Well i thought it sounded pretty

‘The End’ remastered.

General thoughts: Still holds up pretty well, while Craig Charles and Chris Barrie haven’t fully sold the Rimmer/Lister relationship yet it still works. Something about the I and II sets though that I love.


What I like: Some added sound effects like when Rimmer is fixing the chicken soup machine, making Red Dwarf sound very busy, Cat’s hiss when he confronts Lister and Rimmer, the little music tune when Cat comes out of the vent, the various shots of Red Dwarf in space while Lister is in suspended animation which help feel like time has past.

What I don’t like: The CG skutters at the beginning and the added people to Mcintyre’s funeral. They stick out so badly. Just look at them-

I didn’t like a new joke from Holly when Lister and Rimmer head out to Mcintyre’s return party. It just felt like a jarring transition. The removal of the music when Lister comes out of statsis and Holly says his infamous ‘everybody is dead’ joke made it lose the momentum, it felt empty without it. Also when Cat talks about the Cat religion felt a little abrupt, they just suddenly cut to him talking about it out of nowhere.

What I’m indifferent to: The CG Red Dwarf, while I like how it shows how big the ship is, it just really stands out in a kinda corny way. I prefer the models which felt natural, here the ship just stands out way too much. If the show was made in the 90s maybe it would have worked better.

My worst fear on a test? The feeling of getting an exam paper in front of me, and not being able to remember anything, while back at home when reading the book I thought I knew everything. Sounds familiar? In that case, it may help to try these techniques. They help you practice retrieving information, rather than being familiar with the concepts you are studying. These have helped me loads, and I’m actually pretty convinced that these techniques are better than many others I used to apply, like rereading and regular summarizing. Hopefully they work for others as well :)

1. Summarise… in questions.

How do you do it? Instead of writing down facts, you convert facts to questions. Underneath the these, you answer them in your own words. This is technically the baby of summaries and flashcards. Don’t do this with every small fact, but rather convert several to one question, and omit the less important things always. You’re not going to remember every detail and most teachers don’t require you to (of course if they do, study them lol) .

Why would you do it? It is proven that asking yourself questions about the material enhances understanding and remembrance. Additionally, you can instantly quiz yourself on the material. Only reading your summary is not going to help you much with remembering, but actively retrieving information is! Also, when you’re reading and summarising the textbook throughout the semester, you’re already getting your study material for the test ready => less stress and work for when you gotta study.

2. Teach your peer / pet / pillow

How do you do it? Explain key concepts (many books provide these at the beginning or end of the chapter) to anyone who wants to listen. Don’t have anyone who wants to? Your cat probably won’t mind (but who knows what cats want tbh) and your reflection is always listening to you as well. 

Why would you do it? Explaining things to other people requires you to really understand what you are talking about, and you will more quickly find holes in your knowledge once you’re not able to explain it. Additionally, you’re probably gonna have to explain stuff on tests so it’s good practice.

3. Re-do your homework

How do you do it? Pretty obvious. Well, don’t write every answer down in detail again! For maths it may be useful to only tackle the most important exercises again, while for history you may want to spend an hour to just go over them all and test in your head if you can form a sensible answer.

Why would you do it? Going over the homework is always a good idea because 1) the theory is practically applied in those questions, so you have to think about what you have learned, enhancing integration, and 2) teachers are lazy and will often reuse or slightly modify textbook questions.

Inktober day one!! Prompt: fast.

I feel like watching Ponyo ^^

i’ve really liked this song for a while, and i always wanted to cover it but i never thought i could sing it very well, but here i am, posting it for all of the internet to listen to.


i think james blake does a lot better of a job than i do, but i’m pretty proud of the result.

tell me what you guys think!


