moment. You were still hungry, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to eat anymore.

“No, I’m okay. I was so hungry that I ate my lunch last period, so I’m pretty full,” You lied. “You go ahead and keep eating.”

“Are you sure? I bought these for you. I want you to eat them.” He said tentatively.

You nodded. “Just save me a few. It’s okay.”

You watched him as he continued to eat without so much as a care. He didn’t even seem to notice that there was anyone else in the room but you. You wished you could be more like him. You didn’t want to care, but you did.

“So, hey, I have a proposition for you,” He said between bites.

“Oh? And what is that?” You asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I know that you’re tired after your speech and everything, but it’s Friday and I think we should celebrate.”

“Go on.”

“Flash is having a party tonight. And I want you to go with me.”

“Flash? Flash Thompson?”

Peter nodded and swallowed the last bite of his donut.

“Are you high? What makes you think you can show up to his house? No, better yet, where is this desire to go to his house coming from?”

“Come on. Flash knows not to mess with me anymore…”

Your mind flashed back to a few months ago when Peter accidentally used his Spidey powers to throw Flash against a wall of lockers. You raised an eyebrow skeptically. 

“It’ll be fun, Y/N, please. I’ve never been to an actual high school party before.”

You studied Peter’s face. You could tell he really wanted to go, and that he really needed you to be there with him. You sighed.

“Okay, okay. Fine. I’ll go with you. Somebody needs to make sure Flash and his friends don’t kick your ass.”

Peter grinned the widest grin you had ever seen, revealing a little bit of jelly stuck between his teeth. Who could say no to that face? Just then, Peter’s best friend Ned Leeds ran up to your table.

“Oooh, donuts!” He exclaimed and grabbed a powdered donut without asking if he could have one. He saw you raise an eyebrow at him and stopped chewing for a brief moment. You shook your head with a chuckle. 

“Why are teenage boys such animals?” You asked with a smirk. 

“What?” He asked with a full mouth, a little bit of powder escaping his lips and dusting the table. “Did I interrupt something?”

“I just asked Y/N to go to Flash’s party with me tonight.”

Ned’s eyes widened and his mouth hung open a little bit.

“Are you crazy?!”

“Ned, please, swallow before you choke,” Peter said.

Ned swallowed loudly and gestured wildly with his hands.

“I said, are you crazy?! After what happened between you two, he’s going to want to kill you if you show up at his house.”

“Thank you, Ned. My sentiments exactly,” You said.

“Well…I was going to invite you, too. But if you don’t think it’s a good idea…” Peter teased.

Ned thought about this for a moment, then shrugged.

“Well, in that case…” He trailed off, grabbing another donut from the box in the center of the table.

You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. It looked like you were going to a party, after all. 

The rest of the day, Peter was in a fantastic mood. He couldn’t contain his excitement for the party. You tried your best to feign excitement, but inside you were cringing. You had never been to a party, but you knew it probably wouldn’t be very enjoyable for you. If you couldn’t even sit quietly in a room full of people, then how could you socialize with a room full of people?

After he walked you home, Peter told you he would pick you up at eight, kissed you on the cheek, then went on his merry way. You watched him walk away with a look of fear you had been hiding ever since you agreed to go. Then you went inside and paced around your room for hours, overthinking everything that might happen. What if he left you alone? What if somehow everyone found out that Peter was Spider-Man? What if the world suddenly ended while you were at the last place on earth that you wanted to be? You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.

You were doing this for Peter. He wanted you there with him. A year ago, you never would have thought someone would want you the way Peter did. In fact, you were pretty sure you would never love anyone that way, either. But you and Peter were the real deal, and you wanted to show him how much you really cared about him. He always did so much for you, so you could do this one thing for him, right? You realized that you might not survive the night, but you had to at least try. Besides, how many bad things could happen in one night? You were still unconvinced, but you went to your closet and started to rifle through it for a decent outfit anyways. If you had to go to this thing, you wanted to at least look your best.

You put on your favorite sweater and jeans. Although nothing about the outfit was too crazy, you felt uncomfortable staring at your reflection in the mirror. Was it too casual? Was the sweater ugly? You finally silenced your brain and decided that if this is what made you comfortable, it was the right choice. You smiled at yourself in the mirror, then watched it fade as you noticed all of the pockmarks on your face. Your self confidence dropped to an all-time low. You couldn’t look at yourself in the mirror any longer. You flopped face-down onto your bed, trying and failing to hold back your tears, when you heard your phone buzz. You rolled over on your back and squinted at the screen. It was Peter.

