Welcome To Sanders Sides

Monday would like you to leave it alone. It is not its fault you are emotionally unprepared for your professional lives.

I do thing that Logan would be a hot awesome radio show host. Tbh I can see all the sides having their own segments for the Sanders Show.

But I just had this idea and figured to try it instead of a harpy logan cause I can’t draw wings for shit. Today I can’t draw hands either so rip.



So I use Kik a lot, I’m in a few group chats. Pedophiles DM me a lot because my profile picture is my face, and I know a surefire way to make pedos back the fuck off

Threaten to show the police, explain what the police will do, sometimes shoe proof that you’re taking screenshots of the conversation. You don’t even have to show the police, so far I haven’t, but they back right off immediately



It’s been a good 3 years since this episode aired, but from the very first time I heard it this has been one of my absolute favourite literary(?) quotes of all time and finally, after a couple years of procrastinating I finally finished illustrating it =u=


carlos records all of cecil’s bits on NVCR. he’s justifies it with “it’s supporting evidence for night vale’s various phenomena", but it’s pretty obvious he records it for himself.

there’s a reason no “episodes” of welcome to night vale exist before carlos’ arrival, and only cecil’s airtime is “on file”.

a redraw of something old because i was feeling nostalgic. i have no idea if this ancient headcanon still holds up though, ha ha.