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“But they’re cooler than us. Much cooler” - Chris “Woody” Wood

“Also, it’s quite a nice sound pairing as well. We’re not the same, but there are similar elements and they are just amazing guys.” - Kyle Simmons

“The first night we met them i’d accidentally, while shaving my beard, shaved half my head by mistake. I thought that was pretty cool, reliving my youth. Then I met The 1975 and they all had shaved heads and they looked good, whereas I looked like an old tranny. It was a write-off.” - Will Farquarson (x)


Slughorn’s Party: 6th Year (Part 2)

James: “Okay, they’re coming! Act natural!”
Sirius: “Prongs, you don’t look natural at all, you’ve been waiting for them the past three hours.”
James: “Shut up Sirius, here they come! Oh, hey Lily, Remus. How was the party?”
Remus: “Ya…no. It was horrible.”
Lily: “Ya it was pretty bad.”
James: “Oh…really?”
Remus: “Ya, the entire party consisted of Lily sending me a signal to get her out of dull conversations.”
Lily: “Haha, it was pretty funny how many people thought Remus was obsessed with dancing.  Every time I gave him the signal, he would take me away on pretense that he just had to dance to the next song.”
Remus: “Please Lily, don’t act like you didn’t think my dance moves were superb.”
Lily: “Oh, yes of course.”
James: “Ya…well sounds like fun.”
Lily: “It wasn’t really, but I just have one more to endure through and then I’ll never have to attend another one in my life.”
Remus: “Well you can count me out.”
Lily: “Ah, fine. I can’t really blame you though, I’ll just have to find another date for next year, one with even better dance moves.”
Remus: “Lily, you dreamer, no one has better dance moves than me.”
Lily: “Oh, I don’t know about that Remus, I’ve seen all four of the marauders dancing and I can tell you will total honesty you aren’t even in the top two.”
Remus: “Oh Lily, how you break my poor heart.”
Lily: “Haha, like you even wanted to go.  Maybe I’ll ask another marauder next year.  You would go with me, right James?”
James: “What…Yes, of course. Yes.”
Lily: “There, see I already have a date for next year.  Anyway, goodnight boys I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Marauders: “Goodnight Lily”
James: “Hey, Evans!”
Lily: “Yes?”
James: “I’m holding you to this date, you know that?”
Lily: “I wouldn’t expect anything less James.”

Part 1

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lol I loved how you dragged Mor in your earlier post cuz why aren't more people talking about this??? like I love her strength and everything but 500 years is kinda ridiculous. its like she just likes all the attention she gets from everyone about it and I hate how she just left cassian to take all the blows for them like??? poor cassian just wants to keep his friends from being hurt even if it makes him look like a jealous ex-lover. lmao I sound so salty

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Cassian is so selfless and has pretty much given up 500 years of his life to protecting Azriel’s from getting hurt and now he’s given up his wings as well and mor just lets him do all this without a second thought instead of sitting down and having a rational talk about everything, she then even has the audacity to act as if he has no say in her business like?? mor made her life choices Cassian’s business when she slept with him simply because he was a bastard, (and we wonder why he has a complex about this) then ignored Azriel’s feelings and obvious love for her all the while Cassian is stuck shielding Azriel from all her actions whilst she makes him out to be a possessive ex-lover who is still pining over her

I’m pretty sure she loves thinking that everyone wants her and whilst there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with that when it comes down to it she is hurting the people she claims are her family and she loves

she needs to take a page out of Cassian and Rhysands book on how to care about your family.

Thin Walls *Part 5* (Luke Hemmings)

im so good to you guys, i wasnt planning on updating so soon

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

part 6

You raised your eyebrows at what Luke had just said. Getting drunk did sound pretty appealing at the moment. 

“What are you suggesting?”

He grinned, nodding his towards his closed door. “I’ve got some unopened liquor in there, and I’m willing to share.”

You thought it over. You had zero plans tonight, since our friend had cancelled on you, and you knew very well that you were never going to be getting to cleaning your apartment. You glanced down at the envelope in your hands, starting to feel pissed off again. “I’m in.”

His grin grew wider. “Great.” He held his grocery bags in one hand as he dug for his keys. “Do you want to come over or should I bring the liquor over to your place or..?”

“Your place.” You immediately responded. “My place is too much of a mess.” He nodded, unlocking the door. “Okay, do you need anything for your place? Because you can come over right now.” 

You shoved the letter and envelope in the back pocket of your jeans, double checked that you locked you apartment and that you had you phone and followed him into his place. 

