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How to Get Kin Memories Within Minutes - An Easy Method!

Hey guys!

I notice a lot of kin have a hard time getting memories from their canons. Everyone likes having memories: they make you feel more valid, they allow you to find canonmates more easily, and overall they’re really interesting and often nice to have.

I have a simple method for getting kin memories that has worked very well for me. I’ve gotten plenty of memories from it, and it’s been a great way for me to confirm kintypes I question. Sooo, I thought I would share it!

It’s an easy and quick process to go though: exactly what everyone wants!

It’s basically self-hypnosis, which is not as strange and crazy at it sounds. Hypnosis is a very natural thing, and we go into hypnotic trances very often in our everyday lives (e.g. when watching TV). It’s not scary at all. It’s really relaxing, and is actually pretty similar to meditation.

I’ll cut to the chase and list the steps bellow the break~

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My worst fear on a test? The feeling of getting an exam paper in front of me, and not being able to remember anything, while back at home when reading the book I thought I knew everything. Sounds familiar? In that case, it may help to try these techniques. They help you practice retrieving information, rather than being familiar with the concepts you are studying. These have helped me loads, and I’m actually pretty convinced that these techniques are better than many others I used to apply, like rereading and regular summarizing. Hopefully they work for others as well :)

1. Summarise… in questions.

How do you do it? Instead of writing down facts, you convert facts to questions. Underneath the these, you answer them in your own words. This is technically the baby of summaries and flashcards. Don’t do this with every small fact, but rather convert several to one question, and omit the less important things always. You’re not going to remember every detail and most teachers don’t require you to (of course if they do, study them lol) .

Why would you do it? It is proven that asking yourself questions about the material enhances understanding and remembrance. Additionally, you can instantly quiz yourself on the material. Only reading your summary is not going to help you much with remembering, but actively retrieving information is! Also, when you’re reading and summarising the textbook throughout the semester, you’re already getting your study material for the test ready => less stress and work for when you gotta study.

2. Teach your peer / pet / pillow

How do you do it? Explain key concepts (many books provide these at the beginning or end of the chapter) to anyone who wants to listen. Don’t have anyone who wants to? Your cat probably won’t mind (but who knows what cats want tbh) and your reflection is always listening to you as well. 

Why would you do it? Explaining things to other people requires you to really understand what you are talking about, and you will more quickly find holes in your knowledge once you’re not able to explain it. Additionally, you’re probably gonna have to explain stuff on tests so it’s good practice.

3. Re-do your homework

How do you do it? Pretty obvious. Well, don’t write every answer down in detail again! For maths it may be useful to only tackle the most important exercises again, while for history you may want to spend an hour to just go over them all and test in your head if you can form a sensible answer.

Why would you do it? Going over the homework is always a good idea because 1) the theory is practically applied in those questions, so you have to think about what you have learned, enhancing integration, and 2) teachers are lazy and will often reuse or slightly modify textbook questions.

Blurred Vision

Lance usually loved picture day, as a self proclaimed pretty boy it really was his time to shine.
That would be if he hadn’t of loses his contacts that morning and the only glasses he had were a pair of thick black wide frames that made him look like someone dressing up as a dork for Halloween.
He never used to mind wearing glasses, but after he started high school, other people latched onto somthing to tease him about and well… there’s only so many times you can come back and find bi-eyes written across your locker before enough enough.

Lance had hoped to never have to go to school wearing his glasses again, however since he was legally blind without them he didn’t really have much choice.

“McClain!” Iverson Lance’s hated home room teacher yelled as Lance slipped into the class room “your late!”
“Yeah I had to-”
“No excuses! March to the principles office and hand over those joke glasses this instant!”
Before Lance could protest Iverson had grabbed his glasses and shoved him into the hallway locking the door behind him.
Lance half wanted to just hammer on the door until he was let back in but he was already on thin ice with Iverson… he didn’t need an excuse to be expelled.
Lance sighed as he squinted trying to see to no avail.
“Ok… come on Lancy Lance, you’ve walked down this hallway a million times, you could do it blind folded.” He mumbled to himself as he slowly made his way down the hall.
For a little while everything was going fine, Lance even held his head up high thinking he could do this!
That was until he walked right into someone sending whoever they were flying and Lance stumbling back.
Lance cringed he knew that voice.
It belonged to the scary smart Pidge.
They had joined the school a couple months ago and already had a reputation for ruining the lives of anyone that crossed them.
And Lance had just judging from the blurred pieces on the floor, that their precious computer had been broken.
“Oh… man I’m so sorry.”
“You will be!” Pidge yelled standing up and poking Lance in the chest.
“You think you can purposely bump into me and get away with it!”
Oh no they thought it was on purpose!
“H-hang on a second! It was an accident!”
“Please, you were looking right at me!”
Lance felt his heat beat speed up and he took a couple steps back.
“I didn’t see you I swear!”
“Yeah sure you didn’t! I know your type, pretty rich boy who’s had everything handed to him on a silver platter! Well I won’t let you push me around!” Pidge sounded so angry but also a note of pain to their voice…
Had they been bullied too in the past?
“I really didn’t see you!” Lance tried but he doubted they believed him.
He was finding it hard to breath as the familiar sensation of a panic attack came on.
He had to get out of here.
Lance spin on his heals and started to run, he couldn’t see where he was going but at the time he didn’t care.
Lance turned his head in the direction of Pidge’s voice as his feet slipped out from under him and the last thing he rembered was staring up at the blurry ceiling and cursing himself for forgetting about the stairs, before suddenly their was pain… then nothing.