I’m on my way!” The message read.

You jumped up from your bed. Was it really eight already? You were so invested in making yourself look decent that you didn’t even realize how much time had passed. The worst part was that you didn’t really accomplish anything. You rushed forward to your mirror and messed with your hair and clothes, doing the best you could with what time you had left. Then you heard the dreaded knock on your door. It was time to go.

You walked as slowly as possible through your living room. When you reached the door, you paused with your hand on the doorknob so that you could take a much-needed deep breath. Then you threw open the door before you could lose your nerve. Peter greeted you with a huge smile, as always. You still couldn’t believe how excited he was for this dumb party.

“Wow,” he said, rushing forward to plant a kiss on your cheek. “You look great.”

You looked down and pulled at your sweater uncomfortably. You looked the same as you always did. Was he insane? You wanted to ask him, but decided it was best not to start anything. He was so excited. You didn’t want to ruin his fun.

“Thanks,” You muttered. “Ready to go?”

You tried to seem excited the whole way to Flash’s, playing the part of a normal teenager. But inside your brain was battling itself. You mostly just let Peter do the talking (which wasn’t out of the ordinary), so you hoped that he wouldn’t notice you were feeling anxious. The journey to the party was a complete blur. You were too trapped inside of your head to interpret anything going on in your surroundings. You snapped back to reality when you were in Flash’s doorway. You were fighting the urge to run when you felt Peter’s hand on your back. You looked up at him and he smiled down at you nervously. You hadn’t even considered that Peter was probably a nervous wreck, too. He always had trouble socializing at school, and you knew how much he wished Flash and his friends would like him. You smiled back at him for the first time that night, and you could feel him loosen up immediately. Sometimes you felt so isolated in your anxiety that you often forgot you weren’t the only person on the planet with problems. You felt so selfish. Peter needed you. You couldn’t fail him now.

“Don’t worry, this will be fun,” You whispered in his ear, and gave his arm a little squeeze.

He nodded and kissed you on the forehead.

“So… How does this work? Do we knock or just go inside?”

“My only knowledge about house parties is from 80s movies, so you’re definitely asking the wrong person,” You giggled nervously.

“I say… We knock?” Peter said unconvincingly. You both shrugged at each other and he reached out to pound his fist against the door.

“Door’s open!” You heard from the inside of the house.

Peter walked in first. You immediately noticed the immense number of your classmates inside, huddled in various groups, holding drinks and trying to talk over the loud music. You grabbed Peter’s hand quickly. Then you heard a voice calling to the both of you.

“Peter! Y/N! You guys finally made it.”

It was Ned. Peter loosened his grip on your hand, relaxing further after seeing another familiar face.

“Ned, thank god,” You said and wrapped your arms around him without thinking.

“Oh, good to see you, too, Y/N,” He said and patted your back awkwardly. “Are you okay?”

You peeled yourself off of him quickly and cleared your throat.

“Yeah, sorry… Just good to see a familiar face. That’s all.”

You looked up at Peter and smiled, trying to convince him that you were fine. But he could tell something was wrong.

“Yeah, Ned. It’s good to see you here,” He said and embraced Ned tightly, just as you had. He was clearly just trying to make you feel better.

“Okay,” Ned said as Peter pulled away from him and patted him on the shoulder. “You guys are being weird. If I pretend I don’t know you tonight, please don’t get offended,” He joked. You and Peter laughed and he wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer to him. Being this close to him always made you feel safe.

Ned rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, obviously annoyed by your PDA.

“Okay, okay. We get it, you guys are in love. Gross.”

“Oh, come on, Ned. Haven’t you met any potential significant others here yet?” Peter teased.

“I’ve been here for five minutes. Considering the way things have been going, I think it will take a little bit longer than that to find the love of my life. Besides, you’re my wingman. I can’t talk to anybody without you.”

“Oh, please,” you rolled your eyes jokingly. “You have way more game than Peter.”

Peter pulled away from you and covered his heart like you had just shot a bullet through it. His mouth was agape in feigned shock.