Since the last time you were here was last night, obviously nothing at all had changed.  Luke headed to the kitchen area, dumping the grocery bags on the counter and headed to open a cabinet. “What do you want?” He asked, back turned to you as he pulled out various bottles. 

“Whatever easiest.” You shrugged, feeling bad for invading his space like this. “You don’t have other plans, do you?”

Luke turned to you, shaking his head. “You’d think that someone would, but no. I was going to be all alone tonight.”

You don’t know why. You really don’t know how your brain made this link but once again you found yourself thinking to the time you heard him getting himself off in the shower. “Okay.” You nodded, trying to focus on other things to get your mind off of your previous thoughts. 

He walked past you, heading more towards the couch and handed you a bottle on his way. You grinned at his choice. “How did you know I liked Smirnoff?”

He shrugged, smiling sheepishly. “It’s a gift.”

You opened the bottle, drinking straight from it. You winced slightly, getting used to the taste. “Going straight for it, huh?” Luke grinned as you came to sit net to him on the couch.

“Sorry,” You muttered, handing him the bottle. “It’s been a shit day.” 

He chuckled slightly. “You don’t need to apologise.” He said as he took a swig from the bottle as well. “What happened? To make you day shit, I mean.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t want to bore you with the details.” 

He shook his head, turning to lean back against the arm of the couch so that the could face you. “It’s a Saturday night and we’re sitting on my couch drinking Smirnoff from the bottle. Its the perfect time to tell me about your shit day.” 

You smiled slightly. “Well, if your sure you want to hear it.” You warned him, taking another sip of the alcohol. “My friend cancelled our plans today, I know it sounds stupid but I was looking forward to it all week. And then I had really bad cramps all day, because I’m getting my period soon.” You were kind of glad when you didn’t see any signs of disgust or discomfort on Luke’s face when you mentioned your period. 

“And,” You reached back to pull out the now crumpled paper that you had previously shoved into your pocket. “My brothers getting married. And I have no choice in attending. Like everyone in my family is an asshole, especially my parents and I really don’t wanna go.” 

You realized how stupid your problems sounded when you said them out loud. “But whatever” You added on. “Its okay, its not that big of a detail.” 

Luke shook his head. “There is so problem too small. Just talk about it if you want, I’ll listen and give you more alcohol.” He handed you the bottle once again. 

You were kind of a light weight, and so far you’ve maybe drunken 3 or 4 shots worth, you were starting to feel a bit light headed. “I have a shit relationship with my parents, one of the reasons I moved out so young.” 

“How old were you.” Luke asked, taking the bottle to take a swig of it himself. “I was eighteen. I moved into this place like, 11 months ago I think?”

He nodded. “I was eighteen too. Crashed with a friend for a bit before finding this place.”You knew that he moved in a few months after you had, so you guys were probably around the same age. “Wait, how old are you know?” He asked, clearly thinking the same thing you were. “Nineteen, turning twenty this year though. You?”

He nodded. “Twenty.”

It was safe to say that the both of you were past tipsy. Maybe not completely drunk, but you guys were very far from sober. “Hey!” Luke exclaimed, moving up form leaning against the couch. “I’ll come with you to the wedding!”

You thought it was an amazing idea. “Yeah!” You agreed, nodding vigorously. “We can make fun of my fam.” 

He laughed, sitting back upright next to me and nudging me with his shoulder. “Hey,” he said, much quieter this time. “Do you wanna know a secret?” 

You turned your headed over to face him. “Sure.” You whispered, feeling the air around you guys get much calmer. 

He bit his lip, boyish grin on his features. “I’ve always wanted to talk to you.” You felt your lips push up into a wide smile at his words. 

“Can I tell you a secret?” You asked him, looking up to meet his yes. He nodded, waiting for you to speak up. “I heard you in the shower.” You whispered, feeling a blush push its way to your cheeks. You were happy that it was getting dark out, and Luke only had one light on, coming form the kitchen so he wouldn’t be able to see your blush.

He looked confused. “What? You mean the singing?” 

You giggled slightly, and shook your head. “No.” You spoke, louder than a whisper. “I heard you,” You paused for affect. “In the shower.” 