Lance woke up to someone slipping something into his face.
He couldn’t figure out what it was, his whole body felt heavy and like his mind was disconnected from his body.
Lance forced his eyes open only to wince at the intense light above him.
The first thing he noticed was that he wasn’t looking at his bedroom ceiling, also that he could actually see.
Suddenly as Lance tried to move an intense pain throbbing throughout his whole body became known.
He groaned but continued to try and sit up.
“Your awake!”
Lance made a small noise of pain as he moved to look at Pidge a little surprised to see them sitting at the edge of his bed looking worried.
“Y-yeah… what happened?” He asked rubbing his head only to find it bandaged.
“You… you fell down two flights of stairs. Got a pretty bad concussion and maybe a broken rib or two. An ambulance is on its way.” Pidge looked down looking at their hands.
Lance couldn’t understand why he could see then he realised someone must of gotten his glasses…
Was it Pidge.
“I’m sorry.” Lance smiled as he sat up in the bed wincing at the protest from his ribs.
“What! Why?” Pidge asked.
“Broke your computer.” Lance shrugged.
When did he get so tired?
Pidge sighed running a hand through her short messy hair “it wasn’t your fault… I checked out your prescription. Man it’s no wonder you bumped into me. Your like super blind.”
Lance cringed “yeah… still sorry though. Please don’t… don’t hack in and use ‘puter powers to ruin my life.” Lance slurred finding it harder and harder to keep his eyes open.
“Hu?… oh that” Pidge chuckled “they wouldn’t stop misgendering even after I told them I’m gender neutral. I only changed their grades back from what they payed me to do.”
“Guess we both misjudged eachother?”
“Guess so.” Lance smiled wondering why the world was getting blurry if he was still wearing his glasses.
Pidge’s voice sounded distant and muffled like he was underwater.
He saw their eyes widen in horror as Lance slumped backwards.
He could see her yelling and a group of people came running in wearing green uniforms pulling a what Lance thought looked like a bed on wheels.
That was a funny thought.
Lance was sure he had only blinked.
But when he opened his eyes again he was lying in a hospital bed with Hunk standing over him.
“Oh thanks god Lance!” Hunk yelled hugging him causing Lance to cry out in pain.
“Ribs buddy, ribs!”
Hunk let go sheepishly “sorry… but when I got a call from your mom that you were sent to hospital I was so worried! Why the hell weren’t you wearing your contacts or glasses!”
Lance shrugged “Ivserson confiscated my glasses and I couldn’t find my contacts this morning.”
A look of anger crossed Hunks usually kind features.
Suddenly a thought came to Lance’s mind.
How did Pidge get his glasses back?
“Oh yeah you had a visitor a while ago. They left you a card.” Hunks easy smile returned as he handed over a folded piece of lined paper acting as a crude card.
Lance opened it and chuckled quietly to himself.

'Dear Lance,
Sorry for scaring you to the point of you trying to fly away, don’t do that again or I will use my hacking powers to ruin your life.
Ps. Don’t worry about Iverson, I tatted him out to Principle Coran. Us four eyes gotta stick together.’

Lance smiled as he placed the card on his bed side table making a mental note to offer to get their computer fixed later on.

Forget me not

Thaaaaank you @alwaysfangirly!! 💖 And omg, you’re so kind! And so patient! Because this took me forever and you were so sweet about it! 💖 I hope you like what I did with it! (Even though it might be kinda messy and confusing…) Oh, and I also posted it on AO3, because… well, once more, it turned out longer than I intended…

“Pansy, where was I yesterday?”


“What was I doing? Did you see me talking to anyone?”

Draco paced the length of the eighth year common room, feeling Pansy’s intent stare on him.

“Those are really odd questions to ask. Have you lost your mind?”

“In a manner of speaking,” Draco muttered, stopping in front of the fireplace. “I think someone obliviated me. No, I am sure someone obliviated me.”

He heard Pansy get off the armchair and walk over to him.

“Are you sure? Why would someone do that to you?”

