Well i thought it sounded pretty

Warframe [Councilor Ven'kra Klim] by BlazingCobalt

Councilor Ven'kra Klim was the name I got from the Grineer name chart.

(Which can be found here; http://i.imgur.com/mwUkFkO.jpg )

I wanted to try and draw this person up. I’m not a girl or anything but, the name sounded feminine to me. I also think some more Grineer females would be pretty cool.


Ven'kra Klim is a Councilor in the Grineer rankings. Klim’s personal thoughts on how to deal with the Tenno are to fight them at their own game, using speed and stealth against them. She is highly fond of Grineer Manics and their ways.

Her fighting style matches her thoughts as well, thus her altercations to the Scorpion design features quite a few changes to reflect these. The first being two machetes as opposed to the standard one. This allows her to quickly silence her enemies when the time is right. Another modification is rather than grappling onto her enemies, she uses her hooks to traverse high path ways and stalk foes from above. In exchange for this high mobility and stealth, her armor is very fragile and lacks durability. A similar design of leggings to that of Tyl Regor allows her to be swift on her feet for a clean get away if something goes awry.

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Thats not bryanna she doesnt wear glasses and that woman looks older, just bc shes blonde and with ashton doesnt mean its bry. Its one of their makeup artists.

I thought it might be Kelsey (their hair stylist) as well, but (linked for your convenience) she was at lunch with other friends today. Also, Bryana has worn glasses in the past, and yeah, white sneakers are pretty generic but, these definitely look like Bryana’s shoes, + (and again, might not mean anything) it def looked like she was leaning on him in some of the pictures. 

Everyone is going to have a different interpretation, so ! there is mine. That’s all I have for you. Until there’s confirmation otherwise, that is what I believe because I am totally tired of look at those pictures.

anyway bryana posted on her snapchat she’s in amsterdam so

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I thought the person asking Lydia the questions about the others towards the end of the promo was the creepy third eye guy? I might be wrong though.

Yeah, I’ve been looking at the trailer again now with less tired eyes, and I think you might be right. 

This does look - and sounds like dr Valack. I dismissed it at first, because I thought he looked to be quite a bit older in the trailer than in season 4 - but that might be a deliberate choice as well. Something about the shirt and vest also makes me feel like this is from another time as well… 

Time! Another theme in the trailer with the clock specifically. I’m pretty sure this scene with him is from Lydia’s cold open, and that the season will be, at least partly told in flashbacks or out of sequence. 

Another hint that time can run backwards, is that he’s without the creepy third eye, which begs the question - when is this happening?

I’ve been theorizing Dr Valack used to be a doctor at Eichen House, and that he went to far, and perhaps also experimented on himself, ergo the third eye. We do know trepanation was in the files in the basement Stiles and Malia looked through

I thought perhaps the Eichen House scenes with Lydia could also be her reliving/remembering things that happened to her grandmother, who was also at Eichen House, and might have been treated by him. But he spesifically calls her “Lydia”, so perhaps not. Unless she’s projecting her grandma’s storyline onto herself somehow. 

Time seem to be broken somehow, and I’m super excited about it all

#100 Okayu (rice porridge)

I was watching tv last night and some ridiculous variety show was doing a special about dieting. Now normally I can’t stand to watch these kinds of things because diets that are popular in Japan tend to be ridiculous, unhealthy, and ineffective. But they featured one lady who switched from eating rice to eating rice porridge and lost a lot of weight. Granted, for an extended period of time she ate only rice porridge which is not good, but I thought rice porridge sounded like an interesting alternative to a full bowl of rice. It also seemed like it would be good for breakfast. So I found this recipe in one of my Esse diet issues and tried it out. The ingredients:

-salt and pepper
-minced salmon

It’s such a simple and…well…unattractive dish. I was pretty nervous about trying this. I’d thought it’d just taste like water. But actually, the salt and pepper really did wonders for it, not to mention the flavor of the salmon. It really wasn’t half bad. I don’t think I could replace all my carbs with this, but it is a nice, healthy alternative.