He still looked confused. Maybe he had no idea what you were hitting at, or maybe his intoxicated state was affecting him, or maybe both. You quickly leaned in closer to him, pushing you lips against this ear and whispering. “Touching yourself.”

You think that it was the alcohol, because you were never this confident. You blushed when strangers smiled at you, you would never be able to to this sober. You leaned back down, watching as the confusion on his face turned to realization. 

His mouth was agape, eyes wide. “You… shit. I thought I heard you that day, but I wasn’t sure.” 

You felt slightly bad for laughing at him , but he wasn’t seeming to take it too hard. “I knew I shouldn’t have done it in the shower.” He cursed to himself. 

“If I wasn’t drunk right now.” He turned to meet your eyes. “I would’ve already buried myslef in a hole.” 

“You don’t need yo be embarrassed.” You whispered, giving him a reassuring smile. “It was kinda hot.” You muttered more to yourself than to him, even if you knew he heard. He eyebrows shot up. “Really,” He slowly said, corner of his mouth perking up to a smirk. He seemed to be more confident when he was drunk as well. 

Your eyes dropped down to where his tongue darted out and he licked his lips. You quickly met his eyes again, pushing any thoughts of his lips out of your mind. He had clearly noticed, his smirk growing wider. “Yeah,” You nodded. The air around you guys felt thick, a huge change from when you guys were yelling things at each other from across the couch. 

Both of your faces were turned so they faced each other, and your noses were practically touching by this point. “Hearing you moan, and whimper. It’s hot.” You whispered again, seeing a reaction come out of him at your words. You don’t know if it was just the lighting, but his eyes look a few shades darker than they were before. His adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as his breath hitched in his throat, and his eyes glanced at your lips. 

You felt like everything was moving in slow motion, when you leaned closer to him. You guess you weren’t as slow as you thought, because you leaned in too fast at the same time as his did and you bumped your forehead together with a bang. You both jolted back, you rubbing your forehead lightly. 

You both looked at eachother, and for some reason you couldn’t help but laugh at the entire situation. He looked at you like you were crazy, but soon joined in as well. 

Clutching your stomach, you spoke up between giggles.  “We’re so stupid.” 

  • Mom:Why do you want to date someone prettier than you?
  • Me:Because..... They would make pretty kids.
  • Mom:But they aren't even manly. Manly men are suppose to be all sweaty and stinky.
  • Me:Well... Sounds like you want me to marry a dog -.-
  • Mom:........
  • Me:that's what I thought...
ML Secret Santa Part 2

((okay i got a little carried away this is almost 8k GUYS I REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS ))


‘A- Hey Marinette, there is a Christmas themed festival type thing happening in the park today. Would you like to go?’

Adrien sent the text with a smile, knowing that he had plans to see her that day but pleased to have actually thought up something to do. Their agenda had just consisted of “I’m free Monday are you?” before so now he waited eagerly in his room for her reply, happy to have someone to hang out with. He had felt the gap already, Nino barely able to even text since he had left Friday night and Ladybug calling their patrols off thanks to the cold weather. He didn’t know Marinette very well but he would like too, and he already owed her lunch so wandering some stalls as well sounded pretty fun, even if he wasn’t very good at social situations.

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Sooooo… little something I wanted to show you, in case some of you hadn’t noticed or thought about it. Because I find this pretty awesome, heh.

We’re aware of the fact that Lucifer visits people in the form of their dead wives, in a creepy ass nightgown, right? We also know that when you’re chosen by him, you start hallucinating very disturbing stuff. Like blood.


Can you spot the blatant differences?

Nick and Vince are the only people who were hallucinating gore shit, meanwhile Sam-my-man here did not. In fact, he immediately woke up, safe and sound, meanwhile Lucifer was just chilling in Sammy’s bed and coaxing him and pulling strands of hair behind his ear.

*cough* OTP *cough*

I mean – Hmmmmm. Strange.

Now, ANOTHER thing to note is that Lucifer was striving for Nick and Vince’s consent STRAIGHT AWAY. That was his goal in each of his visits.

But with Sam?