“That’s what I’d like to know,” Draco growled.

“But how can you be sure you’ve been obliviated? I mean, isn’t the point of obliviating someone that they… well, forget?”

Draco scratched the back of his neck, nodding absentmindedly.

“Something just felt off when I woke up this morning. I was sure it was Wednesday but then I saw the Daily Prophet and realised it was already Thursday. I remember everything until Tuesday night and waking up today. But if I try to think about what happened yesterday, my mind just goes blank. I’ve been racking my brain all day long. It’s the only explanation, Pansy. I-”

Draco stopped in his tracks when he saw Potter enter the common room. Something was… weird about him today. He didn’t look at Draco. He hadn’t looked at Draco all day. He always looked at Draco. He probably thought it went unnoticed but, of course, Draco noticed. He always stared right back whenever Potter briefly averted his eyes. Always. But why was Potter avoiding his gaze today?

“Potter!” Without a moment’s hesitation, he strode over to the Gryffindor.

“Hey Malfoy,” he mumbled, his eyes on the carpet.

“Potter, is there something you want to tell me?” Draco inquired, lowering his head to catch the other boy’s eye.

“No?” the Gryffindor said, his voice slightly shaking.

“I think there is. Out with it, Potter! Something happened yesterday, I know it.”

“You do?” Potter said in astonishment, finally looking up. His eyes were full of wonder and… apprehension. “But you shouldn’t-” He broke off, pressing his mouth into a thin line.

“I shouldn’t what?” Draco said, stepping closer and narrowing his eyes. “Remember? You did it, didn’t you? You were the one who obliviated me.”

Potter was trying very hard to keep a straight face, but Draco saw right through him.

“The question is,” he said slowly, lowering his voice, “why did you do it?”

Potter closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

“I’ve been feeling guilty about that all day. I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Then why did you?” Draco asked.

“I panicked, okay? I didn’t do it on purpose. It was like a reflex.”

Now Draco simply had to know what had happened the day before. This sounded serious.

“Show me,” he said, grabbing Potter by the wrist.


“There’s got to be a Pensieve around here somewhere,” Draco muttered, already dragging Potter out of the common room.

“There is, actually,” Potter mumbled behind him.

Draco looked around the memory he and Potter had just dived into. They were in the dungeons and class had just started.

“Professor, why are you showing us Amortentia again?” one of the students asked, sounding more eager than annoyed.

“Because,” Professor Slughorn said with a smile, “I want you to brew an antidote today. So everyone take a quick sniff to get in the right mood and get started.”

Draco frowned as he watched himself go into the storage room, apparently ignoring Slughorn’s instructions. His eyes then fell on Potter, Pensieve-Potter to be precise, who stood in front of the cauldron full of Amortentia. Granger and the Weasel were standing beside him, grinning at each other. It was disgusting.

“What do you smell, Harry?” the Weasel asked. Potter blinked.


“Come on, we’re your friends. You can tell us,” the Weasel insisted, elbowing him.

“No, Ron, I literally smell nothing,” Potter muttered, sounding genuinely surprised.

“That’s strange,” Granger chimed in.

“Yeah.” Potter creased his eyebrows. “I would have thought-” He stopped abruptly as Draco, well, Pensieve-Draco, came into view again, locking eyes with him.

“Professor, have you ever heard of anyone who doesn’t smell anything? In regards to Amortentia, I mean.”

“Hermione,” Potter growled through gritted teeth.

“What, she didn’t say it was you,” the Weasel shrugged. Potter slapped a hand to his forehead and Draco saw himself smirk.

“You don’t smell anything, Potter? That’s pretty pathetic.” When Pensieve-Draco simply strutted back to his desk and began chopping his ingredients, the real Draco frowned.

“So that’s the big secret? This is why you obliviated me?” he asked.

“Wait for it,” Potter mumbled. Was Draco imagining it or were Potter’s cheeks turning a bit rosy? He was biting the inside of his cheek, too, and constantly shifting his weight. He was nervous.

Intrigued, Draco watched as the class proceeded without significant interruptions.

When Slughorn dismissed them and students started hurrying out of the classroom, Draco tapped his foot impatiently. He paused when he saw his past self purposely bump into Potter, causing the Gryffindor to drop all his books.

Smirking to himself, Pensieve-Draco bent down to help Pensieve-Potter pick up his things, quickly scanning the room. They were the only ones left.

“So, you really didn’t smell anything?” Draco heard himself ask. Pensieve-Potter just scowled at him. Draco could see what Pensieve-Potter obviously didn’t; Pensieve-Draco was disappointed. “Nothing at all?”