“Y/N, I’m hurt. I can’t believe you don’t think I have any game.”

“I hate to play this card again, but can I please just be the one to point out that you both have each other while I am the most single person at Midtown? I’m pretty sure Peter has more game than me,” Ned said.

Peter shrugged.

“He has a point.”

“Ned,” You said, putting both of your hands on his shoulders. “You are smart as hell, you have a wicked sense of humor, and you’re adorable. You’re going to find someone in no time. You just need to put yourself out there.”

“That’s the thing…” Ned said, looking at his shoes. “I have found someone. I just don’t know what to say to her.”

You and Peter both leaned in closer.

“Who?” You both said at the same time, a little too excitedly.

Ned didn’t say anything. He just nodded in the direction of Betty Brant, who was in the corner of the room, standing next to Liz Allan and sipping her drink.

Both you and Peter leaned back again, your mouths forming a giant ‘O’ shape.

“You should go talk to her!” You encouraged Ned, though you knew if the tables were turned you would never be able to do that. Luckily, Peter was the one who made the first move on you.

Ned just looked panicked, and shook his head furiously.

“I can’t. Not by myself. Peter, you have homeroom with her, right? Maybe you could start a conversation with her and I could jump in. Please, dude. I need you.”

Peter looked at you with a worried expression, knowing that you didn’t want him to leave you alone.

“It’s fine! You guys go. I’ll be fine.”

Peter smiled and kissed you on the cheek. Ned rolled his eyes at this, but you pretended not to notice.

“I’ll just go embarrass myself and be right back here in two minutes, tops. I promise,” Peter said earnestly. 

“Seriously, I’m fine! Go!” You said with a huge fake smile on your face, pushing the two of them towards Betty. Your face dropped as soon as their backs were turned. Over the years you had become an expert faker of emotions.

You looked at your surroundings, watching your fellow students laugh and drink and dance together. You couldn’t help feeling alienated. A long time ago you had come to the conclusion that while you loved being alone when there was no one else around, you hated being alone when you were surrounded by a sea of strangers. Sure, you had grown up with most of these people, but you had never really taken the time to get to know any of them. Your social anxiety had made sure of that. You were too busy avoiding embarrassment to care about anyone else, and it was clear to you now that no one here cared that you were there.

You walked away suddenly, just because you felt the need to move. Standing still was driving you crazy, and in your mind Peter and Ned were taking way too long. You made your way to a table covered in bottles of various types of alcohol, and picked the first one you saw. You weren’t a drinker, but at that moment you didn’t know what else to do. So you drank. And soon the bottle was empty.

You set it down and turned around to see if Peter and Ned were back, but you spun around so quickly that you knocked into someone.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry…” You began to say, but trailed off when you noticed you had bumped into Liz Allen, who was now brushing her spilled drink off of the front of her top.

“It’s ok, I was beginning to hate this shirt anyways,” Liz said with a smile, but you were so embarrassed that you didn’t even smile back. You just blushed and stared at her.

“Hey, you’re Peter’s girlfriend, right? He’s a really sweet guy. I was just talking to him, actually.”

“Yeah, did you see where he went by the way?”

“Last I saw he was talking to Flash. Seems like they’re finally starting to become friends, thank god. But I’m not sure where he went after that. Are you okay?”

You were looking behind her, trying to find his familiar face, but all you saw were strangers. You could feel your panic level beginning to rise in the pit of your stomach.

“Yeah, I’m just… I just… I’ll be back,” You stammered and walked away.

You didn’t walk too far before you got caught in a huge group of people. You turned around to see if Liz was still behind you, and you saw her whispering something to Betty. You felt a brief moment of optimism when you saw Betty, hoping that Peter and Ned would be near her, but you didn’t see them anywhere. Then you could have sworn you saw both Liz and Betty look over at you. Was Liz talking about you, making fun of how awkward you were? Liz was nice. She would never do that to you. But what if she did?

You quickly looked away and began to walk away again, the panic swirling within you even more intensely. People were dancing and laughing around you and the room began to swirl. Everyone that laughed was laughing at you. Liz’s whispers were all about you. And Peter was nowhere to be seen. You didn’t know where you were going, but you took off upstairs, searching for any place to hide. You tried various doors before you finally found an unoccupied bathroom.

