Living in Las Vegas is kind of weird sometimes in just the stuff that’s normal, like oh hey yeah, there’s a big, black pyramid on the horizon there, it’s in the middle of town, at night it shoots a big beam of light up into the sky, most of us stay away from there if we can, I might live in Night Vale, no big deal.


When we made Welcome Back, Potter, we asked ourselves what it would be like if an orphaned child who was told to fight and kill Wizard Hitler said “hell naw” (Britishly) and ran away. That taught us two things:

1) That plotline’s waaaaaaaay more realistic than the Harry Potter books.

2) Those characters are way too much fun.

That’s why we’re proud to present you these four “Drunken Hooligans” minisodes, where Jarry (Swaim) and Donnie (DOB) hide out in America and grow ever fuller of fear, loathing, and bar peanuts.


“Welcome to the Kinetic Temple. Our energy source is the truth of imagination. As long as there is imagination in your hearts, we can recharge the world. Come on this journey with us through the Kinetic Temple.” - EDCLV Opening Ceremony