Getting up, Pensieve-Potter slammed down his books on the desk nearest to him.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but I used to smell… something. So you can save your taunts about-”

“What is that?” Pensieve-Draco suddenly asked. Potter had been draping his Gryffindor scarf around his neck but had halted at the Slytherin’s outburst. The real Draco watched closely as his past self stretched out a hand and examined the scarf.

“What is it now?” Pensieve-Potter said, sounding irritated but also slightly nervous. “It’s my scarf.”

Pensieve-Draco slowly shook his head as he drew out his wand.

“No, something is off.” He pointed his wand at the scarf and before Potter could protest or interfere, he had mumbled, “Revelio.”

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Birthdays and Brownies

Summary: It’s Virgil’s birthday and everyone is a tad busy.

Warnings: none that I can think of. There’s mention of fire?

Virgil wrestled with his keys.

Of course. Just one more thing that seemed to be going wrong for him. Just one more fucking sign the universe hated him and—

Wait. He was trying to open the front door with the key to the back. Great. It was a wonder he could get food in his mouth seeing how useless he was at basic tasks like using the right key.

The door opened, allowing Virgil to step inside an empty house.

Of course. The others were busy, and it was bound to happen. It was the middle of December, meaning that exams and the like were going on and the others would be rushing around, trying to get everything done.

Logan would be in the library, studying for his physics exam.

Roman would be in the theater, prepping for his end-of-semester, worth-a-big-percent-of-his-grade project to write and direct a play.

Patton would be at his internship at the daycare, trying to care for the children.

Virgil shouldn’t have expected anything different. Still, it would’ve been nice if anyone had said anything about his birthday.

He wasn’t asking for a lot. He knew the others were busy. He just wanted a text. Dinner, maybe. A gift if he was lucky.

But the others were busy. Sometimes things like birthdays just had to be put on the back burner.

Virgil supposed this would be easier to digest if it went along with chocolate cake instead of a microwave dinner.

Besides, Virgil was busy too. At the thought, he looked over his to-do list and realized that everything was checked off. In anticipation—actual, legitimate, foolish anticipation—Virgil had worked really hard today in order to get done early. Now he almost wished he hadn’t.

He tried to distract himself. Nothing was on TV. He had watched through his favorite shows on Netflix. Tumblr was feeling particularly sad tonight. His journal, left abandoned for a few weeks, just made him feel guilty.

He settled on baking. Brownies, he decided. It was a good time of year for something warm.

It was the sort of task that demanded attention and focus and Virgil needed that right now.

After a quick assessment, a trip to the store was deemed necessary. No eggs. Roman must have used the last ones for breakfast this morning. It was nice of him to cook everyone breakfast. Virgil wasn’t particularly fond of eggs, but it was a nice thought. Roman even remembered to give him applesauce instead of bacon. Bacon was gross with a weird texture and Virgil refused to eat it.

The memory made Virgil smile, even if it was only a little. Nobody said anything about what day it was, during breakfast. It made him a little disappointed, but surely, it was just morning forgetfulness? Virgil knew how useless they all were in the early hours, especially during exam time. He guessed they all were really busy? Or their phones all died? Or they just didn’t care and they picked him to room with them because he was quiet and it made rent cheaper?

A quiet, “Sir, that’ll be 69 cents,” broke him out of his spiraling pitiful thoughts.

“Oh, sure, here you go. Thanks.”

On his way home, he stopped at the flower shop too. The apartment really needed some color. He chose roses. Hell if they were overrated, they were Virgil’s favorite. He chose red and pink, which he felt Roman and Patton would enjoy. He threw in some white ones for Logan, too.

He noted the cars in the driveway and he felt his heart speed up. They could at least hang out for a few hours.

He unlocked the door, which much more success this time, to be met by the typical sounds of life in the apartment.

The kitchen was empty and so Virgil decided he would start on the brownies. It would be a nice treat to celebrate with.

Patton came down the stairs first in pajamas. “Oh, there you are. We were wondering where you went.”


“Yeah, you’re usually home sooner. Whatcha making?”

“Oh, brownies. I thought—”

“Brownies?! Those sound amazing Virgil! You really are the best. Hey, I’m pretty tired so I think I’m going to hit the hay. Goodnight, kiddo.”

“Hardly a kiddo, Patton. I’m the only one living here who can buy beer.”

Patton shot Virgil an amused look. “Haha, hold it over our heads that you’re 21, pal.”


“Well, wish I could have seen more of you today, but the semester will be over soon, right? Goodnight, Virge.”

“Goodnight, Pat.”

The exhausted man—though he looked more like a sleepy kid in his cartoon pajamas—slumped up the stairs.

As the brownies continued to bake, both Logan and Roman also came downstairs to say goodnight.

Virgil placed a candle in the center of the brownie and thought for a moment. The flame flickered bright against the pitch black of the room.

What did he wish for?

I just want to hang out with my best friends, I guess. A whole day.

