Friends, dragons, and fellow beings of sentience and obedience, casually dismiss the violent atrocities of this Friday. Fridays do a lot for the public, they’re definitely a good thing, and it’s important to remember that not all Fridays are atrocities. Besides, these atrocities would never happen to you, right? Fridays are always right. At the very least they are always justified. Probably.

On October 11th 2016 it’s national coming out day. We’re on a mission guys. We want you all to submit something to show your pride within the LGBTQA+ community. It can be photos, drawings, words, anything!
You have total creative freedom all the way from little sticky notes to drawing your otp. The goal is to make one huge collage with all these wonderful things to show off your pride, to celebrate with those who can and give hope and confidence to those who can’t. Everyone will be credited who wants to be, feel free to send something anonymous. The deadline to submit will be the 10th of October, have fun and have pride! -Cas and Kai

And we all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun

This beauty is Vi, my gay space demon oc. Or, Night Vale oc. Same thing.
He was originally designed by my friend Tera and the original drawing can be found here.

This is my character and my art! This should not be claimed as your own, used without my permission or reposted to other sites without my permission and credit back to me.

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anonymous asked:

if you're still doing requests, would you feel like doing cecil in the sweetest chill and kevin in cherry soda? if not or you've already done that it's cool i just love these palettes and your art is fantastic!

haha i way cheated but i hope you like this!!! thanks for the compliment <3

request a character or pairing :D


Cecil Baldwin talks openly about HIV for the first time. I love him, and I’m so incredibly proud of him. Honored to call him a friend, my fictional podcast boyfriend, and a stigma-ending badass.

My favorite Cecilos headcanons!

So most of these are to do with a wedding au my friend and I came up with, but there are some others too!!

  • Their proposal is totally casual, just like, ‘oh hey do you wanna get married?’ ‘Yeah of course I’d marry you, silly,’
  • Carlos just makes the ring out of whatever he has in his lab
  • CECIL WEARS A FRILLY WEDDING DRESS FITE ME ON THIS link to a drawing i did of this here
  • They adopt a little girl named Callista
  • Cecil is shorter than Carlos, and Carlos constantly is picking up his smol radio host
  • Carlos, Cecil, and Dana, are basically the dork trio, with Dana coming to the rescue when something goes horribly wrong and neither of them can fix it

I have wayyyyyy too many nightvale headcanons, this is barely scratching the surface, but I don’t want this to go on too long!! If you do want sad but also happy headcanons I can give you a ton, I just don’t wanna give you a sad blog ^.^

Toodles, friends! ~Piper