There was so much time and space Lucifer gave him before he would say yes. There was an apology and plenty of explanations. s5!lucifer is my true love and im not sorry

Let’s take a closer look at the image the band posted today.

Cool, creepy space stuff! But…

Dead Space Guy is confirmed for a Walter.  Probably 4 because, well, he did die in space.

Which was updated last year, to this:

PW 4, orbited Earth 4 times, among a crew of 4.  And this is album 4.  (*there’s that thing about 4 being a bad number because it sounds like the Chinese word for death) But “the incident was never fully explained”…but what’s this?

At first I thought it was a cape (which is ridiculous space attire), but after class, I looked at it closer. That is the American flag wrapped around that space corpse zombie Peter (if he is dead)…Pretty sure the American government killed Peter Walter IV and that’s the reason “the incident was never fully explained”.

*Edit: I just noticed that the spacecraft changed names.


This is a fascinating interview with Jennifer Connelly (about Labyrinth) dating back to 1986; she’s asked some pretty interesting questions and gives some very thoughtful answers. She sounds so grown-up for 15!

As you might predict. she only has nice things to stay about the film and Bowie (i.e. no gossip). Still, she’s charming and comes across very well.

My skin care essentials

Except for the occasional attack of the hormones, I’m usually pretty pimple-free (praise to the powers that be). However, I have a huge issue with blackheads in my t-zone and so I have an arsenal of blemish-slaying products (all of which are natural and vegan) to fight off these stubborn nemeses. My regime works pretty well so I thought I would share my essential products with you all.

1. Freeman’s Facial Clay Mask - Avocado and Oatmeal

This may sound more breakfast than beauty but this product is a repeat purchase of mine. Every skin-cleansing arsenal needs a clay mask and this one leaves my skin feeling amazing. I usually slap some of this on about ten minutes before I’m heading into the shower because it makes it easier to clean it off. I usually use this once a week - twice if I’m having a breakout.

2. Lush- Dark Angels

I CANNOT praise this product enough, honestly. This is like dropping a nuclear bomb on your blackheads and it leaves your skin soft and supple. You only need a pea-sized amount of the stuff, add a small amount of water and turn it into a paste. I leave it on for a minute or two before a shower to really soak up the dirt on your face. It kind of makes you look like Derek Zoolander as a coal miner (*cough cough* merman!) but it’s definitely worth it. I would use this sparingly because it is so effective that you only need to provide upkeep on the cleanliness it provides. Once or twice a week should do it and you won’t need any additional exfoliation on those days. I usually follow it up with toner, pore perfector (to help close those cleared pores) and a moisturizer. 

3. The Body Shop - Tea Tree Face Wash

Few things are quite so amazing for blemishes as tea tree oil so the Tea Tree range by The Body Shop is great to keep your skin clear and gorgeous. I even have their tea tree concealer and body wash. It’s used as a simple face cleanser so no specific instructions are needed. Lather and love.

4. Simple: Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash (with witch hazel)

I alternate this with the tea tree scrub. It includes witch hazel (witch I will rave about later on) and it’s nice and gentle. Dark Angel is enough of a nuke for your pores that you don’t need any more rigorous exfoliation so, as the brand says: keep it simple!

5. T.N Dickinson’s All Natural Witch Hazel

LOVE witch hazel because it works for just about anything. It has a naturally occurring percentage of alcohol so it’s a natural cleansing toner. It fights off infections in injuries as well. Put some on a cotton ball and apply to your skin (dry off with a towel first). A really neat trick I figured out when you have a monstrous blemish on your face: apply some witch hazel to the pad of a bandaid and cover the blemish for a few hours or overnight and it will be reduced (and sometimes even gone!) by the next day. I get nasty under the skin blemishes and it helps with that so any whiteheads are sure to be zapped by this product. It’s super affordable and can be found in any old supermarket.

6. The Body Shop: Seaweed Pore Perfector

This little bottle reduces the appearance of dilated pores to hopefully keep those blackheads away. I use this in between toning and moisturizing. You don’t need much and I just focus on my problem areas.