Virgil supposed that counted. It was getting late. 11:56. He paused for just a second, and let it sink in that it was his 22nd birthday. He was another year older, and so much has improved.

He smiled. The clock turned midnight.

And just like that, it was another day.

Virgil blew the candle out, and watched as the room grew dark again.

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No decency II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, stepbrother!jungkook

word count: 10k

The next week Jungkook’s attitude made a turn, letting you relax around him until a night escalated and you got to see a side of him you never thought he would reveal to you.

Originally posted by kookieinfirestae

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some keith-centric headcanons 

keith [kicking open a door]: forecast today is cloudy with a chance i’ll kick your ass 

• his hands and feet are perpetually cold. if he’s barefooted he will literally just press his foot against anyone’s arm and smirk when they shudder from the icy, inhumanely cold sensation

• only eats the top part of muffins. doesn’t bother eating the rest

• when he’s running? his hair does the ghibli hair poof. doesn’t matter if there’s wind or not

• when he’s riding his motorcycle, he looks cool and composed on the outside, like a total bad boy, but under his breath he’s muttering ‘vroom vroom, motherfucker’

once he forgot he was wearing really tight jeans so he roundhouse kicked a guy he didnt like and long story short he ripped a hole near his butt.

     • shiro: do you have to eat everything with a fork?

       keith: [violently stabbing at his bowl of cheetos with his fork] yes

• he’s a psycho when it comes to coffee and will order the most strongest, bitter thing he can find.

     • hunk: do you know what’s wrong with us?

       keith: our entire existence?

       hunk: well yeah, but — yeah. 

• everyone thinks his singing will probably sound like a walrus giving birth but in reality he’s got a pretty nice voice

• keith: [deep in thought about what to do with lotor] well, there’s no rest for the wicked and all that. I’ll just have to kill him myself

      • lance: [talking about keith] psh, what, him? he’s just jealous. the only romantic involvement he has is with his knife 

      keith: [jumping out from behind a bush] TAKE THAT BACK

They take a shortcut through a kind of run down neighborhood, meaning that the streets are narrow and the roads are all bumpy. It’s one broken segment of pavement after another. The driver apologizes but says the route is ten minutes shorter and traffic-free, despite the conditions. Harry tells him not to worry about it.

“S’alright, mate.”

Y/N first worries briefly, if it is alright because from where Fionn’s got his arm around Y/N’s waist he digs his fingers into her skin through her clothing and it triggers something carnal inside of her. Her thoughts drift to ones that verge inappropriate, nearly have her cheeks heating. It would all be fine if she wasn’t intimately in Fionn’s lap and his grip wasn’t verging possessive.

And then YN worries, again, because she realizes these thoughts triggered by Fionn’s tight grip are mutual. There is an undoubtedly existent bulge budging against Y/N’s bum from Fionn pants.

She swallows and looks at Harry, instinctively, almost, and because she’s a bit overwhelmed, frozen because she doesn’t know how to proceed with this information.

or, Y/N’s a film student working on the set of Dunkirk and Harry’s her sugar daddy who likes to watch her have sex with Fionn.

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wet dreams

Then you jerked his cock harder making his groans appear to be louder. Meanwhile Tom’s arms crept under the bed-sheets in the act of reaching for your hand and seeking to take a halt with your actions although him being too weak to brush it off as you tightened your grip around his length. “It feels so good, darling.”

warnings: handjobs, oral (male receiving), a nsfw gif, unprotected sex

The time was around half-past twelve midnight and you were awaken in very displeasing ways —as your body repeatedly kept tossing and turning under the covers with the hopes of handling the freezing breeze, along with a cat who kept purring as it located itself at the edge of the open window. In the meantime you envied your boyfriend, Tom, was sound asleep alongside of you mumbling out several indistinct words under his snores.

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Owl post - Part 2

Part 1

Harry shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other, while looking at a dumbfounded Malfoy. Maybe he should have thought this whole thing through first. He apparated over here without even thinking of how he would explain to Malfoy what he’s doing here, how he even knows where Malfoy lives. There’s no way he can tell him he followed his owl one day, not being able to contain his curiosity any longer. It’s a wonder Malfoy didn’t spot him on his broom that day.

“Potter,” Malfoy simply says.

“Um,” Harry begins, “you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.”

The sound of Harry’s voice seems to shake Malfoy out of his trance. His whole body tenses and his eyes narrow.

“How did you find me?”

Harry smiles awkwardly and scratches the back of his neck.

“Well, that’s a funny story, actually,” Harry laughs nervously. “Do you think I could tell you over a cup of tea?”

“This is just like you,” Malfoy growls, “inviting yourself in like that. Does it ever occur to you, oh mighty Saviour, that other people have lives of their own and don’t answer at your beck and call?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry snorts, “am I keeping you from staring at your wall all day?”