You shut the door and locked it behind you, curling up on the floor. You tried to get yourself to take deep breaths, but you could feel your throat closing up and your brain was racing uncontrollably. It’s like you were thinking of everything and nothing all at once. You could see your face in the bathroom mirror that morning red and splotchy. You relived your speech this morning and every word you tripped over. You imagined everyone at the party staring at you, and Liz and Betty laughing and pointing at you. You wondered why you couldn’t be as good-looking as Liz, and worse yet, you imagined Peter choosing her and Flash and the popular crowd over you – mocking you and telling you that he never loved you.

You closed your eyes tightly to stop the tears but it was too late. Then, just as you buried your face in your crossed arms, you heard a knocking on the door.

“Y/N, are you in there? It’s Peter.”

You whipped your head up. You didn’t want Peter to see you like this, but you also didn’t want him to worry about you. You pressed your ear up against the door and spoke through it.

“Yes, Peter. I’m here. I’m okay.”

Although you couldn’t see his face, you could tell Peter wasn’t having it.

“Liz saw you run up here. She seemed really concerned. You’re not okay, are you?”

You searched your brain for the right thing to say.

“I will be,” You said so quietly it was almost a whisper. You weren’t sure if you even actually believed it.

“Y/N, just open the door, okay? I need to see you.”

You sighed heavily and reached up to unlock the door. As soon as you did, Peter was already inside the room, closing the door softly behind him and joining you on the tiled bathroom floor.

He looked at your tear-stained face for a moment, assessing how you were feeling, then wrapped his arms around you so tightly that it took your breath away.

“I’m sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have left you…” He whispered. You peeled yourself away from him and peered at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“This isn’t your fault, Peter. I shouldn’t have to have someone babysit me at a party because I can’t handle being alone. It’s not your fault that I’m so screwed up.”

“You are not screwed up, Y/N.”

“Yes, I am!” You yelled and stood up, facing away from him. “I can’t do anything by myself. I can’t go to parties, I can’t order my own food, sometimes I can’t even get myself to leave my house without having anxiety about it. And having to give that speech today made me feel like the world was ending. It’s a miracle that I was able to talk to you at all let alone feel comfortable enough around you to date you. I can’t talk to anyone or be a normal person because it just feels like everyone is judging me and my stupid face and sizing me up all the time or waiting for me to mess up. And I always mess up. I always mess everything up, Peter…”

Peter stood up and put both of his hands on your cheeks, swiping your tears away with his thumbs.

“Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re beautiful and perfect the way you are.”

“Why is everything so hard?” You sniffled.

Peter wrapped you up in another hug.

“I didn’t know you felt this way. I’m so sorry.”

“I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t want to scare you away. Besides, you already carry the weight of the entire city on your shoulders. I didn’t want you to have to carry me, too.”

“I want to take care of you, Y/N. We’re supposed to take care of each other. That’s what being in a relationship is all about. I’m all in, okay? I’m never going anywhere.”

You closed your eyes as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. He sighed loudly, trying to find the right thing to say.

“Look, I don’t know if this will help, but do you remember how shy and nervous I was before I became Spider-Man?”

You nodded, and he started to pull something out of his back pocket. He unfolded it, and you immediately recognized the piece of cloth in his hand. It was his Spider-Man mask.

“After I got these powers…after I became Spider-Man, and I got to hide behind this mask, I started gaining all this confidence. I don’t know, when people can’t see who you really are, somehow it gives you more strength to be who you really are. Does that make any sense?”

You nodded again.

“Good. So anyways, maybe the next time you have to do something that scares you, just imagine you’re wearing this.”

He paused and slipped the mask over your face.

“There. Nobody can see through you when you’re wearing a mask.”

You sniffled underneath it.

“How do I look?”

Peter couldn’t hold back his grin.

“Badass. I think I might actually like it on you better.”

You took the mask off and threw your arms around Peter’s neck.

“I love you,” You whispered, and you could feel him sigh with relief.

“I love you, too.”

You pulled away, wiping your eyes and showing off your first genuine smile of the night.

“So…does Ned have a new girlfriend now or what?”

Peter laughed and shook his head.

“Uh…let’s just say we’re working on it. Come on, let’s get out of here. I’ve got a comfy couch and a kickass DVD collection with your name on it.”