so here i go with my 3am thoughts, well basically i was thinking about the whole shadowhunters and all, and i have to say and be honest that i really like Alberto as Simon, i’m pretty sure he will do a amazing job, and he is well so simon, he is cute and he seem’s a amazing guy and everything, like i’m really hapy for his choice, actually i love every choice, but somehow i cant forget Robert, like its crazy because in the dinner pic i was first like where is Robbie?? and then like oh, oH, i don’t know but i feel like it will be difficult to get over it, like i will never forget any of tmi movie actors/actress, they have a place in my heart, but the most difficult one is Robbie. maybe i should go to sleep

and one more thing
two of my closest friends went out today and i’m going to sound like a little bitch but i really wish they would have thought of inviting me to come along and maybe they thought about it then decided against it because i’d just ruin the mood or something and they’d rather not have me around

i’m pretty sure that’s the case

i’m not even wanted by my friends any more

(well that’s if i was ever wanted)

and one of them said after I found out that ‘I could come along if I wanted’
like I may not have anything but I’ve got pride
how could I come along knowing that I was the last option to you and that both of you never wanted me around and just said that because I found out

why is it me who has to be alone all the time

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Hi!! What do you think Joa's and Dylan's voices sound like? Whose deeper? Loud or soft? I always give them a mental voice but I would like to see what you thought.

Uhmmmm I’m so bad at this… Well, neither of them has a really deep voice. Joa has more clear and sharper voice, Dylan a little bit softer. That’s pretty much all I can say :’)

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if you're still doing the drabbles! Courferre, 22 “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” And/Or 23 "Just once." (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

22. At the risk of sounding arrogant, Combeferre had always thought of himself as pretty intelligent. Not because of any genius IQ level, but out of a natural-born curiosity and thirst for knowledge he never hesitated to indulge.

Poring over books on astronomy, biology, social economics; reading and watching everything he could get his hands on (his thick-framed glasses and penchant for sweaters belied a vast knowledge of pop culture only matched by Grantaire); these all contributed to his well-established reputation as “the smart one,” a term he privately agonized over. He was really no smarter than anyone else in the group; he just happened to know more things, because knowing things was the direct product of wanting to learn things. He wanted to learn everything.

Combeferre liked to think of himself as intelligent, but as Courfeyrac stood before him, a knowing look in his eyes, he realized that sometimes he could be very, very stupid.

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Help with calming down

I know that there are a ton of these out there but I figured I might as well put my own stuff into the mix as well, so here you go!

So remember when I said when the first legendaries came out that the only one that made me want to go “I definitely want that” was Eternity? And I even sold the Leaf of Kudzu I got out of the Mystic Forge in order to buy Dawn when I was still in the step that required making Sunrise?

Well. Ever since selling it, I’d actually started getting this creeping suspicion that… maybe I shouldn’t have. I mean, Kudzu’s pretty nifty. I love the flowers growing out of your footfalls. The special sound it makes…

Anyway, the feeling grew. Slowly but steadily. I thought, hm. The lady that’s part of the bow looks kind of like a sylvari, doesn’t she? What if I made a sylvari to kind of look like her? (I’m sure I’m not the first one who has thought of this, but I don’t care!) Thus, my kudzuvari, Dhatur (Datura), was created.

I’ve been fiddling with her armor combinations, dyes, even gave her a new face and hair, and this is how she looks today. All she needs is the Kudzu.

Yep. I think I’m definitely going to do it. Fourth legendary, GO!

Mom is already in the kitchen, eating some leftover waffles when I enter the room. I silently head towards the fridge, and grab a plate for myself. The moment I sit down, she starts asking me about yesterday.

“So,” she says, trying to sound casual. “Jasper told me you had a friend over yesterday.”

The second the words come out of her mouth, I feel heavy with dread. I swear, I will kill him if he told her my secret. “Yeah,” I reply. “We went to high school together.”

“Mmm,” Mom muses. After a few moments, she speaks again. “Well how come I’ve never met her?”

I feel completely freaked out. Is it possible she knows? I should’ve been more careful. I don’t know why I thought I could trust Jasper. “Oh,” I say, desperate for an excuse. “She’s pretty shy. I’m sure you’ll get to meet her eventually.”

“Well, I’d certainly like to,” Mom says with a sly smile.

I wolf down the rest of my breakfast, desperate to get out of this conversation. I know I shouldn’t keep avoiding the truth, but I still just want to wait until the time is right.


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There’s a lot about the movie that seems tone deaf–done for the laugh in the minute but then it sours on reflection, leaving you a little less for ever having found it funny–and it’s frustrating.

There is this style that Joss has– lots of one-liners, self-references, short “gotchas” that sound sweet and well put-together but they can either be actually well-thought-out, or they can just be flash and snap for the image. The first Avengers had a lot of these snappy statements too– but a lot of them were pretty meaningful. But like all media that depends on being smart/clever to be funny, there’s plenty of things that seem savvy on the surface but have an interior of ash.