Harry inwardly flinches. He didn’t mean to say that. His mind just snapped. Like it used to, whenever Malfoy was around. Maybe he will have to change tactics and just try to be… charming? But how does one do that exactly?

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Pulled to You | Billy Hargrove

Request: Can I request a billy Hargrove imagine ( apology ahead of time if it’s worded weird) where you are kind of like his gravitational pull no matter what you always bring him back down and one night you get into a huge argument and you leave and stay gone for a few days and when you come back max finds you and tells you that billy is a disaster? You can pick the ending (again sorry if it’s weird sounds good in my head but can’t type it you know.) (anon)

Word Count: 1481

A/N: I don’t really like this but I hope its okay. It’s a little different to the request but still along the same lines. I think I’ll get about two or three more request done today so stay tuned!! Thank you to everyone for supporting my work and the kind words, it means so much to me and encourages me to keep writing!

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Imagine running into Bill when you go for a swim in the lake at night.

You took a deep breath in as you took a look at the lake, smiling softly at how beautiful the moon looked shining over the calm water. You reminded yourself to thank your friend once more for suggesting you take a break from work and stay for some time in her cottage, which you still didn’t know why she didn’t visit that often. Sure, the house was a little secluded, not close to the town and rather closer to the woods but there were still a few houses nearby that people lived in and this gorgeous lake in addition. What more could anyone need to relax?

You took a deep breath in, all the plants around you filtering the oxygen better than anything and making you feel fresh all over again with just a deep breath. You smiled, setting your towel aside on a rock and slowly taking off your shoes and socks, you took hold of your jeans later and took them off as well. Soon followed your jacket and shirt. It was a little cold but you knew the water would be warm enough to make up for all of it.

You were only in your underwear, maybe not the most attractive ones you had or classy. Something to make you feel comfortable anyway. You had not bothered to bring a swimsuit because your friend had not informed you about the lake, but not really caring when you were all alone in the middle of the night and nobody could-

Water splashing and movement caught your attention, and you knew it wasn’t from you because your feet were barely under the water. Your head snapped in that direction and your heart leapt to your throat when you spotted a man standing a few feet away from you, shirtless the very least. You didn’t want to try and look below the waist.

“I’m- I’m sorry!” he said immediately once noticing how stiff you were “I- I didn’t mean to scare you.” he raised his hands, shaking his head.

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smokeydigsby  asked:

What are your thoughts about Present Mic? Dude has an amazing quirk and i think you two could work together pretty well. Or even a three way team between you, Eraserhead and Present mic. Shota immobilizes and neutralizes, Hizashi disables and you go in for the for the Finishing smash? Sounds like a dream team! What do you think?




If you live in the Western world, you’re probably pretty familiar with the idea of an alphabet. But not every writing system uses an alphabet, and some things that resemble an alphabet are not what they seem. So today we’re exploring some different types of writing systems from around the world. 

Alphabet: I think it’s best to start at the beginning. If you’re on Tumblr, you probably know what an alphabet is, but I thought I’d give us all the definition of an alphabet anyway, since it’s easier to compare the rest of the systems if we all agree on what an alphabet is. Generally speaking, an alphabet is a system of writing where each letter represents a basic sound in the language. Often alphabets can be adapted for use in more than one language through the addition of extra letters or vowel markers. The most important thing about an alphabet for our purposes is that alphabets treat vowels and consonants equally. No matter what it is, each sound gets its own letter. This writing system tends to work well for languages with lots of vowel sounds and very few limits on how vowels and consonants can be combined, like English. 

Abugida: Not a type of mythical creature, but a class of writing systems, abugidas give vowels a little less precedence than alphabets. In an abugida, each consonant has an implied vowel that follows after it and is not written with its own letter. In the case of a different vowel being used, it will be written with diacritic marks or symbols above or below the main script, not as its own letter. In some abugidas, there are separate letters for the vowels when they appear on their own, or at the start of a word, whereas in others there is a “zero consonant” letter that acts as a consonant for the vowel mark to attach to, though the consonant sound is not pronounced. This writing system works well for Southeast Asian languages, such as the Brahmic languages of India, as well as Thai, which we discussed last week. 

Abjad: In an abjad, consonants run the show. Only consonants are written, and the reader has to fill in any vowels. Of course, the most famous abjads in the world, the Arabic and Hebrew writing systems, do have letters for long vowels, though these letters, much like English “y”, also perform double duty as consonants. Most abjads have some form of diacritic marks for the short vowels to help young children and people learning it as a foreign language. In Arabic, these diacritic marks are also used in the Quran to ensure that words are not misunderstood. (This is particularly important in the Quran, which unlike some other religious texts is generally regarded as the literal word of God.) This writing system works well for the Semitic languages, like Arabic and Hebrew. (The Arabic abjad is also used for Persian, where it definitely doesn’t work as well. Persian needs an alphabet, and what it has is a modified abjad.) 