Six Years

Request: Can you do something like Truth or Dare? (Y/N) and Shawn both like each other and everybody knows, so they dare them to kiss.

A/N: Writing this took me around two days, and I changed some things, but I hope you guys enjoy it!

The sun was shining, and you could hear people laughing as they enjoyed the first nice day since the long brittle winter. You would give anything to be out there too, eating ice cream and being outside. But of course, you had a paper to finish.

A year ago, you thought high school was enough, but college was a whole different level. All of your weekends were filled with late nights working on essays and, if you weren’t doing that, there were still exams to study for. It was frustrating.

You had just finished when your phone’s ringer interrupted the silence, making you jump a little. The caller ID brightly said your best friend’s name, Marina. “Hey,” you greeted.

“Are you doing anything tonight?” she asked immediately. In the background, you heard casual music and what sounded like people shopping. She was probably at the mall. The girl couldn’t go a week without buying something new.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Kara and Alex dealing with her being on the spectrum (as adults).

“hey alex, there’s no need to freak out but im home from work early-”

“what’s wrong?”

kara groans for a long time, annoyed that alex picked up. well, not annoyed. just…she just wanted to say it and leave it all behind. go curl up on her couch and eat all the brownies out of the icecream and forget that she’d almost had a meltdown at work.


“it’s not a supergirl thing, i was just going to leave a message,”

“excuse me for a moment,” alex says in a way more formal tone and kara hears her boots echoing and sighs again, pulls the icecream out. a door whooshes open on alex’s end of the phone and alex is talking to her again. “talk to me. what’s wrong? is it that sleazy guy again?”

“no, no,” kara crinkles her nose. “well, he is still sleazy. but it’s not that. i just… hadabitofameltdownatworkandwantedtotellyoubeforejamesdoes.”

“okay, rewind,” alex chides her, but really softly and kara grabs at the duvet she’s been using as a cape - she likes the weight, and she likes that it’s so long it slides along the floor when she walks and makes the nicest shish shish shish sound - and she nods. “repeat all that but slower.”

“i had a meltdown at work,” she says. “and i’m calling you because i’m pretty sure james is going to call you soon to make sure i haven’t blown out my powers and i thought you should know. and, maybe,” kara picks at the raised loops sewing the patches of the duvet cover, “i wanted to see if you were busy.”

“you had a meltdown? what happened? you’re okay? i mean you’re talking so that’s a good sign,”

“yes,” kara nods emphatically, pushes her glasses up her nose when the move makes them slip down. “i’m okay. i stood in the sun, i did my breathing, james hugged me and cat gave me a pillow to hug.”

“that woman, honestly,”

“at least she didn’t fire me,” kara tells her, and damn it her voice wavers a little and alex - a literal spy and awesome secret agent - can’t not pick up on that. “no crying at work, remember?”

“you were crying?” alex asks very softly. “kara, i can be there in fifteen minutes.”

“no. no, you are working and i dealt with it and i am dealing with it and i want you to finish up your meeting.”

“you’re more important,”

“yeah but i’m also okay,” she insists. “please, i just wanted to let you know. i dealt with it, i did well. i’m not a kid anymore, alex, please don’t come over until you’re actually free.”


kara narrows her eyes. “i’ll know if you cut any meetings or whatever to come over.”

that makes alex laugh and she’s about to say something, probably along the lines of i was a DEO agent for years without you knowing, but the door whooshes open and a quiet voice asks for alex to join them again.

“i’ll be right in,” alex promises, and she waits for the door to close again. “i will be over the second my shift is over. save some icecream for me.”

“uh, no.”

“i will pick up some icecream,” alex amends, and kara lowers her head to the kitchen counter and listens to the fondness, the smile, her sister speaks with. “i’m really proud of you. and we can go through what happened to figure out why,”

“i know why, it’s okay. i just want to watch tv with you. but…on mute maybe?” she scratches at her arm. “it was all sounds and stuff today, i just.”

“mute is good.”


“okay.” alex lingers as long as she can, but, “i have to go back in there. my shift ends at seven, expect me at seven thirty. what’s your food today?”


“pick something else too.”

“just brownies.”


“i won’t eat anything else. not today.”

“fine! brownies then,” she grumbles, and her goodbye is hurried but sweet. “i love you, see you tonight.”


she doesn’t feel worse, exactly, when alex does show up. way more tired though so everything is a little harder to manage.