Joss tends to also cloak all of his most offensive remarks as “smart jokes.”  When Tony stark says in AoU, “ I will be reinstituting Prima Nocta” you have to know what that is to know it’s offensive. And then if you do know what it is, you’re liable to laugh even though it’s horrible. Why? Because just getting a reference makes you feel smart and funny, it’s immediately after you get a horrible taste in your mouth. The very same with the “mewling quim” line in the first Avengers movie. You have to know what the vocabulary is, be “smart”, in order to get the line. And then you like the line or hate the line, and just getting the line when others didn’t is an appeal for you to like it.

The one-liners, overuse of self-referential echo, these also apply this “I got the joke” jolt of approval except they don’t rely on the knowledge of the audience to do so. These are all legitimate tools to make the audience like your work, to insert “cleverness” into writing.

But I can’t help but wonder if Joss has it in his mind now that everything he thinks up is going to be super fucking clever and that he doesnt have to look at it sideways and go “well this sounds snappy and good… but is it actually clever?”

DAY 10, PART 2. (See previous post for an easier version of triangle pose)

I struggled with finding a way to make trikonasana harder than it is, without being ridiculous. One could take it with both feet on the wall and the hand on the floor. Perhaps one could use a rope wall or sling to hang upside down to take the pose upside down with no points of support for the legs. Neither are actually ridiculous to me, and both sound pretty fun and informational, but in the end I thought this was both challenging and illuminating. For this variation I kept the ease of the front leg flexed onto a block, but added 3" of height to the back foot. All things being equal, this minor lift of the back leg highlights the intense opening at the top and outer hip, as well as the stretch of the front hamstring.

Would love feedback from anyone who tries this - what kind of value did you find in this variation, if any?

May challenge is hosted by @beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga #mayibeginyoga2015

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(at Indian Wells, California)

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What are your thoughts on the pronunciations of certain Cantonese words changing? Like nei vs lei and ngo vs o. Which pronunciations do you use?

For those that don’t know about the Cantonese “lazy sounds”, check out this wikipedia article. It gives a pretty good overview of these sound changes. 

Personally, I am guilty of:

國 (gwok3) ≫ 角 (gok3)

愛 (oi3) ≫ ngoi3

吳 (ng4) ≫ 唔 (m4)

男 (naam4) ≫ 藍 (laam4)

(as well as other words with the same initial sounds)

I don’t really have any thoughts/concerns about the changes, because isn’t that how languages evolve over time anyways? I feel like Cantonese speakers should know about the original pronunciations, but I don’t see a need to correct these “lazy sounds” :D this was a really cool question though~

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7, 14 and 28

  • 7) If you could make sweet sweet love to a fictional character, with who would it be? Okay, that sounds really messed up, but whatever.

I would make sweet sweet love to Darrow from Red Rising. That man could get it.

  • 14) Have you ever stolen insults from books and used them in real life situations? If so, how did that work out for you?

I have! And it worked pretty well mainly because most people didn’t get that I was quoting something and just thought I was really clever.

  • 28) Have you ever used a book as a coster? How do you even spell that? You guys probably know what I’m talking about anyway.

…. I hesitate to admit this but I have. Its usually a paperback and its usually a bottle of water or cup of hot tea. And chances are it will be a new book.

RE: Naming rights...
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I’m not really all that fond of my name, so I understand this on some level. Go you for finding your own name. I hope it sits well on you.

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I love you Teodore. Muchly

theprincessofthepants: Thanks! It’s sitting pretty well so far, although since I dress left, I do have to ask it to move to the right sometimes to avoid squishing my… ;-)

amiiam22fuk: I thought of that, but it sounds like the past tense of ‘kent’.

burtontracks: Interesting… Sounds sort of like a small dish (ala ramekin) to eat my sweet concoctions from!

hazeybluesoul: I love you back by any name. But of course, who can resist loving you!

“If we cut out the bad well then we’d have nothing left,
Like I cut up your angels, yeah, you stabbed me to death….”
-“Cut up angels”, The Used

So here’s a pretty morbid drawing of my night terror oc Glytch. She’s just like she sounds, a glitch. A game breaking glitch. Why is she naked? I don’t know. She normally wears clothes but I thought this particular drawing looked better without them. Fun fact this is my first time drawing any of my OCs “naked”
Also, the song quote for some reason reminds me of that picture, and of her in general to be honest.

I just spent like half an hour trying to record something and tbh I thought I sounded pretty ok but it doesn’t translate well in the recording because my mic is shit