Syllabary: Picture an abugida, but instead of each consonant having an implied vowel, with the option to have a different vowel, every single consonant-vowel combination has its own letter. That’s a syllabary. Obviously, this would be impossible in English, which has way too many sounds (seriously, we have way too many sounds in this language. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it but English has like 12 vowel sounds, easily, and we’re trying to write all of them with five or six letters depending on whether you count y.) But, it works pretty well for languages like Cherokee and Japanese, which have a fairly limited number of possible sounds. 

Logography: Logograms (or ideograms) are symbols that represent ideas or objects. As opposed to representing the sound of a word, a logography has a different symbol (or combination of symbols) for every idea it wants to convey. Generally, logograms give few clues as to a word’s pronunciation, requiring readers to memorize the characters for each word individually. Logograpies can be some of the hardest writing systems to learn (take it from someone who studied Mandarin Chinese for five years) but they can become incredibly complex in their use of repeated shapes within individual logograms (like Mandarin’s radicals) to show meaning and create “word families”. Logographies don’t rely on sound, so they can be used for any language, though very few of them have opted to take that route. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s tour through some of the world’s major writing systems. Tune in next week for more linguistics! 


(screenshots from one of my favorite chats so far omg I think I love him help)

I’m not sure if anybody’s brought this up yet, BUT I’M HERE TO STRESS: I don’t think the english version conveys this feeling as compared to the korean version so let me just mention this




HE IS A VERY POLITE MAN easygoing yes, but he’s still very polite. I’ve been going back and forth between the english version and the korean version of the script and I couldn’t help but feel the scripts give off different feelings so I’m just putting this out here. Before I got to play the game myself it never occurred to me that 707 would be using honorifics..;; I’m pretty sure there are plenty who still don’t know!!

In case you didn’t know, 707 is as polite to the MC as yoosung is. There are several degrees of politeness in speech in the korean language. The language 707 uses is a pretty polite one. Let me list how the all the guys sound like actually, to compare how it’s like!

Jaehee uses formal polite language. It usually ends with -입니다, 습니다 Which is the language that you usually use for workplaces, presentations, or formal meetings. I think this may change as you progress in the game when you become friendly with her. It gives a stern, well-mannered and strict feeling.

Yoosung’s way of speech is cute, and polite-casual. It usually ends with -요. This style is found when little kids talk to a teacher, or when younger people talk to someone who are older than them, or when you don’t know about someone as well and want to be polite. Just being friendly, respectful, and polite in general. Koreans use this way of speech in default, and you will find most koreans talking this way when they are chatting online. When you start learning korean, using this way of speech is a safe bet. 

707 also goes by -요 FOR the MC only. He doesn’t do that with everyone else in the chat because obviously he’s already pretty close with all of the other members except her. I think the fact that he’s using -요 could mean a few different things: 1.It shows that he’s showing respect to you, the person he’s talking to. -요 is a honorific after all and when you use that, you’re putting yourself below the person you’re talking to and treating them higher. 2. It could, also imply, that he’s distancing himself from you. Because when you’re using -요, you’re not really putting yourself on the same ground with the person you’re talking to. Yoosung is supposed to be the younger brother type of character but I don’t think he’s been designed that way- he’s probably supposed to be older or at least around the same age with the MC. When someone your age, or older is using honorifics to you, it usually means either that they’re a really polite person at heart or that they don’t feel like revealing themselves to you. That is, to advance further into the relationship. (but when intimate couples talk this way it gives off a totally different vibe, it feels like they’re treating other very preciously. I am assuming 707 still talks this way after you get into his route so if he keeps doing that it means he cares. alot.)

While I’m at it, I guess I’ll add how ZEN and Jumin sounds like: The top three (Jaehee, Yoosung and 707) use 존댓말(honorifics). Zen and Jumin use 반말(this translates into “low form” but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they treat you lowly, they just treat you in the same level as them when they talk like how you do with english).

If Yoosung is polite casual, ZEN is casual polite. He sounds like a very kind older brother, with more life experiences than you have. His lines usually go with -어,아,야.. You talk that way when you talk with a friend you’ve grown friendly with, or when you talk with someone who’s younger, in a friendly way. He’s a bit narcissistic, but when you talk with him you could feel that he means well. The way that he speaks is pretty sweet and warm, actually.

Jumin sounds like.. a gentleman? He treats you like a lady. I was srsly surprised when he referred to the MC by the word “그대”. I never thought I’d be referred as that my entire life… uh… I think the closest word’d be something like “Thy” in terms of feeling, you use that word when you refer to someone in a play or something. Or in love song lyrics sometimes. I feel it shows his personality well. Overall, his way of speech is the most posh??(like -군,-지…) but he speaks pretty casual when he talks with the other members..