“hey kara,” alex says, and immediately shuts up when her little sister curls into an even littler sister shaped ball on the couch and tugs her duvet closed around her head.

alex makes her way around as quietly as she can. she toes her boots off at the door, pads to the fridge to put away the pizzas she picked up. it wasn’t on kara’s very short food list but it’s a danvers staple so she’ll want it eventually. the low whine of the fridge sounds especially loud and alex hunches her shoulders, moves as fast as she can to finish all the necessary steps. turns her phone on silent and do not disturb, shrugs off her jacket and picks up a blanket, grimaces through cracking open the brownie takeout box and the clink of cutlery when she pulls out a spoon for kara.

“are you done?” kara grumbles from her couch. if she concentrates, alex thinks she can make out a single, baleful eye.

“coming your way,” alex shoots back, and kara sobs once when she steps on a creaking floorboard and again when the couch springs shriek when she sits. “i’m sorry.”

“it’s okay.” kara doesn’t take the brownie box. alex sets it on the table. “it hurts,” she mutters, and alex eases her over so she can lay next to her sister and pulls her head to her chest.

“focus on my heartbeat,” she tells her, and wraps her arms tight even that even kara could feel it. she can’t hold that up for long, but a moment is enough.

kara knees her in the bladder and headbutts her chin, blind inside her cocoon, shifting around to find the most comfortable position and alex bears it with good grace though she’ll be cashing in her bruises for favours later, no doubt about that.

they doze off quickly, kara first, exhausted, and then alex once kara’s tears are mostly cried out. when they wake, it’s because of kara’s stomach. it grumbles and rumbles and kara floats them both over to the kitchen, putters around making their dinner - midnight meal, really - as quietly as possible.

“maybe you should tell your friends,” alex murmurs, trying to keep her voice smooth and low and even. “and maybe cat.”

kara shoves her pizza slice into her mouth and fetches her phone, squints at the brightness and turns it so alex can read the email.

“sick days are unfortunately a requirement by law. you have several. use them wisely.” alex rolls her eyes. “can she say anything without it sounding like a threat?”

“carter,” kara whispers.

“true.” she accepts kara back into a hug, despite the sauce on her chin. kara tucks her forehead into alex’s neck, brings her arms up to brace comfortably between their bodies. “sick day tomorrow? i have a date with maggie in the evening, maybe we can all hang out in the day?”


“we’ll see how you feel. could be a danvers day only.” she feels kara smile and nod. “sounds good to me.”

they stand for a while longer. then kara sighs and pulls back. “i’m going to tell winn and james. they should know in case anything happens while they’re with me. like today. and i trust them. and cat already knows everything,” kara sucks in a deep breath, less to do with cat and more to do with the effort of saying so much at one time. “but i’m going to tell her too.”


“will you stay, when i tell the guys?”

“of course.”

kara blows out her cheeks and nods, relieved. “thank you.”

Project "Rename Hetalia's characters"

Hello everyone!
Let’s talk about it: one of the most annoying issues about Hetalia are *drum roll* the NAMES, people. Characters’ names/surnames, yes.
So, with my friend, I wanted to give them a more “realistic” trait, starting with my nation’s one, Italy.
I tried to change ONLY canon names, not those who are not decided yet (such as Belgium’s or Ukraine’s, for example).
Some of them remained unchanged, because of specific reasons, but I would be glad if all of you could help me with your home country.
Let’s begin!

N.Italy= Francesco Vargas
(Francesco is a common name in Italy, also is our St. Patron’s name.
As an italian, I’ve never head before of “Feliciano”);

S.Italy= Salvatore Vargas
(Salvatore is a typical southern name, very common in South Italy.
Also here, Lovino is not an italian name.)

