Saturday is up for grabs. Bidding starts at one moment of clarity or a comfortable sleeping position. Place a bid anytime, anywhere by raising your hand, or other convenient instrument, and shouting your offer as loud as you can. You will know Saturday is no longer available when you experience a sudden increase in both heart rate and saliva production. You will know you have won when you cannot move for a full minute.

Honestly the best version of a night vale film would be if they cast everyone and showed their faces but not Cecil’s. His face would be strategically hidden every time like when they use plants being placed to hide nudity and stuff. They would use Cecil Baldwin’s voice for all his dialogue but you’d never see the face so lip synch doesn’t matter.

Also every shot with Cecil is a new person.

No explanation, just an entirely different actor.

The skin colour and body type could change and no one questions it, it’s just a whole collection of random Cecils.


Cecil Baldwin Reading My Immortal

I feel like not enough people have had the pleasure of hearing Cecil calling Gerrard Way a, “Major Fucking Hottie.”

Hello my dear listeners and followers! Cecil and I have been talking and with the latest submission of fanart, we have decided to put a new effort in place. For all of you who draw amazing, incredible fan art of our lovely little town, we are asking for you to submit them to this blog so that we can publish them. Any type of creation would be amazingly appreciated as we here at Night Vale Community Radio want to help promote the arts in our community.  Thank you so much!