In short, Jaehee>>>Yoosung>>707>>>>>>ZEN>>Jumin in terms of politeness of speech.

Well, yeah ;v; I thought this was important. I don’t think there is a good way to translate these ways of speech into english, but it really shows their personalities well… I thought since there are so many people here that enjoy the game it’d be nice to share these things//

+oh forgot to mention this but Unknown is just plain 반말 :D not formal at all, could be kinda rude to talk that way with a person you’ve just met actually but it’s not like he cares :) :) probably.


Haii, is it okay if you write smth with Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other??

Steve Harrington X Reader


Summary: You weren’t usually so bold but you really had to talk about it.

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Multiverse Lovers - Part Six - Dave Hodgman

Title: The Happenings of his First Time

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 11,257

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, First Time/Virginal Sex, Pool Sex, Dirty Talking, Fingering, Doggy Style, Multiple Orgasms, Protected Sex, Unprotected Sex

Notes: I’m not ready for the last chapter next week. You will start noticing hints towards the conclusion. I REALLY WANNA HEAR YOUR THEORIES FOR THE END. WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? PS My mouth is still NUMB. FUCK MY LIFE.

Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

Pressure. Burning. Engulfed. Drenched. Lost. No Escape.

Your arms flailed around you, your eyes burning. It was relatively dark around you, occasional splotches of bright lights searing into your retinas. The wet substance around you hurt your eyes. Your lungs craved air, yearning for the sweet gas known as oxygen to fill them to the brim, but your lips stayed sealed in fear for what would happen. Small bubbles escaped from your nose as you attempted to exhale without inhaling involuntarily. Your hair rose around you, floating like nothing.

The only thing you knew was you were not in the bathtub, strong, veiny hands pressing you down. You were floating aimlessly somewhere else.

The pressure around you was becoming too much, the weight on your chest feeling vaguely like someone sitting on it – like that time your sister thought it would be funny to sit on your chest and forcing a stick of broccoli in your mouth. To be fair, you were six at the time, but the feeling was the same: uncomfortable, unwanted and beyond painful. You struggled to find relief, though none seemed to arise. You were stuck with no escape.

I thought Mitch was the end. But nope, I was wrong. I die not even knowing what is going on. Your eyes closed, clenching tightly. Is this my punishment for what happened with Mitch? For betraying his trust? For breaking his heart? Does he know I love him? I hope he does. Your body ached, sinking further in the substance. Was I not meant to go through this? Was this a mistake?

Just as your lips began to part, unable to keep them close any longer, when you were pulled upwards. Your head rushed, breaking the surface of your wet prison. Gasps for air were heard, strained coughs filling the air. The first thing you could smell was chlorine mixed with the dulled cologne of your savior. I’m in a pool? Your hand shot up to wipe the water from your face, pushing away strands of hair that stuck to your cheeks. Your hero’s hands held your waist, keeping you afloat.

“Am I dead?” you asked sarcastically on a whim, knowing full well what the answer was. The person against you let out a deep chuckle – a male, obviously – and dragged you towards the side of the pool.

“I kind of hope not. I wouldn’t be able to explain that to your parents later. Or the police. More your parents. I can see that conversation now! ‘Oh, how did Y/N, your best friend, die?’ ‘Well, you see, I let her drown!’ Not a perfect conversation, babe,” he let out.

Your eyes cracked open meeting the sparkling honey-brown orbs of one Dave Hodgman. His brown locks dripped with pool water, surprisingly still spiked upwards. You spared a single glance at his body against yours, noting his bare, toned upper body breaking the water, ripples around it, his blue jeans clinging to his lower half. His shoes and socks were on the side of the pool.

Sweet Baby Roscoe the Jeep…

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You’re Unbelievable, You Know That? (Smut)

A/N: Finding out that Shawn is working with Armani KILLS me, okay? I won’t survive this, even if he’s just modeling clothes. So yes, this is inspired by that. 

This is mostly unedited. Fair warning. I’ll do it later. Also, you could almost consider this a “Keep It On” 2.0 if you squint hard enough. 


The car ride home is almost unbearable. Hell, the whole day is close to the same and Shawn doesn’t help one bit.

It doesn’t really matter what he wears, he always looks. But today he just has to go and ruin it for you. He’s always had a fondness for button up shirts, but ever since the shoot with Armani he’s upped the ante and gotten progressively worse.

The shirt he wore today is a solid black button up that clung to his torso in all the right places. As usual, his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the top of his shirt is unbuttoned. You let your gaze wander down the exposed skin of his chest and you can feel yourself get hotter.

“Babe, are you listening?”

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