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As you are most likely aware, the tension and needs in Syria have come to a head. I feel that the Conservative government has not done enough in the past with refugees, and now is the time to show the world that we are a caring and welcoming nation.

Your riding, Portage-Lisgar, is an excellent place for refugees. We are a welcoming people, and have a history of merging cultures. I feel like we would benefit greatly from moving some refugees to rural Manitoba. We have groups in place (mostly churches) that would work with you and the government to introduce them to the area and integrate them with the community.

I urge you to take a stance, pass on the message, and show the world, and the people of Syria, that Canada is still a nation that embraces people in need.

Thanks for your time,

—  My boyfriend wrote this letter to our mp, and I used it as a template for my own letter to our mp. I thought I’d pass it along for others who have problems writing/starting their own letters to use as a template. Change it as you see fit to reflect your own riding/situation, and send to your mp. I hope this helps!
Signs and the girls they fall for
  • Aries:Cold girls, distant girls. The ones that lean up against the wall by themselves at parties.
  • Taurus:Friendly, welcoming girls. Kind of people who strike up conversations with random kids on the bus when they're bugging their parents too much.
  • Gemini:Put together girls, girls who know where they're going. Probably write their notebook in different colored pens and put little sticky notes in their textbooks.
  • Cancer:Kind girls, emotionally intelligent girls. the ones who message strangers on facebook telling them all the reasons why they shouldn't kill themselves
  • Leo:Quirky Girls, almost could be mistaken for Manic pixie Dream Girls. Some weird skills sets, "Can shotgun a beer faster than any punk bro but is also a semi proffesional makeup artist" or something similar.
  • Virgo:Philosphers, academics and poets, girls who have a big interest in knowledge. Probably majoring in something really fucking obscure like 18th century Perisian Literature, have a bunch of fridge magnets with sayings nobody understands.
  • Libra:Unjudgemental girls, girls who find beauty in everything. That one girl who you barely knew but texted once to get the algebra homework and ended up staying awake with talking about your problems with until 3am.
  • Scorpio:Honest girls, Girls who don't care what others think of them. Unafraid of going on a feminist rant in class and unafraid to tell you they really like your eyes.
  • Sagittarius:Multi-faceted girls, Girls with many interests. The kind of girls with way to much junk lying around their house but it always has a story behind how it got there.
  • Capricorn:Girls with Hero complexes. The girl thats volunteered at the same animal shelter since she was 9.
  • Aquarius:Accepting girls. The kind of girl you could tell your wildest secret and she would probably just shrug.
  • Pisces:Poets. The girls that collect words and find just the right ways to arrange them, probably have notebooks full of pressed flowers.

Solidarity with refugees in occupied Northern Ireland

“I spoke to David Cameron today and made a direct appeal to him to permit entry to more refugees and to enable regions such as our own to welcome these people.

"I have no doubt the people of the North – and indeed Scotland and Wales – would gladly welcome any moves to allow more refugees to come here.”

- Martin McGuinness MLA

Via Sinn Féin - Republican Youth

its so comforting to know that people welcome me into their home in case I ever get kicked out. its so comforting to know that parents tell me that their home is always welcomed to me. things like this remind me THAT I AM A GOOD FUCKING PERSON

they treat me the way I deserve to be treated because they know I treated them the way they deserved to be treated.

Seen as it was a boiling hot day today, all the dancers decided to do the sessions around the pool area. It would welcome more people in, and get more people up on their feet and dancing. Hudson noticed Baby’s parents out the corner of his eyes, and her and her sister following behind. He tried to not make a big scene, but he smiled and waved over in the girls direction. “Right everybody!” he stated, clapping his hands together. “Everybody ready to do the conga line around the pool? Get them knees up high, and start kicking!”

I need to ask something of the phandom right now. I hate to do this because everyone will say I worry too much or I’m too overprotective, but IDC, I’m gonna say it anyway because hell, that’s who I am:

PLEASE, for the love of God, DON’T bother Dan about this anymore! He clearly doesn’t want to talk about it anymore after these last replies. I don’t think he’s gonna do a liveshow this tuesday because of his well deserved break with friends, but when he does another one, don’t go all: “what were the tweets all about??” on him.

Let me explain why: I don’t think he’s telling the whole truth. No, he’s not just lying because he wants to, he’s telling half truths like he usually does whenever things bother him. He’s always ‘trying to be funny’ to a certain extent when he tweets. This is something very different. He’s trying to calm us down because he doesn’t want people to worry and question him. But I feel like it’s more than that.

Look, humor and self-depreciation are Dan’s coping mechanisms. It’s clearly so. His channel is basically a therapy thing (hence the internet support group) where he can let his problems out through humor and entertain people. We can see both attempts at humor and self-depreciation in the tweets from last night and the new tweets today. He’s still striving to make it seem funny because that’s the way he deals with things.

The thing with coping mechanisms is people NEED them. You have to let him have it, ok? He needs the reassurance that he can say those things, that he can be open. I wish he wouldn’t close himself off and laugh it off again, but we’re just strangers on the internet, no matter how much we love him, ok? You gotta remember that.

So PLEASE whenever he does another liveshow, don’t force him to talk about it. Don’t force him to make up an elaborate story to explain why he thought the tweets would be funny. He doesn’t owe us anything else, ok? Let him be, plz, he doesn’t need the kind of stress of having to come up with an explanation to his tweets just for people to laugh at him again and call him a liar.

Chris Pine explains why women do not understand men
Chris Pine explains why women do not understand men
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It is rare for a man in show business to come out and explain why women do not understand men, as it is usually the other way round. However, Star Trek actor Chris Pine has given women a heads up on what they are currently not getting right when it comes to men.

Chris explained, “As madly and as deeply as we can love them, we also require a certain amount of distance and space and at least the illusion that we can be alone and free of any kind of tether. Not that I’m saying “tether” is a bad thing”   It will be interesting to see how the women of the world react to this statement, as men usually do not pay any attention when it is the other way round. Chris Pine will next appear on the big screen alongside Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeiffer in Welcome to People.