—  I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I was hit with feels. I felt like a Potter kid again (but then again, we never left, did we?).

One of my favourite Ginny Weasley things is her refusal to put up with Harry and her brothers policing her. The way she strikes down their paternalistic crap about telling her how much danger she is allowed to place herself in. 

Ginny knows her own mind, understands her limits and her power. She has survived things they cannot yet imagine. 

She’ll fight if she pleases, thanks. 

how the signs welcome you into their home

“hello, i guess you can come in? take your shoes off though, and just don’t be annoying or touch anything…”: aries, virgo, capricorn

“what’s up? come on in, i’m sorry for the huge mess, i’ve been too busy to clean up, you can sit over there, I’ll be back with some snacks.”: gemini, leo, sagittarius

“welcome to my humble abode, you can do whatever you want, the cat is sleeping, you can pet it, just be careful, i’m making pasta, so i’ll be with you in a second.”: taurus, libra, pisces

“hey, come in. make yourself right at home. you can put your stuff in my room so the dog doesn’t eat it, the remotes are all on the coffee table, you can watch whatever while I make some hot coco.”: cancer, scorpio, aquarius