Self promotion time!! Woo! Who wants to know what I do for a living? I’m a freelance illustrator, so I work for a lot of different companies, but this company, All Play, No work, is one of my main clients right now, and our project is getting ready to launch soon. Which means I’m gonna talk about it a little, because I think it’s really neat and I’m really looking forward to its release. (Should come out in late November/early December. And we are busting our butts prepping for launch. Hence my post yesterday about my obnoxiously large workload for the next month)

This is the project I work on- The Incredible Tales of Weirdwood Manor. We call it a “living novel” because it’s intention is to combine a novel, an animated film, a video game, an audio book, a story builder, etc, all into one big, interactive experience. I’m a lead illustrator and creature/character designer. Unfortunately, you won’t see any of my work in this trailer as I was brought in a little later. My stuff won’t really show up until maybe, chapter 3 I think?

But I am really excited for this project. The more and more I see of it, the more excited I get to play it when it comes out.  I think it’s going to be great, and I hope you guys can get a little excited for it as well! And I would absolutely adore you if you’d help me spread the word! (Because also, if the project sells well, it may give the studio enough money to hire me in-house, and that would be lovely. They’re a great group of people who have a lot of passion for their project.)

Also, yeah sadly it’s Ipad only for a little while, but the intent is to release it for Android and desktop a little later.

Surprise! The Cover for WeirdWoods’ first chapter! A goody for you guys who’ve been so supportive and patient with me!

It most certainly is a dream sequence. What better way to start a comic about horrible people and zombies than with fire and seafoam ooze?

Coming February 15th 2014!

The pages will be black and white, and I’ll have Website link as soon as I find an appropriate place to post so stay tuned friends!

I got a commission to do whatever I wanted and the commissioner (A total sweetheart whose tumblr I actually don’t know) ended up getting a redesign of one of my oldest (both literally and in sense of when I created him) character Aidrean Di Santis (The name changes like every year Lol.) An assassin of what he sees as “criminal” or “bad” with an addiction for snuffing out lives. His wife (whom I need to draw) picks out his targets and keeps him on track so that he doesn’t get into trouble. You might see him and her show up in later books of Weirdwood ;)

Thank you!

Commission info:

WeirdWood posting update

I’ve been having troubles getting a job in California after moving here and, because of this, I’ve been pinching some serious pennies to eek by. However this week took its toll and, while I made all the bills payment-wise,  I have to run around before deadlines get crossed and make sure everything is taken care of and (because February is a fucker) most of the deadlines are tomorrow and the day after. Time to scramble!

On top of that, my job hunting has left me in a state of duress. I’ve never been to a state that can legally turn you away at the door despite posting ads for job openings. I’d be a liar if I said this wasn’t depressing me on a major level, I really can’t deal with not having a routine and pulling my weight with the apartment. So I need to focus myself on endeavors that can get me money and support me.

Weirdwood will be down to 2 pages a month (in the middle and end of each month) so I can give out the best quality of pages while not sacrificing time for Commissions, portfolio making, and job hunting.

If you’d like to help out, try my Donation page or my Commission info

The more in donations and commissions I get, the less I have to be at a job and the more time I can have to work on the comic as they’ll be less needed. But even then, I can’t really give up commissions and job hunting unless, somehow magically, I make $650 a month. BUT donations DO help! I’ll soon have a Patreon for monthly reoccuring donations and it will feature a lot of concept work and chapter sneak peeks for people who donate!

Sorry for the inconvenience, the next WeirdWood page should be up March 15th.