I’ve only just bumped into the real Malcom Tucker this afternoon! Very pleased to hear that he’s already bought his copy of @bigissueuk from his local vendor this week. Only two more days to get your hands on a very special edition from a @bigissueuk vendor.#petercapaldi #armandoianucci #malcomtucker #thethickofit #drwho #bigissue #london (x)

Malcolm Tucker, back to life in The Big Issue, holding The Big Issue. He says you should buy it. Be afraid. (x) (This photo is a bit blurry to begin with so it’s not Tumblr.)

Edit to add another picture: Malcolm Tucker says you should buy The Big Issue. DO WHAT HE SAYS. (x)

me: oh cool i love this overwatch imagines/drabble blog, they’re a good writer! and their requests are open let me read their rules

blog: rule #1 i won’t write junkrat or roadhog because they’re gross and i don’t see them as ever being romantic or nice


Given that the Mercs trilogy suggests that at some point Felix thought of himself as “the good guys”, what if that was just another event in a chain that started with Isaac-the-orphan losing his parents and having his baby brother taken away by his other family while he and his other brother were left behind to fend for themselves? Little Isaac had to do what he had to do to survive; there’s no room for morals when you’re the only thing standing between survival and the rest of the world, and hey, if you enjoy the things you have to do, then all the better.

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this is something that happened years ago, i dont remember why i went to sleep in my mom's room, but i was there and my little brother too. the room was dark and as i was going to fall asleep my mom said "they're coming" and something else i don't remember in the weirdest tone and i didn't answer her, i felt so creeped out? she was wide awake. when i tell her now about it she says she doesn't remember. to be honest i thought my mom got possessed and something else was speaking through her lmao

i don’t even know how to respond to this


(now there’s a puzzle)


Here, have a couple more - Todoroki and Bakugou might as well have my favorite friendship outside of the squad tbh