I left the same surname chosen by Himaruya just because “Vargas” is an existent italian surname. (If you want to know, it’s actually the name of a football player);

Germany= Ludwig Schmidt
(Only changed the surname here, I think Schmidt is more common in Germany and its sound is similar to the original surname’s one);

Japan= Daisuke Honda
(Kiku is a symbolic name, really beautiful and rare, but I’ve thought to give Japan a common name. Honda is a famous japanese surname, nothing to say about it);

USA= George F. Jones
(The surname isperfect as it is, I guess. George is for George Washington and F. stays for the same Kennedy’s second name );

UK= Arthur Thompson
(I was insecure about his name. At the first time I thought about bames as “Oliver”, because of his popularity and because of Oliver Twist, or “John”. But then I realised that Arthur is good and symbolic as well.
So, I’ve changed the surname. Kirkland was pretty anonymous and I wanted something that could have sounded more british);

France= François Bonnefoy
(Only transformed Francis, which was the english version of the name, in François, very used and “french”);

Russia= Ivan Vasilyev
(Braginski was a polish surname!
I’ve chosen something that still sounded like “Braginski”, but at the same time was a real russian surname);

China= Yao Wang
(I didn’t found anything to change here);

Spain= Antonio Fernandez García;
(Antonio was good, also Fernandez is popular. I’ve only removed Carriedo in order to replace it with García, which is largely used in Spain/countries with a spanish toungue);

Prussia= Gilbert Schmidt
(Gilbert was perfect, only changed the family name);

Austria= Roderich Amadeus Wagner
(Roderich was ok. I’ve added “Amadeus”, because of Mozart and changed the surname in “Wagner”, still a composer’s name. The combination of this three names gives me some sort of nobility impression);

Hungary= Ágnès Horváth
(Totally renamed her. Ágnès is not only cute, but also a bit used, I guess. I found Horváth to be one of the commonest surnames in Hungary);

Canada= Matthew Williams
(I don’t see nothing wrong here, maybe it has to be something francophone in there?);

Belarus= Natałlia Arłoŭskaja
(Leave it as it was; but changed the way it was written);

Egypt= Muhammad Hassan Al-Nur;
(Okay, Muhammad and Hassan are very popular among arabics names, in fact I just leave them to be. But, I found out that Gupta was an Indian surname and also the letter “p” kinda don’t exist in arabic. Soooo I’ve made a list of some cute surname and, at last, Al-Nur won among the others);

Estonia= Eduard Tamm
(Tamm is pretty common);

Finland= Timo Hämäläinen
(Tino actually wasn’t a finnish name, but TiMo yes. Hämäläinen is rather common and it’s a good alternative to Väinämöinen, that is not a real surname);

Greece= Αlexandros Ypsilanti;
(Alexandros is a good, widespread and elegant name. Alexandros Ypsilanti, is also a national hero’s name, during the greek war of indipendence);

Latvia= Raivis Liepa;
(Raivis was an actual latvian name, so why don’t keep it?
Only the surname changed, Galante was an italian one);

Lithuania= Laurynas Valaitis
(I’ve changed everything here, in order to make it realistic, but also to make it sound like “Toris Laurinaitis” as well);

Poland= Feliks Łukasiewicz
(It is just normal as it is);

Sealand= Peter Thompson
(Only changed his family name);

S.Korea= Kim Yong Soo
(Just as it was before);

Sweden= Gustav Lindström
(Gustav was the name of many swedish kings. Lindström is commonly used, I think.)

Switzerland= Noah Schweizer
(Noah is commonly used in all the cantons, the surname has a german sound);

Turkey= Sadık Adnan
(Almost the same. The name is written in turkish)

DISCLAIMER! The post will be updated every time if needed.
When your friends are traveling

Alya and Nino are very loyal friends. Even when they are on a trip, they are always ready to drop anything for a phone call from their best friends. Ao3 link.

I finally wrote the story from this post. It is a series of short, silly scenes. Alya and Nino are secret badasses but they always put their friends first. 

“Hey, bro, what’s up?” Nino’s voice came from the cell phone.

“I’m sooo bored!” Adrien moaned, falling back against his bed. He had been so lonely ever since he graduated lycee six months ago. He wanted to go straight to University but he struck a deal with his dad. If he modeled full time for two years, he could study whatever he wanted. He had been managing it until Nino had left two weeks ago for a two month trip around Europe with Alya. He was happy for his friend but he missed him. Life was so boring without him.

Nino laughed. “Sorry bro. It must be so boring being a supermodel.”

“It really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Adrien laughed. “I’m surprised you have time to talk to me. When is Alya going to drag you off somewhere?”

“Don’t worry.” He paused for a moment. “She’s busy.”

Adrien laughed. “What’s she doing?”

“Just making a deal with the mob. I’m keeping watch.” Nino said casually.

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