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Thoughts on Episode 67 - [Best Of?]
  • Oh my god, Cecil. You’re such a dumb
  • “…some new folks have moved into the area recently. They look like they’re from back east a ways. This isn’t their land, but they’re going to set up here anyway. They’re saying, “This is ours” and pointing ludicrously at actual Earth, as though that were an ownable thing.” Native American Cecil, yoooooooo
  • “They will cease to believe in hills at all. Elevation will become a laughable thing.” Liiiike, mountains?
  • Wait, so Leonard is still around? Why is he no longer Night Vale’s radio host? What happened?
  • I guess this proves that we’re only hearing a fraction of Cecil’s shows. This clip would have to take place in the middle of season one. (No wonder we never heard more about the Blood Space War!)
  • this is fucking with my head
  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer has a science kink pass it on
  • Okay, so Cecil traveled back in time once he left Night Vale? Or are the 1800s really when the show takes place? Oh! So, when Cecil was an intern, settlers were pouring into the Western United States (early 1800s), and then at the beginning of season one, he fucked Marconi. So time moves slower in Night Vale than it does everywhere else! BOOM! Got it.
  • 1934? Wow. Think of all the scientists Cecil has fucked in this time
  • ……
  • wait so
  • Why is Josie a little girl in the 1930′s, but Cecil hasn’t aged? Is it just Cecil? Does Cecil just age slowly? He definitely ages, so… hhhhhh what is going on?
  • Lee Marvin reminds me of my mom.
  • Whoa, Cecil. You were morbid during WWII.
  • Retired. Okay. Well, that’s one question answered.
  • Why does his mother hide from him? What does she know that he doesn’t?
  • They seemed far more interested in outside events back then than they do now. 
  • But…I thought that Cecil didn’t know about Nulogorsk. 
  • “I will never meet that someone. That someone who could have given my life depth and meaning, who could have been my other.” Aww, bby no.
  • what why
  • no no no. explain.
  • “Simone Rigadeau, professor of Earth Sciences at the Night Vale Community College, says that her reality has split, that she is experiencing another history happening now. A history in which all of this ends.” ohhhHHHHHH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY G O D. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? THIS MEANS THAT DESERT BLUFFS COULD ACTUALLY BE NIGHT VALE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE.
  • Note: Keep track of Simone and what she says.
  • Cecil was kind of a dick back then. A cold, morbid, kind of angry dick.
  • Ooh. I should use him as a reference for my pre-strex Kevin.
  • Wait a minute. Are interns supposed to replace the current radio host like Cecil did for Leonard? Because Cecil sure seems to like being a radio host. 
  • …Just how accidental are his interns’ “accidents”?
  • The fact that Cecil was about to report on a president when he doesn’t know what a president is implies that the information he’s reporting is being relayed to him by another source. Management? Or is he somewhat omnipotent?
  • “I’m all business,” I say, peeling off my skin strip by strip, showing you what oozes out. Business to my core.” Diego tho

The beautiful thing about fandoms that leave characters’ appearances open to interpretation is that you can get a beautiful variety of character designs~! Race, fashion, hair, skin, build, gender / sex, physical quirks, etc. Variety is amazing! It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a lovely way to share ideas and artistic expression with your fellow fans who love the characters just as much as you do. <3

That’s why it makes me so sad when I see people bashing other people’s headcanons. What’s accusing someone of ableism / transphobia / racism / etc when they don’t agree with one of your headcanons gonna do? It’s gonna estrange factions of the fandom from one another. It’s gonna make people feel ashamed and/or hurt. It’s pointless and mean to harass people over their headcanons, and it’s sometimes detrimental to the fandom as a whole.

Embrace each other and thrive in variety & creativity, friends. Don’t let our differences in ideas get in the way of celebrating our passions.

-Mod Merida

Night Vale TV Reporters
  • Like 20 Reporters:Mister Brown, what can you tell us about your death?
  • Reporters:Is it true that you ate a poisoned raisin?
  • Reporters:Is it true that actual-five-headed-dragon-and-prior-mayoral-candidate Hiram McDaniels poisoned that raisin?
  • Reporters:Ladies and gentlemen, we asked Mister Brown about Hiram's involvement in the murder, but Brown was too DEAD to answer.
Thoughts on worms...
  • “Have you ever asked yourself why the Dog Park is off limits? I mean, I know it’s a municipal park and all, but shouldn’t citizens be able to use it? Seems kind of weird, right? That you can’t just go to the Dog Park and hang out. Maybe even…bring your dog?” Whoaaaaa, Cecil. Getting a little rebellous there.
  • Wow, Cecil. Way to be a jerk. You’d better start being nice to Dana after this.
  • “Children new to organized baseball will be assigned teams automatically, based entirely on their personal dispositions. That way there’s a whole team of courageous players, a whole team of clever players, one of conniving selfish players, and one that…takes all the rest of the players.” Did they fucking just
  • Damn, Cecil. Ton down the sass, buddy - you’re going to get yourself hurt. 
  • “One person’s trash is another person’s leather bodysuit.” Jesus fucking Christ Cecil how lonely ARE you??
  • Aww. So, Cecil is both frustrated about not being in complete control of his body, and hurt because he think that Dana’s the one responsible for controlling him. But this does pose an interesting question - why is the real owner of Lot 37 so interested in protecting Dana, and why do they use Cecil to help her instead of doing it themselves?
  • Oh, Cecil. Oh, sweetie. I get you. I 100%, totally understand you. 
  • Kevinnnnnnnnnnnnn
  • I hope your vacation is jazzy, Cecil! :)