7. The Body Shop: Aloe Protective Restoring Mask

Can you tell I love The Body Shop yet? So this baby is the last part of my routine. It says it’s a mask but it doesn’t dry. I use a sparing amount as a moisturizer. Aloe Vera is also an amazing plant for your skin so it’s a great way to top off your daily regimen. I rub on a small amount, leave it five-ten minutes to absorb and wash/wipe off the excess. Easy peasy!

Ok so those are my favourite and most effective skincare products. They’re vegan so I hope I helped out any vegans out there who were looking for cruelty-free skincare. Hope you like these products as much as I do. Good luck soldiers in your war against blemishes!

I used to think stuff like “your only competition is yourself” all the time but yeah fuck this, if you are a competitive person use that want to be the best to be the best. Let’s be honest here, your thoughts can’t always be all pretty and full of rainbows like “I want to study because I want to achieve and this will make me feel so good about myself and I will be proud and I luuuuv studying” no sometimes you just gotta let them be like “I wanna study so I can beat this nerd John”, as long as you’re motivated and inspired it’s all good.

Bloody and Bruised - Peter Parker One Shot

Requested: Yes: (X)

Word Count: 390

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Blood, injuries

A/n: Ok guys so I pretty much write Peter Parker so that you can imagine whichever actor you want, unless specifically requested!! Enjoy!


You were getting ready for bed in your apartment, your parents having gone to bed ages ago. Finally going to get some sleep. You thought, sliding underneath your covers. As soon as your head hit the pillow, you heard a tapping sound on your window. Well, it was a nice while it lasted. Sighing, you got back up and switched on your light. You pulled back your drapes to see none-the-less Spider-Man standing outside your window. Unlatching the lever, you unlocked your window, letting your boyfriend enter. It became a nightly routine, Peter always showing up at your room, sneaking through your window, sometimes in his Spidey suit, sometimes not. As soon as he entered, he collapsed on the floor.

“Pete? Oh my God, Peter are you ok?” You asked worriedly, not caring if your parents heard you. Not once had you seen him in a state this bad. You received a groan in response as you helped him up onto your bed. Taking off his mask, you noticed his bleeding nose, cut lip and eyebrow, and his already bruised eye. “Oh my God babe, hold on.” You quickly ran to your kitchen to retrieve a bag of frozen peas. “Put this on your face, it’ll help with the swelling.” Moving on to his body, you started to take off his suit. Peter winced every time you tried to tug something off so you pulled the scissors from your drawer. You looked at him sympathetically, before cutting the fabric away from his body.

“Man, Mr. Stark is going to kill me. That’s my third suit this month.” He said, throwing his head against your pillow in defeat.

“Well he’ll have to get through me to get to you.” Examining his body, it was as torn up as his face was, cuts and bruises everywhere. “Oh Peter, what did you get yourself into this time?”

“Just the norm, babe. Saving New York in tights.” You smiled at him. Leaning in for a kiss, you were gentle not to further hurt him. You loved how even in this state, his humour always shun through. For the rest of the night, you took care of Peter. You complained that he would always be the reason why you never got any sleep, but in secret, it was the best thing to happen to you.

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Look what I uploaded for everyone!

It’s actually part of a bigger video, but I cuted all except for POTO performance. I am so grateful to Musicals dot ru for this video. 

Anna O'Byrne is beautiful and amazing. Pity we can’t see JOJ at all in this one :(

I was surprised to see Dmitri Ermak as the Phantom here. Thought it will be Ivan Ozhogin. My my! Dmitri’s voice sound good.

And we know the first Russian Christine now. It’s Tamara Kotova (Тамара Котова), a very well trained opera singer. She’s 30 years old - which is not older than I expected.

Anyway, there still will be a broadcast video, but this one is pretty good too. Just wait a little longer, til evening. 

I just love the idea of Sam explaining demisexuality to Dean. At first he doesn’t really get it, because he’s never heard of something like that before.

“Are you sure that’s a thing? Maybe you’re just weird.”

“It’s a thing, Dean.”

Dean looks uncomfortable, like he’s afraid this means he doesn’t know Sam as well as he thought he did. “You’ve had sex with strangers before.”

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